Luve Ch. 01

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I had just walked into class, and immediately fell for her.

“Welcome to your first day at Luve. As you likely know, we are a school for adults to finish their high school studies and complete their GEDs. I’m your teacher, Ana Sanchez, but unlike other high schools, you can just call me Ana! Ms. Sanchez is a good way to get on my bad side!”

Most of the time, I would just sit at the back of the class, and half-ass it until the semester was over, but this time, I walked to the front of the class and sat directly in front of her.

I didn’t make it painfully obvious, but I had no problem eyeballing her while she addressed the class. A smaller Spanish woman whose age I would guess to be around thirty-two, with long, flowing black hair past the shoulders, and olive skin that radiated her beauty completely, her greenish eyes were complimented by her thin, natural lips. At around 5’4″ and not possibly weighing any more than 120lbs, Ana was “wife-material.” Her small, but pronounced perky breasts were very admirable through her modest white t-shirt, and her figure was more so exposed by her tight, light blue jeans. Ana was the type of outgoing woman you’d expect to see at a yoga class, motivating other stretchers during the workout, and befriending them immediately after. What her life was actually like, I really wanted to know.

“You’ll notice that there is a part of the building in the back that is blocked off. That is the old gymnasium, which has been closed down due to structural issues with the east side of the building. They’ll be demolishing the whole thing next year.”

A student interrupted, “There were people in there earlier…”

“Yes, every now and then, a teacher will volunteer to make the rounds just to inspect everything. There are a couple of change rooms with showers, and that building has had leak issues, so we check up on it. But don’t worry about that—this is Entrepreneurship 101, and what I’m going to teach you, or at least try to, is how you can use ideas in your mind to achieve goals, and make some money doing it. But before that, I’d like to get to know each of you. I’m going to ask you to stand up, and introduce yourselves to the class, starting at the front here.”

The only other person sitting in the front was a light-skinned black girl, or a young woman would be more accurate—considering she looked around twenty-four. She seemed to be taller, around 5’8″ if I had to guess, but was dressed very stylishly, with a revealing red top covered only slightly by a grey scarf, and a black skirt stopping just above her knees. Her black hair had been straightened to the end of her neck, and dyed with subtle streaks of red, while her facial features were as tough as they were hot. Her small eyes were accentuated with dark red contact lenses, and her full red lips were the stuff of every man’s imagination. As she stood up confirming her long, slender figure, a movement of her scarf away from her body revealed large, full breasts just extruding from her red top. Also exposed were her long, smooth legs, glistening. canlı bahis Even Ana seemed to have looked her over very quickly as they made eye contact.

“Hi—my name is Jesse. I’m twenty-seven years old, and I work at La Miriam.” What should’ve been a shocking statement was surprisingly met with silence, as La Miriam was a pretty well-established lingerie shop in downtown. “I actually have my GED already, I’m just here to upgrade my marks to get into university.”

“Ah, there are many students who come to this school to do that,” Ana replied. “Thanks Jesse, and welcome! Next, let’s have you introduce yourself,” as Ana made eye contact with me for the first time, not sensing my heart skipping as I stood up.

“Hey. My name is Jorge. I live over in Olde Town, but came over to Luve instead of Goodham because of the wrestling program here. I’m a wrestler… it was the only thing I was good at in high school… I’m hoping to improve enough to compete at the Olympic qualifiers in two years. Nice to meet all of you… Oh, and I’m twenty-two, in case you need to know,” as a small laughter came from the class.

“Wow, the Olympics? You’ll notice one thing about me, Jorge, it’s that I LOVE ambition! It’s what entrepreneurship is all about! I’m looking forward to getting to know you better!” If she wasn’t so sweet and cheerful, that last line could’ve easily been mistaken for an invitation. I sat back down as Ana moved onto the next student, and sensing I was being watched, I slowly looked next to me to notice that Jesse was looking at me. She didn’t seem to mind the awkward, silent eye contact we were making as the next student was introducing themselves, and neither did I.

Later on in the class, we were asked to pair up for a “relationship-building” exercise. The instruction given to us (after Ana had already taught us the intense science of writing a memo) was to communicate with another person, who could be a potential co-worker, using memos only, and without speaking. This was the last, and scheduled to be the longest exercise of today’s class. Every pair was to be given a sticky pad to write short notes, and an entire conversation was to be had using them for the sole purpose of improving your relationship with your fellow co-worker (or, in this case, student).

Considering we were pretty much isolated together at the front of the class anyway, all it took was a look over at Jesse, and a mutual nod to decide we would pair up together. The fact that we were able to achieve this mutual partnership without even speaking to each other surely must’ve been a good sign. Ana came around and gave us the sticky pad, and as she started the 20-minute timer which cast a preparatory silence over the class room, I began to write first.

“So, what do you think of this class so far?” Sliding the sticky pad over to Jesse. She began writing with half a smile on her face, and slid the sticky pad over to me.

“How big is your cock?”

I should’ve been shocked, but for some reason, I was amused by this. Even though all it would’ve taken bahis siteleri was me delivering this sticky pad over to Ana to cause pretty significant consequences to Jesse, I was rather impressed: Jesse seemed to have a lot of balls. And she seemed to just put a lot of trust in me, which I couldn’t help but appreciate immensely. Moreover, this was a very sexual woman, and she just immediately took the attention I had given Ana for nearly an entire class by writing one statement. In five words, I learned a lot about this girl.

