Into The Sunset Ch. 03

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Author’s note: the following story is purely a work of fiction and any resemblance to real people or events is purely coincidental. The author wishes to express his gratitude to rozezwild for her editing to make this a better story.


I was mired deep in the review of a new contract with a distributor on Wednesday morning when my cell phone rang.

I flipped it open and spoke, “Hello?”

“Hi, babe,” came the disjointed sultry voice that I immediately recognized. “Do you know who this is?”

“Oh, yeah! You didn’t think I’d forget that easily, did you?”

She laughed. “Well, I had hoped you wouldn’t. But with all that pussy you were getting, I thought I might have gotten lost in the shuffle.”

“No way, sweet lady. How are you?”

“Horny as hell,” she replied. “And you?”

“Doing well, thanks. What can I do for you?”

“Well . . . my husband’s out of town and his secretary went with him. That means he’s screwing her head off every night they’re out. So, I figured what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. I need some lovin’. Are you interested?”

“Sweetie, you know it! When and where?”

“When do you get off work?”

“About six o’clock or maybe 6:30.”

“Then how about seven at your place?”

“Sounds good to me.”

“I’ll be waiting for you.”

When her phone clicked to break the connection, I realized I had completely lost interest in the contract. Even though I went back to it, I couldn’t concentrate and for more than an hour, I kept rereading the same clause over and over. Finally, knowing that the important bases were covered, I scribbled my signature to it and dropped it back in the envelope to my attorney for finalization.

The rest of the day was a complete drag. I spent several hours working with the folks out in the warehouse, getting a backlog of orders packed and ready for shipping by UPS. When the driver arrived just after five o’clock, we helped him load one of our biggest ever shipments into his truck.

Back in my office, I spent the next 90 minutes cleaning up paperwork and reviewing a couple of sales proposals my outside salesmen had pitched to customers. In reality I could barefly concentrate and at 6:38, I locked up the building and gratefully headed for home.

Sherri was waiting for me when I pulled into my driveway. Before I had even stopped my car, she was out of the door of her car and came running back to greet me. As I stood up, she planted a big wet smooch on my lips and pressed her body into mine. I could just visualize her stripping and attacking me right there in the semi-private driveway.

But she didn’t. She let me turn her toward the house and we walked inside arm-in-arm.

Just inside after closing the door, I turned her back to me and we embraced again, our lips locked together forming the only boundaries for our wildly gyrating tongues.

When we finally broke apart several minutes later, I said, “Mmmm, baby, that is a great greeting. What’s the plan?”

“I don’t care,” she said, “just so long as we fuck really soon. I am hot and horny, sugar. I need your attention.”

“You’ve got all of it,” I replied, leading her down the hallway to my bedroom.

We both kicked off our shoes and Sherri started to pull off her blouse. I let her but tugged her over so I could sit on the edge of the bed with her standing between my legs. As soon as she dropped her bra, I began kissing her breasts, licking the underside where the angry red lines of her bra showed against her pale skin. I narrowed my kisses down until I centered on her distended nipple, pulling it with my lips as I commenced to suck.

Sherri put her arms around my neck and tugged my head closer to her breasts, mashing my face against her large globes. Every few minutes I swapped tits, intent on giving equal treatment to both. Her soft feminine fragrance filled my nostrils and added to the sexual attack on my brain.

While I sucked, I worked my roving hands under her full skirt, slowing tracing her form upward glory hole secrets porno until my hands found her tiny panties. When i pushed then down her legs and let them drop to the floor, she kicked them out of the way and turned back to unfasten her skirt. I moved her hand away and shook my head, indicating that she was to leave it on for now.

Still sucking on her left nipple, I applied a little pressure until she turned 90 degrees so that her backside was to my right hand. My roving hand gently slid up her thighs until I could feel the curve of her well-shaped bottom.

For the next several minutes, my fingertips read her bottom like a blind person reads Braille, searching from top to bottom and side to side until I had covered all of her ass . . . multiple times. Her breathing had gradually become more rapid and I didn’t even need to encounter the twin trails of fresh pussy juice along her inner thighs to know that she was wet and ready.

I began to work my left hand up under her skirt on her front side, slowly exploring her knees and the tops of her thighs and then her abdomen, until I dropped back between her legs. With one arm draped over my shoulders for support, she spread her legs as much as she could and let my fingers enter her wet crease.

