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Ever since my divorce five years ago, I have made a pact that I will never again get involved in any long-term relationships. I came to the realization that it’s so much nicer to have a wide variety of female partners. Being a 48-year old acting coach in New York City, I have so many opportunities to bang young girls that I can even afford to be choosy. By young, I mean between 18 and 23. To me this is the perfect age range. They’re old enough to be legal and young enough to be duped into becoming my personal sperm depositories. I usually only have the opportunity to fuck them once, as my preferred method of seduction does not exactly make for the perfect evening in their eyes.

I like them best when they are very tentative about getting sexually involved with me. Especially when they have little or no sexual experience. I only give private acting lessons in an acting studio in my loft apartment and specialize in tutoring high school girls wanting to study theater for their college auditions. I usually form quite a bond with them as they are typically from rich families where both parents are too busy with their careers and socials lives to spend any real time with them. Being in very good shape with distinguished good looks, the girls almost always develop a crush on me. Once I sense that the girl is at this crush stage, I quickly move in for the kill. My acting studio is a small alcove off my main living room. I usually greet my girls in the living room before taking them into the studio. During my conquest night, I entertain in my living room which has three high-tech hidden cameras trained from different angles on a large sofa. There are also three hidden microphones embedded in the sofa and on the coffee table. I do this for security purposes.

My night of conquest is always the 3rd Thursday of each month. To give you an idea of a typical conquest, I will describe what happened between Tracy and I. I had been tutoring her for four weeks on Saturday mornings. When I noticed her reaching the crush stage, I arranged for her to switch one session to Thursday night at 6:00PM. As I always do, I made a point not to cum for two solid weeks in anticipation of my “date”. By doing this, I was sure to offer Tracy a truly gargantuan load of highly potent semen. The kind that would fill a coffee-mug a quarter of the way up with thick, ropy, cum with a yellowish tinge to it. I told her that she would be meeting a prestigious Broadway director and told her to dress especially nice.

When she arrived I was happy to see she didn’t let me down. She was wearing a silky black skirt cut slightly above the knee with sheer, black pantyhose and nice open-toed heels. She had a cream colored blouse that made her look classy and sexy. She had on the perfect amount of make-up. Her choice of outfit nicely suited her petite 5’3″, 102-pound frame. Her almost black hair was shoulder length, very full, with a very modern, semi-straight style. She smelled of a fresh shower with some state of the art perfume. She had average sized breast for a girl of her size, but they were very firm, like little volcanoes. Both her finger and toe-nails were painted a shiny red indicating she painted them for this occasion. Though only 18, she looked positively stunning and causing me to get an instant erection when I opened the door.

She seemed somewhat disappointed when I told her the director had to cancel his plans and wouldn’t be coming. But I cheered her up by telling her I would make it up to her. With that, I brought her into the living room and told her to make herself comfortable. I then went into the kitchen for her surprise. I came out with a tray with three different bottles of wine and a dish of homemade whole wheat crackers and some sliced cheddar cheese. What she did not know was that one of the main ingredients in my crackers was high potency marijuana. I have always felt that it is one of the best aphrodisiacs known to man. She seemed surprised and a little taken aback recognizing that I was getting a little forward and inappropriate with her. I then mentioned to her that wine is the drink of choice at Broadway parties and that it would benefit her to have an understanding of the various kinds. I told her, it was merely an educational lesson and that she was going to taste rather than drink the wine. Plus I told her that I had the wine and crackers ready for the director who cancelled at the last minute. She seemed very relieved, and actually seemed eager to try the wines. I told her that it was wise to begin by clearing her palate with a cracker and cheese.

Seeing her delicate lips munching on the cracker, I began to get really turned on. Especially knowing that with each cracker she would develop more and more of a horny buzz. She seemed to appreciate the various flavors of the wine and made sure to have a cracker between each different glass. She mentioned that this was the first time she had wine and that her parents cumlouder porno were strict about her not drinking. She did confess to being drunk on two prior occasions during high school parties. I told her it would be our secret. Within about thirty minutes it became clear that the pot and wine was having quite a nice effect on her. I then decided to begin my conquest. I’ll save you all of the details, but suffice to say that it took a mere 20 minutes of compliments regarding her acting skills before she was primed for the taking. I then asked her if she ever did a kiss scene in a play. She began to blush, but told me she hadn’t. I then began explaining to her that it was a part of acting and that a true actress could separate fact from fiction. Then I tempted her by saying that some actresses never find the will to rise to the highest level of acting. I then coyly asked if she wanted to try an acted kiss. When she hesitantly said, “I guess so”, I knew I had her.

