Kat’s Fantasy

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Big Dicks

The music pounded in the background as Kat scanned the crowded room. Her fantasy to danced in a strip club was being realized. A friend-of-a-friend knew the owner of the “Platinum Palace” and got him to agree to let her dance there for one night. So she was living out her fantasy and got to keep her tips as well (minus the 30% taken by the house). And she had already gotten a g-string full of tips so far.

She glanced at the stage. Sexy Renee was dancing through her first song and was practically making love with the pole. Kat was up next and had decided to take a breather before she had to go on.

The crowd was particularly raucous tonight. On the far side were the frat boys, long on enthusiasm, but short on cash. She had gotten a few couch dances from them, but they seemed more intent on whooping it up than getting down to some serious grope and grind.

Then there was the boy sitting near the stage who had just turned 18 this very day. His friends brought him to the club and, as a birthday present, bought him a couch dance with her. The kid didn’t stand a chance. When she put the kid’s head between her tits, she thought he would pass out from the glazed look on his face when she released him. When she rubbed her ass on his crotch, she knew that he wouldn’t make it through the dance. When she removed her g-string and put her pussy within 2 inches of his face, that was it. The boy let out a groan that she knew meant he was cumming in his pants. After the dance, she gave him a little kiss on his cheek as he sheepishly handed the twenty dollars over to her.

The businessmen, on the other hand, knew the routine. The extra money was nice, but Kat relished the power she held over these men.

She loved to tease them. But she also loved to deliver. More than once Alonzo, the bouncer, had to come over to rein Kat in, to remind her that she couldn’t grind their laps without her g-string on, to remind her that the men had to keep their hands on the couch, and to remind her that she couldn’t touch their crotches with her hands. Sure, she could rub her butt or legs or tits on their crotches, but grabbing their cocks through their pants was out.

Kat loved it when she could feel a strange man’s cock get hard as she squirmed on his lap. “Why are there all are these rules, ” she thought.

Sexy Renee was nude on stage now and into her second song. She had a gorgeous body and knew how to display it. Kat knew that she wouldn’t mind nuzzling her nose between those pendulous breasts herself. Maybe she’d buy a couch dance from Renee before the night was over.

Turning back to the room, Kat noticed a new man had just entered and been seated. The man was all in dark clothing, either dark blue or black, it was hard to tell given the dim light. The man was probably in his late forties or early fifties and of ordinary looks. But he carried himself in a way that struck Kat as being mysterious, and sexy.

The waitress immediately came over and took his order. Jade, one of the club’s long time dancers came over and asked him if he wanted a private dance. The man politely declined.

The waitress came back with his drink, and by the smile on her face when he paid her, taboo heat porno Kat knew that she had gotten a big tip.

Dreamy Sandy was the next to try to coax the man back to the couches. Again, he declined, which was unusual because Sandy was a really hot-looking babe and almost always got her man.

“Hmmmm, a challenge,” thought Kat. She loved the thought of seducing that man into a couch dance, and the thought of succeeding where the other dancers had failed.

“Let’s give it up for Sexy Renee,” the DJ bellowed over the howling crowd.

“Oh, shit,” thought Kat as she quickly rushed backstage to get ready for her turn. She adjusted her g-string, removed her top and quickly slipped on a t-shirt. When she turned to the entrance to the stage, she practically knocked Renee on her ass as she came off..

“Jeez, Kat, take it easy. They’ll still be out there when you get there!” laughed Sexy Renee.

Kat waited a moment at the entrance for her introduction.

“Gentlemen, here for one night only, let’s hear some noise for the lovely Kat.”

Kat stepped out into the spotlight. She loved the feel of the hot lights on her body. She looked out over the crowd, which erupted with cheers. She loved the thought of all these men aching to touch her, longing to hold her, dreaming of fucking her.

She began dancing slowly to the down-and-dirty bluesy song she had selected. It was like she was transported to another dimension, one in which she had all the power, one in which these men were at her mercy.

She put her fingers into the neck of her t-shirt and quickly ripped it open, exposing her perfect breasts. Her nipples were stiff with excitment. She pulled the torn shirt from her shoulders and tossed it into the crowd. There was a little scuffle as the men each vied to retrieve this prize.

The man dressed in black wasn’t whooping it up like the others, but he was staring intently at Kat as she danced on the stage. “Ah, the strong and silent type,” thought Kat. Sexy Renee had emerged from the dressing room and had gone over to the man to ask him if he wanted a dance. Once again, he declined.

The first song had segued into her second tune, a raunchy sax instrumental reminiscent of strip clubs of earlier days.

Kat couldn’t wait to get out of her g-string. Some dancers liked to tease the audience for most of the song before taking it off, but not her. She wanted them to see all of her. She wanted to feel their eyes on every inch of her body. The more she danced, the more excited she became. She dropped to the floor and began writhing there, running her hands over her body, across her tits, down her thighs. The crowd was going wild. Their screams just fueled her fire. She inserted a finger into her pussy and her body shuttered as she came almost instantly.

She lay there for a moment as her song ended. The men cheered wildly. Everyone knew what had just happened on stage.

Kat got up, collected her g-string and went back stage. Alonzo was there to greet her. “Kat, what the hell do you think you’re doing. You know the rules! No insertion!!! Do you want to shut this place down?” he cried.

“Sorry, teach that bitch porno Alonzo, I guess I got a little carried away.” But the afterglow of her cumming still lingered throughout her body. “Don’t worry, it won’t happen again.”