She was so wet and slick that my fingers slipped inside her opening with no resistance. I wet my thumb in her moisture and eased it up until it nudged her clit and she almost fell on top of me as she came. The finger of my right hand met the finger of my left hand inside her hot opening and her nipple never left my sucking mouth. My hands provide significant support for her body for several minutes until she recovered.

As she regained her composure, the expression on her face changed. I wasn’t sure how to read it, although it was still a combination of lust and . . . something. She again supported her own weight as she stood and when her hand went to her skirt, she was not to be denied. She lifted the skirt over her head and threw it toward a chair but kept her eyes on me.

Pushing my hands away, she took a step around my right leg and then surprised me by laying face down across my lap. Instinctively my left hand went around her waist to keep her from slipping off.

Sherri looked over her shoulder at me and said, “Spank me!”

Startled, I replied, “I don’t do pain, sugar.”

“I don’t either, hon. But sometimes just a little bit can be so exquisite. Now spank me. I need it.”

I lifted my right hand and brought the flat of my palm down on her round buttocks. There was barely any sound at the contact.

“Harder, hon. You’re not gonna hurt me. Just do it! Please!”

I lifted my hand and brought it down harder. There was a correspondingly louder smack at the contact.

“That’s it but harder still, sweetie.”

I put some pressure into the next one and the smack of skin on skin was loud. I was afraid that I would hurt her.

“Now rub it all around and do it again.”

I rubbed my hand around her bottom, watching its pale color change to a bright pink in the shape of my hand. As I rubbed the pink spread gradually until the handprint was not quite so visible. I lifted my hand and smacked her again, then rubbed it out. I could feel the warmth of the hot blood accumulating in her cheeks.

Sherri urged me to keep going, doing it over and over, smacking her ass, then rubbing it out. She began to squirm, just a little wiggle at first but the longer I went the harder she squirmed. Her ass got hotter and hotter until finally she screamed, “That’s enough!”

She jumped off my lap and roughly pulled at my belt and zipper. I helped but she did most of the work getting my pants and underwear off, making short work of it. Then pushing me back onto the bed, Sherri straddled me and enveloped my cock swiftly. She immediately began humping me rapidly.

Sherri grabbed a handful of my shirt and yanked. Buttoms flew everywhere but the shirt opened and I shrugged out grup sex of it. Before I could finish the job, she began kissing my chest and sucking my nipples, still banging her ass up and down my shaft quickly.

Although time is a relative thing in such situations, it seemed like no more than a couple of minutes before she screamed that she was cumming, tossed her head back, and shook like a leaf in an autumn breeze. When the tremors passed, Sherri laid her head on my chest and rested.

Wrapping my arms around her, I started to move further up onto the bed, intending to roll her over so she could rest but she shook her head and said, “No, honey. We’re not done here yet.”

I kept my arms around her and let her rest. In a few minutes, she pushed herself up until her hands were propped on my chest and she started moving her bottom in little circles and back and forth movements with my cock as a fulcrum. It was very slow but enough that I got pleasure out of feeling my cock wandering around inside her twat.

I eased my hands up and down Sherri’s sides until I locked my fingers together under her ass. I could feel the residual heat from the spanking still in her flesh and she must have felt it too because she began to bang herself up and down my shaft again and almost immediately she went into a never-ending series of small shudders, still bouncing her bottom up and down my dong. Several minutes later, she dug her fingernails into the skin of my chest, gave a piercing scream and shook uncontrollably for several seconds before collapsing again on my form.

Even though it was somewhat uncomfortable, we lay together with my legs still hanging off the edge of the bed for some long minutes. At last Sherri raised up, planted a huge sloppy kiss on my mouth and crawled up into the bed and I followed closely behind her. For the next few minutes we snuggled together and kissed while her fingers played with my genitals.

When she was ready, Sherri rolled onto her back and tugged on my cock until I settled into her saddle between her drawn-up legs. She guided my prong back into her still wet pussy and I settled in for a long slow fuck, spending lots of time kissing her tits and her pretty mouth. Twice more she jerked her head from side to side, stiffened like a board, and shouted that she was cumming.

When Sherri was breathing more like normally again, I backed out of her and asked her to turn over. She scrambled over onto her knees, raising her ass to just the right height for my stiff cock to enter her pussy again. This was really my favorite position because I loved both the depth my cock reached in her cunt and I loved the feeling of pressing my crotch around her smooth ass.

As I started slowly pumping her pussy again, it occurred to me that the pinkness had disappeared from her ass. With my cock just barely inside her opening, I brought my right hand down on her right globe with a loud smack, eliciting a grunt of approval from her.

