Libertine Excursions

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These are related to the Libertine Adventure stories, in that Dave is the main character for both, and while she hasn’t been introduced yet, Crystal will be a factor in both stories as well.

All people are over the age of 18.

Please vote at the end, using the stars. Any comments are welcome as well. Thanks and enjoy.


We had walked into a new store at our favorite outdoor mall. They specialized in bath bombs and scents of a maddening variety. As we walked in the sensory overload nearly gave me a migraine. My eyes blinked and Crystal giggled at my discomfort.

“Want to wait outside,” she asked.

I swatted at her ass as she danced nimbly away. “No, but I will wait by the door.”

No sooner than Crystal left than a younger woman than I, which isn’t all that hard to find in retail, came up and asked, “Abandoned at the door?”

I gave her a once over and liked what I saw. She carried probably thirty or forty extra pounds, but she had deep auburn hair, hazel eyes, a radiant smile, and tits worth mauling. I shook my head and replied, “No, I thought I would stay here where the better scenery was.”

She gave a light laugh and asked, “How about a beard butter sample?”

I smiled at her and asked, “What makes you think my beard isn’t soft already?”

Truth be told my 4″ beard was well conditioned for I already used a high quality beard butter, because Lisa liked the feel.

She reached up tentatively to feel my beard, and I clasped hands with her, like a high five gone slightly awry. “No, that is not how I want to show you how soft it is.”

She visibly swallowed and almost stammered out, “What did you have in mind?”

I closed the two feet between us and leaned over, her heavy tits brushing against my chest as I whispered into her ear, “Take me someplace and I will show you.”

She started to say or ask something but I out canlı bahis my forefinger across her lips and said, “This is a yes or no situation, no questions.”

I watched her eyes as she thought about it, going from yes to no and back. After a minute she nodded once and said, “Follow me.”

We headed toward the back and I caught Lisa’s hand, and whispered, “Meet at the home theater store if you get bored waiting?”

Lisa looked at the clerk as she approached the door to the back. Giving me a quick peck on the cheek, and said, “I can wait.”

We stepped in the back where there were two restrooms a stock room and an office. Surprised, “You have a men’s room?”

As she nodded I said, “Go in there.”

Stepping in there was a toilet, sink, and a blade hand dryer. Locking the door, “I would normally kiss you now, but it will need to wait until I show you how soft my beard is.”

She looked at me and asked, “So now what then?”

“Strip and lean against the sink, your backside toward the toilet.”

I leaned into her and caressed her upper arm and said softly, “You will always wonder what this might be of you don’t after coming so close.”

She shivered slightly at my touch and looked as if she was going to leave. I ran my hands up her arms, across her shoulders and to the back of her neck. Her head tilted into my right hand and I smiled down at her, “I’ll do all the work, all you need do is go to the sink.”

She looked into my eyes and whispered, “Okay.” She headed to the sink with her backside toward the toilet. I sat on the toilet and spun toward her.

My hands started at her calves, caressing and massaging up to her round rump. Unzipping the skirt I let it float down to pool at her feet. Her black pantyhose clad her legs and ass tightly.

Rolling the top down I slowly pulled them down and had her step out of them. I kicked the hose and skirt to the bahis siteleri side. Slowly, as lightly as I could played with her legs and ass for what seemed an eternity until I could smell her budding excitement.

Grasping the waistband of her thong, “Do you want me to continue?”

I heard, “Please.”

I yanked them down to her ankles and ordered, “Back up, spread your legs wide, and bend over farther, at least parallel to the floor.”

As she did her lower lips flowered open showing me just how moist she was. I grabbed her ass cheeks, my thumbs between her vulva and thighs. Pulling her cheeks open, I leaned forward and blew.

A shiver ran up and down her body and before she stopped I licked her puckered star then down to her wet opening. A guttural hiss escaped her body as she shivered again.

I pressed my fave fully into her and licked along her lips with the occasional lick across her anus and vagina alike.

Copious amounts of fluid were leaking from her within a minute or five. I slid my thumb into her cunt and began sliding it in and out, letting my hand smash her clit with each stroke.

My tongue speared her anus as my free hand began snaking up her round stomach toward her mammoth tit. I grabbed it and squeezed and muttered, “Strip,” between spears of my tongue.

A moment later sweater, blouse and bra went flying and I was mauling a heavy DD breast with an improbably small nipple poking my palm.

I felt a full on shudder and heard her gasp, as my hand got flooded with her orgasmic juices. I wrapped both arms around her to help support her as she shuddered and quivered.

As she came to a slow stop, I asked, “Where do you want it? Pussy, ass, tits or mouth?”

She stammered, “W – w – what?”

I swatted her plump ass watching it quiver like a bowl of fleshy jello, “My cock. Where do you want it?”

“I I I don’t know,” she replied.

“Good, bahis şirketleri cause I do.”

I stood and dropped my pants, freeing my hard on. I grabbed the base and lined it up with her tight cunt opening. Swabbing it up down left and right I coated my member in her juices, then nestled the head against her vagina.

I pressed forward, splitting her open. Her tight cunt seemingly wanting to keep me out. Backing out of her slightly I rammed myself forward, this time burying my entire length in her under used cunt.

My balls slapped her clit with each powerful thrust. The wet sounds of flesh smacking flesh filled the bathroom as I battered away at her with my ram. Her pussy seemed to be trying to both capture my cock and expel it. The tension was maddening as each millimeter of my cock was massaged by her cunt.

She started moaning out, “big, too big, fuck so good,” over and over as we raced each other to an orgasm.

Looking down I could see her big ass cheeks bouncing around wildly and I could imagine what her DD’s were doing in response to the repeated impacts.

I started slapping her ass with each back stroke, right cheek, left cheek back and forth painting them at first a bright pink and then a dark red as the strokes got harder and harder.

When she came, she wailed her pleasure drowning out all other sounds and began to quiver uncontrollably.

Collapsing to the floor she she swore, “Fuck,” and stayed there a moment.

I grabbed her by the hair and coaxed her face up, “Open your mouth,” I commanded.

She complied and I started fucking her face, slowly at first and the deeper and faster until I could feel the orgasm building in my balls.

As I began to blow I pulled out and shot my cum right between her eyes. I painted her face and tits and watched as it slowly started sleeping down her body.

I knelt down next to her and said, “You are a very good girl. I want you to dress and go out there and sell the woman I was with the biggest container of your beard butter. Also give her your number. Perhaps she will call you for another round someday.”

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