Meet Joe – Ballroom Dancer

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I was encouraged to dance from an early age. My father was a British Champion and hailed from the North West of England, competing frequently in the World famous Winter Gardens in Blackpool. When he met my mother his dancing career stopped and he opened up his own dance studio. This included training me. This didn’t bother me, as dancing was all I knew. Apparently I was tapping my feet even before I was walking. My mother who was the family’s main earner, received a job offer in Michigan, so our family migrated to the United States. I was seven years old and my younger sister had been born by then.

Whilst living in the US, my sister (who was two years my junior) became my first competitive dance partner, with our dad being our primary teacher. I do owe her a debt of gratitude as she also stuck up for me during my younger years at school. I remember just before the summer vacation (I was 10) and was being bullied because a photo appeared in the local newspaper of us both dancing. My sister put her arm around me and told me that they were just jealous that I was front page news in the local community. She was very mature even at the age of eight!

Time went on, and dancing progressed. At 14 I was the skinny kid at school with terrible acne, low self-esteem and I started to worry about my “thing,” as when changing during gym, it appeared much smaller than everyone else’s. I was also at that age where dancing with my sister was no longer cool (something she resented me for as we had recently finished runners up in the State the year before). I didn’t mean to upset my sister, it was just the intimacy began to feel strange as my teenage worries got the better of me, as did the fact that during competitions I was wearing excess amounts of make up to hide my blotchy skin.

My father understood the situation and helped me through it, he got me involved in another dance school an hour away and I found a new partner of which we had relative success. At 17 my father was diagnosed with cancer and passed away. I was in my final year of high school, ready to go to college and study International Business and take my dancing further with the collegiate championships. However, my father’s passing led to a halt in my dance career.

I reinvented myself in college, started to grow out of my teenage skin, and became an exercise freak. I even figured out that I was quite the track athlete running the mile in under four and a half minutes. I was now five feet ten (retaining my dancers posture), and managed to bulk up slightly so I was now slim and toned as opposed to skinny. I even dated the odd girl, nothing serious, but found that my pale skin and patches of English accent I retained were a turn on to some. One girl I dated even commented on how beautiful my green eyes were and how they matched my light brown hair perfectly.

Although I had grown up, my penis still bothered me. I was certainly not as large as I hoped. Erect I stood between five and five and a half inches depending how horny I was (although my girth was normal based on my readings). In terms of length, I did have a sense of paranoia that I was nowhere near Mr Average with people claiming to be 8″ plus. This effectively stunted my sex life, where I didn’t even feel comfortable for a girl to put her hands down there, never mind do anything else.

Dancing seemed a lifetime away until in my final year of college I joined a couple of my track buddies and we went to a bar. Being one of the youngest of my year group I only turned 21 during the summer of my third year in college, so going out drinking in bars was relatively new for me. Not that I hadn’t drank before. In fact I had acquired a certain taste to Budweiser.

The bar was quite full when we arrived and was full of bursa escort hot college chicks, but also a good number of Jocks who were sleazing their way around all the pretty girls. Part of me who was never schooled in talking to girls, and being a shy individual kept myself to myself. I looked after our table and my track buddies would come back every so often after having a dance or doing a lap to find some attractive female to take home.

After several beers, the place quietened down with most folk moving on elsewhere. The air was less stuffy and I started to appreciate the surroundings of the bar. It was relatively dark, decked out in a lot of wood panelling, with quite a lot of brewery signs dotted about the place. There was a raised DJ booth and a small dance floor where I saw what in my opinion was the most beautiful girl in the world. She was dancing with three of her friends and boy could she move. She was just my type.

She had long black hair, almost down to her waist and tanned skin. Her eyes were so dark and on the side profile she had a small upturned nose that had such an elegant curve to it. Her face was round and she had some substance to her cheeks that somehow got me fascinated with her. I then did as all guys do, decided to check her out from the ground up and things only got better. She had a curvy muscly figure (as if she was an athlete herself, although I would have certainly remembered her if she had been up at the track) and was wearing a pair of flowery shorts that weren’t overly short but accentuated her long legs. She was wearing some wedges on her feet with a 2 inch heel that gave her calf muscles that wonderful definition I had seen and appreciated on so many female dancers. Moreover, it certainly made her arse stand out. The thoughts of seeing her naked body, in particular that fine ass were stirring like a whirlwind through my head. She was wearing a shirt (unbuttoned) over a white fitted vest top that certainly drew focus to her breasts. That’s when my buddy Toby tapped me on the back and asked if I was ok? I just nodded and was literally speechless.

