Invisible Passions

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A student uses a drug to take advantage of her crush.

“Hey guess what?” asked Blake, a science major.

“I don’t know… what?” said Kristin.

“It works… my project, it really works,” said Blake.

“What is it, exactly?” asked Kristin.

“It’s a drug that makes one invisible, for about an hour when taken by mouth,” said Blake.

“Cool… did you test it out yet?” asked Kristin.

“Yeah, on myself but I need to know how it would effect another person,” said Blake.

“I’ll do it… I’ll test it out,” said Kristin.

“Really?” asked Blake.

“Yeah,” said Kristin.

“Okay then… I’ll give you enough dosage for a week, okay?” said Blake.

“Okay, no problem,” replied Kristin.

“But, be careful with this drug, okay? I don’t want to hear you robbed a bank or you walked into the Men’s bathroom. This drug isn’t meant to be use to take advantage of,” said Blake.

“Okay, okay… I got you… No trips to the bank or the Men’s bathroom… message received,” said Kristin sarcastically.

“Good, I’m glad we have an understanding,” said Blake with a smile attached.

Blake hands Kristin a brown box from his book bag.

“The instructions are included, so make sure you read them before you take the pills,” said Blake.

“…Pills? Hold up… how many pills are we talking about?” asked Kristin.

“Oh… just three pills a day,” said Blake.

“Three… a day?” asked a very concerned Kristin.

“Yes, if that’s too much math, then I’m sure I can always find another lab rat, uh I mean tester,” said Blake.

“Uh, no that’s fine. I guess I can always buy a calculator,” replied Kristin.

“Alright then, well I have to get back to my studies. Enjoy being invisible for a week,” said Blake.

“Sure will, bye,” said Kristin. Kristin roams around the college building until she spots Carmen in the computer lab, alone. Instead of joining Carmen in the computer lab, Kristin rushes back to her dorm room. Kristin removes all of her clothes, revealing her naked built body.

She opens the box and glances at the instructions, before she swallows three pills. Within ten minutes her naked body becomes non-existent. Kristin walks through the college halls naked, but no one can see her.

The door of the computer lab opens slightly enough for Kristin to walk through, without Carmen noticing the door opening on its own. Kristin locks the door and walks towards Carmen. She stands behind Carmen and watches as Carmen types her report.

Kristin whispers in Carmen ear and says, “Carmen… Carmen.” Carmen stops typing on the keyboard, to look around the room; then she continues typing. Next, Kristin runs her casino oyna fingers up and down Carmen’s arm; resting her hand on Carmen’s neck. Kristin moves her hand up Carmen’s tight T-shirt. Carmen starts breathing heavily, but doesn’t know why.

Kristin whispers in Carmen’s ear, “This is how it would feel it Kristin was touching you.” Kristin hoped something would occur in Carmen’s brain, causing her to believe that she had those thoughts of her and Kristin.

Kristin rushes back to her dorm room, before her hour was over. Kristin’s naked body reappeared just as she entered her dorm room. She begins to put back on her clothes; she was about to put on her white button-up shirt, until she hears a knock at her door. She opens the door, only to find a wanted face.

“Carmen…” said Kristin.

Kristin smiles at Carmen.

“Are you busy?” asked Carmen.

“Uh, no… come in,” said Kristin.

Carmen walks by Kristin and sits on Kristin’s bed. A conversation starts when Kristin closes the door.

“So what’s on your mind?” asked Kristin.

“Well, I was thinking about going to the movie theatre and I wanted to know if you would like to chill with me, tonight?” answered Carmen.

“For sure… when?” asked Kristin.

“Right now,” laughed Carmen.

“Okay, just let me finish getting dressed and then we can leave,” said Kristin.

“Okay, no problem,” said Carmen.

Carmen watched intensively as Kristin puts on her white button-up shirt and ties her vintage white Air Force Ones.

Kristin looks in the body-length mirror and asked,”How do I look?”

Carmen stands up and walks towards Kristin.

“Sexy… really sexy,” said Carmen.

Kristin could feel Carmen’s eyes scanning her body.

“You ready?” asked Kristin.

“Yeah, let’s go,” answered Carmen. Once it was established that they we’re ready to leave; Kristin and Carmen leave Kristin’s dorm room; closing the door behind them. When Carmen spots her car, parked in the exact same location as when she left it; she unlocks the passenger side’s door first. Kristin opens the passenger side door and get in the car. The engine of Carmen’s 2000 Honda Civic doesn’t accelerate, until Carmen gets in the car.

While driving for about five minutes, Carmen strikes a conversation.

“So what kind of movie do you want to see?” asked Carmen.

“Well, I don’t do scary movies or suspense movies; so anything other than those types of movies is cool. I like romantic comedies or comedies,” said Kristin.

“Okay, me too,” replied Carmen.

Kristin’s cell phone rings and Kristin answers it by saying, “What’s good?”

It was a woman on the other end.

“What up sexy? canlı casino Ah no, I can’t tonight… yeah alright, then. I’ll talk to you tomorrow, sexy,” said Kristin.

