It’s a Colorful World Ch. 03

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The next morning came early. I was tired and dragged myself out of bed. By the time I arrived at the office I was ready for whatever changes Stephen wanted to be made to the reports. I wore a simple short black dress, no bra, thong underwear and high heels. Knowing my brain wouldn’t be as sharp because of my lack of sleep, feeling and looking sexy would give me a lift and maybe an advantage should I need it in a discussion. I went straight to Stephen’s office. Leigh and Sasha were already there. We waited 10 minutes before Stephen arrived.

In the review meeting Stephen had a few changes. I didn’t agree with all of them but I had learned it didn’t matter what I thought in times like this. So I just listened and would go away and make the changes. It caused me less stress and we spent less energy arguing over things whose differences in the long run amounted to not very much.

“The room and everything you need is ready Stephen. Why don’t I sit with Margaret in the Columbia room and review the changes as she makes them?” Leigh offered.

“Are you sure everything is ready?” Stephen asked.

“Positive. All the food is ordered. Breakfast is already in the boardroom waiting. Lunch will be here at noon. Pens, pads and brochures are already laid out at each seat.”

“Okay. If I need you I know where to find you.”

Leigh was also wearing a dress and looked fabulous. The light red dress clung to Leigh’s form accentuating her best features. Her tits sat where they should, appearing to hang naturally. They were ever present and eye catching with her low slung v-neck, they didn’t jump out at you when she was facing you, but you couldn’t really ignore them. From the back the dress formed a gentle V from her shoulders to her waist, flared around her well-shaped ass the hugged her thighs ending a few inches above her knees. Beautiful. Just Beautiful. But from the side she was breath-taking. Her hair hung perfectly, her face was gorgeous. I caught myself having to hold back the urge to reach out and cup her breast it sat so perfectly under her arm when she leaned forward sitting at the desk. Standing, her abs were flat and her dress hinted at that curve that ran from her navel to that ever so sweet pussy. That curve, it was mirrored in the curve from her lower back bending out over her very grab-able ass. Maybe that’s why I couldn’t stop looking at that area of Leigh’s body. The curves were so well mated to each other.

Leigh went to the Columbia room, got inside and set up at the table.

“You get ready to make the changes Margaret. I’ll be right back.”

We had an hour to get the reports changed, printed and into the presentation. Leigh returned a few minutes later. I was already done most of the changes.

“How do you want to do this Maggie?”

“I’m more than halfway done, so if you make sure my list of changes and yours are the same I can finish and we can review them.”

Leigh nodded her agreement and started to compare my list of changes against hers. She sat close to me. Her knee was touching mine. It was initially distracting. I wanted to put my hand on her thigh and kiss her, but that was a fleeting moment. My focus returned to the reports.

I made some more updates then Leigh put her hand on my thigh. “Here Margaret.” Leigh said pointing to our notes. “Are these changes the same or different?”

I read the notes. I couldn’t tell. “Call Stephen and ask him to clarify if he wants that column removed or moved.”

I returned to making the changes while Leigh called Stephen. She lifted her hand off my leg to dial.

“You were right Mags. Move the column.” Leigh said hanging up the phone. Her hand returned to my leg. This time it remained distracting. Fortunately I had only two more changes to make.

“Done. Now let’s review them,” I suggested.

Leigh turned so she could get closer to my laptop screen. She spread her legs placing one knee on the back of the chair and the other on the front, pressing against my leg. She now put her right hand beside her left on my thigh. I wanted to tell her she was distracting me, but honestly, it felt nice.

“Okay. Change one. Remove the specific references to our clients. I did that here, here, here and here.”

“”Yep looks good.

We went through the dozen changes that way. Leigh seemed to get a little more excited with each successful change. She inched closer to me squeezing and to some degree rubbing my leg each time she agreed with the change.

“That’s it Margaret. I think you got them all. That was fast. Stephen will be happy. Send it.”

Leigh bounced up and down in her seat then gave me an impromptu kiss on the cheek.

“You’re the best Margaret.” Then she turned to watch me send the email.

“I was a bit flustered. Leigh’s hands were at the top of my thigh and her celebratory kiss had caught me off guard a little. I had finished typing a quick email listing the changes I had made and was about to hit send.

“The attachment Mags. Don’t forget the attachment.”

“Oh yeah. Thanks.”

