I Control My Boss Ch. 04

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Note: This is part four of a series. Some info in this part might not make sense if the reader hasn’t read the earlier chapters.


The day has come. Funny thing is, I wasn’t nervous. I guess that comes with being prepared, I know my shit. Previously I had gone out and purchased a custom tailored dark blue power suit. I also purchased new white satin blouse. I put my hair up in a bun. I looked like a magnificent busty librarian.

This look wouldn’t do. The audience was mostly women and I knew I would win over some of the men, just because I had big tits, I needed to appeal to the women. On the way in, I stopped at a local pharmacy and purchased seven 6″ Ace Bandages.

When I got into the office I called, Dee Savona a housekeeper that I trust, into the office and closed the door.

“Today’s the big day huh? You look great!” Dee commented.

“Thanks hun. Everything is great I’m ready but I have a problem with my appearance.” I said pointing to my boobs.

“Yeah but what can you do about them?” Dee asked.

“Strap ’em down.” I said taking out an ace bandages. “That’s where you come in.” taking my jacket off and starting to unbutton my blouse.

“You want me to strap your titties down?” she asked surprised. I unbuttoned and partially pulled down the zipper at my waist and pulled out the blouse removing it completely.

“Is that okay?” I asked before I removed my bra.

“Sure, okay.” Dee responded. She reached behind me and undid the bra hooks letting the girls loose I removed the bra.

Dee looked at me and said, “I wish I had half of what you got.” She said lifting my left breast.

“We don’t have a lot of time.” I said.

“Right.” Dee said. “Top to bottom?”

“Yeah I think so.” I responded.

Dee pushed in on my breasts to determine how tight she needs to make the bandages or at least so she said.

“Don’t worry about hurting me. I want to make me as flat a possible.” I said.

Dee start wrapping just above my under my armpits and pulling the elastic bands as tight as possible. It took all of the bands I purchased to cover me. When done, Dee had done an amazing job. I replaced my clothes and continued with my day.

Now I know that there are some immature male employees who work for me. They think I can’t hear the rude statements the make behind my back. I’ve called a few of them out for it before, even took one to labor relations. Today would be different, “Where’s her tits?”, “Did she have a reduction?”, and my personal favorite “Brite and Dee were in the office alone together when I got here this morning. Maybe Dee sucked them smaller.” REALLY!!

Now there was this one guy that I knew was spying on me, I guess he was trying to get a peak. I bet he would love to get hold of my phone. I want to teach him a lesson but I have to be very careful so it doesn’t come back to me.

After I got the shift started, I went to the office get my things together. Mari asked me if I was ready. “Yup” I said with a big smile. “Let’s go.”

Deb was already in the room. She had setup all of the packages that were to be handouts. The linen cart was set up.

Although, Linen was a big part of the savings plan there were others. During the past year I’ve been interviewing staff nurses, housekeepers, housekeeping managers, nurse managers, office staff, physicians, laboratory personnel, researchers, physical therapists and patients. Basically anyone affected by housekeeping services. Which is everyone. We, the housekeeping team, came up with sweeping changes to the service. We got all of the unions on board, with the help of Labor Relations. All we needed now was Administrations approval. This meeting was the start of that process.

As soon a everyone was settled in I began. “Good Morning. As many of you know my name is Jennifer Brite. I’m a Houseeping Manager in the Housekeeping Services Division of the Building Services Department here at Mt. Sin…”

Now I won’t’ bore you with the minutia, but as I canlı bahis finished up, I think I did well. I even handled the never ending questions well. Marisol gave me a thumbs-up. John was sitting back in his seat. “Thank you Ms. Brite. That was informative. Ms. Ramirez will let you know of our decision.” I was dismissed.

Deb and I walked out, “That was great Jenn. You had them eating out of your hands.” she said.

“I was in the zone. I had no idea how I did.” I said.

We waited in Debs office for what seemed like hours. In the mean time I uploaded the vid to MyCLOUD. Mari came back. “My office!” she barked.

“Jenn they loved it” she said all smiles, “You have been impressing everyone for over a year. They want a roll out plan ASAP!”

“Really that’s great. I’ll get the team on it immediately.” I said.

“There’s more and this was unanimous, all of them made this recommendation.” She said with a pregnant pause. “They want you to spearhead the implementation. “

“Wow!” I said, “Does it mean I get a raise?” I asked jokingly.

“I had an open position that was eliminated before you started here which they agreed to reinstate at my recommendation. John wants you to fill it. Congratulations you made a big impression on him. That is if you want to be the Assistant Director of Environmental Services.”

“Hell yeah, I do! Do I get a raise in pay?” I asked.

“How would $95K be?” she asked.

Well, $95,000 was $35,000 more than I was making now so. yeah! “That would be sufficient.” I said all smiles. “When will it be official?” I asked.