For the next several minutes, I would smack one of her cheeks about every third thrust, stopping to give it a little rub in between smacks. After a few minutes, her ass was glowing pink again and Sherri was squirming wildly around my penis as it worked in and out of her. Not long thereafter, she had another very explosive orgasm.

Even after she slumped back down with a noticeable sway in her back as her muscles relaxed, she still kept wiggling her bottom in tiny little circles as I fucked her from behind. Reaching around her, I fondled her left tit, lightly pinching and pulling on the distended nipple. My other hand roved over her stomach and then slipped between her legs. With two fingers, I teased around her little button and in a few minutes, she was huffing and puffing and talking about cumming again.

I picked up my pace, plowing into her with strong strokes, mashing my crotch against her butt so that her smooth globes reformed to my shape with every stroke. I felt that sort of vacuuous sensation that signifiys my approaching orgasm, hd porno but fortunately she moaned and then screamed as she came again.

It took me several more strokes to reach the point of release but oh, how sweet it was. I pumped my load of cum deep into her body while holding us tightly together. Only after I felt the last drops dribble out of my cock did I gradually fall over to one side and lay beside Sherri. In slow motion, she let her knees slide down to lay stretched out. Then she turned to me and cuddled up with the langorous look of a satisfied woman

As we kissed, I thought how her sweet odor had changed. There was still that soft fragrance of her gentle perfume but now it was mixed with the heady aroma of fresh sex, an undeniably strong aphrodisiac which gave me a wonderful sense of satisfaction. With her lips against mine and her arms around my neck, we gradually drifted off to sleep.

My bedside clock read 2:18 when I regained awareness of my surroundings. Sherri was curled into a fetal ball with her bottom pressed into my crotch. However my bladder was screaming for relief so I gently extricated myself and padded around to the bathroom, trying to be quiet to keep from waking Sherri.

I thought I was successful because when I eased back into the bed, she was still in the same place. Carefully I curled my body around her, curled my left arm above her head and tried to think about getting back to sleep.

I knew I was unsuccessful though when she tugged my arm down under her head to use as a pillow while her other hand reached between her legs and circled my semi-erect cock. Her touch soon modified that condition to a full erection, which she guided between her legs and into her wet pussy.

That position is not conducive to long thrusts so we were both content with short movements. My left hand kneaded her right tit while my right hand stroked her body, making occasional forays between her legs to tease her clitty. Still it was a long slow fuck before she tossed her head back, accidentally banging my nose, as she came again. It took me a couple more minutes but her fingers fondling my balls made it all the sweeter. I was asleep again before my cock deflated enough to exit her pussy.

In the morning, I awoke to the gentle sound of rainfall. Except it wasn’t rainfall. It was the sound of my shower running and a very sweet voice softly singing. Without opening my eyes, I felt for Sherri just to make sure that it wasn’t some erotic intruder . . . it wasn’t. Not yet ready to give up the smell of her body and our mixed sex that lingered about my bed, I waited for her.

In a few minutes the water cascade stopped and the singing changed to a soft humming. Soon after that, we paddd back into the bedroom with a bathtowel thrown over one shoulder. I smiled at her as she climbed back into bed.

“Hi, lover,” she said musically, the smile in her voice unmistakeable.

“Good morning, sweet lady.”

“How do you feel?”

“I feel great! How about you?”

“Honey, I am fabulous. Couldn’t be better.”

“Good. I think we created some nice memories last night.”

“Yes, you are so right. And I’ve been thinking . . .”

“Oh? What are you thinking?”

“Well, sugar, I’ve been wondering if you’d be interested in doing something like this on a regular basis.”

I sat up. “Of course I would!”

“Say . . . once a week? Would Mondays be good for you?”

“That would be great!”

“Okay. I like that. I’ll just let that bastard fuck his little chippies while I get me some real cock.”

By then she had draped herself over my body and our lips locked together again.

When she pulled away, she patted my shoulder and whispered huskily, “You’d better get a shower while I fix us some breakfast or you might be late to work.”

With my arms wrapped around her, I turned her over. “To hell with breakfast. I want another piece of you.”

She laughed as I mounted her but I noticed that she had a hand behind each knee, pulling her legs up to offer me easy access to her pussy. This time, although I started slow and easy, it soon became hard and fast as my dong pounded her sweet twat until we both climaxed.

When I showered and went to the kitchen, I noticed that she was singing again as I walked in.

End of Chapter 03

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