As ankara escort I was adding the reports I felt Leigh’s pinky brush across my underwear.. I turned to look at her about to say ‘Please don’t.’ but she leaned forward and covered my mouth with hers. I guess I allowed her to kiss me. I could have leaned away from her but I didn’t. Our lips touched. Leigh’s tongue slid onto mine. She turned her hand and cupped my pussy. As much I as I didn’t want this to happen I spread my legs allowing Leigh to touch me. She wasted little time pulling my panties aside so she could play with my clit.

I stopped kissing her “Leigh. I’

“We have 30 minutes at most Maggie. Just a few kisses and please touch me.”

Leigh took my hand and slid it under her dress. Leigh was commando. I was horny. I responded with another kiss and a finger in her soaking wet snatch.

We were like a couple of high school kids alone at home with 15 minutes before mom and dad arrived. Leigh spun my chair around so we were facing each other. Our arms wrestled with each other trying to get the best access to each other’s pussy. Leigh slid out of her chair, grabbed my ass, slid me forward and started licking my cunt. I was trying to stay quiet but her mouth felt so good there were a few moans I couldn’t suppress. My laptop pinged announcing a new email had arrived. I turned my head to read my screen. It was from Stephen. I took my hand off the back of Leigh’s head a so I could manipulate my mouse and open the email. Leigh never missed a beat. She just kept lapping at my cunt and sucking on my clit.

“Nice work Margaret. We’re ready. See you at 11:00.” was what Stephen’s email said.

I put my head back reclining a little more in the chair. Relieved Stephen was happy with the reports I relaxed and enjoyed Leigh’s talented mouth.

I bit my lower lip and hummed out some moans when my climax arrived. It was a subdued response but all I was comfortable exhibiting in the office in the middle of the morning.

Leigh felt my convulsions and eased up on her oral loving of my pussy. I felt her give my cunt one last kiss then pull my underwear over my labia. She leaned back and looked at me. “What can I say. I’m addicted to your cunt.”

“That was incredible Leigh but I’m not sure it was a good idea. Your hair is a mess. My underwear is drenched. We have a big meeting with investors in 15 minutes.”

Someone was at the door. I heard the door knob turn. Leigh jumped up then me straightening our clothes and trying to look normal. Leigh looked at me. We nodded at each other that we looked ok. She opened the door.

Sasha walked in, “Why was the door locked? I thought you too may have left. Are you done the changes? We only have 10 minutes. Sasha walked over and dropped a small gift wrapped in Christmas paper and a little ribbon by my laptop.

“It’s the only paper I had. It’s for you Margaret.”

I initially thought maybe Stephen had got me something because I worked so hard last night getting all the reports ready. It wouldn’t be the first time he had had Sasha do something like that.

What’s this?” I asked reaching for the gift.

“It’s for you,” Sasha said. “Neither one of you have been in the general office today have you?”

Leigh and I looked at each other, shrugged our shoulders and said “No.”.

“I didn’t think so. Open it.” Sasha said moving her eyes from the gift to me.

I picked up the gift and started unwrapping it. Leigh was watching with an inquisitive look on her face. It was a small plastic bottle. At first I thought it was hand sanitizer. I thought maybe Sasha knew someone coming in had a cold or something. Sasha also did things like this just to make it more fun. But when I turned the bottle over I saw that is was lube. It took a second for the meaning to hit me, then my eyes grew wide with the realization of what it meant. I turned the bottle to show Leigh and looked at Sasha.

“You’re kidding right? Tell me you’re joking. Who?”

“I’m not joking,”

Leigh was now sitting with her mouth agape.

Sasha lowered her head and went on. “Colton. Who else? And trust me. There’s no doubt it’s a pink shirt.”

Leigh spoke next, “She can’t do it tonight. Stephen has dinner booked with the investors and we have to go.”

“I know. I already thought of that,” Sasha said. “The worst part is Maggie will have an entire day and half to think about it. Sorry Margaret.”

I didn’t hesitate. I had made a bet and lost. “We have 10 minutes to join Stephen in the meeting and I have to stop in the bathroom. Before the meeting starts I will book a meeting with Colton for 6:30 tomorrow night in the conference room.”

“Don’t you think you should verify what I’m telling you?” Sasha asked.

“Don’t worry. I will. I will cancel the meeting if I don’t agree.” I said getting up from the table, slipping my present into my purse and smiling at my friends.

