Jared and Norah Ch. 01: The Beginning

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It had been a long day, much like many of the days in the three weeks’ previous. Norah had left the office well after dark, hours past her usual departure time, head fairly swimming with numbers from the last round of audits. At least I hadn’t been the only one left staying so long, she thought, remembering the early days where late nights hunched over paperwork alone in the back room. The benefit of being a part of a team meant that everyone was in it until the bitter end. These days that meant long hours culminating in very late nights. And since she’d progressed to leading the team, Norah was always there until the last person clocked out.

She pulled out of the car park, waving to Bill the security guard who was back in his booth after walking Norah to her car. Another thing that had changed for the better in recent years was the company standard on employee safety.

Stopped at a light a block from the freeway, Norah caught a glance at myself in the rear-view mirror. She looked tired, which was to be expected, but only Norah knew the dark circles under her eyes were the result of the sleepless nights that had been happening long before this recent audit cycle. She mentally counted back how long it had been even though she already knew the answer. Seven weeks wasn’t that long but it felt like a lifetime.

A honk from behind jerked her from her reverie, and Norah pulled into the intersection, briefly waving an apology to the driver behind. Reaching the on-ramp, she merged onto the nearly empty freeway, her thoughts a jumble of memories as she drove on auto-pilot. It was fine when she was working, or when she could engage her mind with distractions, but times like now, when she was tired and unable to filter them out, that those thoughts crept in and settled. For what felt like the millionth time, Norah wondered why she hadn’t seen the breakup coming and how she could have missed what was so obvious in hindsight.

“Well, Norah,” she muttered to herself with a small grimace, “That’s why hindsight is so perfect.” Also not for the first time, she had to acknowledge that she couldn’t decide whether it was Georges she missed or the incredible sex. While they hadn’t always been on the same wavelength, they could always find a middle ground in bed.

Or on a table, or against a wall…her traitorous mind conjured up images of the wilder of their couplings, the road in front of her no more than a backdrop to the remembered fantasy world that replayed over and over. Norah’s hands shook, and she felt the tightening of her nipples in response, and the dull ache in her groin start up.

“Get a grip.” She spoke aloud to herself. “It’s not the longest you’ve been without getting fucked.” Her rebellious mind added “But it is the longest you’ve been without it since getting fucked well.”

Dragging herself back to the present, she looked up in time to see her freeway exit going by on her right, two lanes away. “Well, hell.”


Jared was bored to tears. It wasn’t that he didn’t like his job, he just wasn’t used to working the night shift. The store had a different rhythm in the midnight hour, a slower rhythm. Fewer people, not only customers but staff as well, and the piped in muzak wasn’t helping matters. While he didn’t mind slow jazz, if he couldn’t find something to perk him up he was going to be fired for napping on his feet.

Not that there was anyone really checking up on them, he thought ruefully. It was only he and Angie in the store, along with a scattering of customers. They really didn’t need to be open 24 hours, he thought; so far he’d seen a harried-looking father buying diapers and a rather skanky looking couple buying wine and condoms. Although, he figured that at least in the case of the latter they were offering a public service; he had a feeling that those two procreating would be a bad idea.

He stacked yet another row of tomatoes on the shelf, nodding at a couple of twenty something guys doing a beer run. They didn’t acknowledge him but that wasn’t anything surprising; grocery workers were usually overlooked as part of the fixtures. It was fine with him, he was there to do his job and nothing more.

“Jared, to check stand 3, Jared, to the front, check stand 3.” He sighed, placing the next can in the row and stood from his crouching position. Angie must need yet another smoke break.

He made his way to the front, seeing the beer runners finishing up paying at Angie’s till. Without any other cumlouder porno customers in sight, his suspicions were confirmed when Angie said “Take over here willya, I need a smoke in the worst way.” He nodded, knowing that arguing would be a losing battle, and he didn’t really mind. Angie was nice but they didn’t really have a lot in common so it was always work to carry on a conversation.

Angie left out the front and he figured she’d be gone a good 45 minutes based on her usual timing. He looked around and without any immediate customers needing to be checked out, he decided to tidy up around the till area.

This night was never going to end.


Norah had managed to exit at the next off-ramp, muttering to herself all the while. She wasn’t that far out of her way, but knowing that she could have completely avoided the mistake if it weren’t for her over-zealous imagination and raging hormones didn’t help her mood any.

She wasn’t completely unfamiliar with the area, but with it being dark, and with her level of tired, when she saw the 24 hour grocery chain she decided she should stop for something caffeinated. Getting out of the car for a few minutes would also help shake the erotic cobwebs that had her so distracted. At least she hoped it would, or it would be another sleepless night.

Parking near the open door, she saw a couple of guys with a case of beer and chips head to a beat up pickup parked nearby. Pausing only a second to make sure she had pepper spray handy in her purse, she exited her car, laughing a little to herself. She was a good ten years older than them and she knew she looked a mess, so while it was good to be cautious, it was also very likely unnecessary.

