In Front of the Window

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They had obviously done it on the bed, in the shower, on the couch. They had both groaned for it against the front door because they couldn’t wait any longer after entering the house. They enjoyed each other on the floor, and the hammock. Where else was left?

Victoria surveyed their house with new eyes as she wondered what else he would enjoy. Nothing struck her attention as she sat down to eat, sitting across from her handsome husband Simon. They knew how to enjoy themselves, and each other. She couldn’t imagine any other man in the world making her any happier. She reached for the salt for his eggs, and noticed the table. The table!

She shook the table to see how stable it was. Her husband looked at her with confused eyes, but she didn’t explain her attentions. Victoria glanced around, noticing the table could be seen from the front window if someone was walking up to the house. That would even make it more interesting.

She’d thought about him and his amazing cock all day, and had worked herself into full frenzy thinking about him, so now that he was really here she couldn’t be patient. As soon as she heard his car pull in, she slipped out the back door where her sign was hidden. She heard him enter the house, then put her sign in place, slipped up the steps, and entered the same door he’d entered.

She wasn’t waiting today, she needed him. She grabbed him from behind with her arms glad to feel her handsome husband in her arms once again. Sometimes a day was too long to be away. He turned towards her as she loosened her grasp and they hugged which released the pressures of the day.

She had a drink and cookie ready for him. She passed it to him after his hug – and then turned and sat on the table. She called him over, pulling him into a kiss, letting him know her intentions immediately.

“I see you missed my kisses and hugs,” he said, smiling between kisses.

“Didn’t you miss me?” she pretended to pout.

“I missed you, and thought about how your leg rubbed against mine last week when you visited czech taxi porno me at work.”

That’s what she wanted to hear; that thoughts of her had distracted him at work. She loved knowing that.

“I’ve got something new for you. It will give you something to think about long after it’s over,” she moaned before sucking on his earlobe.

Their bodies were rubbing against each other now, their hands starting to explore each other. Simon started picking her up, appearing that he was going to carry her to the bedroom, but she had other ideas.

“No, I want to show you something. That certain something is on this table.” She knocked with her knuckles on the table.

“I see something I like very much on our table.” He replied, moving closer to her again.

She kissed him lovingly even though he hadn’t a clue what she was thinking.

“Look under my skirt.”

He only needed to be asked once. She opened her legs. He placed his hands on her ankles and, moving them up, slowly slid up her skirt. With the skirt still in her lap, but now out of the way, he could see she didn’t have any panties on. Simon moaned, and moved again to pick her up and take her to the bedroom.

“No, here!” demanded Victoria.


“Yes, here,” she responded.

“The curtains are wide open. I’ll just go close them,” he noted, and started to move away from her, but she held him fast.

“HERE, NOW!” Her commanding voice made the scene for the upcoming tease very clear.

She reached for his pants, and he didn’t argue any more. The pants and underpants fell to the ground as he stared at her pussy. She knew she was already wet, and she hoped he could see it.

She grabbed his cock and pulled him closer to her. She kissed him deeply, tonguing him and swirling through his mouth, trying to awaken and taste him. She lay back on the table, and he didn’t have any choice but to follow. He climbed up, attracted like a magnet.

She pulled on his cock, and teased his length. She defloration porno teased her pussy with the tip of his cock, rubbing it against her clit, feeling her pressure starting. Both were on the table, with the windows wide open. Both hot, bothered, needing the heat that only the other could provide.

He entered her slowly; seemingly nervous about the table’s strength against the weight and movement he wanted to place on it. She was so turned on as she watched her husband. He was getting turned on by her aggressiveness, and her creative idea. She loved that he was so instantly hard for her, and able to serve.

His cock, sinking deep into her, felt amazing. She reached down and played with her clit while he started riding her faster and harder. Her heart started beating faster at his attentions.

“Any moment Simon, someone could walk up to the house and see your hard cock,” she teased him, and it had the desired affect. He seemed all the more heated up, almost wanting to be watched.

He was under her spell, and wouldn’t have cared if someone walked past; he wasn’t going to let her go until he fucked her good.

“I’m going to fuck my naughty wife in front of the window!” he growled back. He couldn’t resist looking at the window just to check.

He slid in and out of her. The table was shaking with each of their movements but was holding strong. In and out, in and out. She squeezed down on him in mid slide and he stopped, enjoyed the pressure of her pussy surrounding and squeezing him. Both were fully clothed as their bodies entangled together, and the usual intensity of skin against skin wasn’t there, but a very distracting lust took over and was enough to make them both hot.

He lowered his head to her breasts and nipped with his teeth at her tits. He put his face between her breasts and she ran her fingers through his hair. They kissed deeply before parting to continue the rock-and-roll of their bodies. Their lips touched lightly as their sliding bodies tickled her clit and fake agents porno made her moan.

He growled, “Victoria, you are all mine here. Here in front of this open window.”

“Yesssss,” she moaned, starting to get lost in his touches, his length, his heat, his love for her. “Fuck me now. Flow into me. Give it all to me!” She drew the words out as long moans said only for him.

Her words took him over the edge. Now knowing the table would hold them, he drove into her harder. He rode her hard for a little longer but didn’t last long. This woman who never failed to fascinate him had done it again, taken him quickly to the edge of no return and he released into her amazing pussy.

His body quivered and his eyes closed, with a moan softer than what usually escaped his lips. He was still in her when he quickly glanced to the window. In reality he was relieved to see no one peeking in at them, but in his naughty thoughts as he had been enjoying his wife there had been a voyeur.

“I can’t believe we did it in front of the window?” she giggled.

“So, maybe there is a voyeuristic streak in you, that I should be taking more advantage of?”

“Having you watch me and want me makes me crazy.”

They cautiously disentangled from each other and Simon moved carefully over the edge of the table to the floor. Then he slid Victoria to the side of the table, helped her sit up, then slid her skirt down. It only took tucking his cock back in and they were back in the same position they had been in only ten minutes before, but feeling satisfied and with a heightened heart rate.

Simon slid away to shower first while Victoria said she would finish dinner. After he disappeared from the room she quietly opened the front door and grabbed the sign she had put up, blocking the stairs that led to the entrance of their house. The sign said:

‘Construction work on stairs in progress.

If you need to come in please call first.’

She quickly folded the sign and threw it in the trash. She had been right; Simon had enjoyed the extra thrill of their rendezvous. No reason for him to know about the sign.

As she cooked dinner, she looked over at the table. It looked no different, despite holding a lot of weight and movement. Admiring the table, she wondered what she and Simon could do next.

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