Lillian finds Romance in Newport

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Lily Anne, Lillian to her family, Lil to her closest friends, had just moved to Newport, Rhode Island at the urging of her best friend. Cindy had been so positive with her encouragements. “Move away, even for a while,” she had urged, “Get away Lil, find a fresh start and a new love. Baby, you need to not be you,” she continued, “So relax, go to the seashore, maybe find a nude beach.” Then she added with a wicked grin, “Maybe find yourself a sailor and take him for a real ocean ride.”

“Great,” Lil found herself talking out loud. “‘A fresh start’ she said. All I really have is a broken heart, no friends and NO prospects.”


“Hey, Lieutenant Jimmy!” James stopped and turned at the quarterdeck ladder at the gruff-sounding voice that could only belong to boatswain Ailes. “Where you going my lad?” Jim had long ago accepted that the fifty-something chief was never going to look at him as a “superior officer.” The Lieutenant, junior grade, knew he needed to accept the chief’s familiar ways, just as he come to accept his well-meaning concern over his recent divorce.

“Well, Chief,” Jim said, looking as serious and as his thirty years would allow, “Don’t tell the skipper but I thought I just might go ashore here in Newport, find a beautiful lady who needs some company, buy her dinner, take her dancing, romance her till she can’t say no then make love to her all night. Don’t worry, I’ll be back to the ship before liberty call expires at 6 a.m.”

The chief did not take the bait. “Well son,” he quipped, “Be sure to get something to eat. You haven’t been eating right and it would be a shame to leave some lady wanting because you didn’t have enough energy to accomplish your mission.” With that the chief turned and left, leaving his young charge wondering if he had just been told that he needed to eat something and get laid.


Lil was always an avid reader of romance novels and as she matured had progressed toward reading erotic literature. She constantly daydreamed of making love to a man who would accept her ministrations and then love her back even more. However, her experience had been that when it came to romance she always found herself to be second, never the first, and always left feeling like used goods. When she was growing up it was Regina who first developed breasts and had all the stories to tell of how good it felt to have your nipples sucked and teased. Mary, her best BEST friend was the first to actually touch a cock and then learn how to make herself cum.

At the school dance Lil, with her small breasts and mousy hair was always the “second’ choice for a dance. At prom time, she was the second girl her date had asked out. When she was out on a date and the inevitable petting began her partner always covered her hand in his hot cum, long

before her clit was even hard, let alone her needs were met. Usually she had to secretly masturbate herself to a small climax while the boy drove her back home, where she would cry herself to sleep. At nineteen, when she finally lost her virginity, the excitement of the evening was short lived. Lil was immediately crushed when Gary pulled out of her, just as the walls of her pussy were contracting, covered her swollen lips with his hot spunk and then coarsely commented, “Hey, you are my SECOND virgin.” Gary got up, pulled up his pants and left her with her unfilled pussy, torn panties and broken ego. After that incident Lil had sworn off boys for nearly two years.

The final blow was Kipe. After his very public break up with his show-girl girlfriend Lil had made him her project. She was determined that she was going to win his heart, learn to please him, bask in his love and be his wife forever. Kipe had accepted her adoration and had allowed her to be his girl for nearly two years, right up to the month before their planned marriage. Lil knew she was in trouble when Kipe stopped demanding oral sex every time they got in the car. She could feel the panic rising when in the middle of picking out their china pattern Kipe had commented that Monique, his former betrothed “picked this same pattern out for us; I still really like it.” That night Lil was shocked when Kipe tried to force his cock head into her unlubricated ass. When she complained, he just said “Sorry, I forgot you ain’t HER.” Two weeks later Kipe had gone back to his “First Love,” leaving Lil feeling again like a prop to be used and tossed away.


