Meeting Lily Ch. 01

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Let me give you a quick introduction. I am Peggy, a 41 year old, no kids, single (widow for 8 years), and a very active bi sexual female. I am petite at 5’1″ and 104 pounds. I have long black hair, brown eyes, physically fit and appealing body, tanned and shaved. I am blessed with good genes and the resources to have the best dermatologist and plastic surgeon. I am constantly mistaken for someone in there mid 20’s and I love it. I love getting asked for ID when I buy alcohol and the clerk always ends up doing a double take.

A few more things to fill-in my background before I tell you about yesterday. I am very outgoing, flirt constantly and have had many wonderful lovers and some that were very generous. I have held mostly professional positions since a rough beginning but that is a story for another time. For the last 7 years I have been a drug rep for a major pharmaceutical company. I love it and I am very, very successful. – ok enough about my background.

I thought yesterday was just going to be another day spent unpacking boxes and getting my new home settled. I have just transferred to Dallas and moved into my new house over the weekend. How could one person have so much stuff?

The movers delivered all my furniture and boxes upon boxes of clothing, dishes, bedding, electronics, etc. on Thursday. I have been slowly unpacking and getting acquainted with my new home and the surrounding area.

Everyone has been real nice and friendly, nothing like I had heard that Dallas people were like. I am pleasantly surprised and very grateful.

This is my 6th house and it has the potential to be the best. It’s a one story, 4 bedroom home with a tropical backyard, pool, hot tub and party area. The pool is surrounded by a solid 8 foot fence that should eliminate some of the possible neighbor issues.

I had to work on Friday, so I didn’t start unpacking until Friday and then I only did that for a while before I went to meet some friends from work for drinks and dancing. Saturday, I unpacked and spent some time lounging around the pool and working with a carpenter I hired to make a few changes in my closet. Sunday was unpacking, chatting online and soaking in the hot tub, I was getting so sore from lifting and moving boxes.

I had Monday off to help me get situated and finish unpacking. Around 2 pm I decided enough of this; I showered and got dressed to go run some errands. I have been told I will fit in well in Dallas because I never go anywhere without looking my best. Even to run errands, so I did my makeup, hair and then picked out my clothes. I chose a tight tank top, a short denim skirt and a cute pair of high heeled sandals. I never wear a bra when I am not working and today I went without a thong so I could play a little as I drove to do my errands.

I love looking hot when I go out and today I not only looked good but I was feeling playful too. Before I got to the end of my street, I had my right hand hiking up my skirt and toying with my pussy. I was so wet. This is going to be fun.

Soon I was on a busier street with cars on both sides of me. My convertible is low to the road and it seems like Dallas is full of SUVs and trucks. A few guys honked as they could easily see my naked pussy. Each look or honk just fueled my internal fire and made me bolder. One guy pulled up next to me at a light and rolled down his window. He got my attention, I turned to him and took my fingers from my pussy and seductively sucked them. I heard him groan. I love being such a tease.

I went by the post office and while waiting in line I noticed a few guys and girl checking me out. The air conditioner must have been working overtime; it was so cold my nipples were prominently poking out. I had my sunglasses illegal bahis still on and was checking the girl out. She looked young, maybe a high school or college student. When she was looking at me, I turned around and then bent down to pick up a letter I dropped. I saw both her and her boyfriend looking at my naked ass and pussy as my skirt rode up high. I turned around, smiled and pulled my skirt back into place. They whispered to each other but I wasn’t interested in them, only in discretely showing them my bare butt and pussy.

After I got my stamps and mailed my letters I got back into my car. As soon as I was back on the road I reached into the glove box and pulled out my trusty little vibrator and turned it on low and slide it into my pussy. An older woman in an SUV watched it all. I know she saw me; her mouth was wide open, in shock. As always, I just smiled.

My next stop was Home Depot. I needed a few odds and ends for my new house. Everyone is always so helpful at Home Depot; all accept the out of shape butch looking females. As I stride into the warehouse I can feel my breasts bounce in my tank top. I catch the attention of a few guys as I walk to the light bulb section. Wouldn’t you know it, the light bulbs I needed were on a high shelf. I could have asked for assistance but why was another opportunity to show a little.