Kristin turns off her cell phone.

“No more interruptions,” said Kristin.

“Who was that?” asked a very concerned Carmen.

“Oh, it was just a friend,” said Kristin.

“Uh, it sounded like that person was more than just a friend,” said Carmen.

“Well, yeah… friend with benefits,” said Kristin.

“Oh, so what am I,” asked Carmen.

“I don’t know… What do you want to be?” said Kristin.

“I don’t know… maybe tonight will tell us,” said Carmen.

They arrived at the movie theatre, just before the movie of their choice was about to start.

“Two tickets, please,” said Kristin.

Kristin paid for both Carmen and herself.

“Enjoy the movie,” said the teller.

The teller hands Kristin the two tickets.

“One for you and one for me,” said Kristin as she hands a ticket to Carmen.

Carmen bought a large bag of popcorn and two large drinks, in exchange for her ticket bought by Kristin. She figured that was the least, she could do and hoped she could finish by lying in Kristin’s bed.

Kristin finds two seats at eh back of the theatre, in the corner.

“Perfect!” said Carmen.

“Well, uh… okay, I never been with someone that was so excited over the selection of seats,” said Kristin with a confused look on her face.

The movie they chose was a comedy, so the movie started off with huge laughs. Near the end of the movie, there was a seduction scene between two hot women. Carmen and Kristin were quite through out the entire movie with the exceptions of a few laughs and their teeth crunching down on popcorn.

Carmen starts to shake with the thought of Kristin kissing and touching her the same way, as the two women were on the movie.

Kristin sees Carmen shaking and asked, “What’s wrong?”

Carmen quickly snaps out of her fantasy.

“Nothing… nothing,” said Carmen, while breathing heavily.

“Do you want to leave?” said Kristin.

“Yes,” said Carmen. Kristin grabs Carmen’s hand and they walk out of the theatre. Carmen hands Kristin her car keys.

“Can you drive, please?” asked Carmen.

“Sure… so where do you want to go?” asked Kristin.

“To your place,” said Carmen.

“My place, okay… and what do you want to do?” asked Kristin, as she makes a left at the green light.

“Anything you want to do,” said Carmen.

“Anything?” asked Kristin.

“Yes,” said Carmen with a smile.

On that word, Kristin turned fifth teen minutes drive into a ten minute drive home. kaçak casino Kristin helps Carmen out of the car, holding her hand. Carmen doesn’t want to let go of Kristin’s hand so she leans her head on Kristin’s shoulder.

While walking to Kristin’s dorm room she asked, “Are you feeling better.”

“Yes, much better; but I still feel a little dizzy,” replied Carmen.

“Well, I’ll make you feel better,” said Kristin.

“Really… how?” asked Carmen.

“You’ll see,” said Kristin, as she opens her dorm room door.

Kristin leads Carmen to her bed. Carmen sits on the bed, waiting for Kristin to make a move. Instead, Kristin grabs two beers from her mini ice box and hands Carmen a beer.

“Thank you, sit,” said Carmen, while patting the bed. Kristin sits on the bed as she was ordered to do so.

“So, how are you going to make me feel better?” said Carmen.

“Lay back… now relax your muscles and close your eyes,” said Kristin.

Carmen does as she is told, as well. Kristin leans over and gently kisses Carmen’s soft, sweet-tasting lips. Carmen puts her arms around Kristin’s warm body as Kristin kisses her; savoring each and every minute, by taking their time.

Kristin lifts Carmen up off of the bed and starts taking off Carmen’s clothes. First, she removes Carmen’s tight, brown T-shirt. Carmen helps by unbuttoning her blue jeans as Kristin unsnaps her black bra. Kristin begins kissing Carmen’s round, soft 34C breast. Then she massages Carmen’s breast with her warm hands. Carmen moans were loud enough to make Kristin want to take it to the next step.

Kristin takes off her clothes, throwing them in every direction. There, they lay naked on the bed, next to each other, kissing. Carmen crawls on top of Kristin.

She grins at Kristin and says, “I love you.”

Carmen pauses, shocked by what she just said.

“I love you, too,” repeated Kristin.

Carmen smiles at Kristin, before she French kisses Kristin. The rest of their night together, was spent kissing and cuddling. When the sun rises, Kristin wakes up before Carmen. Kristin gets dressed enough to walk down the hall to Blake’s dorm room. Kristin knocks on his door; Blake opens his door.

“Kristin… hey,” said Blake in his morning voice.

Kristin hands Blake back his box with the rest of the drugs inside.

“Here’s your box,” said Kristin.

“Okay, thanks. Hey, did it work?” asked Blake.

“Yes, it worked very well. So well, that I don’t need them any longer,” answered Kristin.

“Well, I’m glad to hear that,” said Blake.

Kristin walks back to her room, to find Carmen’s beautiful body, still lying in the bed. Kristin stripped down to her briefs and crawls next to Carmen. Carmen moves a little and pulls Kristin’s arm across her body.

“Mhmm… last night was beautiful,” said Carmen.

“Yes, and so will every night be, for now on,” answered Kristin.

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