Idylls of the Lady Ch. 4

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It was later that morning when the Duke’s business associate, Sir Quinten Holloway, stopped in to deliver some papers.

Heather had been walking out the door to go riding, dressed in her new burgundy riding habit, but decided instead to stay in, when she saw Holloway. She felt her pussy cream in anticipation. He was tall and young, with thick black hair and a swarthy complexion. His green eyes had sparkled when he greeted her.

Heather raced upstairs and pulled a gown from her closet. It was a blue silk with a neckline dipped low brazzers porno enough to show a good amount of her young titties.

When the business concluded, Holloway came out of her father’s study and shut the door. Then he saw Heather, just outside the salon. She gave him a sunny smile.

“Sir Holloway, care to join me for some tea?”

He nodded his assent, and accompanied her into the salon. She poured him a cup of tea, which he took black.

“Did the meeting go well, sir?” Heather feigned interest.

“Very clip4sale porno well, Miss Heather. Now I have urgent matters to attend to when I leave here.”

“I have an urgent matter which I think you can help me with,” she said, leaning forward slightly.

Holloway’s eyes were glued to her chest. “What matter is that, Miss Heather?”

“The matter of fucking me, sir,” Heather said.

Holloway was well known in London for his lecherous appetites. His cock hardened instantly.

“You want me colette porno to fuck you, Heather? With great pleasure, my dear.”

He stood and pulled Heather to her feet, then proceeded to carry her upstairs. Heather was more than ready when they reached her bedchamber.

Holloway deposited her on her bed and impatiently, stripped each other of their clothing.

Holloway was a very skilled lover. He slid into Heather’s steaming pussy with no preliminaries, taking her fast and hard. No words of passion, no strained expression. Hard, fast sex.

Holloway smiled lewdly as he came deep inside her pussy and then left. Heather curled into a ball, then looked at her crumpled silk on the floor. She thought with his reputation as a womanizer, he would be a great fuck. He’d left her filling unfulfilled.

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