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Joanna, moved closer. The flow of words halting, eyes flirting, Sean was hard, had been for awhile. Her arm brushing his, allowing contact, eyes lingering on nipples pressing their exaggerated shape through her shirt. The bra unable to conceal them.

Leaning over the counter for the bottle of wine, back arching as she stretches, “can I top you up?”

“Sure,” Sean resists reaching out, resists caressing the curve. Offered?

Trembling as the deep red liquid flows, the rim of the bottle chinking against the glass, Sean can’t resist, “cold?”

“No. My hands are too small for the bottle,” pausing to look at him, “just one more annoying thing.”

“Your hands annoy you? Thought, well, think, you’re hands are quite nice.”

“Aargh! Hate being small”, sighing, “I’m not imposing enough. How can I be a boss if I have to look up to everyone?”

“You have everyone’s respect. Usually an indicator of a good boss.”

“Bruce says that too.” Bruce is Joanna’s boss. Rumors flow around about Bruce and Joanna.

Joanna is Sean’s boss and he has heard office romance talk about the two of them floated too – busy girl. They do flirt but try to play it down at the office but not so much as to draw even more speculation about them.

Flirt a lot in fact. Always stops as by some unwritten rule. They both know how attracted they are to each other. Not that he’ll risk his job or worse, rejection, by making a pass. Then again, like this evening, they often find themselves away from home for several days at a time. Sometimes, like tonight, draining the mini-bar in one or the others hotel room.

Tonight it is his room. Sean actually got the better deal. A room with a terrific view of downtown Chicago on the twenty-second floor of a not too shabby hotel. They had splurged on a bottle of wine and it was pretty much done.

“Want to watch the cityscape from the balcony?” Sean stands, holding out his hand that the too small fingers wrap around.

Joanna drains what is left of the deep red wine, “thanks. I’ll get some refills,” eyes following the gentle sway of her hips as she moves to the mini-bar, watching as she bends to get the vodka from the fridge. Damn, he has to stop watching.

Pulling the slider part way she slips through the gap, Sean following to the railing. Neither speak for a few minutes.

Joanna lets out a small sigh, “I could get used to that view.”

“Me too. I like cities.”

“London? Miss it?”

“Yea. Not so much now. Feels too big whenever I go back, which is not often.”

“You still writing? You never said what you wrote about.”

Thinking she never will know, “some. When I get the time.”

“Get anything published?”

“The whole internet thing with epublishing has changed what that means. It’s pretty easy to throw a few sentences together and upload to a site and wait for the money to start rolling in. Or not. Usually not. Some people make a decent living or say they do, but most do not. As more people jump in the rewards are less unless you really breakout.”

“Have you?”

“I published a book of short stories a year or so back that has done quite well,” not really wanting to say that but now it’s out there.

“Wow! Congratulations. What type of stories? What genre?” Joanna’s smile is gorgeous, he can feel her lips sliding over his glans.

Smiling. OK, more debauched grin. “Erotica.” Looking down, just now noticing her bare feet.

The silence is taunting him to look at her. Both are a little flushed. “I should have guessed.”

“Why? I could be the next Stephen King or, or, whatshisname.”

“Whatshisname?,” flirting, “Oh. Him.”

“Right. Tip of the tongue. Steinbeck. Whatever.”

“Can I read some?”

“Do you read erotica?” He is so hard now and her eyes are darting back and forth from his bulge to his mouth, neither quite making eye contact.

“Usually disappointed. Would yours disappoint?”

“Probably. Don’t know. Maybe. A bit embarrassing talking to someone about it. You’re the first person I know I’ve ‘fessed to. The genre is erotica. Like to think it isn’t just smut. Can be pretty graphic. Very graphic.”

“Do you write about people you know?”

“I tend to draw from experience. Usually what I wanted to happen or embellishing what did happen,” thinking, don’t go there!

“Me?” Sean wanted to the denial to sound natural by pausing before replying but the pause went on too long. “That a yes then?”

“No.” Too fast. O fuck.

“Really?” Pauses coming thick and fast, “I’d like to read it,” Sean can feel his heartbeat and hear Joanna’s quick breaths as she continues, “can I?”

