Meeting An Old Friend

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So I finally got to go on vacation. Not exactly someplace nice for the winter, but back home to the Jersey shore. Despite my many requests, my wife declined to join me. She did not get along with my family well. I come from a large Italian family that is overly social, and she can only handle it for so long. A full nine days was entirely too long. That left my nine year old daughter to be my only travel companion back to visit family and friends.

It was on Tuesday, two days before New Year’s Eve, that I was running a quick errand to a local grocery store while my daughter stayed with my mother. I was walking down the paper aisle and saw, out of the corner of my eye, a face I had not seen in years. She still wore her light brown hair just past her shoulders. Her tight jeans clung to her taut thighs and calves, but the heavy coat concealed the rest of her features.

I remembered the rest of her quite vividly from our high school and college days. She had the sweetest face, an infectious smile and soft supple breasts. She always dressed conservatively, but it was after many nights of hanging out as friends that we let things go a little further.

Shaking myself from my reverie, I tried to catch up to her. I smiled to myself like a little kid about to win a game of tag. She stopped to examine a jar of sauce, and I took my chance. Sneaking up beside her, I took a deep breath. I was only a foot away from her, just off her left shoulder. I purred the words, “So, lover, did you miss me?”

I heard her gasp. It was fortunate that she was examining a plastic jar of sauce, because it fell to the floor as she whirled around to embrace me. I expected the hug. However, I was not quite ready for her to jump up and wrap her legs around me as well.

“Holy shit!” She cried out near my ear. “I have missed you!” A hurried and friendly kiss passed between us. “What are you doing here? I thought you moved to Indiana.” She slid her legs down to stand on her own.

It was then that we both heard the sound of two people softly applauding. Apparently, they liked the reunion scene that just unfolded before them. We gave them our thanks and resumed the scene.

“We did.” I replied slowly as I noticed that the front of her coat was unzipped, and I could see she was still lithe and sexy. I tried to hide my desire behind my happiness to see her. “I’m back visiting. My whole crazy family still lives around here. Mom still asks about you.”

“She remembers me?”

“Of course she does.” I broadened my smile. “We used to get together a lot, you and me. Besides, I never brought another Jewish girl to our big family’s Christmas dinner.”

We both laughed, and were glad our spectators were gone. “Where’s your sweetie?” She asked casually. I was not sure if she was just being cordial or probing.

“Well, my munchkin is with my mother, but my better half decided to stay home. How about your knight in shining armor? Where’s he hiding?” Tag, you’re it.

She sighed. “He got stuck working this week, so I came down to visit my sister all by myself.”

Really, I thought, but I said, “What a shame.” I thought quickly. “What are you and your sister doing for New Year’s? We’re having a big party at my cousin’s house. I’m sure she would not mind if you and your sister came to party with us. You know how my family is.”

“Sorry, love.” I felt my heart lurch. I was in high school all over again getting turned down for the prom. “We have tickets for a show up north. Otherwise I’d love to hang out with you.” She now started to back away a little. But not far. She still held my hands.

“But,” she paused as she thought too, “What about tomorrow? Do you have any plans?”

“None as important as catching up with an old friend.” I replied almost sullenly. Truth be told, I was supposed to meet up with a few of my family and go see a movie, but I could weasel out of it.

She thought for a moment more. While she thought, she softly caressed my hands. Massaging from my palms to my fingers. God, it felt good. I was hoping to feel those fingers massaging me elsewhere too. “I am busy most of the day and meeting my aunt for dinner. How about we meet up at seven, downtown at Main and Washington for a cup of coffee. Take some time to catch up.” Her smile warmed my core, and her hands gripped mine tighter.

I smiled right back. “That sounds great!” I tried to muzzle my excitement, but I was failing. She enjoyed seeing that.

“Great, it’s a date, then.” She shook my hands excitedly, sincan escort and I went right along with it. She slipped from my grasp and leaned up to put a quick smooch on my right cheek. I returned in kind, and we parted.

As she sauntered away, she turned back to me. “Tell the munchkin not to wait up. We have lots to catch up on.” I picked up on something more in her voice, but dismissed it. We were both happily married, and just happy to see each other. Right?

So we met up at the coffee house, got our snacks and drinks, then sat down in the back room where there are a few very comfy couches. We sat on a three-seater, so we could sit close and face each other while we talked. She was very careful to keep her long woolen skirt tucked under her legs to stay warm. She also wore a thin pair of black cotton tights for walking in the cold, so modesty would not be an issue. Her heavy sweater was easily hiding the delicious curves beneath.

We covered everything that had passed through our lives in the five years since we saw each other last. We had a great time laughing and joking and recalling old memories that seemed so lost to time that we did not even know we had forgotten them.

It was about ten minutes to one in the morning when our waitress asked us to settle our tab. Both of us were shocked at how fast the time flew by. We settled our tab and took good care of our waitress. Then my lovely companion asked, “Where are you parked? I’m right around the corner.”

I lightly bit my lower lip. “I, um, had a small budget to fly out here, so I, ah, had Mom drop me off, and I was kinda hoping to get a ride home from you, if that’s ok. If not, she’s probably still up watching TV with my daughter.”

