House Boy – Casey’s Wild Ride

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Daddy slowly unbound Casey’s restraints, freeing the boy’s hands and feet. Casey rubbed his hands over his chest, then began to lick his fingers, sucking the cum off each one.

Daddy pointed the camera at him. The boy placed his feet on Daddy’s chest and then carefully brought one foot down to Daddy’s cock. He softly teased him, feeling Daddy’s girth through the fabric of his knee socks.

“Am I a good boy, Daddy?”

“The best.”

“Am I more fun than that other boy you fuck?”

Daddy smirked then grabbed Casey by the ankle.


He twisted the boy’s leg, forcing him to flip over onto his stomach. Casey suddenly felt Daddy’s weight on top of him.

Daddy pressed Casey’s head into the bed and pulled his hips up in the air.

“Just like that, boy.”

Casey pushed his little bubble butt up in the air, eagerly waiting for Daddy. His cock began to stir again and he turned his head to the side, gazing into the mirror.

He looked so small compared to Daddy, whose thick forearm pressed Casey’s head firmly into the bed. Daddy pressed the tip of his cock against Casey’s ass.

“Say please.”

“Please Daddy. Fuck my little ass. Fuck me until I’m a drooling little bitchboy.”

Daddy spit on his ass and he felt the saliva drip down to his hole. Then he felt Daddy press the swollen tip of his cock against casino oyna his ass.

“Do it, Daddy. Don’t you want to fuck your boy nice and hard?”

Casey shook his ass and then Daddy spanked it hard, shoving his cock inside the boy.

Casey let out a yelp. Daddy’s cock was so big but he loved how full it made him feel.

“Good boy. Give me that sweet little ass.”

Daddy began to pump Casey’s ass full of his cock. Casey watched in the mirror as Daddy pounded in and out of him, using him, treating him like an object.

Casey’s cock was hard again and he began to stroke himself. Every thrust from Daddy’s cock sent shockwaves through his petite body. Then Daddy pressed his entire body weight onto the boy.

Casey’s hips collapsed onto the bed, and now Daddy had him pinned down. This only made Daddy fuck him harder.

Daddy began licking Casey’s neck and whispered to him.

“I knew I was going to make you my little bitch from our first phone call. Your squeaky little voice. You were built to serve this cock.”

“Yes, Daddy.” Casey mumbled, drooling onto the sheets.

“I want you to show me what a good boy you are.”

Casey felt Daddy’s cock pull out of him and then Daddy rolled over onto his back.

“Get up on top of this cock and ride it.”

Casey climbed on top of Daddy’s chest and rested his ass against Daddy’s canlı casino firm cock. Daddy grabbed the boy’s cock and slowly began to rub the tip.

Casey crouched on top of Daddy’s massive cock, his hands on his ass-cheeks, trying to spread himself wide enough to get the head inside him.

Slowly, the boy pressed himself down onto the cock. Casey has never felt so exposed. The tip finally pressed inside. Daddy’s hand began to drive Casey wild, his cock leaking precum.

The boy brought his hands to his nipples and began to rub them as he slowly lowered himself down on Daddy’s cock. When it was almost all the way in, Casey put his hands on Daddy’s chest and began to bring his ass back up.

Daddy’s cock stood straight up, a full 8.5 inches, Casey’s ass gripping it tightly. Up and down, Casey bounced his bubble butt. Daddy let out a growl each time Casey took the whole cock inside himself.

“Do you like how I bounce my little bum on top of your cock?”

“Yes.” Daddy moaned.

Daddy let go of Casey’s cock, overwhelmed by the pleasure of the boy’s tight little asshole. He stared up at Casey.

The boy was so desperate to please him. He could get this little slut to do anything he wanted.

“Oh Daddy. I’m going to ride your cock every night. Just like this. Bouncing up and down.”

Casey’s cock slapped against Daddy’s chest as he rode kaçak casino up and down.

“I’m going to do anything Daddy says. I want to make you feel good. I want you to cum in my pretty little mouth. And on my chest. And on my cute little face.”

Daddy’s cock began to pulse.

“But do you know what I really want, Daddy? I want you to cum in my boypussy.”

Daddy groaned, pressing his cock all the way up inside the boy’s ass.

“I want you to fill my pretty little ass with your hot, sticky cum. Don’t you want that, Daddy? To feel your cock explode inside me. Shooting your seed into me. Do it, Daddy. Please.”

The boy’s begging sent him over the edge. He grabbed the boy’s hips and pulled him down on his cock, his cock erupting inside Casey’s little ass.

“Oh Daddy. Fill me up. Cum for me. Give me every drop. I want to feel your cum leaking out of me when I fall asleep tonight.”

Daddy dumped rope after rope of cum inside the boy’s ass. Casey’s tight hole squeezed around Daddy’s shaft, milking the cum out of him.

Finally, Daddy lifted the boy off of him.

“Clean it up.”

Casey hungrily went to work, slobbering on Daddy’s dick as he shook his pretty ass in Daddy’s face.

Daddy watched as the boy hungrily licked his cock. Cum slowly leaked from the boy’s ass and Daddy grabbed the plug, pushing it inside the boy.

Daddy’s cum allowed the plug to slide easily inside. Daddy gave the boy’s ass another smack. The boy turned around and kneeled before him.

“What do you say?”

“Thank you, Daddy.”

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