G Spot in Goa Pt. 02

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(This is a genre I am exploring, part biography part fiction, some imagination, full pleasure. All characters in this story are above the age of 18 years. Dedicated to S., my wife, the love of my life who has been gone for 7 years now, whose image comes to mind, as I put these words down. This is a lengthy story, which I have broken down into chapters, each complete by itself and maybe of a different genre. The story continues from Part 1. After an all nighter in the bus, hopes of rest and relaxation come to naught)

Ch. 4 Cool at the Pool

They disembarked and took a cab to their resort, an hour’s drive away. It being the

monsoon season, they were the only guests there, with a large suite for the family and a studio for himself. After checking in and freshening up, the family busy unpacking, resting and cooking, they decided to relax at the pool. They changed into their swim costumes, and he quickly got into the pool, swimming a few laps in the cool invigorating water to get used to it. She took a little longer to arrive in a single piece navy blue and white costume with a fringe at the waist, a little conservative but stunning all the same.

He was glad that he was in the pool and the growing bulge in his trunks wasn’t visible. She kept the towel she had draped across her front on the deckchair and proceeded to get into the water, gingerly dipping her toes before shivering and removing them again. She had seen him in the pool, his torso unclad, looking scrumptious and was eager to join him but the chilly water was giving her goosebumps and second thoughts. Unbeknownst to her, he had snuck up from behind, and putting an arm around her waist pulled her into the water with a mighty splash.

She was surprised at this turn of events, spluttering and protesting, beating him on the chest in protest. He took it all in good humor, relishing her proximity to him, enjoying her annoyance with a sheepish smile, holding her close to him, so that she could feel his hardness against her belly. She rested her head on his shoulders, whilst he grabbed her shapely behind and her tits poked his chest.

She asked him to help her with her stroke, and he jumped at the opportunity to make amends. He demonstrated the stroke first by himself and then guided her through it, in close proximity, inserting his fingers into her costume, under the water. Now he started stroking her holes too, camouflaged by the fringe, making her shiver and squirm with delight. Next he guided her hand into his trunks, making her feel his hard on as well. Asking her to hold the border of the pool, in the pretext of practicing her kicks, he used the opportunity to grab her thighs and legs.

Not used to hectic activity, she tired quickly, so he asked her to climb up behind him and carried her piggyback to the Jacuzzi at the other side feeling her tits poke into his back. With no one in sight he proffered his mouth for a kiss, but she pushed him away with a light slap. He made a long face and pretended to be hurt. Concerned she murmured her apologies and sidled up closer to him, kissing him on the cheeks and chin. He put a finger on his lips motioning her to kiss him there and she obliged with a quick peck before pulling away.

He grabbed her, arms flailing, and made out strongly, wearing away her feigned resistance until they were both hungrily kissing each other with a vengeance. The Jacuzzi jets were adding to their pleasure as they sat, massaging their backs, bums and below, as they maneuvered them to get the maximum satisfaction. Seeing no one around, with a flourish he whipped off his swim trunks, leaving her wide eyed at his boldness and gall. She was unable to take her eye off his pecker, which was still standing tall despite being in direct line with the line of water that was blasting at it.

He motioned her to sit next to the jet and she soon began to feel the full force of the water on her vulva, only the flimsy costume in between, creating sensations, the like she had never witnessed before. He used his fingers to move the fabric to the side, exposing her directly to the flow of the jets, causing her to gasp aloud. Feeling emboldened, he moved the shoulder straps aside, despite her weak protestations and exposed her upturned tits to the force of the jets. His hands acted as nozzles guiding the water forcefully to different parts of her being, till her whole body was tingling. He used the opportunity, whilst she was distracted with the water pleasuring her, to progressively lower her costume, till she was as naked as he was, every inch exposed to the water’s pulsating force.

Too late, she realized what he was up to and turned a shade of beet red, one arm across her chest and another dipping in front of her privates. Though there was nobody around to see except him, and he had seen it all at close quarters just a few hours earlier. He grabbed her by the waist and seated her between his thighs, his rod brushing against her pubes with only a jet of water keeping them apart.

