It’s Called A Shower

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Somehow, I had winded up with a cute guy for a roommate. Who knew? It was one of those perks of college that you don’t expect. His name was Adam. He was tall, sweet, and very, very, good-looking. My parents didn’t know I was living with a guy. All they knew was I had found someone to share the rent on my brand-new apartment, and that was perfectly fine with me. After living with Adam for a while, I’d gotten used to all of his little “quirks”. He was a neat freak. I’m not much of a slob, so I could deal with that one. He was also a clean freak. Two showers a day was his rule. I don’t know if he hated germs or sweat or what, but I didn’t care about that too much, either.

By the way, I’m not exactly ugly. I’m 5’6″ and have nice tits which fill a b-cup pretty nicely. I’m very slim and work out a lot to stay that way. I usually like to take a nice hot shower right after a trip to the gym and just soak in the warm spray. Saturday afternoon’s workout was no different. As soon as I got into the shower stall, I heard the door slam shut. Adam must’ve gotten back from his trip to the mall, I thought.

He yelled out to me, Hey! Listen, I’ve got a gig with the band tonight and gotta take another quick shower before I leave, that ok?. I yelled back, I’m in the shower right now!!! Can’t it wait? ankara escort .. Before I could answer I saw a quick flash of his nude body opening the door and suddenly climbing in beside me. I groaned. His stubborn cleanliness could really get annoying.

The shower stall was NOT meant for two. He bumped into me making me drop my washcloth. He got on his knees, trying to retrieve it from right under me. I had to step over him, basically straddling his neck. I suddenly thought, Oh my god. I’ve got a cute guy in the shower with me. Here’s the chance of a lifetime, I thought. … My virginity was kept safe by my parents sheltering. But now, there was nothing to stop me from having sex. While these thoughts were running thru’ my head, Adam was busily trying to grasp the slippery cloth. I teased him saying, Aw, the li’l gentlemen can’t pick up the washcloth for his lady… I stooped down and grabbed it for him.

At that point, I could feel his intense gaze on my back… and then my butt… and then my pussy… from behind. I stood back up and pulled him back to a standing position. By then, we were so close it was like a long, intimate hug. I felt a slight hardness pushing against my belly… and I could feel my tits pressing against his hard chest. I wondered if this was having any effect escort ankara on him, and the hardness against my stomach grew, answering my question. I offered to shampoo him, and he said, Sure, and I’ll do it for you, too. So while I rubbed Suave into his shaggy brown hair, he rubbed some into my longer blond hair.

Then he suggested, Since we’ve already shampooed each other, why not soap each other down? I agreed, wanting to feel his hands all over my body, despite the fact that I’d already started washing. I took the cloth and ran it over his chest, and then slowly over his back, sliding down to his cock. It was much bigger than I expected, and already fully erect. I guessed it was just around 8 inches. I imagined him slamming into me with it and breathed a deep shaky sigh at the thought. I wrapped the washcloth and around it and started stroking his cock, slowly, up and down.

He let out a groan and I stopped, asking.. Enjoying this, are we? He didn’t answer. I slid back up and asked him, Well, are you? with a grin on my face. He opened his eyes and nodded slowly. He grabbed my neck and pushed my face to his, giving me a long, wet kiss. His tongue delving into my mouth, exploring every bit of it. When that was over, I slid back down, and took his cock in my mouth. I’d never done ankara escort bayan that before, but the sight of it sticking straight out just made me want to cover it with kisses. I licked the sides, slowly and then sucked it into my mouth, feeling it touch the back of my throat.

He pulled away quickly and drew me up beside him. As he gently kissed and nipped at my tits, his finger went down into my pussy… It was already dripping wet with excitement. He knew I was a virgin, but by then, we were so excited I doubt he would have cared. He laid me down in the tub, and positioned himself right over me. Slowly, gently, inch by inch, I felt him easing into me. His manhood was filling me completely. I saw that he was just halfway in. I spread my legs even wider and pulled him into me in one sudden move. He was surprised, and I was even more at the sudden pain, but as it gently faded, I felt an even greater pleasure coming out of it. I wrapped my legs around his waist as he started to plunge into me again and again. I was loving every minute of it. I told him, Fuck me hard. And he did. He was like a machine that wouldn’t stop. I felt his balls slapping against me. He bent down and began kissing me again. I came again and again. It was nothing like the times I had played with myself. Adam finally came when the hot water began to run out. We laughed softly at that.

I said, I hope you’re not late for your gig. He didn’t reply, he just pulled me toward his bedroom… and I saw his cock sticking back out, as alive as ever. 🙂

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