James – only his Mom and the chief called him Jimmy – had hardly left the ship in the four months since his divorce. If he gave it some thought he would have realized he had hardly left the ship in the five months preceding his divorce. Sarah, his Sarah, had been his world. Meeting in high school, she had been the only girl he had ever dated, the only girl he had ever made love to and the only woman he could envision spending his life with. He knew there was something wrong when after his first deployment Sarah insisted that he use a condom, arguing that she had no idea where his cock had been canlı bahis for the past five months. James had tried to ignore the shaved pussy, the initials “KD” tattooed just outside her pussy lips and the fact that his little Sarah had learned several new “techniques” that seemed to give her pleasure, but only served to make him worry. James could still remember calling the ship from some dingy bar in Charleston to have the chief come collect him. Drunk and hurt James sobbed uncontrollably next to the only man who had never judged him and told him of finding Sarah and “Killer Dick” fucking in their bed. He could hardly breath as he whispered, then screamed with rage, at witnessing the look of lust on his bride’s face with that monster cock rammed deep up inside of what he believed to be his wife’s virgin ass. For interrupting their abandoned pleasure all James got was a “Get the FUCK OUT!” from both of them.


Two broken souls, unaware of the warm summer breeze, the taste of salt in the air and the harbor dotted with sail boats. Each lost in thought, and personal pain, wondering if being alone was all that life had in store for them…


Determined to cheer herself up, Lil walked along the cliff walk feeling the warm summer breeze on her skin. Braless, her nipples, still chilled from the air conditioning, were still swollen and very prominent through her yellow summer dress. Sensitive to the touch, Lil was acutely aware that is was not just the cool air that had put her in this state. Months of masturbation without affection had left her aching inside. Walking along the Newport cliffs, Lil could see a group of young men almost naked playing along the seaside some thirty feet below. Lil took some secret pleasure in knowing that when the sun hit her dress from the right angle, you could clearly see the small patch of pubic hair that she liked to softly rub when stimulating her clitty. Sliding her hands down to pull her dress close around her waist, Lil knew those tanned and muscular young men, sunning themselves on the rocks below, were getting a free show. Stifling the urge to laugh Lil exclaimed aloud, “My gawd I’m horny!” before she even realized she was talking loud enough to be heard on the rocks below.

“Come on down!” shouted one of the youths, his buddies immediately pushing him off the rocks for ending their voyeur opportunity.

“There are too many of you and I have so little time,” shouted Lil back down to the boys with a laugh. Then she did something completely out of character. Lil lifted her dress and exposed her shaved and swollen mons to the young men below. “I’ll be thinking of you later,” she laughed, and then quickly moved on.


James went ashore in uniform. He had heard all the jokes about looking like the ice cream man. “Hey, sailor, can I lick your cone?” was a favorite one of the B girls in Charleston. Newport was supposed to be classier and he hoped maybe one eye would be turned his way. James had been told the way to experience Newport was to start with their famous Cliff walk. He had been told not only was the view walking along the sea cliffs, behind the famous Newport mansions, breathtaking, but the view of the students of Salvie Regina college was equally appealing. The summer breeze was warm and strong, and James could see lots of people catching rays on the large boulders and out hangs from the cliffs below.

His attention was soon caught by a sleek 40′ racing yacht heading out towards the Newport bridge. As he watched the sleek ship slice soundlessly through the water, he thought she looked like the sea was making love to her, bouncing her hull high with each crest of a thrusting wave. His attention was then drawn to the beach below. The young men on the beach were excited and talking very loudly. Two were gesturing towards someone on the cliff, who must be around the bend, currently hidden from his view. Thinking that some alarm had been raised, James quickly resumed his walk and hurried to the next bend where he stopped in his tracks. “What a beauty!” was the first thing that jumped in his mind, for there, just barely ten feet away, was a young woman in a bright yellow sun dress. Her short hair, flowing freely in the warm summer breeze, hid her face. She was clearly intent on teasing the young men below by exposing herself. “I’ll be thinking of you,” he heard her tease, and then she turned to walk away.

James heard his own voice call out to her, “Hello, you are amazing.”

Lil had counted on the safe distance and sheer cliffs to enjoy a little wanton teasing without fear of confrontation. It was out of her character to act so boldly, but that was the whole idea of this trip, NOT to be her. The very male voice that startled her from behind was very near and caught her completely off guard. “I’m sorry I startled you,” he offered as she turned to face her uncertain admirer.

Turning towards the voice Lil began, “You should not sneak up…” and then Lil stopped in mid sentence. She was not prepared for a man in uniform, bahis siteleri lily white from his cap to the shoes he wore. “Oh gawd,” Lil continued, “I have never been so embarrassed in my life. I was just…”

“Hey,” James cut her off as she flustered and pulled her dress tight against her, “I’m in the Navy, not the priesthood.”