I studied the light bulbs but really I was waiting for the right opportunity (no kids and no fatties) to stretch for the light bulbs I needed. I adjusted my tank top a little so that my nipples were barely covered and then I reached for my items. I stood there, up on my toes, a little longer than necessary. Not only could I feel the eyes of others on my naked ass but I could also feel the cool breeze that was being generated by one of those huge shop fans. It felt great and caused me to hold that position even longer than I thought I would. With my items in hand, I turned to put them in my cart and saw a few guys staring my way. I smiled and moved on to the key department.

As I walked through the store I would stop occasionally to look at this or that, but the main reason I stopped was to see how many were “tailing me”. It is so funny to watch people try to look casual when you know they are following for one more look. A few times I would bend towards them and let them see deep into my cleavage as my tank top struggled to hold in my 34DDs.

I got my keys made; it was in an isolated section of the store. The poor kid that did them screwed up 3 times, he just won’t pay any attention to his work and kept staring at my tits. I was playful at first but after the 3rd time, the bitch surfaced and I cupped my tits and pinched my nipples. Then I told him to get it right this time or I would tell his manager he was staring at my boobs. He stuttered saying “yes ma’am” and got it right. I think he may have cum in his pants when I cupped my breasts. The boy was sweating when I turned to walk away. As fate would have it, I dropped one of the keys and bent over straight legged to pick it up and flashed him my ass and pussy. What fun!

Checking out was uneventful but as I approached my car I was approached by a tall, nice looking 30ish man with dark hair, tanned and a killer white smile. We chatted for a few minutes; he is a golf pro. He gave me his card and asked me if I golfed. I told I have off and on for the last 12 years. He quickly offered to give me a few tune up lessons in exchange for a date. He was sweet; maybe he will get a call from me soon. As nice as he appeared I could tell he was aroused. He held my door open as I got in. My skirt rose up as I sat down. I made no effort to cover up. Gentleman are so rare now; they deserve a clear view every once in a while.

I drive away and illegal bahis siteleri get back in traffic. I am so hot now I can feel the moisture leaking out of my shave pussy. I quickly dip of my fingers in and then bring them to my lips. So sweet, I must have another taste. The guy in the SUV next to me gave me the thumbs up sign. I smiled.

Finally, I pull into the Sam’s Warehouse parking lot. I have been to Sam’s all over the country. As I do my shopping, I notice others looking at me but I am cool with that. I didn’t know it but today was going to be the best day ever for me at Sam’s.

I buy a lot of bottled water and chicken at Sam’s. I also get a few other odds and ends including wine. Once again I was going about my business and noticing different people looking at me. As I turned the corner I about ran into a very cute Asian woman. We both laughed and did the quick look to check each other out.

I didn’t see her again for a little while but I couldn’t get her out of my mind. Now I was wearing a short skirt but hers was shorter and tighter. She had a warm smile and was wearing a pair of high heeled sandals just like mine. All in all, she was very hot and I could feel my nipples hardening once again. I love how my breasts bounce when I am braless and in heels.

I was standing over in the wine section, trying to find my favorites and I saw her again. This time she was blatantly staring at me. I raised my head and smiled at her and went back to looking at the wine. Then I bent to look into my cart, I could feel the weight of my breasts and I knew she was getting a full view. As I stand upright, I notice she dropped her keys and she bent to pick them up. I don’t know how many others were watching but I was captivated by her. She had on a bright pink thong that could barely be seen. What a mating dance we are putting on for each other!

If I was feeling horny before now I am downright on fire.

With in a minute, I feel her arm against mine as she begins to talk. We do some small talk and introduce ourselves. Her name is Lily. We chatted some more, really it was more like checking each other out and some heavy flirting. Her chest is much smaller than mine but it wasn’t hard to detect her stiff nipples poking against her top.

We agreed that we should get to know each other better and exchanged phone numbers that we immediately loaded into our cell phones. She kissed me softly on the cheek and we parted.

We each continue to shop; I must have taken longer than Lily. While I was in the checkout line my phone rang and it was Lily, she had loaded her car and was sitting out front. She began to ask me a lot of sexually charged questions that I could only really give her yes or no answers to.

Lily: Hi, remember me?

