Love in Paradise

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We are in far north Queensland, in a beach shack nestled in the Daintree rainforest near Cape Tribulation. It is a short walk to the beach where we have some hammocks hung to relax in the cool ocean breeze under the palm trees. The waves break over the reef to come tumbling onto the beach of white sand, peppered with shells and seaweed. It is very secluded, access by boat only.

The shack we stay in, is very basic. There is a home made bed filled with coconut husk, a roughly made table and benches, a few shelves for the pots, pans and plates. A pot belly stove stands in the corner, its flue extending out through a hole in the wall to stop smoke building up inside. A crude locker stands in the other corner. The basic staples can be stored there. A hurricane lamp sits on the table along with some cutlery.

A small streams runs not far from the shack and if you follow it a few hundred yards you come to a waterfall, that spills into a beautiful clear pool fringed by bright green ferns and palm trees. The sound of the waterfall is broken occasionally with the songs bursa escort of many birds. There are no mods and cons so our shower is this waterfall. Of course being in the Tropics, the water is tepid, like a warm bath.

And this is where I find you……under the falls…in the pool…water up to your navel…letting the luke warm water spray on you….lathering yourself up….eyes shut as you let the stream spray over your face. Smiling at the sight of your sexy body, the water glistening on your skin, I quickly slip out of my clothes. Throwing them over a bush, I dive silently in the water. I swim under it breaking the surface just behind you. Standing up and moving so close that the water from the falls can collect between us but not touching and you are still unaware of my presence. Ever so lightly, I kiss you between the shoulder blades. I watch the goose bumps form on your tanned skin.

Bringing my hands up on your shoulders and I run them down your arms. I kiss the nape of your neck and nibble your ear lobe. I hear you moan with desire. Mmmmmm you sound bursa escort bayan like a tiger purring. Your excitement makes me even more excited. And I bring my hands from your hips to grab a hold of your cheeks squeezing them as I rub my hard nipples on your back. You turn around. You have to hold me. You have to feel my breasts against your chest. You have to have your hard cock closer to my mound. You want your lips on mine as much as I want to taste yours. Our lips meet in a long sensual kiss. Our tongues entwining..dancing…tasting. You press your body against mine hard. My mound is being crushed against your stiff member.

You bring your hands up to my breasts, and start caressing them. My nipples are between your fingers and you press them together pinching my nipples.

“Oh God”, I groan with desire.

My hands have come around to the front of you and are stroking…. feeling… touching your hard cock, feeling it throb under my fingertips. Your balls feels so tight maybe from the water.. or more like just lust. My thumb teases your eye rubbing escort bursa it while my fingers curl softly around the rim of your knob. Some precum floats to slowly to the top of the pool. Your hand goes to my clit, rubbing it, making it hard.

I slide my hand down your length, making you gasp and whisper to me, your voice croaky with lust, “Oh god Fran I want you…..I want you now. I have to have you.”

You lift me, your hard cock spearing into me as I wrap my legs around your waist. You bring your head down to suck my nipples. Licking ….nipping at them….we start to fuck…..slowly……so slowly the water forming an eddy between us. Every time you pump right in me so deep the water squirts out of my pulsating pussy. My head is thrown back in pleasure. The spray hits my face as I ride you….as you fuck me….as you suck my nipples until I shudder into my climax, calling out your name. The sound of the waterfall broken by my screams of joy. You quickly follow me, filling my pussy with your sweet silky warm cum.

Your legs give way under you as you attain your orgasm. We both end up under water. But come up again in each others arms… kissing…. content. The water sprays on us, on our faces and I laugh with joy. The joy of finding my special mate and having this time with him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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