I’ll Be Your Wife for the Night #05

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There are no underage characters in this story. All characters portrayed are over the age of 18-years-old.

I’ll Be Your Wife for the Night,

Susan agrees to become Lord Dudley’s wife for one night.

* * * * *

Continued from Chapter 04:

He wondered if she’d blow him. He wondered if she’d suck him while continuing to stroke him. He wondered if she’d allow him to cum in her mouth. He wondered if she’d swallow his cum. Alas, maybe like his wife, she had never given a blowjob before. Alas, maybe like his wife, she’d never give him a blowjob now either. Yet, she did say that she’d willingly do anything that he wanted her to do, anything at all, and that his wish was her command.

Besides, as Lord of the Manor, he had the right to ask her to do such a sexual thing. As Lord of the Manor, he could command her to suck his cock. Yet, not wanting to ruin this budding romance by forcing her to do something that she may not want to do, he was at a sexual crossroad. Should he ask her to blow him or not? Should he command her to suck him or not? Should he put a heavy hand to the back of her red, pretty head and hold her mouth there until he coated the back of her throat with his cum or not?

She was in his bedroom after all. She was practically naked. With her wearing a threadbare, flimsy dressing gown without the modesty of a robe, she deserved whatever he gave her. Maybe she was deliberately flashing him. Perhaps, she was sexually teasing him. Obviously, she wanted him to take her as much as he wanted to take her.

Yet, not wanting to insult and disrespect her by treating her as a woman of the night, some women would never do such a thing, give a man oral sex. Not wanting to ruin their sexual time together by offending her enough for her to flee his room, he faced a conundrum. He wondered if she meant it when she said that she’d do anything for him, anything at all. He wondered if she meant it when she said that his wish was her command. He wondered if she was one of those women who’d willingly do anything he’d ask her to do, anything at all, even blow him and allow him to cum in her mouth.

Showing her what he so wanted her to do, he removed his hand from her breast to slide a slow finger across her full lips. When he did, a good sign, she took his finger in her mouth while staring at him with her beautiful, blue eyes and while sucking his finger as if she was sucking his cock. He couldn’t believe she was sucking his finger while lovingly staring up at him in the way that he imagined her lovingly staring up at him with his hard, hairy cock in her mouth while blowing him.

Never mind sucking his cock, his wife had never even sucked his finger. In the way that he always imagined his wife, Elizabeth, sucking his prick, now he imagined his Head Cook, Susan, sucking his prick. Making his decision easier, he was ready to ask her to suck his prick. She did say more than once that she’d willingly do anything for him, anything at all.

As Lord of the Manor and king of his castle, being that his wish was her command, he was ready to command her to blow him. As if giving her a royal decree, he was intent on not just asking her to blow him but ordering her to blow him. Only, surprising the Hell out of him, he didn’t have to ask her to blow him. She volunteered.

“Is that what you want, My Lord? Would you like me to suck you?” She looked at him and gave him a sexy smile and a naughty look. Her smile melted his heart and hardened his cock. “I used to do that for my dear, departed husband when it was that time of the month. I can do that for you, My Lord. I can blow you, if that’s your desire,” she said. “I’ll gladly do whatever will make you happy,” she said.

He looked at her speechless. What a woman? What an unbelievable woman? His perfect woman, she was an incredible woman. Even though he wanted her to blow him and was hoping that she would, he was shocked. He looked at her with sexual excitement while she looked at him with kindness and understanding.

“Um,” was all that he could utter.

She left him speechless. She gave him another sexy smile and naughty look. When he didn’t respond in kind, she asked him again.

“Would you like me to blow you, My Lord? Would you like me to take you in my mouth?” Sexually teasing him now, she was taking advantage of him being tongue-tied. “Would you like me to suck your prick while stroking your big, hard prick? I can do that for you. I wouldn’t mind doing that for you at all,” she said staring up at him. “Actually, I miss sucking my husband. I used to find it quite sexually enjoyable to suck him. It would be my honor to suck you, My Lord.”

His wildest, sexual fantasy come true, he couldn’t believe the woman of his sexual fantasies asked him if she could suck him. She asked him if he wanted her to blow him. He couldn’t believe the woman of his sexual fantasies actually admitted that she enjoyed sucking her deceased husband’s cock. If Susan wasn’t perfect xvideos porno before with her Irish accent, her red hair, her big, blue, beautiful eyes, her freckles, and her big tits, she was perfection now that she willingly wanted to suck his cock.

