Memories of Our First time

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I’ve been sitting here daydreaming about you all day as I looked at the pictures that you’ve sent me half a dozen times and each time I look, it’s like I’ve never seen your face before; even though I have your features memorized.

The butterflies are always there and my heart races and pounds. My face is flush and my body is screaming for your touch. You are the only one who can satisfy my cravings.

I remember the first time we were together as if it was yesterday.

You followed me home from the restaurant parking lot, around the corner from my apartment. After we had parked our vehicles, I met you at yours and we kissed and then held hands and made our way to the staircase.

The weather outside was a bit chilly, seeing as it was early November in New Mexico, and we hurried to get inside and out of the elements. After shrugging out of our winter jackets, you sat down in my favorite chair, and I on the couch, and had a quick visit with my roommate.

She was getting ready to head out to the bookstore, to allow us some much needed private time together. While you and she visited, I went into the kitchen to get us something to drink. My body was aching hungrily for your touch and it took everything that I had to not rape you right there in her presence.

She left while I was in the kitchen and as I walked towards your chair, you reached up and pulled me down onto your lap. I set our drinks down on the table that was to your right side and wrapped my arms around your neck. I looked into your eyes for just a second or two before placing my lips upon yours.

Your kiss sent me into another world. I could no longer concentrate and my body felt like fireworks were going off inside of it. I couldn’t wait to get you into my bedroom.

Your hands were wrapped around my waist, holding me to you and then gradually began roaming my body. That was my cue to introduce you to my bed.

I pulled away from your lips, although it was hard to do, since your kiss was so sweet and tender, stood up and took you by the hand. I led you through the living room, down the hallway and into my room.

I closed and locked the door behind us and you sat down on the edge of my bed and took your shoes off. I took my shoes off as well and then went to stand in front of you.

You spread your legs and pulled me to you while reaching up to pull my head down to yours for ataşehir escort more kisses. Your hands went willingly to my breasts, as before, but this time, they were underneath my shirt.

Your touch was electrifying as you touched my nipples, gently pulling on them, making them erect. I pulled away from your mouth and arched my back as I hit my first orgasm.

Slowly, you helped me out of my shirt, taking it over my head; then reached around and unhooked my bra, and closed your mouth on one of my breasts. I thought I’d died and gone to heaven at this point.

With my back still arched, you kept your hands around my waist, pulling me to you time and time again. The orgasms were getting stronger with each flick of your tongue across my nipple and each time you took my breast into your mouth.

You pulled my legs onto the bed, so that I straddled you, and then you stood up and quite naturally my legs went around your waist. You held me in this position for the longest time, it felt like an eternity to me, before you gently laid me down on the bed and lay down beside me.

Your mouth returned to mine as your fingers returned to my breasts, gently pinching and pulling my nipples until I could stand no more and pushed your hand towards the waistband of my jeans.

Expertly, you unbuttoned and unzipped them, and pushed them down my legs until they were lying on the floor with my discarded shirt. Your hand glided up my legs slowly, memorizing the way they felt, until you were at the center point of my body.

My senses were heightened, there were electrifying sparks flying around the room, as you pushed my g-string to the side and touched my clit. With your mouth on mine to stifle my moans, my body danced its way into orgasm after orgasm from your fingertips.

Eventually, I could handle no more, and again, I pushed your hand down so that you could feel the wetness that awaited you. You inserted a finger into my center and my body began another climax of a different kind.

Wave after wave of orgasms hit me, some slow, some fast… all of different variations as you changed the speed of your finger. Sometimes all you did was just hold your finger inside of me, while my pussy convulsed around it and other times, you shoved it in and out, as my body danced with it.

My hands had moved up to the back of your neck and I seemed to be attempting kadıköy escort to pull you into my mouth, tongue first. The stronger the orgasm, the tighter my mouth was to yours. I remember feeling as if time had stood still and the world revolved around us and the magic we were making.

After what seemed like an hour, I found the willpower to pull away from your mouth. I needed to undress you, I needed to fulfill my craving of being able to touch your body and feel it next to mine.

With my g-string still intact, I had you sit up so I could take off your shirt as you had done mine. Then I made my way down to your legs and straddling them again, I eased your jeans off and tossed them on the floor with my belongings. You weren’t wearing any boxer shorts, and my eyes delighted in your erection.

I again straddled your legs and kissed my way back up to your mouth, memorizing your body with my lips and hands as I went. I gently placed a kiss on your cock, with a promise to return, and continued my ascent of you.

When I had once again reached your mouth, I lay down upon your body and felt the cravings dissipate. I finally had my skin-on-skin contact and could feel your heat against mine. However, the heat building up in my pussy wasn’t quenched yet.

You ran your hands over my back and down to my ass, then back to my face. Over and over again while my pussy kept sliding down on your body, trying to insert your cock into me through the fabric of my now wet g-string.

Finally, you rolled me over onto my back, and told me that you wanted to taste me. You returned the favor of kissing my body and made your way to my center once again, this time with your lips and tongue.

Before you even touched my pussy, my back was arched and the orgasm had begun again. You spread my legs while kissing my inner thighs, and then very gently pulled open my pussy lips. You kissed, then licked my inner lips, and then placed your tongue on my clit.

I exploded once, twice, three times into your mouth with a squirting orgasm. Your mouth never let go, you continued to drink in each orgasm until I was done. And then you licked and sucked some more. Once again, when the pressure was too much, I touched your hand and you inserted your finger into my wetness.

Time and time again, the fireworks just kept going off in my head, from the intense pleasure that you were bostancı escort bayan giving to my body.

A couple of hours later, or so it seemed, I told you that I needed to feel your cock deep inside of me. Like a small child whose favorite toy is being withheld, you eventually agreed to what I wanted.

You made your way back up to my waiting mouth and inserted your cock deep inside my pussy. Even with as much playing that you had been doing, my pussy was still very tight. You very gently eased your long, thick cock in and out of my wetness, until you were all the way inside of me.

And then we begin a different kind of dance. Our bodies moved with the same beat, the same up and down motion, while your mouth was once again attached to my breasts, pulling and tugging… bringing me to orgasm after orgasm.

I finally whispered in your ear that I wanted to ride you, to feel your cock deep inside of me from a different angle. I wanted to feel you pull me down on top of you, never being able to get enough.

You rolled off of me and laid down on the bed beside me, and I climbed on top. I straddled your crotch, facing away from your face and you helped me to put your cock inside of my pussy. I eased my way down until I could take no more and then we began a different rhythm.

I placed my hands on the tops of your thighs and using them as leverage began bouncing up and down on your manhood. Eventually, I sat up straight as I continued to bounce and my orgasms got stronger and I could hear you growling. I felt you grab hold of my hands and hold them in yours, and when I came down you pulled my hands and lifted yourself into me.

This position allowed me to grind against your crotch and release a different orgasm. Time after time it seemed that each orgasm was more powerful than the last.

After what seemed like forever, you told me that you were ready for your release. I slid my hands out of yours and once again placed them on your legs. I had a feeling I was going to need all the leverage I could get after all you’d been ‘saving up’ for me. We continued our dance; me sliding up and down your cock, until I heard you mutter.

“Here it cums!” You said just loud enough for me to hear over the roaring in my ears.

I felt you explode with your own orgasm. Your cum was hot, so very hot. I could feel it hitting my pussy walls, coming out of you in what felt like gallons. And still I continued to ride your cock, milking it of every last ounce.

Finally, we lay spent, wrapped in each other’s arms, kissing gently, tongues intertwining with the promise of more loving in a little while. And then we slept.

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