Groaning. sexmex porno Mostly glad his erection found a more comfortable position. Somewhat. “There is a character that is based on you. Very loosely. It’s more…”

“She’s taller and sexier?”

“No. Not really you, more the situations,” bone hard, less comfortable,

“being away. Like this. I thought it was a little creepy to base the character on you too closely. It’s more someone else I worked with a few years ago.”

Joanna staring. Demanding. “Answer. Taller and sexier?”

Sean, all too aware where he wants this to go, “she’s shorter.”


“That’s a loaded question. She’s sexy. Don’t put me on the spot.”

“Did you have sex?”


“Will we?” The silence was like a deep pit. Difficult to climb out of. Joanna saving him, “read a story to me.”

“No fucking way.” Almost safety.

“A bedtime story?”

God, she’s a flirt. “Not even remotely funny.”

“Pretty please? What was she like? This other woman you worked with.”

The warmth of her hand as it wrapped around his arm made Mr. Happy pulse. “I think about being away with you. Jonathon is beside himself with jealousy no matter what I do to reassure him. The guys back at the office I’m sure, make up pathetic little scenarios when we go off. It’s normal. We don’t all turn them into blockbusters though.”

Jonathon is Joanna’s husband. Sean quite likes him and they appear happy when together. Sean is not surprised that they have difficulty with him and Joanna’s business trips. Probably normal.

If Sean had someone close that went away on business he would probably write about it.

“Hmm.” Sean still thinking of how he wanted to answer the two questions – is Joanna sexier? Would they have sex?

Joanna’s sing song voice dragging him back. “Pretty pretty please?”

“A story? Promise it won’t get back to everyone and you won’t sack my sorry ass and I’ll maybe email you a story?”

Dragging a deep red nail across her chest, “promise, promise hope to die.”

“OK. One short story.”

“About me?” Her eyes boring into his without shame.

“You remember when we went to San Francisco and stayed at that boring chain hotel? The stud and the hot waitress?”

“O yea. I remember the stud. You couldn’t keep your eyes off the waitress. I was a little upset, that’s why I flirted with the waiter guy. He was a bit of a dick though, too obvious.”

“I wrote a story about that time using another hotel I had stayed at as a backdrop in Charlotte, North Carolina. Maybe ten years ago. It had some odd features that interested me. So I threw the bits together and came up with something. It’s a fantasy, dreamlike.”

“Is it me or your other woman?”

“Both maybe. She has similar features. Actually, I’m a little embarrassed. I’m not really into err, statuesque women…”


“Large breasts…”

Joanne, appraising her modest proportions, “do you fantasize about large breasts?”


“Is that her real name?”

“Actually, yes. I changed it in the story. Slip of the tongue.”

“She has large breasts?”


“How will I recognize myself?”

“You’re not supposed to be recognizing yourself.”

“You said other features. Obviously not breasts. Such as?”

Sean’s thoughts wander back to Suzanne. His former boss had a great body in a very compact frame, but he always found her breasts intimidating. Huge, even on a larger woman, they defined Suzanne in most peoples minds. A fact that undermined both personality and intellect, not to mention her sensuous lips, a joy to kiss, and so much more.

“Her lips. Very full. Unlike my mean ones.”

“Pretty Patti said you had cruel lips.” Patti ‘Pretty’ Paige worked as the communications manager at the Boston office. Apparently, Pretty had been a nickname almost from birth. A name that still served her well.

“That’s what Suzanne said. Go. I’ll email it to you. We have to work tomorrow.”

Joanne tip-toes to the couch where she bends over to pick up her discarded shoes, turning to catch Sean’s gaze as he ogles her lithe shape. “Sleep well,” the impish grin clouding her words.

Downing the vodka, searching for more, switching to scotch whiskey, rubbing his cock. Damn. Sean opens the laptop and plugs in the flash drive. Making sure he uses both his and Joanna’s personal email accounts, he attaches the story, taking a good slug of scotch as his finger hovers over the mouse button. Send. Too late now.

The warm shower, too long cleaning his cock, his fingers are her fingers, exploring stranded teens porno the flesh and glans, stroking its length. Now earnest, rubbing the glans between her buttocks, lower. Stopping as Joanna dissolves in the shower rain.