She got into her g-string, put on a bikini top and went out to the main room.

The man was still there and he was still alone.

She walked passed all the others who were calling to her for a couch dance, went directly to the darkly-clad man and sat down in the chair next to him. “Hi, my name is Kat. Do you mind if I join you?”

“Not at all,” replied the man. “I liked your show. You really get into it, don’t you?”

The waitress came over. “Care to buy the lady a drink?” The man nodded and Kat gave her order.

“What’s your name. I haven’t seen you in here before,” asked Kat. It seemed the right thing to say, even though this was the first time Kat had ever set foot in the place herself.

“Joe,” the man replied. “No, I come here whenever I’m in town, about once every six weeks or so. But I’ve not seen you here before.”

The waitress brought Kat’s drink and the man took out a large wad of bills and gave the waitress a twenty. “Keep the change, Sarah”. Kat was surprised to hear Sarah’s real name spoken. She went by the name of ‘Montana’ at the club.

“Well, Joe, could I interest you in a private couch dance?”

There was a pause and he looked at her intently, the finally said, “Kat, that would be just great.”

“This was too, easy,” thought Kat. “God, I’m good.”

Kat led Joe back to the far corner of the room where most of the couches were. A couple of the couches were taken by dancers with their men. She took Joe as far away from the others as she could, back to the very last couch.

They put their drinks on the table beside the couch and sat down. While they waited for the next song there was the usual chit-chat, but all the while Joe was looking into Kat’s eyes, a penetrating look, a confident look that Kat had not seen before from any of the other men that night.

The next song started as Dreamy Sandy began her turn on stage.

Kat removed her top and began gyrating in front of Joe. She moved in close between his legs so that her legs rubbed his crotch. It didn’t take long before she could feel his cock start to grow. “God, I’m good,” she thought. She turned and began grinding her ass in his lap. He moved his hands to her thighs, lightly carressing them. It felt so good.

Kat turned and pulled off her g-string. She moved up onto the couch, straddling him. She showed him her pussy, putting it to within inches of his nose. She cradled his face between her breasts. He licked at her nipples, which were stiff with excitment.

She moved back down to his crotch again, rubbing her ass and her exposed pussy on the stiff bulge in his pants. He moved his hands up to her breasts, cupping them and fondling her nipples.

“Excuse me, sir, you are not allowed to touch the ladies.” It was Alonzo. “Kat, I told you before that you’ve got to have that g-string on for lap dances.”

“Okay, Alonzo,” Kat said as she reached for her g-string. team skeet porno “What a pain in the ass you are,” she thought to herself.

But then Joe said, “Alonzo, I’d like you to do me a favor.” He pulled out his wad of cash and peeled off three $100 bills. “Alonzo, I’d like you to make sure that nobody bothers the lady and me for the next 3 songs.”

Alonzo hesitated for a moment. He looked furtively around, but he took the bills and put them in his pocket. “Okay, but then you’re out of here. Right?”

“Right.” replied Joe.

The next song started. Kat removed her g-string and again climbed up on the couch to straddle Joe. Again her pussy was within inches of his face. This time he reached up and grabbed her ass, pulling her towards him. His tongue darted into her pussy. The sensation sent shivers through Kat’s body. She grabbed his head, pulling him more tightly into her.

Alonzo stood about 10 feet away, back towards them, warding off any intrusions.

Kat began moving her body in rhythm with his probing tongue. He licked her pussy lips. He sucked on her clit. Kat knew it wouldn’t take long and when she suddenly erupted, the wet from her pussy started to run down her leg. She had cum, but she wasn’t satisfied and she wasn’t done yet. She pushed his head away and moved off the couch, kneeling on the floor between his legs. She quickly unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. It wasn’t huge but was hard as a rock.

Kat began nibbling on his cock. She sucked gently on the head and then began moving up and down on it. She could feel it throbbing under her touch. She wanted more. She needed more. She reached down with her free hand and began fondling her pussy again.

Joe was beginning to moan.

Alonzo turned around. “Come on, at least try to keep the noise down! I can hear you over the music!” Alonzo looked nervous.

Joe grabbed Kat’s shoulders and began to pull her up and turn her around. Then he pulled her down onto his lap. His cock slid perfectly into her. This time it was Kat who began to moan. She moved up and down with each thrust, her thighs straining to support her movement. Joe reached around and played with her nipples, rolling them between his fingers. Kat began moving faster and faster. All concept of time disappeared. All that existed was the warm, wet feeling of ecstacy that was growing between her legs. Sweat dripped from her brow down onto her tits, and from there onto her thighs. Her toes twitched. Her skin was so ultrasensitive that each subtle caress was pure rapture.

Finally, with a great heave, Joe thrust deep into her and they both came in a magnificent convulsion.

Kat collapsed back onto Joe and he held her tightly against him, gently kissing her neck.

After a minute Kat looked up. Alonzo was looking directly at them, mouth wide open as if in shock. And beyond him were Sexy Renee and the other dancers and about 30 men peering at them from 20 feet away. Everything was quiet. No music. No dancing. Nothing.

Then the entire room erupted in a terrific ovation. High fives were exchanged.

Kat got up from Joe’s lap and cum oozed out of her pussy and dripped down to her feet.

Joe pulled out ten crisp $100 bills and handed them to Kat. Kat looked at the 10 bills and then looked back at Joe. She looked over her shoulder at the crowd and then back at the bills.

She gave the money back.

Well, okay, she didn’t give the money back, but she certainly had one hell of a night to remember!

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