Nearing the automatic doors to the store, she jumped only a little when they opened and a woman wearing a store branded shirt came out. She was blonde, medium height and build and already had a cigarette pursed between her lips. The woman nodded and gave a brief smile, one which didn’t reach her eyes. Norah merely said, “Evening.” as they passed one another moving in opposite directions.

Once inside the store, Norah realized she also hadn’t had dinner. Briefly checking her watch, she noted it was 12:30 am, well past dinnertime. Something light, she thought, and headed to the produce section for a salad. Before she made it to that part of the refrigerator aisle, she caught sight of herself in one of those wall mounted mirrors designed to catch shoplifters. Looking back at her was a petite brunette in a blouse and skirt, hair scraped back in an unbecoming bun, makeup smeared around her eyes, and pale skin offset by the previously noted dark circles. Yeah, really no need for the pepper spray at all.

“Can I help you find something Miss?”

The voice coming from right behind her startled her; she jumped and turned around, only making it partially before she lost her footing, falling back against a thankfully empty produce display.

“Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry, here let me…” his voice trailed off his offer for help, as the sound of thunder heralded the start of the automatic watering spray cycle.


Jared acted on instinct; if he had thought even for a second he might not have been able to cross that boundary. Instead he lunged forward without hesitation, grabbing the brunette around her waist. He hauled her up against him, pulling her off the display a mere second before the sprinklers started.

Her body was curvy and feminine, with an underlying muscularity that told him she worked out regularly. She also fit against him well…too well…he thought even as he felt his body respond to her breasts pushed up against his chest, her hands holding onto him as if he were the anchor in a raging sea. He looked down to confirm she was okay, and was distracted by her cleavage. He swallowed briefly, clamping down on the desire to drawn a fingertip down into it, and instead reminded himself he was at work and she was a customer.


When he grabbed her, Norah let out a breathless squeak, as much from the suddenness of the movement as from the strong grip of his fingers biting into her flesh. Raised off her feet and pulled in tight to his slim body, she automatically gripped his shoulders as she heard the spray hit the plastic matting where she had just been half-sprawled. Her bag hit the floor in a jumble of noise, along with the basket she’d grabbed at the entrance, her czech amateurs porno shoes squeaking on the tile as she struggled to right herself. A wave of embarrassment flooded over her and she tried to step away, but he stopped her with a light squeeze of his hand and a muttered “Careful now.” His voice was deep and she felt the vibration of it rumbling through his chest as it was pressed against hers. She also felt the her nipples harden as her mind connected that she was essentially crushed in the tall stranger’s embrace.

“Are you okay?” his voice continued without missing a beat, and she felt him cautiously relax his grip on her waist, allowing her room to move if she wanted but poised to help if she wasn’t quite ready to stand unassisted.

“Th-thank you.” her voice wavered as she looked up and was caught in the most incredible green eyes she had ever seen. They looked back at her intensely and her words died in her throat, the chemistry between them flaring immediately. He took a deep breath in, and his voice was quiet as he replied.

“I’m so sorry I startled you.” His eyes bored into hers, and he kept them on her face by sheer force of will; she hadn’t moved away and her body was driving him slowly crazy. “I hope you’re not hurt.” he added, almost as an afterthought.

She stared at him mutely, her mind racing and body churning with an aching need that came upon her swiftly and suddenly. The scent of his cologne filled her nostrils and she came to an immediate decision.

“Fuck me.”

She saw the shock register in his eyes, followed swiftly by a hunger he couldn’t hide as he looked down at her.

“Miss, you don’t know what you’re saying…” his voice trailed off as she finally released his shoulders and started to unbutton her blouse. His hands reached out and grasped hers, stopping her motion. She looked up at him with one eyebrow arched.

“I know exactly what I said.” she looked at him knowingly, “Are you telling me you’re not interested?” She held her breath, praying he wouldn’t reject her.

He saw the flash of vulnerability in her face before she masked it with bravado, and in that moment, he knew he couldn’t say no. He relaxed his grip on her hands ever so slightly, his voice husky as he said, “I’m interested. Follow me.” He released her hands and reached down to scoop up her purse, retrieving the few contents and shoving them in unceremoniously before handing it to her. Cupping her elbow, he walked her swiftly to the front of the store, watching as he went to see if anyone else had come in since he’d seen her arrive. They appeared to be alone.

He left her briefly to lock the automatic doors. Angie could fend for herself.


Jared grabbed her hand, moving swiftly before either of them changed their minds. She had to half run to keep up with his longer-legged stride, and was breathless when they reached the customer service office. He preceded her into the small room, switching the desk lamp on, bathing the walls in a dim glow. He paused just for a moment, gathering his wits, before turning around to face her, the words he prepared dying on his lips as he looked at her.

“Are you sure?” he swallowed, forcing himself to ask the question, even though he didn’t want to tempt her changing her mind.