In a moment we were kissing intensely. Almost immediately I forced my tongue in her sweet mouth and I felt her responding back. Then I felt her tongue begin to wag and join mine in a deep wet kiss. I instantly brought my hand up to her chest and began softly squeezing her breast. I could sense that she was a little shocked by this and began to pull her mouth away. I then firmly took my right hand and grabbed her underneath her hair at the back of her neck, all the while continuing to massage her breast with my other breast. “Stay in character,” I told her firmly, and locked my mouth against hers hard. If it hadn’t been for the wine and pot, I had no doubt she would have pushed me away and bolted from my studio. Almost immediately, I rubbed my left hand from her breast down across her stomach and thighs to the bottom of her skirt hem. Then I began raising her skirt while forcing her legs apart enough for my hand to move into her box-area. Surprisingly, although she put up a little struggle, my wrist was strong enough to separate her thighs so that my hand could begin rubbing her cunt through her pantyhose and panties.

All the while, I forcefully slobbered a wet kiss into her sweet little mouth. I could tell that she wanted to say something, but I continued to kiss her and hold my mouth against hers. After a minute of this, I could feel a hot moistness underneath her pantyhose. Pulling my mouth off hers, I whispered to her, “stay in character, sweetie, your little cunt is on fire, have you ever been eaten before?” A weak, “no”, was all she could muster and from the tremble in her voice I knew she was telling the truth. I also knew that I had to act quickly or she was going to come to her senses and bolt.

With that, I abruptly and firmly twisted and turned her in the doggy position on my couch. She seemed startled to find herself in such a vulnerable position. This is my favorite way to eat a first timer. They are looking away from the man feasting on their snatch and that seems to minimize their embarrassment and trauma. Quickly, I raised her skirt up over her ass. Then I reached my fingers into her crotch area and pulled a small section of her pantyhose out of the crack of her ass. In an instant, I reached down with both hands and violently ripped a three-inch hole in them. I have learned from experience that girls sometimes catch their senses at this moment, so I always repeat, “Stay in character, sweetie” as I’m doing this.

Then kneeling down, I reached in and grabbed her little white panties and pulled them to the left exposing her cunt and ass. As I did, I noticed a strand of gooey pussy juice stretch from her hole to the panties that were moved to the left. I love eating and fucking a girl with a hole torn in her hose and her panties stretched off to one side. It looks incredible sexy and ensures they go home with a reminder of my passions. I always start with an act that, no doubt, boggles their minds: an old fashioned ass-eating. Tracy seemed to coo like a pigeon as I buried my mouth right into her ass and lapped her little brown-eye like a dog. I spent about a minute doing this before moving down to her sweet hole. In my life, I had never tasted such a marvelously sweet and hot box, proving that she was a virgin. By now, my cock was as hard as I could ever remember, and it hadn’t even yet come out of my pants. Meanwhile, Tracy began a soft moaning sound as I settled into the act of thoroughly eating her box. I was able to cover her whole hole easily with my mouth as I firmly sucked he cunt for all I was worth. I could hear her breathing escalate and her moans become a little louder. As I continued munching her hole, I used my other hand to unbuckle my pants, pull down my boxers, and pull out my cock. This went on for about three minutes until she was close to cumming. Sensing this, I quickly pulled my sticky face from her box and quickly stood up. It is always critical to do this just before they cum.

