Interage Intimacy Pt. 02

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“Do you miss me?”


“What part of me do you miss?”

“All of you.”

“Nah-uh. I want to hear you say it.”

“Your tits.”


“I want to lick your tits.”

“Uh huh… and?”

“I’m gonna flick my tongue on your nipples until you whimper.”

“Mm, yes… keep going…”

“Then I’m gonna rub my cock on your clit before sliding it into your warm, wet pussy.”

“Mhm… and you’re gonna let me moan into your ear while doing it?”

“Yes… you’d make me blow before I even got all the way in.”

“Mmmm baby…”

“God, it feels so good.”

“You’re gonna make me cum, baby. I’m so wet.”

“I’m close too… oh fuck…”

“Oh yes… yes! Ohh Sean, uhhnnn!”

The sound of Sarah’s moaning made Sean lose control. Groaning, he closed his eyes and spasmed as hot cum landed on his chest and belly. He felt his toes tightening up as he gripped his throbbing shaft, warm fluid dripping down his hand. He could barely breathe as he listened to Sarah rustling the sheets with her writhing body.

When their climax ended, Sean gave a big sigh, letting his head fall onto the pillow. “I want you so bad,” he said with eyes half open.

“Too bad. You’ll have to wait a couple more days,” said Sarah.

“But mooooom!”

Sean’s groaning sounded just like Sarah’s kids when they couldn’t play with their toys, and it made her laugh out loud. “Oh, shut up! You’re nasty. I would never have sex with a son.”

“Even if he were as hot as me?” Sean bit his thumb and looked sideways.

“Ha! You wish you were that hot.”

“You know I’m cute. At least my cock is.”

“You do have a cute cock.” Sarah giggled and bit her lip, curling up against the bed.

She wasn’t used to saying these things. Being with Sean brought out a side of her she hadn’t seen in a long time. It was so immature, but she enjoyed feeling like she was back in high school, flirting with her crush.

Sean smiled brightly. He loved making Sarah laugh. And making love to Sarah. “I miss you. Like a lot.”

“I know,” Sarah whispered. “I’ll be home soon. Then you can have me any way you want.”

Sean wasn’t used to Sarah talking dirty either. It didn’t help that she had the sexiest voice he had ever heard. His crotch throbbed in anticipation.

“I was thinking maybe the kitchen counter,” he suggested.

Sarah tilted her head back in laughter. “Sounds unsanitary.”

“I’m sure that sweet ass of yours is squeaky clean.” Sean thought of Sarah’s luscious bottom.

“You’d know. It’s all you ever look at.”

“Not my fault you’re insanely hot.” Sean enjoyed letting Sarah know how much he appreciated her body.

“You know, I found those panties you left in my car,” he said after a long silence that he hoped was filled with Sarah blushing at his compliment.

“Oh god!” Sarah laughed. “They were there this whole time?”

She had a flashback to their spontaneous lovemaking.


“I don’t have much time.” Sarah reached up her skirt and took her panties off.

“It won’t take long.” Sean knew his limits. He got close just from having Sarah on his lap.

They were in the backseat of Sean’s car, in an empty parking lot half a block from Sarah’s office. It was nearing the end of lunch hour.

Sean unbuckled his jeans and took out his erect cock. He peeled back the foreskin to reveal his precum-soaked tip.

Sarah raised her skirt so she could see where to put his dick. She rubbed Sean’s sensitive tip along her slit before sliding it in and dropping onto him. She placed her hands on Sean’s shoulders and nuzzled her face into his neck.

Sean leaned back and groaned as he felt Sarah’s hot pussy wrap around his throbbing shaft. Her skirt covered both of their crotches, which he was actually grateful for. If he saw his own cock penetrating her wet cunt, he would explode even sooner than usual. He rubbed his hands along her thighs as she bounced on him.

As their fluids allowed Sean’s rod to glide smoothly in and out of her vagina, Sarah began to grind faster. She moaned as she felt Sean’s thin cock massaging her insides. There was no room for her to sit up straight and fully ride him, but quick, short humps felt amazing in their own way.

“You gotta slow down, Sarah, I can’t hold it,” Sean groaned.

Sarah slowed her movement and pressed her lips tightly to Sean’s. She bit his lower lip and tugged back, then dove back in with her tongue. Their lips parted with a loud suck, a string of saliva hanging between them.

“Cum, baby. Cum in me.” Sarah was barely able to whisper the words through her shivering breath.

Her sensual voice pushed Sean past the point of no return. He pitched forward and moaned into her chest. His hands gripped her ass tightly and his legs lifted off the ground involuntarily.