“Yes,” he said. “I’ve never had a blowjob before. I’d love for you to suck me, Susan.” Hoping he wasn’t being too greedy, he paused as if afraid to ask his next question. “May I cum in your mouth?”

She gave him a sexy smile and a little laugh.

“Cum in my mouth?” She laughed again. “Where else would you cum? On my tits? Of course, you may cum in my mouth, My Lord. It wouldn’t be much of a blowjob if you didn’t cum in my mouth,” she said.

Going for broke by being even greedier about her sucking him, he asked her his next question.

“Will you swallow my cum?”

She gave him a naughty look.

“Swallow your cum? What else would I do with it, spit it out of my mouth?” She laughed. “It would be my pleasure to swallow your cum, My Lord,” she said. “Again, it wouldn’t be much of a blowjob, if I didn’t swallow you, My Lord.”

He looked down at her looking up at him.

‘She’s my perfect woman, a beautiful woman with red hair, big breasts, blue eyes, freckles, an endearing Irish accent, and who loves sucking cock,’ he thought. ‘She’s smart, kind, and loving, and a great cook to boot. What more could I possibly want in a woman?’

He returned her smile with his smile.

“Thank you, Susan. You allowing me to see, touch, feel, and fondle your beautiful, naked breasts while fingering and sucking your erect nipples is something that I always wanted to do with you. Now, with you stroking me while sucking me, allowing me to cum in your mouth, and you swallowing me is my dream come true,” he said. “Other than cooking the daily meals,” he said with a nervous laugh, “I can’t even imagine you doing anything more for me than what you’re willing to do now.”

Susan continued stroking him while staring up at him before she leaned down to take his prick in her mouth. Engulfing him with her mouth and tongue, she placed her warm and wet mouth around his penis and began to lick, suck, and massage his balls at the same time. She stopped sucking him for a few seconds and ejected his cock from her mouth with her tongue to speak.

“I’ve allowed you to touch me and see me naked because I’ve been so worried about you, My Lord. I’m sucking you because I’ve been sexually attracted to you from the first day I saw you. Waiting for you to approach me, feeling that I’d lose my position here if I solicited you for sex, I’m glad that I had the courage to come to your room uninvited tonight,” she said.

He looked down at her lovingly and stroked her thick, lush, red hair as she took his penis in her mouth again.

“I’ve always found you to be attractive as well, Susan. There was just something about you that appealed to me. The way that you look, walk, and talk was so different from Elizabeth. Then, there’s your beautiful face, your red hair, your big, blue eyes, your freckles, your sexy, shapely body, and your Irish accent,” he said with a laugh. “You are quite the vision of loveliness and what every Englishman imagines an Irish lass looking like.”

She gave him a smile that melted his heart.

“Thank you, My Lord,” she said with sincerity. “You’re quite handsome yourself.”

He stared down at her kissing and licking his engorged prick while he continued feeling her big tits and fingering her erect nipples.

“Then, if that’s not enough, you have the biggest and shapeliest breasts I’ve ever seen. Even as a young lad, I was always attracted to women with large breasts and your body is most beautiful. Now that we’re both older, with you a widow and me a widower, it’s as if our coming together sexually was meant to be,” he said continuing with his complimentary pillow talk while chuckling. “It doesn’t matter that I’m a Lord and you’re my cook. With the both of us lonely and looking for love, we have enough in common to supersede all that.”

When he said that they were both looking for love, she looked up at him and smiled at his compliments of her and her beautiful body. Perhaps, her smile was for more than that. Perhaps, she hoped that their sexual intimacy tonight would lead to more than being his wife for one night. Perhaps, she hoped giving him a blowjob would lead to her being his wife every night.

“Thank you, My Lord. Women are always worried about how a man perceives their looks and their bodies,” she said.

With them so intimate and with her willing to give him sex, especially and including a blowjob, she ruffled his feathers when she called him, My Lord.

“Dudley,” he said correcting her. “Now that you’re sitting here naked while I touch you everywhere I touched my wife, and now that you’ve had my penis is in your hand and in your mouth, you must call be Dudley. I insist that you call my Dudley instead of My Lord,” he said with a little laugh. “I’m no longer your Lord, yerli porno I’m your man. I’m no longer your Lord, I’m your equal, My Lady.”