“As soon as I can get the paper work in, I’ll walk it through myself today. You’ll start Monday. We will have a Managers Meeting at 8am in the morning to announce it. We can have a department meeting at 10am and 3:30pm and 6am on the next morning.” Marisol decided.

“Wait ‘Environmental Services’ how much did the approve?” I asked.

“Everything!” Mari replied.

“All of it?” I asked.

“Yes, I couldn’t believe it either!” she rejoiced.

The reform to the Housekeeping Services division included the following:

1.Assistant Director(s):

A.Tony Simpson, Patient Transportation, Admin. Staff, Space Allotment, Division 1(Current)

B.Jennifer Brite, Supplies, Division 2,3,4,5,6 (New)

2.Change department name from Building Services to Environmental Services to reflect more of what we do.

3.Create 6 Divisions with One Manager Each (New)

A.Division 1: Waste Management, Movers, Window Washers, Outside Buildings Day Shift (w/3 Supervisors on Day shift)

B.Division 2: Buildings 1,2,and 3 on and Discharges. (w/6 Supervisors Day Shift)

C.Division 3: Buildings 4,5, and 6 Day shift Projects(w/5 supervisors Day shift)

D.Division 4: Building 1, Discharges, Outside buildings and ER. Evening shift.)

E.Division 5: Buildings 2,3,4,5,6, ER and Evening Projects (w/4 managers on Evening Shift)

F.Division 6: 44 Operating Rooms, All Public Corridors, All lobbies, Administration, discharges and projects. (On Night shift With 3 supervisors)

4. Promote 6 housekeeping Supervisors to Division Manager

1.Nelson Camacho

2.Roberto Rodriguez

3.Fredrick Thornton

4.Julie Adorno

5.Deidra Wilson

6.Luciano Colapietro

5. New hire or promote from within to Supervisor position:

1.Deidra (Dee) Savona.

2.Tomas Riviera

3.Boyd Howell

4.Norman Moore

5.Outside Hire

6.Outside Hire

“I will start having conversation with the affected staff immediately. We are good on the choices?” I asked.

“Yes!” Mari said, “Also, let’s have that hen party we talked about at my house tomorrow, Friday night. Bob called and said he was delayed and a series of meeting were scheduled for Saturday so he won’t be home until Sunday afternoon or Monday.”

“Great!” I’ll make the arrangements.” I said.

“Do you want to come over tonight for dinner?” she asked.

“Sure thanks. Let bahis siteleri me get to work” I said.

Later that Evening…

Marisol made chicken with rice and beans. It was delicious, but when she asked me how it tasted I told he that it tasted like, “Doggypoo”. She lost all expression in her face and she had a blank stare.

“Marisol you will seduce me, you will remember seducing me. I will resist, you must be persistent. You will undress me and we will have sex and after it is over you will remember it as the most mind blowing sex you ever had. But you will desire me and want me sexually. It won’t interfere with the day to day operations at work. Do you understand?” I started.

“Yes, I understand.” She said.

“At tomorrow night’s party at about an hour in to the party you will call everyone into the living room. Once there you will freshen up everyone’s drink. You will wear that blue button down dress that you own, You will also wear a bra that opens in the front and a thong. With each glass of wine you pour into you will unbutton a button on your one your dress. Before you remove it you will insist the Julie Adorno come to the middle of the room. Julie is shy and will be nervous. Announce that Julie is getting married in two weeks and this is your present to her. You will be a lesbian on the prowl. Use your own judgment but do everything to get Julie nude. Do you understand?” I instructed.

“Yes I understand” Marisol said.

“Cat shit” I said.

“So ,did you like Dinner?” Marisol asked.

“Yes. It was delicious.” I said.

“You look tense.” she said, as she walked behind me. Massaging my shoulders, “You shouldn’t be tense yet, you haven’t even started your new job yet.” she said.

I was tense and my god the massage felt great.

“Why don’t you remove your blouse so I can better massage your shoulders and back?” she asked.

I removed my blouse and remembered that I never took off the ace bandages, I just had gotten used to them.

“What’s this?” Mari asked.

“Long story.” I replied.

“Well let’s get that off.” she said. Mari unwrapped my tits like a child unwrapping a Christmas present. I let out an audible “Ahhhh” when she was done and automatically started rubbing my tits. Marisol pulled my hands gently away, kissing them. “That’s my job!” She said smiling , “Let’s get you comfortable.” she said taking me by the hand and leading me into her bedroom. She went into a closet and got out a big beach towel spreading it out on the bed.

“I don’t know Mari that’s your marriage bed.” I said.

“I won’t tell if you don’t tell. Anyway, I’m just going to give you a massage.” she replied, “Please lay on the towel face up for now.”