They kissed, escort izmit enjoying the sensations, they were experiencing, before he turned her around in one fluid motion, his organ now nestled between her buttocks and pushing from behind whilst the water blasted the front, hitting the clit, the labia, the mons and the navel as he maneuvered her across, all the while massaging her breasts and stroking her face. Soon the pressure of the water in front and his pistoning behind her, drove her to rapture and she came hard, the force of her discharge nearly matching the inward pressure of the jets. He came too, releasing a steady jet of cum into her backside, both falling back completely spent looking at the blue sky above.

Passion spent, the world they had shut out came rushing back, and they became all too aware of their nakedness, like Adam and Eve after eating the forbidden fruit. Making quick furtive glances all around, they grabbed the nearest towels, cloaking their skin from the birds above. They were about to make their way back to the room, when he saw a sign mentioning a sauna and motioned her towards it.

Ch.5 Sweaty at The Sauna

She had never been in a sauna before and didn’t know what to expect. In a few minutes the room became unbearably hot, and they had to remove their towels and lay them on the wooden slats to make themselves more comfortable. Sweat was dripping from every pore and their skin turned red, as if their entire body was blushing. Their bodies glistened under the heat and moisture.

On the shelf was a bottle of eucalyptus oil and he took a few drops between his hands and started massaging her back. She loved a good massage, and even better when it is done by your lover, with tenderness and care, his whole body open to your gaze, and his passion evident from his tender touch, his longing look and his potent penis, standing to attention, attentive to your every need. He gave her a thorough rubbing down, paying special attention to the back of the neck, collarbones, the armpits, the spinal column with each rib, the small of the back with two dimples framing her butt cheeks and the cleft in between.

She was amazed at his dexterity and skill, making her sigh and moan with delight, despite the increasing humidity and heat. He laid her on a towel face down and continued with his ministrations, sitting on her back, towel beneath, pulling her arms behind and then working on pressing within her armpit, across the ridge of her shoulders, every muscle of her upper arms , using acupressure in the elbow niche, working out the knots in her forearms, rotating the wrist, rubbing palms and cracking fingers, till her hands were limp. He then turned around facing her buttocks working on her lower limbs, kneading her thighs, bending her legs at the knees, taking the tension out of her tendons, rotating her ankle, rubbing the heels and cracking her toes, massaging the soles of her feet. She felt as light as air, all the stress removed as if she was weightless, floating.

This was definitely a revelation to her; along with a lover she had got a personal masseuse as well, one who knew her body’s ins and outs. She made a mental note to reward him with a generous tip, smiling inwardly at herself at this observation. She was loving every moment of it and wondered how his hands worked their magic, wishing she had known about his hidden talents earlier and determined to make full use of him at her beck and call.

Her thought processes were interrupted by a tickling sensation that started at the soles of her feet, gradually moving upwards as he kissed and tickled her in turn, her body writhing in happiness, from a shy smile to a full throated guffaw by the time he reached her armpits. He then laid himself flat over her and his body weight dissipated whatever tension that remained.

Then he turned her over, like a rag doll, her body putty in his hands. Starting with sucking her toes, he kissed, licked and sucked every part of her, paying particular attention to her crevices and erogenous zones as he moved slowly upwards. He was slow and methodical like a devotee at the feet of his personal goddess, making sure no part escaped his attention. She was on cloud nine, thought she’d died and gone to heaven and her cunt started overflowing with her juices like a love pot on the boil, the fluids increasing as he ventured higher up her legs, knees and thighs.

By the time he started licking her inner thighs she had already orgasmed, without him even touching her there . He moved to her lower lips and she went wild with pleasure cumming thrice by the time he reached her clit, then once more in reaching her mons pubis and once again on reaching the navel. By the time he reached her breasts they were so tender that a mere touch sent her into raptures. Her armpits and neck got the special attention they deserved and by the time his lips kissed hers, she was literally drained and dehydrated from her repeated orgasms (she stopped counting at 10), the towel below her was soppy with izmit darıca escort her juices.

