Just You And Me

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“I want you,” I whisper with severe intensity. You respond with a slow charge toward my face with yours. Your movement starts with your knee. Kneeling to me you half crawl on top of me. I move my legs so you can get as close as you want. You hover over me for some time. I grab the back of your neck and shove your lips to mine. They’re so soft and responsive. I bite your bottom lip and pull you closer still. I peck the corners of your mouth and hug you tight. You bend down and kiss my neck burying your face. I love this. Your tongue licks my neck and shoulder and I feel my nipples react. A warm sensation wafts completely over me. I wrap my wrists around your neck and I fit you on to me with all of your weight and chest muscles pressed nicely on my breasts. You kneel down and lay on top of me.

I breathe heavily wanting more of you. I pull your hair and bring you to me to feel your lips again. We engage in a passionate kiss and you brush back my bangs from my face and stroke my cheek. Afterwards, you fit your hand on my neck.

I cannot help but be wet now. Feeling your hand on my throat and thinking to myself about all the things you could do to me as you please, maybe as roughly as you want. I notice this warm feeling satisfying my pussy. I wonder if you are enjoying yourself as well.

You stop kissing me and trail your lips to my chest. You descend down my body and press your face into my cleavage. Button by button you kiss lower until your nose rests right in between my breasts and you begin to use more than your lips. You pull one side of my shirt off, exposing my breast and then the other. You tell me to take off my bra. Immediately I obey. I blush. You smile and quickly snap back and begin using your tongue and hands to caress me. You run your tongue over my nipples and your hands caress and cup under them. With every breath my breasts rise and fall and I gasp as you surprise me with a little nip at my nipple. I look down at you and smirk as you look up at me and you drag your lips to right above my breast. We both know what you are going to do. You smile a little, I squint in anticipation, and I lay my head back. You lightly kiss where you are about to devour. I don’t have to wait long before a sharp pain descends from my breast to my navel and back up to my neck. A few seconds pass and with each one you bite down a little harder, showing no mercy. Nearly gritting your teeth I whimper a little and you don’t let up. Instead you move your bite to a different place a couple of inches up and start over. Your pace quickens and I whisper a small “mm.” One last tug and nip at that place and finally you let go leaving teeth marks. You look at me the way you do and kiss up to my lips breathing warm and heavily. I’m dripping by now.

You kiss my body from my neck to my nipples all the way down to the start of my jeans. My face burns as you begin to tug at the button. It releases and you unzip them kissing every bit of skin you uncover. Soon you come to my dark purple g-string. You playfully tug at it with your teeth and keep kissing my mid-section and hips. While doing this, you inch my tight jeans down and around my thighs. You take a large palm-sized grip of my ass and squeeze. You press your face over my underwear and bite a little. You touch my waist and drag your fingertips over my stomach and pelvis giving me goose-bumps and impossibly enough making me even more wet.

You pop back up to my face and kiss me passionately while pushing and pressing your fingers on my pussy. Teasing me you press my clit through my underwear and rock back and forth. You vary the pressure, but remain constant with your intense kisses. I start to jolt a little and almost cannot take it. You slide your whole hand over me and you can feel how damp I am already. You sneak one finger around and in my panties and draw your finger up my wet pussy with no penetration driving me crazy. You unfortunately stop, but proceed teasing me with your thumb. You stop kissing me to watch how I react. I try to kiss you to avoid this but you resist and I lie back and slightly involuntarily twitch. I try so hard to suppress any sounds or facial expressions and I feel it’s impossible. I put my arms across my face to conceal it. You chuckle and slow your fingers so you can concentrate on balance while grabbing both my wrists and holding them above my head. My blushed face is now exposed and you continue. I keep trying my best to still hide it. I bite my lip and squeeze my eyes shut. I soon decide I can’t take this anymore. My head leans back, my back arches, and I let out a well-induced moan, still trying to be quiet. I gasp and moan again- you smile a little. You slow down. I pant and groan.

You kiss me and let go of my wrists. Your tongue slides down my body and I close my eyes. I feel you stop with your fingers and pull my panties aside. I feel the tip of your warm tongue slide over my clit. This surprises me and I snap my eyes open and shivers run down my spine. You start to play. Your tongue runs flat against my clit and then lightly tickles it with its tip. With nearly every stroke I fight to let you stay in between my legs, instead of snapping them shut to stop letting you torture me anymore. I think I am at my limit when using only the tip of your tongue, you glide over my whole pussy and its wetness as lightly as you can. This feels so good-too good; I get frustrated. I try to touch my breasts-for your visual enjoyment and also for some kind of relief, but nothing. If anything it makes it worse. I stop and touch my face; it’s burning up. I even feel my feet getting hot in the marks head bobbers porno soles under my socks. I slide my hands down to your head and caress your face, running my fingers through your hair. You begin sucking my clit now.