Wondering if she has opened the story. How much has she read? Masturbating again, visualizing Joanna absentmindedly running the tip of her finger around her clitoris as she reads the story.

Hoping not to ejaculate. Knowing he will as he reaches for the boxer shorts to pump cum into as the phone sings, pulling him back.

Checking the screen, Joanna. “Hi. What’s up?”

“You write well. Quite the imagination.”

“How much have you read?”



“I stopped when I wondered if you were thinking of me reading the story. Were you?” Damn pauses. “That’s a yes then?”


“It’s sexy.”

“Thanks. That’s the idea. How far into the story?”

“You were with Faith in the pool playing with the water jet. Did that really happen?”

Sean, recalling that hot, humid night in Charlotte, NC, had decided to stay there rather than drive back to Spartanburg, SC where he lived at the time. It was only an hour or so, maybe seventy miles but Charlotte was a city not a town. At the time, Spartanburg had one tower block, maybe all of seven floors.

With all the new building going on in Charlotte, the banking industry was making it a hub, major investments in residential, retail and entertainment drove feverish building.

Forgoing the newer, fancier hotels he had chosen the Day’s Inn hotel. Who knew Day’s Inn even had an hotel? Built many years earlier, its best days behind it. Shiny towers rose all around, destroying whatever views it had when first built.

Sean had got used to eating alone when he traveled but appreciated the cute waitress in the hotel restaurant and chatted for awhile with her. She had the time, the dining room was virtually empty.

Apparently, one of the features was a rooftop pool. The waitress, Sean had forgotten her name, spoke about the pool and suggested he go up there to check it out. The waitress became Faith in the story he wrote.

“A little. There was a waitress, a rooftop pool and another guest. An older woman.”

“Did you have sex with her?”

“The older woman?”

“No! The waitress.”

“Wanted too. She joined us at the pool. We all watched as she undressed down to bra and panties before dropping into the water.”


“Me, the older woman and a guy who I thought was a security guard. He didn’t strip down. Thankfully.”

“So they all became characters in your story? Tell me about the water jet.”

“It was pretty powerful but I made it more so in the story. The real waitress was walking into it but it wasn’t having sex with her.”

“Were you aroused?”

Christ. Like Sean is now, touching his straining cock, stroking, thinking of Joanna, Faith, his other boss, Suzanne. “Very. It got pretty sexy.”

At the other end of the conversation Joanna presses fingers rhythmically around her clitoris. “How sexy?”

“Stop it.”

“This is sexy. Don’t you think?”

Trying to get her off the phone quickly so he can jerk off. “Talking to my boss on the phone about sex? Pretty much. We should stop. Go to sleep. See you in the morning.” Waiting too long to hang up.

“Really? What if I have more questions? Can I call you?” Joanna waited for his reply before continuing quietly, “you going to leave a girl all alone?”

“Jesus Joanna. Watch some porn or something.”

“Porn isn’t any fun alone.”

“I rarely watch porn but I’m usually alone. That’s why it’s made.” Joanna’s annoyance is reflected in the abrupt end to the call.

Now he can’t get her out of his mind. The desire to call her back rather then masturbate is too strong. Maybe he should watch some porn?

Flicking through the channel options reveals lots of porn. Pretty high end in this high end hotel. Twenty dollars is pretty steep but maybe it is worth it. He cannot stop thinking of fucking his boss or calling her back after that exchange. Sean needs something to keep his mind out of that rabbit warren.

Awhile later, the phone rings once, twice. Joanna. Reluctantly, Sean answers. “Porn not working?”

“Worse. I read the rest of the story. It’s really sexy.”

“Hmm, Liked it then?” Not really wanting to hear the response to that question and definitely not expecting the next comment.

“There’s a part where you describe Jennifer’s, Suzanne’s, labia. Do you like them like that?”

“Like what?” Knowing what Joanna means but street blowjobs porno not why she asks.

“Full. Hanging. You wrote distended.” Sean almost asked her to repeat that slower and add dripping.

“Yeah. It’s not common to see women like that. Probably as rare as a much larger than normal dick. Forget I said that.”

“What are you doing? Can I come over?”

Not a good idea. “I don’t think that’s a good idea.”

“Why not?”