He said the other two guys we came with, Murray and Steve were thinking of moving on as the place was winding down to my disappointment. Out of the blue, I downed my beer and said,

“Five minutes, I fancy a dance.” Toby was shocked as he had never seen me on a dance floor, and didn’t even dream I would suggest something like that. (I had kept my dancing career a strict secret at college). He replied,

“Yeah, sure ok. I’ll tell the guys to go and we’ll meet them in ten minutes.”

We went on the dance floor and despite having natural rhythm, I wasn’t entirely comfortable dancing to modern pop/hip hop R and B. I just kind of followed Toby and hoped I wasn’t looking out of place. Every so often on the dance floor I’d look over to the group of girls who were still there dancing around in their circle and that’s when Toby quickly realised why I wanted to dance. He said,

“Go over and talk to them, introduce yourself.” Despite not knowing the whole of my past, Toby knew a lot about my dating career, that I was still a virgin, I had low self-confidence and in a way he was one of my best buddies who took me upon his wing to help out.

I responded,

“No way dude. This is a bad idea, let’s go meet Murray and Ste.” Before I had anytime to even turn away, Toby grabbed me, and we both approached the group and he said,

“Hey, do you mind if me and my buddy join you for a quick dance just before we go?”

The group of girls obviously surprised and looking curiously at one another, apprehensively agreed and we did our introductions. There was Mel, a tall blonde who certainly looked like a former prom queen or head cheerleader, bursa escort bayan Karina a girl who was a little larger than the rest of the group, with short frizzy hair and quite a large chest. Amber, a dark brown/redhead with a pointy chin, who seemed to have had one too many this evening and then Karen. I mumbled my introduction to Karen and Toby seeing that I was in trouble managed to deflect any unwanted attention away from this situation. He even told a couple of stories about me, trying to big me up, of which I was rather uncomfortable and felt my face reddening with embarrassment.

As the evening progressed and the bar was winding down, the DJ requests were becoming more bizarre. First, some Texan barn dance was played where Toby, I and the girls all interlinked arms and danced around each other and then one of Karen’s requests came on. It was a “lambada.” She said that she used to love dancing to back in Colombia when visiting family but no-one knows how it’s danced here in the US. The girls attested and said she even tried with them to no avail. I then said something which I never thought I would and said:

“I used to do a bit of dancing when I was very young, if you can lead it, I’ll try follow.”

Toby was shocked at my forwardness, he had never seen me be so direct ever, in particular with girls. Karen said,

“Sure, we can give it a try.”

Karen grabbed me, our bodies came into very close contact, even closer than I was used to in Ballroom dancing and she started to move me around the floor. I was concentrating very hard to follow as I hadn’t danced in a while. Moreover, I was the one used to leading even though in some practices my teachers used to teach me to follow to understand how it should feel to a girl. Half way through the dance I looked up. (Until then my poise was firmly on the ground past Karen’s head with a look of concentration.) I could see Amber, Karina, Mel and Toby all looking in awe at the spectacle. I then looked beyond and the few people who remained in the bar, no more than a dozen including the three/four bar staff were all watching.

I suddenly felt re-energised and felt a world of confidence about me. People were watching me perform. This was just like when I was younger, but it was a situation where it was just me, not a handful of other couples where every step matters and perfection is needed. I looked at Karen at the first time during the dance and gave a smile, and she instantly responded with.

“Oh my god, you are really good. I never expected this.”

My smile widened as I looked into her eyes and then I started to feel my body heat up. The blood started rushing to my dick and it was beginning to harden. I was thinking two things. “Please god, don’t let me get a hard on, don’t let me ruin it with this chick.” The other question in my mind was “Why is this only happening now, she’s effectively been in contact with your junk for about two minutes.”