That is it. I can’t help but to push you closer to my pussy inducing near suffocation. At this, you promptly quicken your strokes and suck harder still. Your tongue penetrates me-not all the way. I raise my hips to your face but you withhold and laugh at my distress. You lick me a bit more but stop right before I can cum. You begin kissing me, your pants and rock hard cock rubbing up against me. I’m soaking your pants and the texture of your jeans is driving me crazy rubbing my clit. Still deeply kissing me, you trail your hands all over my body; squeezing my breasts, rubbing them hard, and kiss down to my stomach. I let a moan out into your mouth when you turn your wrist and begin traveling under my underwear.

Your left hand wraps around my head and grips my hair. You still kiss me forcefully. The other’s fingers slide down my pussy and a tingling sensation emulates from my clit. I get distracted and stop kissing you momentarily. You stop as well. Jerking my head back a little I snap back and put your full weight on me, wrapping your leg around mine. You get comfortable and bite my lip. At the same time you plunge your finger into me. I moan again and again as you begin to penetrate me, still trying to be quiet. You stop kissing me and lean your head on my shoulder, kissing it. Licking and sucking my neck and shoulder you move faster and start to alternate between touching me inside and teasing my clit. My legs are shaking almost uncontrollably and I stop them, replacing their movement by tightening up my stomach and letting out a louder moan.

Upon hearing this you stop kissing my neck and touching me. My eyes open and you stare right at me. You stick your middle finger in your mouth, it piercing your lips and you taste me. This turns me on so bad I get more soaking wet than I already am. After I am all off of you, you simultaneously lick your first finger it too gets wet. You pull your fingers out of your mouth and, with your thumb, make way through my panties to put your hand on me again. You kiss and suck my bottom lip and give me a quick peck. I feel your positioning fingers and you plunge my pussy with your wide fingers making me gasp. They’re so soft but your movements characterize them as rough inside me. I’m already craving you.

My mind wanders a little and I imagine you on top of me, pelvic thrusting with every thrust you make with your fingers. I moan and imagine you from behind, fucking me. Holding my thighs, pulling me to you, your hands now moving to my hips and both of you, real and imaginary, fuck me faster. Your back muscles tighten and let loose as you keep pulling me to you. Your broad shoulders cast a shadow over my tiny body compared to yours. I open my eyes as you suck on my lip again. Your weight on my breasts and licking tongue on my neck makes any movement by your hand more intense. I feel your sliding fingers penetrating in and out of me. While your finger caresses my clit, your thumb presses down with every time I feel you sink your fingers into my warm soaked pussy. Slowly my legs, both involuntarily and voluntarily, spread and my hips move to meet your hand or to escape the over powering feelings you give me. I cannot take much more of this.

You kiss me again and I force you back sitting up. You hold the back of my head and powerfully kiss me, kneeling over my spread legs. Your fingers quicken their pace still digging into me, yanking and pulling my desire for you to new heights. I roll my hips to you and bite your lip. My hands run down your chest to your belt. I tug at it playfully and run my hands all down your back with my nails scratching at you, returning the goosebumps. My fingers slip into the back of your pants and follow your hips to the front toward your sexy stomach and hip bones. I tug more with a bit of purpose. You’re still going at me and I can barely keep steady and focused. Your fingers keep digging inside of me, calling me out, nearly scraping against my g-spot. The pressure builds inside of me and I grip your hand and moan. I whisper, “Go slow…slower…slower,” until I gasp and squirt all over your hand.

After a half-a-second recovery, I catch my breath. I decide to take care of you for a while. I stop your hand and you look at me inquisitively. You playfully fight back I smile and laugh before giving you a face telling you I’m serious. I take your hands into mine and lift the hand still soaked with me to my parted lips. Your fingertips rest on my lips and I begin sucking them. The warmth of my mouth and smoothness of my tongue, envelopes them. You stare into my eyes and I into yours. You hold your breath for a second and smirk as I close my eyes and my mouth descends further down your fingers until I engulf them completely. I suck at your first knuckles and slip my tongue between them to taste myself.