They had carried a bottle of water and she drank thirstily from it, like a Bedouin in the desert, before literally collapsing in his arms. He carried her out to the chilled pool next door and the cold water literally knocked the wind out of her. She clung to him, shivering, as he carried her out, patting her dry with a towel. He lay down exhausted on the beach chair, not an ounce of energy left within and she lay down above him.

When he came to she was sitting on his chest, legs akimbo and her muff was within reach of his tongue. He felt something enveloping his groin and saw her head bobbing up and down. He spread her legs, though sore and they both mutually pleasured each other to orgasm. She laughed aloud when they got up to clean themselves. Intrigued, he asked her why. She replied that, just a thought that they would create a world record for the surfeit of mutual pleasuring, whilst still virgins. She had lost count of the number of times she had come, more in a single day than her entire life preceding it, and the day was not yet done and over with.

They walked back to the suite in silence, despite his superlative massage the junction of her thighs was so sore and tender, that she had to waddle like a duck. She changed into a light floral dress and he into shorts and a T. They both wolfed down the food much to the amazement of the family, who were stunned to see her with such a gargantuan appetite, as she normally was a picky and poor eater. Normally very garrulous, so that others could not get a word in sideways, she was unusually quiet. The parents speculated if the couple had a fight amongst themselves, but were not willing to broach the subject, letting sleeping dogs lie, rather than open a Pandora’s box.

Ch.6 Indoor games

He excused himself after lunch to go to his studio to rest. As soon as the door shut behind him, a barrage of questions started, a virtual interrogation; no call it a court martial, with her mother playing the role of the judge, jury and executioner. Her mom had already made up her mind that her daughter’s sharp tongue had landed her in this mess and ordered her to go to his room, apologize and make amends, certain that her son in law was a saint, who could do no wrong.

She listened to her mother’s diatribe, a trifle irritated, but highly amused, trying hard to keep a straight face through it all, to see where it would lead. When her mother issued her marching orders, she was beyond herself with joy, but tried to look crestfallen, amazed at her acting chops, worthy of winning the Oscar. She sullenly consented and said she would go later, but her mother literally showed her the door, and off she plodded, skipping and dancing as soon as the door slammed shut, despite her chafing, tender thighs.

He was lying down on his bed, alone with his thoughts, missing her already, despite being together for nearly all the time, when he heard a knock on the door. He got up to answer it asking, who it was. The answer came pat, “housekeeping”; the voice seemed vaguely familiar, though he couldn’t place where he had heard it before. As he opened the door she leapt at him, arms around his neck, making him stumble backwards onto the chair.

She sat on his lap and gave him a hug and kiss before he could say anything, enjoying the intimacy of their embrace. When they broke off, she told him what had transpired and they enjoyed a hearty laugh together. He then told her that she was in his thoughts when the doorbell rang, and here she was now, an answer to his prayers. He was pleased as punch to see her, and she to be with him likewise.

He tried to feel her up, but she pushed his hands away, she only wanted a cuddle, her thighs were still tender. So he kissed her on the forehead and carried her to the bed. After he sat her down he asked her for a look. She slowly lifted the dress above her knees and further above her head, and he was surprised to find her completely naked underneath. She asked him to discard his clothes too, mandating a no clothes policy when they were alone together, an idea that he immediately endorsed, happily divesting himself of all his attire.

One look at his groin told her that his joy on seeing her was genuine and her perky tits conveyed the same message back to him. She lay down on her back, legs spread wide as he inspected the junction of her thighs for wear and tear. They were indeed a bit reddish, inflamed and tender to the touch, after all the chafing and the constant traffic that had passed through them over the course of the day. He felt a hand at his groin too, with her lavishing the same attention there, as he was to her, licking her lips in anticipation.

He excused himself to get some cream to apply to soothe her, she watched his swaying bottom as he sashayed out making him feel a bit self conscious. He kept his hands at his front, shielding his dick from her prying eyes as he returned izmit rus escort back in, making her countenance break into a frown. He applied the cream tenderly to her thighs, his hands itching to go higher, but even a stray touch was met with a sharp, twisting pinch on his bottom making him yelp in pain. She could be quite brutal when she wanted to and he called her a sadist, making her tear up.