“Never more certain.” she answered, taking a step toward him, reaching out with a tremulous hand. He grasped it, enclosing it in his own and, taking a step toward her, slid his free hand into her hair, gripping her neck. His head descended without hesitation, lips crashing into hers hard and demanding, prying them open and thrusting his tongue inside the wet cavern of her mouth.

Norah took it in stride, not flinching from the brutality of his assault, but meeting it head on. Her tongue met his as her fingers made short work of the buttons on her own blouse, and then moved to his, desperate to feel his skin, fingers finally slipping inside his open shirt while his teeth bit sharply at her lower lip. His clothing had hidden a much more muscular physique than she had anticipated even after being held so closely, her fingers moving with purpose along his pectorals and down to his stomach.

Suddenly he arched away from her hand, releasing her and taking a step back, uttering sharply, “Undress.”

Reflexively she complied, not giving it a second thought, head dropping to look at her toes as she pulled the shirt from her back and unfastened her skirt, czech casting porno letting it slip to the floor. She stood before him in her lacy bra and panties.

“Everything?” she asked, glancing up at him from beneath her lashes.

Now it was his turn to arch an eyebrow at her, “Unless you want me to rip them off you, I suggest you remove them.”

She nodded, keeping her head down, and reached to open the front clasp of her bra. Released from the fabric, her ample breasts bobbed freely, pink nipples taut as slipped her fingers into the elastic waistband and tugged the panties down. Norah kicked them away and stood before Jared, watching him avidly as he devoured her with his eyes.

Looking at her nakedness, Jared wanted nothing more in that moment than to be deep inside her. Driven, he peeled the shirt off his torso, muscles flexing in the dim light of the desk lamp, feeling her eyes on his every motion. He pulled on his belt, un-notching it from the buckle and pulling it out of the loops with one swift yank. Hastily he undid and removed his pants, stepping out of them and toward Norah in only his boxers.

There was no hesitation as he buried his face between her tits, his stubble scratching the tender flesh before his mouth moved to find the hard nub. Sucking it hard, he flicked it with his tongue as he moved his fingers between Norah’s legs. Her fingers tangled in his sandy brown hair, holding him tightly against her as he sank his teeth into her areola, while her legs parted at his delicious intrusion.

He ignored her mute invitation and instead toyed with the silky hair on the outside of her folds, smiling around the soft flesh in his mouth as she moaned in frustration. Wiggling, she tried to urge him to slip his fingers inside but he resisted her attempts, continuing to tease her pussy hair, combing and gently tugging. She was damp, her heady scent permeating his senses.

Jared felt her hands on his boxers and before he could respond, she had tugged them down, freeing him. Letting them fall unheeded, she moved her hands, not hesitating to wrap one around firmly around his hard shaft, thumb finding the head already wet with pre-cum. She stroked him with purposeful intent, her other hand caressing his balls lightly, mimicking his on motions on her bush. His lips broke off from where they were latched to her breast, groaning as he buried his face in her chest, his breath hot against her skin.

“Okay you win.”

He moved his hands to her ass, lifting her against him and trapping her hands between them. Turning quickly, he deposited her unceremoniously on the desk, her hands dropping from him to brace herself by gripping the surface. He reached forward, rubbing his moist fingers on her lips so her scent filled her own nostrils, before stroking his hand along her jaw, down her throat, over her boobs, across her stomach and to her hips, all while she squirmed in anticipation.

Norah parted her thighs as he straightened before her, his thick cock jutting out from between his legs. He reached out a hand, slipping one finger along the seam of her wetness, his other hand on his penis. Stepping closer, he rubbed the head of it against her, following the path his finger had taken, before slipping just the tip inside. She pushed her hips up against him, silent demand to enter completely. “Look at me.” he whispered, so quietly she almost missed it.

Their gazes locked, both of them quivering, as he slowly pushed his member into her inch by devastating inch, until he was balls deep. He held still for just a moment, before slowly pulling himself back, almost completely out, then surging back into her with one fast stroke.

He set the pace, slowly withdrawing and then pounding quickly back into her wetness, her moans increasing in crescendo as he drove them faster and faster. The desk creaked with each thrust, her tits bouncing as he slammed into her.

“Oh please, I’m so close.” Norah moaned as his hands descended, thumb slipping between her lips to find her clit, rubbing gently while he held his cock still deep inside her.

“Oh god, yes, yes, yessssssss.” Her words devolved into a scream as she climaxed, fingers digging into the wood, body contorting as she felt like she shattered into a million pieces. Through the orgasmic haze, she heard Jared’s groan and felt his cock twitch inside her his cum spilling inside her before he collapsed against her chest.

The room was filled with the rasping sound of their breathing, before Jared leaned up and kissed her softly, almost sweetly, on the lips. He looked down at their still-joined bodies, then his gaze swept back up to her face.

“So what’s your name?”

Norah responded with a giggle, feeling better than she had in a long time.

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