Her smile turned coy. “So…” She leaned in a little closer. “You are my prisoner then.” I doubt that the Cheshire Cat had a bigger grin than hers was right now. It stirred old feelings in my gut. My thoughts ran rampant, and my blood ran hot. I could feel myself blushing at my ears.

I grinned back, and leaned even closer. I could feel her breath on my chin. Our lips were a mere inch apart. I spoke slowly to watch her reaction. “It would seem so.” That was it. As my lips moved, so did hers. She did not try to speak, though. Instead, she was anticipating my mouth on hers.

I touched her lips with mine. Very gently. Before she could fully accept my kiss, I pulled back just outside her reach. “It’s very cold outside.” I whispered in the small abyss between us. “Would you ride me home?” The slip was not intentional. But I was glad for the reaction.

“I’d love to.” She whispered back, and we hurried out the door.

Her car was a short distance away. She had parked behind one of the stores downtown in the small parking lot reserved for that store. But that store closed before she arrived, so her car sat undisturbed. We climbed in quickly and she started the engine. We both shivered in the wind swept cold.

“We can stay parked here until the car warms up.” Her jaw chattered before, as, and after she spoke. I noticed that she had not turned on her lights. She looked at me. “Or, maybe we can warm each other up while we wait for the engine.”

My mind flashed back to a moment in our past. We were at my aunt’s house and she had wanted to go for a moonlight stroll. We wound up making out on the hood of my aunt’s car under the light of the full moon. We kissed and fondled each other for several minutes. Eventually, I worked my way up the leg of her baggy shorts to finger her flowing pussy and rub her clit. She was crazy with desire. After she came with a shudder, she unzipped my shorts. pulled out my cock, and stroked it. When I reached up to undo her shorts, she said we should go back to my place. Once we got there, though, she got her senses back and said she did not want to cheat on her boyfriend. And, wouldn’t you know it, I was a nice guy and respected her decision.

I thought, Fuck it, let’s go for it and see what happens. Maybe I’ll get another blowjob from her at least. We had fooled around some in the past, but I never did lie with her. There was always something going on to get in the way of that. Her virginity in High School, her relationships in college, getting caught by a cop where we thought we would not be found, even an emotional breakdown right before a hot threesome with my then fiancée.

I chose a witty reply. “Do I not make you hot enough, love?” We had often referred to each other as such, even sincan escort bayan when we were otherwise involved. Sometimes, even in front of our significant other. We were very close friends, we always had been, and we figured if our other halves could not handle it, they knew where the door was.

But, now we were married. That changed the game a little. Or, did it? Did it mean we had to be more proper? That we could not goof around? This was not goofing around though and we knew it. But desire had us, firmly in its hot grasp.

“You could make me hotter if you were closer.” Touché.

I looked down, at the small console between the seats, and us. Then, to her back seat. Finally, I purred, “Maybe we need to move back a row.”

Her power door locks had already unlocked the gates to our little frigid paradise, conveniently illuminated by the dashboard. We quickly jumped out of the front seats and into the back. We closed the gap between us and held each other. As our passions took hold of us, we kissed madly. Our lips danced and our tongues entwined with a fervor born from the heat of the moment. She slid her hands inside my coat to wrap her arms around may back. My hands responded by slipping beneath her to raise her onto my lap.

We turned to put my back against the seat as she sat astride me. Her hands were now beneath my shirt, on my chest, deftly caressing my skin. She found my nipples already hard from the cold outside and enjoyed teasing the already over sensitive nubs of flesh. My hands were beneath her bottom. More trying to warm them up than to excite her. But that was an added benefit of what I was doing.

I carefully shifted the hem of her long skirt out from under her and over my knees. I rubbed the seat of her soft black cotton tights, and made my way over her waistband. It was the only waistband. I breathed heavily, and whispered my surprise. “Were you expecting to be naughty?” My hands groped her soft bare bum, kneading her, rolling her hips to and fro.

She rocked on my lap. Slowly bucking her pelvis forward and back, rubbing my primed piston through my jeans. “More like hoping.” She gasped.

She continued penetrating my mouth with her tongue. Flicking in and out quickly. “And that’s not all.” Her right hand reached around to grab my left, and brought it around front. I did not need a map from there. I swiftly slipped up her sweater to grasp her bare breast. No bra, no panties, somebody was planning on getting laid.

I played with her nipple, and eagerly squeezed her breast. She moaned into my mouth, and ground deeper onto my lap. I slid my left hand back down to her rump, and slipped the top of her tights over her hips. She rose up and assisted me with pulling them all the way down her legs. Then, she just slipped them over her short booties and flung them to the front seat. One of her small brown leather boots slipped off with it and disappeared into the front.

I could feel the heat of her exposed thighs through my jeans as she sat back down on me, careful to splay her skirt back over my knees and bunching it in front, right between us. Her nakedness brought my blood even further over the boiling point.