It czech amateurs porno was now the time to tempt the moment of truth and take this little darling’s cherry. So I went up to where her face was buried into the couch and told her that I had a present for her. With that I thrust out my pelvis and watched her glance fall upon my thick 8 inch member which was rock hard. You could see the fear in her eyes and it was clear that she was wondering how she had so quickly got herself into this situation. “I want you to stay in character while I take your cherry, little one, a good actress can do that.” “But I’m a virgin” she said in a defeated tone. “And I’m not on birth control.” “That’s what these are for, honey”, I said, as I held out two condoms I had taken from my pocket. “And I want you to promise me that you will always use one whenever you have sex. In fact for extra protection I wear two of them, one on top of the other. This way you can enjoy the pleasure instead of worrying about Aids or Pregnancy.” With that I unpeeled a condom and slowly slid it over my over my erect pole. Then I removed the second condom and slid that over my pole. Her eyes, showed her fear and she trembled slightly at what was happening. “I’m not ready for this”, Tracy pleaded. “It’s only fair that you let me, since I was nice enough to eat your sweet little pussy, plus, you can rest assured that you won’t get pregnant or catch some disease. Say Okay for me honey, I promise we will go very slow.” My heart jumped for joy when she weakly said, “O.K.”. I would never consider placing myself in a position where I could be accused of rape. The camera hidden inside the overhead light fixture made sure of that. And “Okay” gave me the magical green light to avoid a possible rape charge.

Taking a girl’s cherry in the doggy position is the only way. It makes her realize that the man is fully in control. Plus, it prevents them from seeing me play my little game. As I repositioned myself behind her, I quietly removed both condoms from my cock. Now my monster was bare to the world and I could dump my load inside this unsuspecting girl taking her cherry the old fashioned way. Smiling, I reached in and pulled her panties back over to the left side. Then I stepped in and used my hand to rub my pole down the crack of her ass. Placing the mushroom head of my cock against her cunt, I had to wonder how easy it was going to be fitting into the little darling. I’ve always been told I have a very large cock for a white boy, but looking down at it’s target, it dwarfed her hot little hole. As far as struggles go in life, however, there’s not a better one to have. At this stage she was being a good little girl, her ass high in the air with her face mashed down into the sofa. She was in a minor state of shock I think. And that’s the way I love them. She was too scared and inexperienced to realize that I was going to ride her bareback, and feed her little flower a half-cup of the best baby fertilizer in the world. With that thought I slowly applied pressure, pushing my member in a quarter inch at a time, each time pulling back so that her juices opened her up for me. She began to whimper, and for a moment I thought she was beginning to cry. That only turned me on more causing more blood to flow into my cock.

The feeling in my loins was incredible, I new I wasn’t going to last long inside of this chick. But I never care how long I last. The goal for me is to hold off as long as is enjoyable for me and them cum deep. Watching her cunt begin to take in it’s visitor was such a turn on. In one minute I had stretched her to the point that the head of my cock was about an inch in and right up against her hymen. This is the point I love best. I call it “knocking on heaven’s door” and I like doing it for three or four minutes before busting through to her sweet garden. I had to really work at not cumming. All of the pressure was focused on the tip of my cock and her hole sucked me like a little mouth. Often this confuses a virgin and this case was no different. I saw her turn her head to the side and she tentatively asked , “Are we doing it?”. “Oh yeh, sweetie, your being slow fucked” I replied. “Does it hurt?”, I asked. “ungh ungh”, she replied. “It didn’t hurt at all”.

Tracy thought she was being fucked and my cock was only an inch inside her. How cute, I thought. Nonetheless, I kept up the charade for another two or three minutes, never placing more than an inch of my cock into her. I had to slow down and concentrate when my inevitable orgasm drew to close. “Oh you’re being a good little honey, Tracy. Your cunt feels so nice”, I softly told her. “When a man’s fucking you, a good actress will talk dirty to him. Tell me that your cunt is hungry.” In a weak voice, she surprised me by replying, “Oh you are making it feel good, my cunt is hungry”. “Tell me it needs to be fed more cock little sweetie”, I said. I felt so proud czech casting porno when she replied, “Please feed it more”. “You asked for it little one”, I said with an evil tone. With that I firmly grabbed her hips and nestled my cock right up against her hymen. “Say it again, little sweetie”, I said.