“Why not? We’re a long way from home and it’s just not a good idea.” If Joanna turns up now he would try to fuck her. Would he even have to try? “OK. I’ll put some clothes on.”

Five minutes later the knock on the door. Opening it slowly Joanna slips in, mostly dressed as she was earlier, unrestrained breasts brushing his arm.

Walking up to the TV, she quickly finds the porn channels. “I want you to see something.”

Selecting a channel of group sex videos Joanna selects one and fast forwards to the action. “There.” Freezing the action as a woman lays back, legs wide and pulled up and back exposing her pussy in close up.

“What are we looking at?” Feeling stupid but maybe there’s something he’s missing.

“Her pussy. Was Jenni, Suzanne’s, that much different?” Looking at him before fast-forwarding to another close up of another naked pussy. This one devoid of any landing strip of pubic hair. “And this?”

“What’s all this about? No ones identical.”

“I don’t think I’m normal.”

“Normal? What’s normal?”

She gives him her boss look. “Be serious.” Pausing. “I’m like the way you describe Jennifer, Suzanne. Whoever.” Boss look dissolving into vulnerable woman. “No one mentioned it before. No one said it was good or bad. I assumed most women were like that when aroused.”

Sure that his heart stopped, Sean croaks, “ahh.”

“Your words were like adoration. Poetry. Really appreciating their form. Look at mine. Will you? Reassure me.”

“You need reassurance? You’re a gorgeous, vibrant woman. You don’t know that?”

“Please.” Stepping toward him, close enough to wrap a hand around her waist, finding it there as she melts against him. The warmth of her breasts liquid, free, Joanna’s arms circling his back. Clamping. Releasing, turning, fingers fumbling with the clasp of the skirt. “Help me?”

The zipper snakes between the valley of her ass, black panties, revealed as it travels lower, Sean’s hand pushing the skirt over slender hips where it pools on the floor.

Joanna sits on the edge of the bed before slowly lying back, one leg folded gently at the knee. Not looking at Sean directly until the last sibilant syllable fades, “undress.” Now, more confident, “I want to see you naked.”

Sean does. Slowly. Conscious of the erection, letting it wave around as clothing is peeled away. Lowering, hands gently pulling her panties down slightly tanned legs, smooth, devoid of stubble, unable to resist the trimmed patch of pubic hair, almost groaning at thick slabs of moist labia, glistening in the low light of frozen porn from the TV.

“Say something.” Gasping as Sean presses her legs wider, exposing her sex.

“Gorgeous. Stunning. No one ever said anything? Crazy.”

“Not odd?”

“Exceptional.” Wanting to swallow her nectar, bury his tongue, suckle the fat lips, feel her writhe. Come.

“Do anything but do something.” Raising her hips to meet his mouth, soaring over the edge of orgasm as his lips meet hers, Sean’s teeth grazing clitoris, struggling to lap her juice, aware of rapid breaths, groans of excess.

“Oh God,” escaping as the storm passes.

Watching as Sean unbuttons her shirt, barely breathing as his fingers knead stiff nipples and the glands that support them, poised between her legs, pressing cock between those glorious, open gates.

Fervent kisses, tongue against his stubble, sticky with her drying wetness.

Small beneath him, rolling over, impaled atop him. Riding the stiff shaft, its fullness filling her while Sean explores her buttocks, fingers finding where shaft meets cunt, the juices foaming with the motion, in, out, slow, in and out. Fingertips pressing gently her anus, “I don’t know if I like that,” slowing, stopped. “Sorry. We can try?”

“It’s OK. Maybe later.” Sean pushes her off, turning her, hands pulling her hips up, back a reverse arch, curving away, anus and dripping vulva in full view, sensing her tense, “not now. I want your soaking pussy around me.”

The strokes pulling rivers of juice from her that waterfall to the sheets.

“Use your mouth again. Make me come.”

“God yes.” Sean maneuvers beneath her raised hips, the hot pit of sex inches from his mouth as she lowers, the orgasm on contact as violent as the first. Globs of juice ejaculate with each thrash of hips covering Sean’s face with hot fragrant liquid. Too much to lick, lap, suck and swallow.

Joanna, between gasps, “fuck me… Sean fuck me… “

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