She slid back enough that I could get my hands between us. The four of our hands tugged and pulled at my belt, button, and fly to get my jeans open. Now, my secret was revealed. I too had shunned undergarments for this evening.

“Naughty boy,” she said coyly, “very naughty.”

I raised my hips and slipped the jeans down easily. When I settled back in, I had moved forward to get closer to her, bettering the angle at which we were now poised.

She rocked forward into my embrace again. This time her damp folds glided over my rod and I slipped beneath her. We rubbed together, soaking my manhood in her wetness, just sliding along her opening.

She shifted, and I could feel her open for me. As she started to slowly sink down, I sank away, into the seat, rearing back. She moaned in protest. I relented by methodically pushing up, and, consequently, in, just an inch.

The soft skin inside her massaged my intruding member has she accepted each inch at a time. She gasped with every slow push. I only gave her a little with each thrust. I sought her mouth and took the tongue fight to her.

Now I was thrusting fully, in and out of her mouth and her womanly folds. She hungrily sucked on my tongue and wantonly gripped my rigid member, milking me at both ends, drawing out my pleasure. escort sincan We rocked together, matching rhythm as we each accelerated the other to heights of pleasure we had not known together.

She leaned back, changing where I rubbed her inside. Her moans became gasps, then little shrieks. I could tell she was getting close. I would be damned if I popped before she did. I kept my left hand behind her to hold her up, and reached up with my right hand to her left breast. I roughly massaged her soft fleshy mound for a moment before I gently flicked over her nipple. That soft sensitive tip.

“Oh, God!” She cried out, again and again. She bucked harder and faster against me. Her grunts became whimpers, then soft cries of passion. “Oh, Oh, YESSS!!!” She rocked forward, thrusting herself down on me as far as she could. Her whole body racked with vibrant shudders, her inner muscles squeezed me tightly, then relaxed, then squeezed again, very rapidly as she peaked in ecstasy.

I held her still as she started to subside, and she leaned forward to me. As her orgasm was starting to wane, I quickly resumed my pace thrusting into her. My left hand, now free, went to her throbbing bud. From the first touch she started to moan all over again. I was bringing her back up.

“Wow, love.” She panted. “You really like to keep a girl going, huh.”

“I’m not done with you yet.” I moaned back to her. “You can have one more, then its my turn.”

“Deal. I don’t think I can handle two more of those.” She matched my rhythm, grinding onto me.

“I’d like to see you try, though.”

Her protestations were muffled by my kiss. Softly probing her lips, occasionally licking the tips of her teeth. We ground together, and her pleasure rose again. Her cries were louder now, and I was grateful there was no one around to hear us.

She started to lean back again, this time draping her arms over the seats she was reclining between. I reached around her, but she wanted my hands to busy themselves with other tasks. Her climax was building faster now. Her moans and shrieks were even louder. It was driving me over the edge as well.

I egged her on. “Come on, lover, come for me. Cover me in your ecstasy. Feel our passion consume you.”

My words, my hands, and my penetration, pushed her back up to the cosmos, and she was bringing me with her.

“OH, OH, AHHH-ahhhh.” She came hard, but subsided more quickly this time. She recovered, but her passion was still wild and unbridled. She seemed close to rising again. But I was unsure if I would last that long.

Ordinarily, I’m an all-nighter, I can keep going and going. Tonight, though, I was ready to achieve my own peak of pleasure.

“I’m close.” I told her.

“That’s ok.” She said “Go ahead and finish. Come for me lover.”

“No.” I panted, gasping and grunting. “I mean I’m really close.”

“Good.” She smiled and kissed me softly. “I want to feel your seed inside me.” Her mouth covered mine as our tongues danced.

That did it. Four more hard thrusts and I gave it to her. My hips jerked, my jaw twitched, I felt the cream of my loins build and burst forth in glorious fashion, filling her supple recesses with white liquid fire. I felt as though I poured a gallon of my hot love potion into her. I came, and came again. My ecstasy matching hers in intensity and duration. I felt like I could not stop pumping love fluid into her.

As I started to subside some, I noticed she was peaking again. My orgasm triggering another in her. She bucked on my lap as I continued to flex my love muscle. We embraced tightly as she exploded once more, squeezing some of my juices back out again.

She leaned back as she returned from orbit, catching her breath. I took a moment to look down at our creamy white covered union. I pulled her back to me and kissed her with a gentle passion not meant to revive the embers into flame, but to enjoy the glow and heat. She was still slowly grinding back and forth on my staff.

We slowly subsided, and held each other for several minutes more. We gently rocked during our embrace. She held my manhood inside her as we talked at kissing distance, both of us exchanging “wow”s and other expletives. All the while wondering why we had not done this sooner.

“You know this cannot happen again, love.” I told her, sadness creeping into my voice.

“Yes.” She sighed, the realization sinking into her as well that we both had spouses to explain this to. Then, she grinned a little. “No, maybe not.”

“Are you thinking that all we have to do is include them on our next rendezvous.”

She smiled fully and started to rock me back into her.

I looked her in the eye and pushed deep into her once more.

“So when are you planning on coming out to visit?”

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