He watched her lower her head to take him in her mouth again while she continued stroking him. Instead of staring down at his lap, a vision he always imagined seeing of the back of his departed wife’s head, she stared up at him with her big, blue eyes and with his hard, hairy cock in her mouth. It was so much more sexually exciting to see her with his cock in her mouth than to just see the back of her redhaired, pretty head. Teasing him as much with her hand and mouth as she was teasing him with her tongue, she stroked him harder and faster while she sucked him deeper.

Adding to his sexual excitement, he imagined her sucking her husband in the way that she was sucking him and in the way that his wife had never sucked him. He wished he had more of a sexual life with his wife but she was always so very tired and so very sickly. He wished he had married Susan instead of Elizabeth. Perhaps, he would have had children. Perhaps he would have had an heir to inherit his land, his house, his money, and claim his social standing.

Yet, no matter. What mattered more was that he was with her now. What mattered more now was that he had finally seen Susan’s big tits. He had finally seen her naked. What mattered more now was that she was in his bed and he was sexually intimate with her. What more mattered now was that she was blowing him. What mattered more now was that she was his wife, if only for a night.

“Your pretty face, red hair, and shapely figure excited me from the first day I saw you and continue to excite me to this day. Seemingly married forever, until my wife died and with her so very small breasted, I’ve never had the sexual pleasure to see, touch, feel, and suck such magnificent breasts,” he said reaching his hand down to touch and feel her breasts while fingering her nipples as she continued sucking him. “They’re so big and so shapely while so very soft yet so very firm. Indeed, you have beautiful breasts, Susan.”

Lord Dudley labored to keep his cock under control and was panting breathlessly as he spoke to Susan. He couldn’t remember a time with Elizabeth when he was as sexually excited as he was now. He was so relieved that she continued removing his cock from her mouth to speak so that he could hold off his orgasm once again. Yet, with her sucking him deeper and stroking him faster, it was proving to be most difficult to delay himself from ejaculating in her mouth. Obviously, she seemed just as eager for him to cum in her mouth as much as he was eager to cum in her mouth.

“Cum, Dudley. Cum in my mouth. I need to taste you. I need to swallow you,” she said. “Cum in my mouth, Dudley. Cum.”

Seemingly as sexually excited blowing him as he was sexually excited being blown, Susan started breathing heavier. As if she was a human grasshopper, she rubbed her thighs together as if she was masturbating herself while blowing him. She stroked his cock with one hand while fingering her pussy with her other hand. With her seemingly enjoying him touching her breasts while fingering her nipples, he continued pulling, turning, twisting, pinching, and squeezing her nipples while she masturbated herself with one hand and stroked him with her other while sucking him.

“Wait. Stop,” he said. Immediately, she removed his stiff prick from her mouth. He looked down at her with as much love as he looked at her with sexual excitement. “Rather than have you suck me and rather than cumming in your mouth, Susan,” he said with a pause. “Since you said you’d do anything for me, anything at all, and that my wish is your command, I can’t believe that I’m saying this but, if you don’t mind, I’d rather make love to you. If you don’t mind, I’d much rather cum in your pussy than in your mouth,” he said.

As if he depressed a stop button, she stopped stroking him. With his cock still in her hand, she stared up at him as if he wanted to rape her. As if having him making love to her was the last thing that she wanted to do, she stared up at him. Instead of looking sexually excited, she looked shocked. Instead of looking at him as if she was his willing servant, she looked sad. Instead of her face being filled with sexual lust that her Lord and Master wanted to make love to her, her face was filled with sorrow.

“Stroking you while sucking you is one thing, Dudley,” she said apologetically. “My late husband was the only man who was sexually intimate with me. A virgin when I married him, he was the only man who made love to me,” she said. “He was the only man who was ever inside of me.”

He looked at her with solemnness as if he was standing at the gravesite of her deceased husband before he looked at her sexually excitedly as if he was standing at the altar with her in a marriage ceremony.

“I understand,” he said. “Yet, so that we may make love, would you be my wife, if only for tonight?”

Chapter 05:

Lord Dudley makes youjizz porno love to Susan before fucking her hard and fast in the way that he always wanted to fuck his deceased wife, Elizabeth.