“What does that mean?” Lil asked, taking notice of his gaze on her breasts. Lil could feel her cheeks burn and at the same time her nipples becoming even more rigid as she gazed at the man’s crotch and wondered if the slight bulge had anything to do with her.

“Well,” he said, “First off I like women. A lot. Especially sexy ones, like you.” Shit, James thought to himself, I sound stupid. I’m going to come on too strong, AGAIN, and she is going to run for cover.

Taking a step from the cliff side, and causing the young men below to shout even louder as they lost sight of her, Lil moved towards the new man in uniform. She made a small laugh, turned, tilted her head and said, “So, sailor man, you think me sexy, huh?” As Lil made an exaggerated twirl her dress rose up, exposing her shapely legs.

James stood his ground, knowing that there was a small window to make a connection, any connection, with this lady who sent the first wave of heat though his lions that he had experienced in nearly a year. “Oh yes, I think you are a beauty even covered up.” “Damn, did I have to say that out loud?” James asked himself as his eyes shifted from her cute face back down to the pointed nipples now plainly visible through her thin summer dress. But Lil paid the comment no attention and moved closer, looking into his deep brown eyes as he nervously broke contact with her nipples and searched her face for approval.

Lil liked the power she was feeling. Here was clearly an intelligent and confident man, and yet she knew even a small pout on her face would send him into a panic. I like this man, Lil thought to herself, and for once, he picked me first. “Come on, sailor man,” Lil smiled and laughed, entwining her left arm in his. “Let’s continue our cliff walk and see what mischief we can get into. Are you game?” James caught the scent of her perfume and was suddenly aware that he had on his arm a woman who for now wanted to be with HIM. He could only nod and begin to match her pace. Pulling her sailor closer to the cliff Lil could not resist one last tease. “Sorry, boys, I think I have been taken, or at least I hope I will be,” and with that she lifted her skirt again, except this time watched his eyes as her saw how close at hand her shaved pussy was, now glistening with the teasing she had done. “Let’s go on baby,” she cooed.

Lil was instantly aware of the heat of his arm and the soft hairs that were sticking through the thin material of her dress, teasing her extended nipples as she held his arm close. Walking as if they had long been lovers, close and in intimate silence, Lil began to day dream of another arm, this one smooth and cool, that had recently brushed her nipples into a state of need and desire…

Lil had caught the red eye from Los Angles to New York, partly to save money and partly because she wanted to be alone to lick her wounds. She knew she was still having bouts of rage and crying and desired neither sympathy or public stares. Sitting in the back row, next to the window, Lil had cuddled up with two pillows and a blanket because she had worn a very short skirt, not realizing it was for show, not for sitting. When another woman sat down in the aisle seat next to her, Lil was disappointed that she would not be alone with her misery. “Hi, I’m Debbie,” she greeted Lil, and while extending her hand displayed a generous smile that was in competition with her full breasts that were plainly confined by neither a bra or teddy.

“I’m Lil,” she managed, but turned back to the window hoping for privacy.

“I love these late night flights,” continued Debbie, as if Lil were still giving her her full attention. “I love to cuddle up under the blankets and feeling the vibration of plane, having one climax after another.”

Lil was amazed at such familiarity from a complete a stranger. “You mean you masturbate? Here? On the plane? And no one notices?” The astonished look on Lil’s face showed she was at a loss for words.

“You don’t fly much,” Debbie stated flatly. “Look at the attendant, ever see a man with such a tight ass and manicured nails?”

“Well, no,” giggled Lil, amazed at the brash and loud comments Debbie felt free to make.

“Well, my sweet,” continued Debbie, “I’ll bet you he spends the whole flight hitting on the man in 18C, and will pay us no attention at all. Besides if we stripped he would only comment on our nails!” With that both of them began to laugh and the flight attendant, as Debbie had predicted, smiled politely at the girls and focused his attention on the young man in 18C with the sandy hair and open shirt.

Twenty minutes into the flight Debbie pulled one leg up in the middle seat and pulled out a magazine bahis şirketleri full of naked women – not just naked women but women with other naked women. This was beyond any experience of Lil’s and she found herself surreptitiously looking sideways but keeping her face forward. “Shit, look at these nipples!” Debbie exclaimed, pressing the mag in front of Lil’s astonished eyes.