On the way to the meeting I poked my head in the general office area. There was no doubt, no argument escort ankara to be started. Colton was wearing a striped shirt that was half white and half pink, and it was a deep bright pink. So depending on your perspective it was either a pink shirt with a white stripe or a white shirt with a pink stripe.

“Hi Colton. That’s a great shirt you’re wearing today.”

“Hi Margaret. Thanks. How are the meetings going?”

“They’re just about to start. I need to go over some reports and accounting numbers with you. Will you be able to stay a bit late tomorrow?”

“Sure. I can do that. Honestly though tonight would be better, but I can do it tomorrow if that’s better for you.”

“Thanks Colton. I will send a meeting invitation. Gotta run.”

“Ok Margaret. Good luck today,” Colton called after me as I had turned and was walking down the hall.

The meetings went well. They were intense. The questions for me were many. They kept my mind off what I had to do tomorrow night. A few times I lost focus and thought about how the heck I was going to seduce Colton, get him to fuck me, in the ass yet, and not let word get out to other people in the office. I had sent the meeting invitation to Colton. Once he accepted I forwarded the invite to Sasha and Leigh so they knew I was going through with it. I had sent them both an email confirming I had seen Colton’s shirt and that it was in fact pink. Sasha responded with a smiling emoticon, Leigh responded with “I’m so sorry Maggie. Really”

We were nearing the end of the meeting and were on a quick break. One of the investors was speaking to Stephen about dinner and possibly changing the time. Stephen had told us during the break we could bow out if we wanted to because he knew how late we had worked the night before. Leigh and I both agreed it was important so we would be there. Stephen said he would go home if there was time. When we sat down Stephen asked everyone if they were okay with making dinner for 9:00pm as the investors had a late conference call with a client on the west coast. Everyone agreed.

I immediately opened a chat with Colton. He was still in the office. I asked him if I could move the meeting to tonight. He quickly said he would appreciate the change. I moved the meeting. Sasha and Leigh accepted.

Fortunately there was nothing intense the last half hour of the meeting. I crafted somewhat of a plan during that time. By the time we left the meeting at 5:30, there as only Colton left in the office. I went to the ladies’ room to freshen up. Leigh came in shortly after me.

“Maggie, don’t do this. You can back out. Knowing you would have gone through with it is enough for me.”

I put my head down watching myself wash my hands while I talked, “No Leigh. I made a bet. I wouldn’t let you off the hook when you lost.”

“But’s it’s diff…”

“No Leigh. I lost. I’m doing this. Please. Let’s not talk about it anymore.”

Leigh grabbed me and gave me a big hug. It felt good at first and then I felt worse. I could tell Leigh did not want this to happen to me but I couldn’t back out. Leigh left. I removed my underwear. I would entice Colton with the same view that had distracted him a few weeks ago.

I set up in the conference room, got the financial reports up on my laptop and projected them. It was 6:20. I sent Colton a message that I was ready. He walked in the room a few minutes later.

“Okay Margaret. Let’s see how quickly we can get through this.”

“I agree. Let’s get going. Now we need to get the project costs aligned with timesheets and tasks and that’s not working for me. It looks like your projects are way over budget.”

Colton grabbed my laptop and started manipulating the keyboard just as I had anticipated.

I grabbed it back, “I need to do this Colton or I won’t be able to maintain it going forward.”

“But I can show you more quickly if I do it.”

“I’m sure you can, but then every time I need to make a change I will need you to make it and Stephen won’t be happy if it takes of us to do what one person should be able to do. Put your hands here and leave them there until I say you can move them.

I glanced at the camera to make sure the light was on so I knew Sasha and Leigh were watching. I put Colton’s hands on the desk knowing they wouldn’t stay there.

I started typing and showing him things and sure enough he was reaching for the keyboard. I struggled with him, shifting in my seat intentionally causing my dress to hike up my legs. When I knew my pussy was visible I turned over the keyboard to Colton and then mimicked his actions myself, reaching out to try and show him things. We were now spending more energy pushing each other’s hands away then actually making progress.

“Enough.” I shouted.

Colton stopped and looked at me.

“Putting our hands on the desk isn’t working, so I’m going to be the first one to put my hands in my lap.”

I put my hands on my thighs and looked at Colton’s eyes thinking they would follow my hands and he would see my ankara escort bayan pussy peeking out from under the hem of my dress. I was right. I smiled to myself.

