Massage Choices in Houston Ch. 03

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Ok, so this is the third and possibly last section of this series. I have delayed a while, but that has only added more stories from my third location choice. I am not saying that this place is third amongst my choices, it is more like that there are three distinct types of places, depending on what I am looking for at the moment. This is the third one I am describing.

I have stated the details in the other sections of this story that you can (often) determine if a massage place is full service by the price. However my story is full of exceptions to the rule. My first place was very cheap, $40. This would typically mean that you pay the door fee, and the masseuse would demand more money to give you your happy ending. But My Spa didn’t to that. They charged the cheap price, got you naked for a table shower, but didn’t give a happy ending or ask for more money.

My second place is Heaven. They charged $80. They (almost) never offered full service, and never pushed for a large tip. But they gave a great massage, and often got topless, and always gave a quality happy ending.

My third place is Sunshine. It screams full service in two ways. It is in a really crappy strip mall where half of the stores are out of business. And it only asks $60 for a massage. This is not typically enough for a place that will give you a happy ending. It is more typical of a low door price which comes with higher prices for extras. My Spa was an exception to this rule, by not asking for more money and not offering any services…

I will go through my last visit to Sunshine, but honestly this visit was only slightly better than many other visits.

When you enter you are in a very drab foyer. The other two locations are very professional up front. This place is not. You enter the lobby and are only met with two empty chairs and a receptionist desk that has never been used. There is also a door bell and a steel gate with a little hand written tag asking you to ring.

When you ring – I have been here ten times and this has never failed – a stunning Chinese girl, in a sexy outfit, meets you and invites you in. I will walk you through my last visit.

I wrote about this in my story “Another Transsexual Massage”, where I explained that the Transsexual massage I set up was cancelled, so I went to my favorite full service spa. I said it was a story for another day, and today is the day.

I was upset that my Trans massage was cancelled, and I was horny. So I went to Sunshine.

I rang the doorbell, and a stunning woman answered. I never got her name, but here’s the story.

She was about 4’8″ tall at the most. She had long black hair that reached half of the way down her very slim, but curvy body. She was wearing a slinky white dress with a plunging scoop neckline that showed off her D cup tits very well. She was stunning, just eryaman escort stunning.

She took me down a long hall with a number of doors, to room
. She opened the door and let me in. She came in with me and asked me to get comfortable, so I started to take my clothes off. I was hoping she would stay with me, and maybe help. But when I got about half way done, and she asked me if I wanted to start with a table shower. I said yes, and she left to get the shower ready. I stripped and sat on the massage bed and waited for her to return. I sat on the edge of the massage table, with no towel covering me, since there was none left in the room.

When she came back, she entered the room without knocking, walked up to me and stood in between my knees, half way to my exposed cock. She started running her hands down my chest to the base of my cock and asked if I wanted to follow her to the table shower room.

This took a minute or so, and the interaction with my cock got it standing up. I took the towel she offered me and followed her 4 doors down the hall to the table shower room.

I entered the room, and the contrast to the rest of the place is shocking. The lights are very bright, and the room is very stark. There is a table with a plastic cover in the middle of a ceramic tiled room and a hose. She immediately took away my towel and left me standing there naked. I had to stand there for a couple of minutes while she warmed up the water, and went through the motions to sanitizing the table.

When she was done, she walked to me with a big smile on her face. She reached out for my hand to walk me across the room to lay on the table. However, at the last second she reached for my cock instead of my hand. We stood there a moment while she played with my stiffening cock, in order for her to have something sturdier to hold onto.

Once she had a good hold on me she led me to the table and had me lay on my stomach. Once laying down, she hosed me down with the warm water. It really felt relaxing. Once I was wet down, she took a soapy loofa and started washing me down.

She would soap me with the loofa, and spread the soap with her bare hand. She started on my ass. The loofa spread the soap, and her bare hand got very up close and personal. She actually cleaned my asshole to the entire depth of her index finger, I almost jumped off the table.

After finishing my ass, she worked her way efficiently down one leg, and back up the other. When she got back to my ass, she slipped her hand under and massaged my balls. Then she slipped her had under further and stroked my stiff cock.

After this she moved to my back and arms. Once complete, she washed the soap off with the sprayer, and had me roll over. When I rolled over, she giggled and made it look like she was surprised that I was hard. escort eryaman She grabbed my cock with one of her soapy hands, and alternated between my balls and my taint with the other.