When the last of his hot cum spurted into Sarah’s pussy, Sean collapsed into the seat. Sarah swallowed and caught her breath before slowly lifting herself. czech gangbang porno She gave a light moan as Sean’s cock slipped out, leaving her raw, blushing pussy vulnerable to the cool air.

Sarah looked up to see Sean resting with his eyes closed. His cheeks were flushed and he was out of breath.

“You good?” She clawed at his chest.

“No. You fucked my brains out.”

Sarah giggled and nuzzled herself against Sean. He responded by wrapping his arms around her and caressing her back, unable to move any other part of his body.

They sat there for a long moment before Sarah’s phone shattered the silence.

“Shit! That’s my boss. I gotta go.”

Sarah got up and lowered her skirt back down to her knees. She used the rearview mirror to rearrange her hair and make sure her makeup was in order. Then she put her heels on, grabbed her purse, and opened the door. She was halfway out before leaning back in to give Sean a peck on the cheek.

“Bye.” She slammed the door shut and walked off, leaving a drained teenage boy in her wake.

Sarah returned to reality with a quick shake of her head.

“Shit, what time is it?” She turned to look at the clock. 11:40 PM.

“I gotta go.” She took a deep breath through her nose while brushing her hair back with her fingers. “The kids okay?”

“Yeah, they’re asleep.” Sean grabbed a tissue and started wiping the fluid from his body.

“Alright… see you soon?” Sarah glided her fingers over her plump nipples, thinking of Sean’s touch.

“Ok.” Sean hung up the phone and dropped it next to him on the bed.

With a loud sigh, he gathered the willpower to stand up and walk over to the trashcan. After tossing the sticky tissue, he turned back towards the bed and collapsed face-first into the king-sized mattress. The sweet smell from Sarah’s pillow lulled him to sleep, dreaming of her tall, curvy body and supple breasts.

The characteristic chime of an iPhone reverberated throughout the bedroom. Snapping up with a gasp, Sean padded blindly around the bed until his hands found his phone. He brought the phone up to his face, squinting and reeling back at the brightness. It was a text from Jennifer.

‘Are you up? Hope you didn’t forget our study session :)’

‘Ofc not! Come over,’ Sean typed back.

Dropping the phone, he flew out of bed and swiped up his clothes from Sarah’s floor. He tripped out the door as he struggled to put everything on while running towards the bathroom.

There, Sean grabbed one of two toothbrushes from the holder. As he did so, he caught a glimpse of Sarah’s pink toothbrush, and felt a pang of longing in his chest. Another chime from his phone refocused him on the task at hand. He brushed his teeth furiously, splashed some water on his face, and ran back to the bedroom.

‘Almost there,’ read his phone.

‘I’ll leave the door unlocked,’ Sean replied.

He rushed down the stairs, unlocking the front door as he passed by. Reaching the dining room, he grabbed his backpack from one of the chairs and poured its contents out onto the table. Two notebooks, a crumpled piece of paper, and a few pens fell out.

Sean opened one of the notebooks and swiped through some pages. He stopped at a page labeled “Chemistry,” which had a few bullet points and diagrams written in barely-legible handwriting.

‘That’s… probably the right one?’ Sean thought, squinting suspiciously.

Suddenly, he heard the door open behind him, causing him to swivel.

A smiling girl stood in the doorway, clutching her notebooks in front of her. She had a slender figure and a small chest. Her brunette hair was arranged in a neat ponytail. She wore a short yet conservative skirt and a sweater that covered her neck and arms.

She brushed her hair behind her ear and looked down shyly. “Hey Sean.”

“Jennifer! Come on in,” said Sean.

He could smell her sweet perfume as she passed by him, and he admired her ponytail from behind.

“You ready for some… chemistry?” Sean cringed apologetically.

Jennifer giggled. “I think we’re doing biology today.”

“Ah, right. Well, lucky for you, that is my area… of… expertise.” Sean flipped through his notebooks in a futile attempt to find his biology notes.

Jennifer rested her cheek against her fist and bit her lip as she watched Sean’s soft brown eyes darting back and forth, searching through the paper in front of him.

After hours of studying, dropping the kids at their grandparents’, and more studying, Sean and Jennifer sat relaxing on the couch. An open bottle of wine sat on the coffee table, with two empty glasses beside it.

Jennifer sat with her legs bent behind her, leaning against the cushions. “You won’t tell Sarah we drank this?” she asked.

“Oh, I’m telling her as soon as she gets back. You’re going to jail,” Sean replied with a fake serious tone.

As Jennifer giggled, Sean noticed her bright smile and the way she wiggled czech harem porno her toes. He felt the slightest tinge in his crotch.

“So… are you single?” Jennifer seemed almost embarrassed to ask the question.