I began writing, “bigger than you might imagine,” which started our continuous exchange for the next nineteen minutes.

“Afraid to tell me the size?”

“Nine inches, hard.”

“Nice. You got a girlfriend?”

“Recently broke up. You, boyfriend?”

“Many, but not enough. I’m a slut, lol.”

“Nothing wrong with that. A lot of men are sluts too.”

“Not like me, they aren’t. I’ve done things you couldn’t imagine.”


“Wouldn’t you like to know, lol.”


“To say the least. Speaking of which, you like the teacher?”

“Yep. She’s very cute. Been staring at her all class,” I replied.

“Think she’s married/boyfriend?”

“I don’t know. Maybe.”

“She probably think we’re talking about corporation tax or some shit, lol. Ask her after class.”

“Ask her what?”

“Ask her if she’s married. If not, ask her out on a date,” Jesse dared.

“No way, haha,” I wrote as I grinned.

“Why not?”

“Because, she’s the teacher!”


“So, when she says no, the whole semester will be fuckin’ awkward,” I reasoned.

“She won’t say no. I can sense it. She needs it.”

“Needs what?”

“To be fucked. Badly.”

“Haha, how can you tell?”

“Notice how she’s very touchy-feely with everyone?” Jesse observed.

“Some people are like that. Doesn’t mean they are asking to get fucked, especially by students.”

“Yes it does. We’re adults too. There’s no rule she can’t hook up with one of us.”

“Since you’re into girls, you ask her out after class.”


Not long after, Ana called time on the exercise. Thankfully, she didn’t ask for the sticky pads back.

I didn’t take very much of what Jesse had wrote seriously. She did seem to be a very adventurous, devil-may-care-type, but she could just as easily have been a liar. While I didn’t doubt that she was bisexual given her overall vibe, I questioned her bravado about asking Ana out on a date, if that was what we were talking about, I don’t even remember.

If I had to guess, Ana did not seem to fit any patterns or types which would suggest that she was gay or bi. She was rather probably married to a handsome guy, with at least one child, given how motherly she can be. Ana seemed to be the type of woman who would go to a family gathering on a weekend, help her sisters-in-law cook in the morning, play with the kids all afternoon, and then blow her husband on the way home at night as he struggled to drive straight. There bahis şirketleri could be no assurance that Ana didn’t have an adventurous sex life herself, but whether she would date a student, especially of her own sex (which was already a gamble), on the first day of school was complete horseshit, I thought.

After class had ended, sure enough, Jesse did go up to talk to Ana as I exited the class with everyone else, but stayed close outside the door to monitor what was going on. It was just the two of them in there, and while I was close to the door, the raucous in the hallway kept me from hearing their conversation. I did notice that Jesse was looking more into Ana’s eyes than Ana was into hers, and at one point, it was Jesse getting touchy-feely with Ana, quickly running her hand down Ana’s arm but pulling away before anything serious could be suggested. There was a lot of smiling and laughing between the two, but nothing that would indicate anything romantic or sexual. After what seemed like a while, Jesse actually hugged Ana, and made her way out of the classroom.

“So?” I impatiently inquired.

“She’s married. Two kids: a son and a daughter.”

“Ah. Well, I guess that complicates your date a little bit,” as I somewhat pompously giggled. “I’m pretty impressed that you were able to get that much out of her, though. Is that all?”

“She thirty-five years old, loves Italian food, romantic movies—not romantic comedies—and her husband is a personal trainer. She also loves café mocha. We’re actually going to have a couple of café mochas later on, on our date.”

I wasn’t sure I heard her correctly, “what?”

“Yeah. I’m meeting her at the French Cup later on. I told her to wear something more sexy. I want her looking like sluttier before I fuck her tonight.”

Though blood rushed to my cock at the last couple of statements, I knew this was too good to be true.

“Bullshit!” I replied in disbelief.

“Give me your number. If you don’t get a picture text from me tonight, then I’m a liar.”

I gave Jesse my number, and she walked away smiling without saying goodbye. I turned and went to the men’s restroom, which was a smelly, decrepit, windowless room consistent with the rest of the rundown school. I pulled out my cock at the urinal to take a piss, as I was still in disbelief at what just happened in the last two hours.

I couldn’t believe how far Jesse was willing to go to prove her bravado. But for all I knew, she was a liar. She probably spent the five minutes talking to Ana about tomorrow’s class, or how she’ll need to skip Fridays because of her work schedule. However, considering Jesse was willing to do this voluntary step of sending me a “picture message,” whatever that would be (probably her sending a shot of random panties at her lingerie shop), her bravado was really no shirt off my back. By the end of the semester, we would probably reminisce about this ruse at our first meeting. Or maybe this was just an excuse to get my number. At times, she made it abundantly clear that she was into me. But by the end of class, her interest seemed to be only in Ana. After all, she wasn’t blowing my nine-inch cock with her full red lips at that moment in the stall behind me.

“Fuck her,” I thought as I held my cock.

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