In The Office Ch. 02

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This is part 2 of 6. The story is purely fictional, any resemblance to any real-life people or events is purely coincidental. Be sure to practice safe sex in real life. Please rate and comment.


Two weeks had passed since Janey, Emertech’s new employee, and Adrian, with little doubt the hardest working employee of the company, went at it hot and heavy in the supply room and exchanged phone numbers the following day. They did so in case they would ever feel like doing so again, but nothing had come of it yet. Adrian had actually gained a slightly friendlier disposition compared to his earlier socially paranoid one, but so far he had limited it to occasionally saying “Hey” whenever someone passed by his desk. Since Emertech’s floors were like small worlds of their own, changes in relationships between employees were easily noticeable. The eighth floor, on which Janey and Adrian both worked, was no exception, but any changes in Adrian’s behavior seemed to stand out more. Today, it was Friday again and almost everyone had left for lunch. Everyone, that is, except for Adrian, who was planning to go to his usual Friday lunch place, and Janey, who wanted to discuss something with him. She went to his desk as he was putting his computer in Sleep mode.

“You never called,” she said.

“I’m sorry. I was going to last week, but I couldn’t find the words.”

“You mean like ‘Hey, Janey. How’s it going? Wanna fuck again?’, that kind of words,” Janey asked jokingly.

“Sorry if you’re offended, but really, I was going to call.”

“Don’t worry about it,” she said and placed her hand on his arm, sparking a certain nervousness in his eyes. “I wasn’t really offended, just surprised. Do you have any idea of who many would kill to have a fuck buddy?”

“No, I really don’t. What exactly is a ‘fuck buddy’?”

Janey smiled.

“Sorry, I forgot you haven’t dated much. A fuck buddy is basically someone you have regular casual sex with sometimes until either one starts dating seriously.”

“‘Fuck buddy’,” said Adrian, feeling the word in his mouth. “Good to have a name for it.”

“You can say ‘friend with benefits’ if you don’t like profanity.”

“I think we can both agree it’s a bit late for that. Aren’t there certain risks with a relationship like that?”

“There are some pitfalls, yes, but it’s well worth the chance. By the way, are you free tonight?”

“Any night. Do you want to meet?”

“I was thinking my place at 9. Unless you were planning to work tomorrow, in which case you may want to take a rain check, because we’re gonna be up way past bedtime.”

“That long, huh?”

“Well, the last time took almost an hour, so…”

She grinned.

“Yeah, probably.”

“Count me in.”

Janey wrote down the address and gave it to him.

“See you reality kings porno tonight, then.”

Adrian didn’t arrive at Janey’s apartment until 9:30. He was soaked as a result of a heavy rainstorm when he met Janey, who was just wearing a red robe to go with her hair.

“Look at you,” she said as she took his coat. “Didn’t you drive here?”

“I did, but I got nervous outside”, Adrian said as he wiped the raindrops of his glasses.

“Why were you nervous?”

“Besides this whole situation, you mean?”

A thunder strike boomed outside, causing Janey to flinch, looking terrified.

“Scared of thunder?”

“Very, thank you for your concern.”

“I felt the same way outside when I was on my way here.”

“Look, sweetie,” Janey said comforting, “you have nothing to be nervous about. If you’re afraid of performing badly, don’t be. Remember last time? Even if it fails, then there’s no harm done. In fact, this will be a learning experience one day.”

Her words reassured Adrian enormously.

“Thanks,” he said and placed his hand on her arm. She grabbed it and placed it on one of her breasts instead. He was somewhat shocked, but the warmth of her body was very soothing. He moved closer to kiss her. She kissed back gently. She grabbed him by his arm and led him through the hallway to the bedroom. The bed was pretty large, somewhere between a single and a double size. Most electric lights were turned of and some candles had been lit.

“You ready,” Janey asked. Adrian nodded and she started to undress him while kissing him. He stroked her back, down to her hips.

“Come on,” she said and removed his shirt and his pants. “Still having cold feet?”

Adrian responded by undoing the waistband on her robe. When it was untied, he showed some hesitation which went away when Janey let it fall to the floor, showing her entire naked body, its nipples erect. At that point, Adrian couldn’t resist temptation anymore and stroked her ass and breasts. She removed his underwear, exposing his huge cock. As they kept kissing, they stroked each other’s genitalia. Finally, she grabbed his hand, lifted the blanket and crept down under it with him, she being on top. Their nude bodies rubbing against each other underneath it turned them on even more.

“Unfamiliar,” Janey asked.

“Well, I’m not used to this. But I could get.”

The two shared a giggle before switching positions.

“Ready,” Adrian asked. Janey nodded eagerly and spread her legs. She felt the tip of his cock stroking her pussy, looking for an entrance. Her pussy growing increasingly wet inside, she yelped:

“Come on, fuck me!”

Motivated by her words, Adrian slid his cock in, causing her to gasp.

“Oh, God!”

He started thrusting, Janey loving every move he sexmex porno made inside her. She closed her eyes and leaned her head back, just savoring the sense of him filling her up, over and over again, while Adrian kissed her throat.