He immediately realized his error, even as the words left his mouth. She got up to go and he caught her feet asking for a pardon. She agreed on one condition, that he give her a massage; she was addicted to his touch, with the rider that the groin and breasts were off limits. Happy that she was staying, he agreed, getting a bottle of baby oil. He lathered it on slavishly, and was just about to begin when she asked him to draw the curtains and get an eye mask as her eyes were smarting from not getting enough sleep.

He complied and got to work immediately, starting with her feet, heel and toes,loving the sensations of his touch, magnified without visual stimuli. She enjoyed his hands working the knots out of her tired muscles, but felt it lacked the love and affection of the morning. So she took off the mask and groped his behind as his hands moved up her legs, making him protest. She told him that the conditions only pertained to her body, not his, she was free to do as she liked, her wish was his command . Trying to keep a straight face as she enjoyed seeing him seethe in anger, before bursting into peals of laughter, giving up the game.

“Mercy”, she said as he held her hands to her side, seeing through her ploy and raining his kisses on her upturned body deliberately avoiding her breasts, which craved for his touch. He quickly bound her hands together and her feet as well and replaced the eye mask so she couldn’t see what he was up to. “Two can play the game”, he said as he disappeared, leaving her alone to regret her words.

Just as she was wondering whether he would return or not, he suddenly did, separating her legs, spreading them wide and binding them to separate corners of the bed. He did the same to her hands, and suddenly she was spreadeagled, open wide and completely at his mercy. She was not afraid, and did not resist, as she knew him well enough. He departed again suddenly, leaving her strangely curious and aroused, her nipples sticking out and a growing dampness in her groin betraying her excited state.

After an eternity he returned; she longed to see what he was up to, but the blindfold remained firmly in place restricting her senses to just four. She felt a cool sensation at her heels, moving up to her legs, knees and converging at her thighs. She wanted to move, but the ties restricted her movements, making her shiver in anticipation and goosebumps develop all over her body.

The sensations bypassed the groin and made her way to her belly, going all around it, icy cold and wet, leading her to move her stomach muscles, like a belly dancer until one moved to her navel, staying there, making her scream as it went numb. The other moved up leaving a wet trail, bisecting her breasts, up her cleavage below her underarms, making the dirtiest of swear words emanate from her pretty little mouth, before resuming it’s journey up her Adam’s apple, making brief halts at the hollow under her ears, before circling her pretty lips and going within.

Her lips parted at the sensation and the cube of ice went between them only to surprise her with a pair of lips holding the other end. The lips met and they kissed, briefly playing football with the ice cube moving it from one mouth to the other with their tongues, until it melted completely and he moved away for the next round.

She was curious but didn’t have to wait for long with a sticky liquid making a trail down the same contours of her being, where the ice had just been. It was followed by his tongue making broad strokes lapping it up but just stopping before her mouth. She licked her lips in anticipation waiting to taste this nectar. She didn’t have to wait for long as some dripped into her mouth. It was honey, liquid gold and she smacked her lips in delight waiting to taste it on his lips.

Instead a very different appendage met her lips a little raised nub, with stray wisps of hair. “Not fair,” she said, breasts were off limits.” Yours”, he retorted, not mine, paying her back in the same coin. “But if you say so I shall remove them” he said stepping back and her mouth met air, where his tit once was. “Nooo”, she said, missing out on a double treat. “Methinks, the lady doth protest too much”, he said quickly returning the nipple back to her lips, which she sucked, bit and twisted hungrily. He alternated one with the other, till all traces of the honey was gone and only milk remained, his nipples pertly attesting that he enjoyed it as much as she did.

She didn’t have to wait long for the next round, hearing a hiss of gas, as an airy foam travelled up the same twice trodden path. Again the tongue followed up cleaning up all traces, slightly ticklish but sexy as hell. When it came to her belly button, it lingered longer than usual, and when he sucked the last remnants off, her belly quivered and her quim rose a few inches off the bed, dripping copiously.

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