“Feed me more,” she replied. With those words, I withdrew my cock all the way out so only a quarter-inch of my tip remained. Then I slammed forward while strongly pulling her hips into my torso. The offset forces worked to bust my cock right through her hymen and torpedo my cock six inches into her cunt where it plowed into the soft flesh of her cervix. What a tight girl, I thought. Tracy immediately yelped out in pain as if she had been skewered on a stop sign pole. “Oh it hurts” she cried out twice in a row. But I kept my cock buried to the hilt and softly repeated, “Keep in character, honey, stay in character. It’ll feel better in a minute”. Then I heard the unmistakable sound of her crying. “Such a good girl”, I reassured her. Then I slowly began working my cock slowly in and out. An inch or two back then an inch or two forward. I slowly repeated this motion and within a few moments I was on the extreme verge of dumping. Each time the feeling welled-up I would stop until it subsided. I was really getting worked up for the orgasm of all orgasms.

Tracy still softly cried and seemed in a heightened state of shock. Perfect, I thought. She still didn’t have a clue that my cock was rubberless. I decided it was time to claim this girl’s sole for eternity. I gripped her hips and began a slow steady motion. I could feel the tip of my cock knocking on her cervix and I swear I could feel it slightly enter the forbidden world of her womb. The sensation in my balls was incredible. I felt myself slowly going over the edge. This was going to one heck of a dumping. Before I describe what happened next, first let me tell you this. I like to make a girl’s first fuck, an experience to remember.

Plus it gives me and a select group of friends so much pleasure to confuse sweet young girls by taking advantage of their innocent nature. With that, let me just say that the first part of my plan is to not let the girl know that I’ve dumped my load inside her. So as I approached the brink with my cock buried to the hilt in Tracy, I didn’t let on to her that I was gonna dump. The feeling was out of this world though and I wanted to groan like an animal. Instead, I merely kept slow fucking her with very deep small strokes. When the orgasm started, it was an out of this world experience. It felt like a lightening bolt landed at the base of my balls. I leaned forward and pressed my cock tight to her cervix. I felt my cock twitch two or three times quickly, and shoot out a small spray of tiny drops of cum that would have hit the ceiling if it wasn’t in her cunt. My knees began to buckle and I had to fight to stay standing. Then I felt a surge of cum rise out of my balls and blast out of my pole in what must have been a gargantuan proportion. My eyes rolled up in my head like those of a great white shark as the second spurt followed suit in an even bigger quantity.

Still, I didn’t visibly react and little Tracy’s head was still buried in the couch making a rhythmic, quiet, crying sound. The third surge was immense and I was surprised that she couldn’t feel the cum being violently injected into her baby factory in huge quantities. Being a virgin, though, how would she know what was going on? I could feel the instant change in lubrication and my cock was able to push almost an inch deeper. I could feel a supremely tight suction around the very tip of my cock and I wondered what part of her body I was into. I wanted so badly to groan like a bull in heat, but my plan required me to be silent. She moaned a little in pain and she reached her hand back placing it on my thigh to try and prevent me from going any deeper.

I quickly grabbed her hand with my wrist and pulled it away saying, “Tracy’s getting deep fucked, stay in character.” I could hardly speak in a regular tone. Her cunt was busy sucking the cum out of my balls, swallowing it deep into her belly. I could feel each spurt force more and more spunk into her. I wondered if I should pull out a little to give the chunk somewhere to pool. But amazingly, her cunt was taking my seed into depths I couldn’t even fathom. All told, I felt sixteen individual spurts before I began to subside into what I call, “the dry twitches”. The pleasure I was feeling was literally out of this world. I believe that I must have deposited nearly a quarter cup of my slime into her hot little hole. And it was deep. Her cunt was so tight that not even a drop had escaped it’s depths. My cock was plugging her hole fully, giving the juice no where to go, but down. For another two or three minutes, I just kept slogging my cock forward an inch then back. I placed my hand on the base of her neck and pushed her face further into the sofa. This made her ass raise up slightly allowing the wonderful force of gravity to pull my seed into her fallopian tubes. She had managed to take my meat seven full inches into her body when she was only designed to take six. Her father would be proud of her, I thought.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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