“Okay Clayton. Continue.”

He paused for a moment then went back to the laptop. He was moving more slowly and was a little less focused. Twice I reached up then put my hands back on my lap after brief struggles with Colton and the keyboard. After the third time I said, “This isn’t working either. So here’s what we’re going to do. I’m going to put my hands on your leg then you will be able to anticipate each time I reach for the keyboard and stop me before my hands get there.”

I didn’t wait for Colton’s response I just put my hands in his lap. Colton was stealing glances at my cunt whenever he could. When I put my hands in his lap I turned a bit knowing it would give him a better view if he wanted to look up a skirt.

I looked down and noticed a bulge forming on Colton’s left groin area. Twice I started to reach for the keyboard and Colton stopped me. Each time I put my hand higher on his leg. It was the only reason I was reaching for the keyboard. The second time the side of my hand was resting against Colton’s bulge. I felt it twitch and then smiled as I felt it grow and Colton fought to maintain his focus. I never lifted my hands again but did move them a little every now and then touching his cock a little more each time.

“Okay. I got this Colton. My turn. Now you give your hands.” I took Colton’s hands and put them on my thigh. “Putting my hands on your thigh eventually worked for me. Let’s see if it will work for you Colton.”

At first, being the respectful man Colton is, he was naturally tentative having his hands on my thigh. I turned my attention to the work engaging Colton with questions. It was maybe two minutes before Colton first reached for the keyboard, wanting to take control. I quickly grabbed his hands and forced them back onto my thighs. The third time he reached I pushed them done and with a firm “No.” I made sure his hand was against my pussy, my very wet pussy. I heard Colton gulp. His hand began to move ever so slightly. How could it not. I was about done playing with the spreadsheets. I sat back a little.

“There. I think that looks a lot better and I think I understand what we need to do. Nice work Colton,” I said. I very deliberately patted Colton’s thigh a couple of times. Then I took his hand and moved it onto my pussy while placing my other hand directly on the bulge in his pants.

“Umm Margaret. I’m not sure we should be doing this.”

Colton started to pull his hand away but I stopped him holding it in place and moving it around.

“Sure we should Colton. We’ve been working really hard.” I was rubbing cock through his pants. It felt like a decent size. Not too big and not to too small, with a reasonable girth. “I’m horny Colton and you’re the one man in the office I feel I can do this with and it won’t become office gossip.” I shifted my ass forward and pressed one of Colton’s fingers up inside my pussy. It felt nice. Colton was engaged. I reached over with both hands and began undoing Colton’s pants. It was only a few seconds before I had my hands inside his underwear. Colton adjusted his body allowing me to pull his cock up and expose its tip.

It was a full round cock Colton had with a ripe shiny exposed head. My excitement seemed hyper elevated. I don’t know if it was anticipation, knowing we were being covertly watched or my extreme tiredness. But I was suddenly ravenous for sex.

I leaned forward and kissed Colton. It was a nice kiss. His tongue found mine but didn’t force its way into my mouth. It was easy finding a rhythm and intensity with Colton. I actually felt a bit scared suddenly because I was so easily falling into making love with this man. “Get these off. I want us to be naked,” I said to Colton

We both stood up. I was out of my dress in seconds. It was a pile around my feet before Colton was half way through undoing the buttons on his shirt. He looked up to see me perfectly naked before him. He grabbed me, pulling me in for a kiss. His hands were holding me and caressing me. Grabbing my ass just the way I liked it to be grabbed. I finished undoing his pants and shoved them down taking his cock and balls in both my hands. It was a nice cock, a heavy cock. Thick but not too long. My god this man was good with his hands.

He bent forward and took a nipple in his mouth turning my body sideways a little, his one hand rolling and manipulating, no, expertly manipulating my clit while the other hand slid under me and into me from behind, up inside my pussy, easily, not forcefully, but with intention.

Okay. This old guy had me in the palm of his hands. Between the meeting with the investors and my meeting with Colton I did some quick reading on first anal experiences. The one take away I had was, ‘Don’t rush it. Be sure you’re really really sexually aroused.’ Well, the second half of that requirement was already met.

As difficult as it was to make Colton stop sucking my tit, I pulled him up and kissed him. We stood there making out for another 5 minutes. His kissing and fondling was so perfectly mated to my style. I was engrossed our lovemaking and hating this man for being so good at it.

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