Once I get me off you, I slide my head and mouth back up to your fingers to their tips again. You exhale. I hold your hand and put it on my breast. You go to push me down again but I resist and push back on you. I kiss you and lead you to lay back. I straddle you only with my g-string on and my button up black shirt hanging on my body. My nipples are all that are covered-barely. I grind my hips into yours. I can feel you; now there being no mistake. You are hard and hopefully wanting me as much as I want massage porno you. I kiss you softly and gradually increase pressure as my cooling off period ends. I sit up, having you leaning on me, my breasts in your face. You first lick and suck my breast where you bit before but then use your hands to cup them to engulf my nipple fully in your mouth. Each breast gets a turn and you press my cleavage into your face again kissing it and wrapping your arms around my waist. I push you away just enough to reach around and pull your shirt over your sexy broad shoulders. Up and over your head it comes and I toss it aside not caring at all where it lands. I push my chest into yours and hug you tight. I lean back and I can still feel you hard in your jeans as I kiss your soft lips. I bite your lip and you push me away so you can run your lips over my breast bone and slowly peel away my shirt. My shoulders are bare and you kiss them moving your attention to my breasts-firm in your face and my nipples so excited from you touching me. You take one into your mouth and suck gently. You go to bite but I press on you quickly so you lay down once more. I check out the scene as you do.

Here I straddle you with my underwear somehow still on and you lay under me. I stare at your physic. My bite mark is still highly visible, deep and purple in the indents and red and raw on the outside. I would feel bad if it hadn’t turned me on so much to do it in the first place. Your nipples are hard too and my eyes trickle down to your sexy stomach. I lean forward and kiss it to show my appreciation. I come back to your lips and start over, kissing your neck, my bare chest on yours, shoulders and chest. Getting your chest drenched in my kisses I begin using my tongue all the way down, past your belly button. I lift your jeans and lick right under the barrier they were acting as. I bite hard on your hip where I have once before and almost chew at your tight skin. You moan and the sound vibrates into my ears and down my spine. You caress my head and smooth my hair. I let go. I look into your eyes and begin to undo your belt. Your eyes are so soft and inviting, intensely watching my hands work; While I do this I consciously bump and rub up against your dick with my wrists and my breasts sweep over it as I kiss your stomach my long hair brushing across your stomach, soft light and wildly wavy. I can tell you’re still hard and quicken my pace as my hunger for you grows. Your belt is loose now and I pull it from the loops throwing it into whatever the abyss your shirt went into. You’re mine now. Determined, I boldly rub you through your pants with my hands. I cup you so you can feel me and bend down and nudge it with my nose. Still rubbing I outline your dick with my face through your jeans loving the feeling of the denim on my lips. I even playfully nibble and you give me a reluctant look hoping that I stay careful with you. I respond with a smile now licking your whole shaft through your jeans and simultaneously reach for your pants button. My mouth follows my hands eventually and after the button is undone I snag the zipper in my teeth and begin to pull down, crawling down your body. I nuzzle my face in your jeans where it is now open and my lips brush inside them on your boxers. You hold still and wait patiently. My mouth moves to the elastic on them. I tug at my teeth and nearly see what awaits me, but I don’t spoil my surprise. You lean up on a pillow to see a little better. I smile and kiss up to your stomach and reach to bite and kiss your lip before I blow your mind…Immediately after our passionate kiss comes to a lip biting end, I travel down to your hard cock awaiting my lips.

I’m getting hungry now and I start to pull your jeans off of you. Your boxers are now revealed and I stop them at your knees and lick all around your hips and bite slowly but hard enough to where you tense up a little and grit your teeth. You let out a sigh, but my vampiristic tendencies haven’t ceased yet. I bite harder and still you stay silent. I want to hear you moan. You tense again and my teeth dig deeper. Only once more do I have to bite down before you inhale one more time and sound a semi-low tone and exhale. I let off my grip. I kiss around the abused area to quietly say ‘I’m sorry’, but truthfully I’m not, your moan, whether from pain or pleasure, made my pussy wet. I finish taking off your pants and chuck them to the floor. I can feel you hard against my chest and I tease you with my breasts a little. You start throbbing and I don’t plan to tease you much longer. I find the button of your boxers and stick my tongue inside of them and slide it straight onto your dick. I repeat this a few times and you are completely relaxed. I rub you over your boxers with my palms and then finally pull your boxers down and gaze at your dick briefly. It’s so thick; about what I felt through your jeans. It’s beautifully colored and textured; I can’t wait to get it in my mouth. Territory for me to conquer. I look into your eyes and get excited not wanting to wait or make you wait anymore. You watch in anticipation, breathing heavily.