“Uh… yeah… no… sort of.” Sean looked down, hoping he wouldn’t have to reveal that his love interest was a mother in her mid-thirties.

“Sort of single. Maybe more single than not?” She sounded almost hopeful.

“Well, there’s this… girl.” Sean knew damn well it was not a girl.

“Is she cute?”

“Yeah,” Sean replied immediately, thinking of Sarah’s piercing blue eyes and soft red lips, lips that would soon be wrapped around his-

“Oh…” Jennifer said in a disappointed tone.

“I-I mean, yeah, she’s cool. I think I have a thing for brunettes though. And the way you have that ponytail is really cute.” Sean tried desperately to rectify the situation, even though he didn’t know why he should.

Jennifer shrunk deeper into the couch, blushing and avoiding Sean’s gaze. The hint of a smile showed on her cheeks.

She had him. He knew she had him, and there was nothing he could do about it. Sean was ashamed at the way he felt, especially after professing his longing for Sarah. He felt guilty for leading Jennifer on, but couldn’t deny the satisfaction of making her blush.

Jennifer found the courage to look up, and her lustful gaze took Sean’s breath away. His senses faded away and all he could hear was the thumping in his chest. All he could think about was licking every inch of her body. He felt the heat rising up his neck towards his face while the blood rushed down.

They stared at each other for a long moment. Neither of them made a single move. Jennifer was giving him one last chance to walk away. He didn’t take it.

Sean leaned in towards Jennifer and put his hand on her side. He kissed her tenderly, sucking on her lips while his thumb brushed over her small breast. Jennifer moaned lightly and brushed her palms up and down Sean’s chest, not really knowing what to do.

Sean felt Jennifer’s hot breath tease his lips and his cock throbbed hard. He had to pull himself away from her wet mouth so that he wouldn’t lose control. Instead, he moved down to her neck and began sucking, pushing her down onto the couch.

Lying on her back, Jennifer closed her eyes, wrapped her arms around Sean, and let him kiss her while his hand cupped her breast and squeezed lightly.

A loud ringtone broke the silence and drowned out Sean’s gentle smooching. He didn’t stop, but Jennifer grabbed the phone and held it above her. She tilted her head so that Sean could kiss the other side of her neck, when she realized who was calling.

“It’s Sarah.” Jennifer pushed Sean off of herself. “She could be worried about the kids.”

“R-Right. The kids.” Sean took his phone from Jennifer. He let out a big sigh and cleared his throat before pressing the answer button.

Jennifer sat up and collected herself. In a daze, she wasn’t sure what just happened or what it meant. She tugged down at the bottom of her sweater to straighten it, and took the band out of her hair. Sean took one last look at Jennifer as she shook her hair free, before he headed up the stairs.

“Guess where I am right now,” Sarah’s voice came through the phone.

“Uh, in your hotel room? Preferably naked?” Sean swallowed hard and struggled to collect his breath, the taste of Jennifer’s lips still in his mouth.

“You wish. I’m at the airport. Turns out I get to come home early. We’ll be in bed by the end of the day.”

“Th-That’s great! I’ll see you then. Can’t wait.” Sean looked back to make sure Jennifer was out of sight.

“Alright, my plane’s boarding. See you soon.” Sarah gave a smooch before hanging up.

The thought of him and Sarah lying in bed caused Sean to smile brightly. But his excitement vanished when he remembered who was in the living room. Sean shut his eyes tight and grimaced at what he had to do next.

He bumped into Jennifer at the bottom of the stairs.

“Hey. Is everything okay?” Her hair was back in that neat ponytail he saw in the morning.

“Yeah. You were right, she was just asking about the kids. Listen, I-“

“I should go.” Jennifer saved him without even knowing it.

Sean looked at her for a long moment, not knowing what to say. “Uh-“

“I-I don’t know what we were doing. We probably shouldn’t have…” Jennifer blushed, avoiding his eyes.

“Um, right.” Sean was angry at himself for feeling more disappointed than relieved.

Sarah was coming back. It was the right thing to do. He shouldn’t start another relationship. But something about Jennifer’s rejection still got to him.

Sean stood holding the door open as Jennifer walked out. His gaze naturally travelled downward towards her ass and legs. When she turned around, their eyes locked for a split second before hers darted away.

“When will I see you again?” Sean asked. He was the hopeful one now.

“Monday czech sharking porno night. At your place.” Jennifer kept her gaze to the ground.

‘At least she’s not avoiding me,’ Sean thought excitedly.

“For chemistry,” she clarified.

“Right. I’ll see you then.”

Jennifer bit her lip and looked into Sean’s eyes one last time before walking off. Sean rested his forehead against the closed door and sighed in exasperation.