Peggy: Of course, silly.

Lily: Can I ask you a few questions?

Peggy: Sure, fire away.

Lily: Are you bi?

Peggy: (a little shocked) Yes

Lily: Great, me too!

Lily: Do you find me attractive?

Peggy: (a little lower) Yesss

Lily: Awesome because I think you are very hot.

Lily: Are your nipples still hard?

Peggy: uh-huh

Lily: Nice, I am pinching my nipples as I speak. I got so turned on seeing your nipples harden in the store as we spoke.

Lily: Are you there?

Peggy: uh-huh

Lily: I am pulled up out front; finish and I will pick you up.

Lily: Are you still there honey?

Peggy: Paying my bill, sorry.

Peggy: I will be right there.

As I quickly push my cart outside, the bright sunlight blinds me and I take my sunglass from the top of my head and put them on. I hear a honk and see an SUV with heavily tinted windows and the hatch open.

I go to the SUV and canlı bahis siteleri Lily waves; I take my items and lift them into the car. I may be petite but all the hours spent in the gym help me get the cases of bottle water into the vehicle. I can feel my skirt rising as I lift them up and every time I bent over, Lily would say something about my breasts or whistle.

I finish, return my cart and notice the back door is crack open. That is slightly unusual; I thought I would get in up front. I slide in and she pulls off to a far corner of the parking lot. She almost slams on the brakes and as soon as the car is in park, she is climbing into the back seat with me.

We kiss for the first time, very hot and long. We fall into a long embrace and our hands are caressing each other like two high school kids on their first date. Our kissing and caressing continues as we both end up pulling the others top over each others head. She immediately leaned forward and began sucking my nipples. I moaned and told her just how wonderful that felt.

What I haven’t told you about me, I have a “friend” of mine is a plastic surgeon and we dated some and then just became really great friends. After I moved away, one Christmas he sent me a card and in a long detailed letter of how happy he was, how I helped him and how he wanted to help me. His present to me was a free breast augmentation. So my natural 34a/b breasts are now my enhanced 34DDs.

Lily sucked, tweaked and caressed them as we made out in the back seat of her SUV. I ended up lying on my back as she was on top of me sucking away. Lily knew exactly how to suckle to cause just the right amount of pain without going over the top. I moaned and begged her not to stop as I ran my fingers through her very long, silky black hair.

I raised my right leg and Lily began to rub against it. The moaning got louder and louder and I felt her right hand go under my skirt. She pulled off my breast to tell me what I slut I was to go to Sam’s without panties. I knowingly nodded as she began to play with my wetness and tease my clit.

I figured that soon we would be naked and locked in a wonderful 69. Just as our passions found new levels and Lily was sliding my skirt off, there was a knock on the window. Lily removed my skirt and I wondered if we could be seen. She fingered my pussy and quickly brought me to a thunderous orgasm.

There was a knock again. Lily could see it was a “rent-a-cop” and she brazenly lowered the window, exposing all of me and most of her. I heard the guy stutter and Lily sharply asked him why he was bothering us. I tried to find my top or skirt but couldn’t.

The rent-a-cop finally gathered is courage and told us we needed to move along or he would have to report us.

She giggled at first and then we both broke out laughing. The window went up and we got dressed. He stood there the entire time. Lily drove her car over to mine; I wrote “to be continued at 7pm tonight?” and directions to my house and handed it to her.

She smiled widely and said that would be perfect. She had to go home cook dinner and she said her hubby would watch the kids so she could play. I unloaded all my items and we hugged. She drove off.

I got in my car, started it and cranked up the air conditioner, I was perspiring.

My drive went quickly and I got all my frozen and refrigerated items put away. I stripped immediately, walked out back and dove into my pool. Lifting myself into my floating lounge chair I laid back and had the widest smile.

It was 5:30 pm and my new friend Lily is coming to over in 90 minutes to be my first house guest. My hands drifted to my breasts and pussy as I daydream about what is to come.

* * *

To be continued? Depends on your feedback, I am a writing virgin, be gentle.

* * * * *

Hugs and kisses to HotBiUpSkirt. Without her editing suggestions my first attempt might have failed. I hope you like the finished product. PnP.

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