* * * * *

He looked down at her while waiting for her to respond. As if he had just proposed to her, she accepted his proposal with a sexy smile. Judging her by her smile, if he asked to marry her, she’d no doubt say yes.

“Just as I would love to have you inside me, I would be honored to be your wife, if only for a night and if only for tonight,” she said.

Lord Dudley gazed into her beautiful, blue eyes and leaned down to kiss her while she leaned up to kiss him. When they ended their kiss, he spoke as if he was officiating over his own wedding.

“Under the authority vested in me as Lord of the Manor, I now declare us husband and wife, if only for a night, and if only for tonight,” he said anointing her forehead with his fingers as if he was a priest giving her his blessing.

After the Lord of the Manor finished his wedding for a night statement and as if she really was his wife, Susan’s face beamed and her eyes twinkled like stars in the night sky. As if preparing herself for her husband on her Honeymoon, she pulled out her hairpins from her hair, shook her head, and allowed her long, lush, red, wavy hair to cascade down her back and shoulders. With her hair glistening in the candlelight as if flames from a fire, he couldn’t help from noticing how shiny and how colorfully beautiful her long hair was.

Her hair was a mixture of colors. Depending how it bent the light her hair turned from strawberry blonde to ginger, to classic red hair, to deep red, and to auburn. As if she was his very own Lady Godiva, albeit a redheaded version standing naked in his bedroom, he couldn’t wait to run his fingers through her long, lush, red hair.

Having already seen her naked, but when she stood from her seated position, her long, flowing, red hair added a new dimension to her beauty. Her body, rounded and curved with a little extra weight, made her look even more like the woman of his desire. He looked at her as if seeing her naked for the first time. He looked at her as if she was a seven-course meal and he was a starving man. Instead of just for one night, she was someone he’d love to see in his bed every night. Instead of just for tonight, she was someone he’d love to have as his wife every night.

Her areolas were dark pink and her nipples were lighter pink, large, and erect. When she turned to face him naked before climbing into bed, he stared down at her red, bushy, pubic hair. He ached to touch her where he hadn’t touched a woman in years. He ached to enjoy her womanly scent. As soon as she reclined back in the comfort of his bed with her beautiful head on his pillows, he eased his body down half the length of her. Looking as if she didn’t know what he was about to do, she instinctively parted her legs as he buried his face into her labia to devour and orally pleasure her to orgasmic excitement.

“I want to pleasure you orally, Susan. I want to lick you while fingering you,” he said. Susan looked at him shocked. Obviously, in the way that his deceased wife had never sucked his cock, her deceased husband had never licked her pussy. “I want to taste you and breathe in your essence. Open your legs wider so that I may give you sexual pleasure with my fingers and tongue.”

When she opened her legs wider, his hands spread her legs even further apart as he pointed out his tongue to taste her and to lick her. Lapping her pussy as if he was a dog lapping water, he fingered her and licked her in the way that he used to finger and lick Elizabeth. He fingered her and licked her where she hadn’t been fingered and licked a woman in years. He fingered her and licked her as if she was his wife and this was their Honeymoon night. He fingered her and licked her where she had never been fingered and licked before.

Fingering her deeper while licking her faster, he gave her the sexual pleasure she obvious had never received from her husband. Fingering her deeper while licking her faster, he gave her the oral, sexual pleasure that he had missed giving his wife but who didn’t return the favor of giving him oral sex by sucking him. She was so very wet. He licked and lapped her labia and brought her to orgasm within a couple of minutes. She screamed her orgasmic pleasure. Hoping she hadn’t awakened the whole household, she screamed his name when she orgasmed and he cuddled next to her as if she was his wife.

“Dudley! Oh, my God, Dudley! I’m cumming. I’m cumming, Dudley. I’m cumming,” she said arching her back and tightening her legs before collapsing in his bed as if he had just deflated her with his fingers and his tongue. “Oh, my God, Dudley. Oh, my God,” she said in her Irish accent.

With Elizabeth taking a long time to cum, he couldn’t believe how fast Susan had her orgasm. She had an orgasm so quickly that he wondered if she had faked her orgasm. Yet, one look at her flushed face and he knew he had given her what no man had given her. One look at her big smile and he knew that he had sexually satisfied her. If he thought her nipples were erect before, they were even more erect now. If he thought she was wet before she was even wetter now.

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