“You hear that? Silence.” Sarah closed her eyes and took a deep breath, absorbing the peacefulness of an empty house.

She was glad the kids were with her parents for the week. She needed a break after her long and stressful business trip.

“Yeah, it’s real quiet without the kids running around,” Sean said as he pulled Sarah’s luggage through the front door.

“God, my feet are killing me.” Sarah took off her high heels.

“C’mere.” Sean took Sarah’s hand and brought it up to his lips. He gave it a soft kiss before leading her down the hallway towards the living room.

When they reached the couch, Sean replaced a pillow that had fallen over, reminding him of what had happened at that very spot just a few hours before. Without missing a beat, he sat down on the couch and patted the spot next to him.

Sarah dropped down onto the couch with a sigh.

“Gimme your feet.” Sean patted Sarah’s knee.

“Aw, you’d do that? For me?” Sarah lifted her legs and rested her feet on Sean’s lap.

“Yeah, you got this boy toy wrapped around your finger.” Sean winked at Sarah, causing her to grin mischievously.

Sean took Sarah’s soft, smooth foot into his hands and rubbed his thumbs along the sole. Her soft moaning made him fully erect. He ran his fingers through her toes and caressed her ankle, nearly drooling with lust.

Sarah noticed Sean’s gaze locked onto her feet, along with the bulge inside his shorts.

“You like my feet?” She wiggled her toes.

“Yeah.” Sean blushed. “Is that okay?”

“Mhm.” Sarah bit her lip, wondering how desperate she could make him.

She raised her legs and crossed her arched feet, showing them off in front of Sean’s face.

“God, Sarah, you’re so hot,” Sean whispered, caressing her thigh.

“Yeah, you like that?” Sarah lowered one foot onto Sean’s crotch while moving the other one closer to his lips.

She rubbed her foot along Sean’s crotch, feeling his nubile rod under her toes. Sean gasped lightly and spasmed as he felt Sarah’s foot massaging his boner. He took her raised foot with both hands and made out with her sole.

Sean sucked on each toe while Sarah’s other foot continued to tease his crotch. He felt himself leaking and gave an involuntary moan. He flicked his tongue between her toes and then sniffed her sole, taking in the scent of her sexy feet.

Sarah looked on in wonder as she took advantage of Sean’s fetish. She felt a sweet tinge in her pussy as Sean’s lips brushed past her ankle and lightly kissed the top of her foot. It was surprisingly arousing to have a boy worship her like this. She felt a cool breeze on her toes that were wet from Sean’s sucking. This gave her an idea.

“I wanna feel your cock on my toes.” She stared longingly at Sean’s throbbing erection.

Sean couldn’t unzip his shorts fast enough. He fumbled with the zipper while Sarah curled her toes in anticipation.

When Sean finally got his penis to come out, Sarah almost wished she hadn’t promised him a footjob. She licked her lips lustily when she saw his thin, uncut cock standing straight up, slightly disappointed that she wouldn’t be sliding his young rod into her wet and waiting vagina.

Sean slumped down into the couch and slowly guided Sarah’s feet towards his hard cock. As soon as her wet toes touched his warm shaft, he tilted his head back and moaned. Sarah wrapped her toes around his rod and tugged down at his foreskin, revealing his pink tip wet with precum. She used her toes to tease his frenulum, making more liquid leak out.

“Oh god, Sarah, please don’t stop.” Sean gripped the cushions as Sarah felt his dick tremble and throb between her feet.

Sarah obliged by wrapping her soles around Sean’s erect cock and stroking him in a steady motion.

“Mmm… that feels so good. Uhhn, fuck…” Sean writhed and moaned as Sarah pleasured him.

Sarah was aroused by her own ability to control this boy without using her hands, mouth, or pussy. Each time she slowed down or lifted her feet from his crotch, his dick would throb hard and leak a string of precum that landed on his belly. And each time he would moan and beg her to keep going.

Sarah was so engrossed in the sight of her smooth feet masturbating Sean’s moist, sensitive rod that she didn’t notice his yells of ecstasy.

“Oh god, I’m gonna cum… uh, yes, right there… yes, yes… Oh Sarah!”

Sean’s pelvis shuddered uncontrollably as he pumped string after string of hot semen into the air, which landed on Sarah’s feet.

“Oh!” Sarah gave a little gasp as she felt Sean’s throbbing cock tickle her soles and his warm fluid drip down her toes, wondering if he’ll save enough for her mouth and pussy.

Sean gave a few last spasms as Sarah finished her footjob by rubbing her cum-filled feet against his shrinking cock, making a mess on his crotch.

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