I grasp you, you feel so hard in my hand, and I assume you’re close already. I lick all the way up your shaft and continue until I get to your head and stop. I tease you around it with the top of my tongue. Your breathing gets heavier and you run your fingers through my hair. I lick my other hand’s palm and rub the slippery substance all down and around your dick and begin to stroke you. I lick to your head once more, but instead of stopping I pause and engulf meet-suck and fuck porno your whole head still stroking you. My lips wrap tightly on your smooth, thick cock and soft head, and I lick you entirely, my tongue moving slowly across your sensitive head. You try to compose yourself but barely succeed. Your body weakens and I lower my head and mouth down onto your cock, now pushing it deeper into my throat. I get you half way into my throat and rise back up, still pumping you with my hand and suck your head again. I can taste your precum already on the back of my tongue and front of it as I flick your head with the tip of it. My mouth devours your cock as my eyes devour yours. You slip deeper until I have you completely engulfed in my throat without much warning. Your head gets heavy and you shutter beginning to grasp the hair at the nape of my neck. I swallow you over and over again, letting you slide in and out of my hand twisting to the left. You unexpectedly moan loud and breathe heavier and deeper. I repeat and begin to grab and tickle at your balls at the same time. My lips and throat squeeze at your cock and their softness is felt both on the tip of your head and then the base of your cock. I alternate from kissing you softly and fucking attacking you with my mouth. My unoccupied hand comes to attention and caresses you everywhere I’m not already touching you. Your sexy stomach and chest, thighs, inner thighs, and your balls. I drive you crazy. You drive Me crazy. I want you so bad- I begin to work harder. I get so turned on that I begin to moan with you between my lips. Your moans exceed mine however. You amaze me, your harder still. About this time I think you’re going to finish and finally give yourself some relief.

I was wrong.

You groan once more and push my head down. No sooner did you rip me away from you, the sooner I am up to your face into a hard passionate kiss. You pull my hair, bite my neck, squeeze my breasts, and rub my pussy nearly at the same time. I wrap myself around you, my soft wet underwear pressed up against your swollen cock, our warm chests up against each others. You hold me close and flip me onto my back. Quickly the power is reversed. There I lay out of breath and ready for whatever’s next for us. You hike my leg up and press yourself on top of me. Oh my god, I think I’m going to explode right there. You are so hard and on top of me. So close yet so far. You kiss me and distract me for a second. You rush at me like a mad man. Biting and sucking me all over; little twinges of pain and pleasure all over my body. Your hand slips between your body and mine and in between my legs. You plunge your two fingers into me again…vigorously. My back arches and descends making my pussy fuck them back. I’m there faster this time. My eyes close, my teeth grip my lip, I tense and nearly explode before I loudly moan and half whisper,”I want you, now.”

At this you immediately take your fingers out of my pussy, slip them around my panties, and in one fell swoop, rip them off. I whimper loudly at the slight pain and from the excitement. My clean shaven pussy is completely bare of all clothing as is my body. After surveying this with a glance you move to bite my neck and begin positioning yourself. I hold my breath and you kiss me. Our lips stay intact and my pussy tingles for you as I feel you pressing into me. You’ve got me pinned down and I can’t move or else I would have done it for you-the anticipation consumes me. You kiss me still and hold one of my hands as my hand grips your neck. Our hands squeeze tighter and you back off a little to get a good range of motion. You’ve already soaked with my juices and only need to do one thing. “Fuck me baby,” I say with both my mouth and my eyes pleading with yours and you plunge all of yourself into me, hard. I moan louder than ever now and my grip of your neck gets tighter still. You too exhale loudly and you begin to fuck me just like we both want and need. I feel you inside of me and it’s overwhelming how good physically and emotionally this feels to me. You hike both my legs up now go at me full- force. I welcome this. You slip into me with ease and slam the rest of the way in. I gasp for air as you fuck me harder. My arms wrap around your shoulders and neck, always pulling you to me. Your cock rips into my pussy again and again. I notice my nails begin to dig into your back. You hiss at the pain but don’t slow your speed. I push your face into my cleavage. You lick and kiss my firm breasts and hard nipples. You free a hand and grab them hard before moving to the back of my hair for leverage, sliding over my neck in the process. With your hand’s tug, my head is forced back onto your pillow and my neck is exposed to your tongue and teeth. My pussy burns with our desire with every outward pull and inward thrust. You breathe heavy and groan getting sweaty now. I hold you closer and grip the hair on the back of your head in my fist pulling you still closer, harder, faster to me. I Gasp over and over trying to catch my oxygen up to fuel how fast my heart is pumping. My chest heaves and I feel your grip on me, your arms so tense along with the rest of your body. “Come on baby” I whisper in your ear. You immediately pull tight on my hair making me yelp and fuck me harder. Really fuck me. Slower now. Harder now. My body feels as though it’s getting ready to explode and I can tell you are getting closer too. You lean up, grab me by my hips and pull me back on your cock hard and forceful. Your chest looks beautiful pulling me toward you, arms working nonstop and your hair is messy and almost in your eyes. So. Sexy. I moan louder. You pull faster and grit your teeth, your jaw line juts out making your face angular. You look like more of a man now than you have ever before. Suddenly you slam me back into you and slap my ass. I scream from the pain and you smack it again, not forgetting to grab it tight in between.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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