I did as I was told.

Mari went into the bathroom and came back with a bottle of baby oil. Dripping oil onto my breasts she started rubbing it in. Good God this felt great! I could feel tingling down below as Mari rubbed and pulled on my nipples then squeezing each one simultaneously. I reached up to touch her, forgetting my other subconscious command to her to get aroused when I touch her, she grabbed my head and pulled me toward her. She shoved her tongue down my throat in a very passionate kiss.

Note: If the right person wants to turn me on, kiss me passionately. I’m yours. Marisol is the right person.

“Doggypoo” I said, “Marisol, for today only, you will not get aroused when I touch you. You will get aroused naturally. Cat shit”.

I grabbed Marisol and kissed her back. She broke away and continued massaging my stomach.

“Can I remove you skirt?” Mari asked.

“I will do it.” I said as I pulled down my skirt and thong at the same time. My trimmed pubic hair is shaped into an arrow pointing at my pussy. Mari never saw me completely nude.

“Mmmmmm I like it!” Mari exclaimed. She continued her massage by dripping oil onto my legs and massaging it in. The she got to my feet and OMG I was so turned on. First the right foot and then the left foot. Marisol bahis şirketleri took the left foot and took her thumbs up the center then up under the toes. She took her time one this area. Girls let me tell you, if the person rubbing your feet knows what they’re doing it can be orgasmic. Marisol must have when to school to become a massage therapy because hunni, I was so sexually excited. My pussy was dripping. Mari spent a half hour on my feet, than she worked up my legs to my pussy. When her hand briefly brushed up against my vulva I saw stars. I was officially in the mood. With her right hand she dripped oil onto my pussy; her left hand rubbed it in. She really didn’t need oil because I could have lubricated myself with how wet my pussy was.

Mari worked her left hand fingers around the exterior of the vulva pressing at the top by the clit being careful not to touch the clitoris. She rubbed down the midline of the vulva from the hood of the clit brushing up against the clit, which was now partially exposed, down to the opening of the vagina. I saw stars.

With the fingers on her right hand she held open the labia major and with her left hand massaging the folds of skin down to the labia minor where the nerve endings are the most sensitive. I could feel my vagina pulsing like a fish out of water looking for a pool. When she finally inserted the forefinger of her left hand into me I could feel the orgasm deep within me.

The fingers of her right hand worked over the perineum to the anus and slipped in easily. I couldn’t hold off any longer. I had my first orgasm. I’m a screamer, well I’m not quiet anyway, and I don’t gush like Mari. I ooze a white fluid usually a small amount.

I came hard. My sphincter and vaginal muscles tightened around Mari’s fingers. The feeling caused another immediate orgasm. Mari removed her fingers. Then I realized that the fingers in my pussy were massaging my g-spot along with the finger in my anus was a lethal combo, LOL.

“Wow” I said.

“I’m not done yet.” she said. Moving her head in between my legs Marisol Ramirez, a straight woman who never licked a pussy in her life, worked my vagina like she’s been doing it all of her life.

Hunni let me tell you, she removed all of the cum with her tongue and swallowed it. She worked every fold of skin in my pussy starting in the vagina, working the labia minor and finally the labia major and she took her time.

When she was done she pulled back the hood of my clitoris and started licking. Damn she was good. I didn’t really finish getting over the feelings and urges from my first two orgasms when I felt that feeling deep within me again. It didn’t take long for my fingers and toes to start to tingle, then my tongue. I felt my clit feel like it was about to blow up.

I think that I passed out because the next thing that I knew is Mari was nude snuggling in bed with me. I fell to sleep after a while. I awoke about 3am to use the bathroom and when I returned, Mari was completely uncovered, naked and with her legs spread. I crawled up in between her legs and stuck out my tongue to taste her. Using my fingers I spread her and stuck my tongue deep within her. She had a great musty peanuty taste, I loved it. I heard her moan as my tongue tickled as far in as I could reach.

I pulled out my tongue and licked from the vagina to her clit and back down again.. My tongue was replaced by my fingers in her pussy. I finger fucked her and that’s where she awoke. Her hand went to her clit and started rubbing it feverishly. She asked me to fold up the bath towel I was on earlier and put it under her as not to get the bedding too wet, which I did. As I inserted two fingers in her again Mari’s back arched up off the bed and my hand was covered with her cum. Her body quivered again in a smaller wave with a smaller amount of cum. I cleaned her pussy with my tongue and crawled up her body kissing each breast. Then I kissed her on the mouth.

I don’t know what it is about Marisol Ramirez but her kisses are amazing. Once her soft, warm and delicious tongue touches mine, I would do anything for her. I hope she would for me too. We snuggled and kisses until we fell to sleep in each other’s arms that night.

More to cum…

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