She gave me long slow strokes for about a minute. She would start at the base, and work her way up. When she got to the top, she would give short strokes to the head, and then she would repeat. She did this for at least a minute, and I was afraid that I would cum before we finished the shower.

Sensing that I was about to blow, she moved on and quickly washed the remainder of my body, and then rinsed me down. Once rinsed, she had me stand so she could rinse me again. She has the shower head in one hand, and my cock in the other. She guided me by my cock to rotate around to fully rinse me.

Once she was complete, she stood right in front of me and started toweling me off. She started with my face. When she got to my waist, she kneeled down. Now my cock was practically poking her in the eye. She used the towel and dried off my cock with very soft strokes. Once my cock was dry, she wrapped the towel around my ass, pulled me forward, and took my dick right into her mouth. I have been here a number of times, no other masseuse ever did this.

Once she had my ass dry, and my complete attention, she wrapped the towel around me and led me back to the massage room. This time she held my hand…

We got to the room and I laid down on the bed, and put my face in the donut hole.

The massage started just like the shower, with my ass. She didn’t insert any fingers, but she played with my asshole a lot. It is like bolts of electricity every time she touched it. After getting my attention, she started with a halfway decent massage. The massages here are not high quality, they are typically passable. She was above average.

The massage went for about twenty minutes, with occasional reach under to keep my dick at attention. When the twenty minutes were done, she had me roll over.

Once on my back, she asked me if there were any other services I needed. This is where you both have to be careful not to solicit sex for money, incase either of you are a cop. I stated that I was looking for other services.

She asked “Which services?”

I responded, “Any ones that you offer.” She then told me I had to pay her for these before we proceed. I got up and walked across the room to get my wallet. I counted out the money and handed it to her. I have to say that I like this part of the process. Walking around the room naked, while she is dressed is a thrill to me.

I gave her the cash, and she left the room. I sat on the edge of the massage table, and waited, with my hard cock pointing towards the door, awaiting her return. After two minutes she came back in and walked up to me and stood close, directly eryaman escort bayan between my knees. She grabs my cock, and played with it a bit. I wrapped my hands around her and brought her in for a hug. I then started to feel her up over her dress. Her tits felt great.

At this point, she took a step back and in one swift motion she lifted her dress off. I helped her take her bra off and unleash her wonderful tits. Looking at them I assumed they were implants. Since they were so large and she was petite. But they felt so soft, and the nipples were very sensitive. If they were fake, they certainly didn’t feel that way.

As I am feeling her up, she starts playing with my cock again. After a minute she takes a step back, and slides her thong off. Now she is just wearing her high heels – which she kept on.

She stood there for a minute, and I was just amazed how hot she was. Not quite five feet tall, long hair flawless skin, beautiful tits slim waist and a completely shaved pussy.

She had me lay down on my back and she climbed up between my legs. She slipped a condom in her mouth and proceeded to put it on me while she gave me a great blow job. Between everything she did in the shower room, and up to now, I was close to cuming many times here. But I had to hold out until I fucked her. Finally she climbed on, lined up my dick to her pussy and started riding me. She rode me slow for a minute, and then picked up the pace. Another minute or two she was riding me harder than I could ever remember.

She was so young and tight. Being on the bottom I had her tits alternating between my hands and my mouth. For her part she seemed way into it. The view and feel from below was so incredible that I was about to finish in record time.

I had to prolong this for a bit, so I grabbed her hips and slowed her down to a stop. Now she is sitting perched above me while I am balls deep. It was at this point I asked if we could switch positions, so I could get on top. I was looking for both a pause in the action so I could back off from the edge, and to be able to control the tempo so I could last longer.

She wasn’t happy with this, she made a face like she was a little disappointed, but she relented. She was so small and light that I kept my cock deep in her, while I sat up and swung her onto her back.

At this point I started kissing and sucking her tits while I slowly started fucking her. She was less animated for the next three or four minutes, but I was able to fuck her for three or four additional minutes. If I hadn’t switched we would have finished already.

I was out of breath when I finally came, and practically collapsed on her. I was spent.

She rolled me off, and cleaned me up. She came back up for a minute or two of cuddling, and then she had me get up, and she helped me get dressed. Finally when I was dressed, she put her dress back on and walked me out. It was mind blowing. This may have been my best experience at Sunshine, but honestly. It was only marginally better than typical. All the girls are beautiful and they all will fuck you without complications or exorbitant extra payments.

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