“Uhh, I, err, I don’t know what to say,”stammered Lil. Lil was now acutely aware that every time Debbie moved her foot it rubbed against Lil’s exposed thigh. She thought she even felt how Debbie’s toes curled, as if she were caressing her leg.

“Lil… You said you name was Lil, correct?” Debbie moved closer, her foot still firmly against Lil’s leg and this time the clutching toes were very pronounced. Talking in a whisper Debbie spoke into Lil’s ear, “If I had nipples like that I would get laid every night. Look how firm and pointed they are. Can’t you just imagine how they would feel being sucked and licked? I would love to suck them myself, what about you?”

Lil found her own nipples getting hard at the frank talk and pulled the blanket up around her. “Are you gay?” she blurted out and then quickly became flushed with the question so bluntly asked.

Debbie just smiled, “No honey, he is gay,” pointing to the attendant. “I’m just available to whoever can make me cum,” and with that she put her leg down and slid next to Lil, their bare thighs now touching.

“I’m not gay,” Lil spoke softly, but did not break the contact between them, “and I have never been with another woman.”

Debbie gave her the most understanding look Lil had even seen, lifting her hair and placing it behind Lil’s ear as she spoke very sweetly, “I know, sweet innocent, I could see it when you looked at my breasts and blushed. Hey, it’s ok, really, you can notice another woman – even enjoy her – and not be gay.” With that she kissed Lil on the cheek and moved slightly away, just barely breaking the contact between them. Lil was warmed by the kiss and disappointed by the break in contact between them.

For the next twenty minutes Lil contemplated what Debbie had said and even looked openly at the pictures Debbie was so occupied with. She found she longed for the touch of Debbie back next to her. When Debbie reached inside her blouse to rub and adjust her breasts, Lil did not blush and enjoyed the view of her new friend. Suddenly Debbie got up and ran to the bathroom. While she was gone the attendant came by, noticing the magazine left by Debbie on the chair. “Will you two need another blanket?” he asked with a smile that held no hint of disapproval.

Before Lil could answer Debbie returned and the attendant moved on. “Sorry,” she said, ” I just had to get more comfortable,” and with that she stuffed a thin purple thong panty into the seat pocket, with the wet crotch still plainly visible. This time Debbie tucked her legs under her, leaned her chair back and pulled a blanket over her, just barely covering her exposed tummy, her thigh again in full contact with Lilian’s leg.

Never before had Lil smelled the heat of another woman, but the scent of Debbie permeated the air around her. Lil needed no smells to know what was the meaning of the squishy sounds Debbie’s fingers were now making. “Mine makes the same sounds,” Lil said nervously, her gaze locked on the girl next to her, who stared straight ahead, her face a play of emotions.

“Please,” Debbie pleaded. “Please help me. I’m so teased my tummy is aching.”

“What can I do?” Lil asked, concerned that something was seriously wrong, for she had never been in such lust that a few quiet moments did not abate her desire.

Debbie however could never not cum. She had once stayed on the edge for a full day till she found the right spot, saw the sexy picture of a soft breast or felt the right touch to her nipples or clitty to send her over the edge. Tonight was no different. She really liked her new friend and found her innocence in direct contrast to the very sharp nipples protruding out from her firm breasts. She also knew, from the way Lil shifted in her seat, that she was getting turned on by watching and listening to Debbie rapidly teasing herself.

“Please,” Debbie asked in a hushed whisper, staring at Lil with pleading eyes, half shut due to the intense teasing building deep within her vagina, “I can’t come unless my nipples are touched. Please, baby girl, just rub them a little and my clit will take care of the rest.”

“But,” stammered Lil, intent on seeing Debbie cum while unsure of how far she could let herself go, “I’m not gay, Bi or whatever you call it.” Then very quietly she added, “I would not know what to do or if I was doing it right.” Debbie kept two fingers deep inside of herself, her palm firmly placed against the ridge above her clit and then released the firm hold she had on her left breast. Reaching out she took Lil’s left hand by the wrist and without resistance brought the fingertips to her mouth. Debbie had suspected that Lil had secretly been touching her own pussy under the blanket, and the scent and sweet taste on her fingertips now confirmed it. As Debbie gently licked each finger Lil did not care that her secret masturbation had been discovered.

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