“Let’s switch,” he whispered.

“I have a better idea,” Janey said and grinned. She gave Adrian a light push and he got out of her and moved aside. She grabbed his wrist and led him out of the bed to the apartment’s laundry room in which a washing machine was humming pleasantly as laundry was swirling inside it. She placed him on top of the machine and squatted on his lap facing him.

“You like this,” she asked.

Adrian felt the vibrations of the machine stimulating his balls and other lower areas as Janey kept rubbing against him.

“Fuck, yeah.”

“Good,” she said and placed her pussy on his hard cock. He placed his arms around her as she lowered herself onto it slowly until it was inside her. The smattering of the rain on the window was incredibly relaxing as she rode him.

“That feels so good,” she moaned.

There was another thunder strike outside, but Janey didn’t take much notice of it. Surprised, she stopped for a moment.

“You okay,” Adrian asked.

“Shush,” Janey said and started fucking again.

“I love this,” Adrian whispered.

Janey smiled.

“Never had sex outside a bed before?”

“I can think of one time,” Adrian replied. The two giggled together before Janey got off the machine, bent forward and started sucking his cock.

“Oh, fuck,” Adrian gasped. She sucked differently than she did the last time. She moved slower and more relaxed now, her tongue sensing every vein on it.

She stopped sucking.

“Want to get back to the bed?”

Adrian answered by approaching her. She moved back to the wall, almost intimidated by his burning lust. He moved in for a kiss, apparently having forgotten where her lips had just been. He then grabbed her ass and lifted her up. Janey gasped with excitement, placed her arms around his neck and crossed her legs around his lower back.

“You’ve got strong arms,” she complimented him.

“Good to know all that exercise wasn’t a complete waste of time.”

He raised her ass a bit and pushed in his cock, the wall behind her supporting her weight.

“Oh, God,” Janey exclaimed. She felt almost weightless as she felt every inch of Adrian’s cock sliding in and out of her dripping wet pussy. She embraced him and moaned louder and louder.

“Stop,” she said. “I don’t want to come just yet.”

“Okay,” Adrian said and put her down gently. She kissed him a while, letting her pussy rest a little.

“Let’s go to the bed now,” she requested. Adrian took her hand, led her to the bed and sat her down on the edge carefully after she moved sindrive porno the blanket aside. She smiled, pulled his body closer and sucked his cock, which was glistening with precum and pussy juices, tasted herself and hummed with delight, the vibrations stimulating the cock further.

“I want to come now,” she finally said.


“From behind, on all fours.”

“In your ass?”

Janey smiled.

“Not tonight.”

“Bend over.”

Her pussy dripping, Janey turned around and assumed the position on the middle of the bed. To her pleasant surprise, Adrian licked her pussy using long, slow strokes with his tongue.

“Fuck me. Now,” she said, not being able to bear with her horniness anymore. “Stick your big, fat cock inside me.”

Adrian got on his knees behind her and obliged her. It slid easily as it filled her up. The position gave it access to different areas.

“Oh, God,” Janey yelped, “it’s so big…”

The pleasure became overwhelming and Janey rested her upper body on the bed, her cheek lying comfortably on the soft sheet.

“Fuck me,” she muttered very audibly, turning Adrian on even more. “Fuck me with your huge cock. Fill me up inside.”

Adrian fucked her faster.

“You want to come?”

“Oh, fuck, yes. I want to feel your hot load inside me.”

Adrian went in for the final dash, causing Janey to raise her upper body again, her fingers burying themselves in the sheet as her pussy tightened and her heart raced.

“NOW,” she screamed out. Pure pleasure filled every area of her body as Adrian’s cum shot out of his cock and into her pussy. When the two had ridden out their orgasm together, they lay down together exhausted, Janey’s pussy leaking cum. Adrian got up, blew out all candles, placed the blanket on Janey and crept in next to her.

“Thanks,” said Janey weakly. She moved up to Adrian and lay on his chest, breathing out together with him as his chest rose and sank.

“This was wonderful,” she said. Adrian placed his hand on her back and stroked it gently.

“It was,” he agreed. Janey started drifting into sleep. He kissed her on the forehead. She responded by moving up a bit and kissing him on the mouth.

“I loved that,” she mumbled. “It really felt good.”

They fell asleep together as the rain smattered against the windows and the thunder raged outside.

They woke up in each others’ arms the next morning.

“Hey,” Janey said awkwardly. “You slept here?”

“Sorry, it just-“

“No, don’t apologize. That’s nice. Besides, we did more obscene things than sleeping together here.”

They smiled. Janey got out of the bed without bothering to cover her body.

“I’m taking a shower. Want to join me?”

“Hell, yes,” said Adrian and got up. They walked together through the hallway into the bathroom. They didn’t find their nakedness at all embarrassing.

“You mentioned pitfalls yesterday,” Adrian said.

“I did. Why?”

“You were right. It’s worth the chance.”

They smiled, kissed briefly and stepped into the steamy shower together.

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