I started to think unsexy thoughts, anything, mathematical derivations, split times when I run, but it wasn’t working. Thankfully my penis was quite well wedged down my leg so it wouldn’t be making a prominent point in my jeans but I was growing pretty close to my full length. I then started thinking,

“Can she tell I’m getting hard” and I started to look at Karen more intently for any more tell-tale signs that she could feel my apparent erection.

The more I gazed into her beauty the more I started to notice about her. Like the little scar on her brow just above her right eye, the deep shade of red lipstick she was wearing and then her smell. It was a vanilla type of smell which was driving me crazy. My dick was dying to be freed from my pants and my balls were all tight ready to help me explode. escort bursa I could feel some pre-cum leaving my dick and I was thinking of some way to excuse myself to avoid the embarrassment of blowing my load on a dancefloor. Thankfully just in the nick of time the song finished.

I sheepishly tried to avoid any attention to my downstairs region and said,

“I’m all hot and sweaty now, can we sit down?”

I managed to get to a bar stool and sit down without anyone noticing my bulge on the side of my pants, although I was still questioning myself to whether Karen felt it or not. Whether that was appropriate, whether she was put off, turned on?

All these questions were whizzing around my mind, that I almost ignored Mel asking me if I was a salsa dancer or something. I said no, but my dad was a ballroom and Latin champion and he used to teach me when I was a baby, to which Karen replied,

“Oh my god, I used to dance Latin for 8 years!” Karen and I then took over a conversation on our own, I couldn’t even tell you what it was about, but vaguely it was discussing technique, competitions, shoe brands, clothing and what seemed like 30 seconds, must have been longer as we were then being ushered out of the bar.

I looked at Toby who seemed to have spent his conversation with the other three girls and gave me the eyes as either seal the deal or let’s go. I’d seen him give this look to Murray in particular several times over our college careers.

I said we had to go and meet our buddies but I asked Karen for her number of which she happily handed over. She said as we parted,

“That number comes with one condition, I expect another lambada in the future.” I laughed and Toby and I went on our way.

Toby – who hadn’t said much about the whole situation gave me a wink and a pat on the back and just said:

“I don’t know where that came from Joe, but keep it up buddy! What do you fancy doing now?”

I responded “Shall we call it a night? Let me at least go to bed on a high.” He nodded and said “Fair enough.”

I got back to my room and sat in my bed thinking of the evening. Despite my cock not being fully erect anymore it was acting as if it had a mind of its own. It would harden and soften and I thought screw this, I need to jack off as I was feeling really uncomfortable. I knew I had to cum or else I wouldn’t sleep.

I pulled down my boxers and was fully naked in bed under the covers. I checked to see if I had any Kleenex’s next to my bedside table and then gently squeezing my cock, I closed my eyes and thought about Karen.

I thought about dancing with her, her bare thighs against my leg, thinking of what it would be with bare thigh on bare thigh. Thinking of how I wished I would have put my hands on that perfect ass of hers. My cock started to grow. It certainly felt like one of the biggest hard-ons I had ever had.

I started stroking my penis, all five and half inches, paying attention to the circumcised head that had a slight curvature towards my belly button. Not that I needed to put any special work in, my cock already was so tender and I could feel it pulsating. I quickly threw my duvet off me and was just laid naked on my bed on my back. Although I wanted this wank to last forever, I just couldn’t fight it anymore. I sped up the stroke, and after about four of five of them I just came everywhere.

There was cum that shot up to my face, a load on my chest, on my stomach, all over my hands and pubes. Usually I’m not someone who can shoot out a bucket of sperm like I’ve seen on porno’s but this time it was everywhere. I used all three Kleenex’s on my nightstand to try to mop up and still it wasn’t clean.

I just lay in bed with my juice drying up on my skin for a few minutes thinking of Karen and that wonderful Hispanic body of hers before deciding to get a quick shower to clean myself up and then get ready for bed. I was still a virgin this evening, but I felt that soon that could all change.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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