Merridown Tales Ch. 01

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Scott wheeled his truck out of the depot and headed toward the beach. It was a bright summer morning and he knew there would be plenty of eye candy out and about. He also knew that it would put him behind an hour on his soft drink delivery run but what the heck at 24, life was too short to stress about an hour.

Scott expertly manoeuvred the four ton truck slowly along the foreshore, all the time swinging his head left and right to catch a glimpse of bikini clad bodies aimlessly strolling along the walkways or heading toward the beach. He carefully pulled into a lay away and stopping, he casually rolled a cigarette and watched three girls in their late teens, basking in the morning sun. It didn’t take him long to notice the girls were topless and while he was enjoying the scenery, one of the girls stood. She noticed Scott and unashamedly began walking toward him.

“Hey Mr. Soft drink man,” She called, making her way toward him. “How about selling me some drinks?” She asked, as she slowly made her way up the sandy rise.

“Sure,” Scott called, somewhat hoarsely, trying desperately to swallow the lump in his throat and not think about the rise in his shorts. “They’re not cold,” he added, awkwardly climbing from his truck. He had trouble keeping his eyes off her nubile body and noticed the slight bounce of her ample breasts, the sway of her nicely rounded hips and the flatness of her stomach that fell away to a perfectly shaped pair of long legs.

Suddenly she was standing before him saying “Anything will do, it doesn’t matter if it’s not cold.”

“Well, well, I do keep some on ice for myself.” He stammered. “I recon I can let you have a couple of them,” he said, reaching into his esky. “So long as you don’t mind lemonade,” He laughed.

“No, cold lemonade is fantastic,” she said, and then asked. “What’s your name and how often do you come along the beach?”

“I’m Scott,” he replied. “I only come along here on a Tuesday after loading my truck at the depot. He replied. “How about you?” he asked.

“Oh, I’m Rebecca and my two friends and I are here for a week. We have rented villa 22 in the Beachcomber across the road.” She answered, taking the lemonade bottle and gently rolling it across her breasts.

“Oh, that is nice,” she cooed. Her nipples instantly puckered up and jutted outward.

“Yes,” Scott agreed, trying to discreetly re-adjust his rising manhood, as it sought to take a look for it’s self.

“Scott, do you mind calling back this afternoon and I will pay you for these drinks” Rebecca said, “you can see, I haven’t got my wallet with me.” She added with a smile.

“Sure,” Scott replied. “I know where you live, number 22.” He said, with a laugh.

“Terrific, you’re the greatest Scott.” She said, turning and heading toward her friends.

Scott sat admiring the swing of her body and the stride of her long legs. Quietly he laughed and said, aloud to himself. “I have probably just been screwed for two bottles of lemonade. Then noticing the time, he cursed and again said aloud. Gees, Mrs. Smith will be wondering where I am with her lemonade.

Scott pulled out of the layaway and tooted his horn. Rebecca waved and called “See you this afternoon, Scott.” Scott never heard her reply, over the roar of the motor.

Mrs. Smith was anxiously waiting with her two empty lemonade bottles in her hand. “You’re late Scott.” She called, making her way toward his truck.

“Yes, sorry Mrs. Smith”. “I had some trouble with my eyes,” he said, handing her the drinks. “But I’m alright now,” He quickly added with a chuckle. Climbing into his truck an instant replay of a topless Rebecca flashed through his mind and he began to laugh.

The morning went fast and by lunch he had made up the lost time. He had one delivery to go before breaking for a quick snack. It was a long hard haul up to the outlook for one weekly delivery, three bottles of cola and three of dry ginger ale for number 33. Scott never really minded ataşehir escort bayan the long trip to the top, he had made a bit of a game out of it. He would try and guess if Mrs. Wilson would be home and anticipate if she would be in the pool, the sauna or sun baking on the deck Mrs. Wilson or Susan as she preferred, was an airline hostess and she liked to keep herself trim and tanned. The secluded property allowed for her to be as close to nature as she desired and Scott knew she liked to be very close to nature at times. Mr. Wilson was a geologist with the mines and spent a lot of time away.

While he turned and parked outside 33 Scott noted the temperature gauge on the truck had begun to drop to normal. Climbing from the hot cab he noticed a cool breeze waft up from the valley below. Nice views he said to himself, looking down over the tops of the houses below and onto the tree lined golden sandy beach. He could easily make out the white caps on the incoming waves and he felt a sudden desire to be there with the semi naked Rebecca.

Shaking that thought from his mind he reached for three bottles of cola and three of dry ginger ale and imagined a semi naked Susan Wilson, sun baking on the deck. He quickly headed up the winding path toward the side deck.

Climbing the stairs and opening the gate to the side deck, he headed to the drink crate at the far end. Muffled voices came from a small gymnasium room partway along the deck. Scott’s curiosity had been aroused and he momentarily stopped to investigate.

“Hi Scott,” Susan called, when she noticed him at the open door.

“Hi Susan. Just the usual order this week?” he asked, glancing around the gym and noticing a tall blonde woman sitting astride the work bench. His sharp eye quickly noticed the woman’s trim figure, clad in white skimpy shorts and red sports bra that just managed to restrain her ample breasts.

“Come on in Scott, Susan invited. This is Amanda, a long time friend of mine. She will be house-sitting for me while I am away in Europe for a month.

“Oh! I didn’t know you were travelling to Europe.” Scott replied, putting the drinks down and turning toward Amanda. “I’m glad to meet you Amanda and I hope you enjoy your stay.” he smiled.

“Wow you didn’t tell me you had such a good looking drink man,” Amanda said, rising from the work bench. “You’ve kept him well hidden in this idyllic hideaway.” she added, moving over and standing close to Scott.

The warmth and smell of her body caused a sudden explosion within Scott. His senses become heightened and everything suddenly seemed a blur. Somewhere among it all he could vaguely hear Susan’s laughter and her saying, leave the man alone Amanda. He won’t want to come here if you keep this up.

Thoughts began racing through Scott’s mind. Oh! yes I’ll come, in fact I’d like to lay either of you over that work bench or the pool table, even the lounge or the deck railing and make you cum. Cum, until your screams of ecstasy fill the valley below. Scott felt the push of his manhood against his shorts and quickly snapped back to reality.

“You may like to change the drink order Amanda. I’m sure Scott wont mine.” Susan said.

“Yeah, yeah that’s fine. Scott mumbled, pulling an order pad from his shirt pocket and passing it to Amanda, saying, you can change the order each week if you wish.”

“What you only come once a week.” Amanda said, pouting cheekily.

Not likely, Scott thought and fearful of arousing the monster with in his shorts, he quickly turned the conversation back to the drinks order.

“Yeah, terrible I know, he replied with a grin. Now what drinks would you like?” he asked.

“Hmmm let me see. Amanda said, pushing close to Scott. “I think I will keep the lemonade and change the dry ginger for two cola and I think the passionfruit flavour.” She added.

“That’s probably the closest you will get to passion Amanda.” Susan laughed loudly. Grinning she added,”Life down here isn’t escort kadıköy as exciting as the city.”

“Oh, you’ve just spoiled my break Susan.” Scott heard Amanda reply, as he left the gym.

When Scott returned with Amanda’s order he noticed the women had moved to the sun lounges on the deck. They both make a great picture he thought while placing the crate of drinks at the end and gathering the empties. Scott stopped beside Amanda and looked down on her outstretched form. He couldn’t help but notice her nipples straining to poke through her bra and the flatness of her stomach falling to her scantily clad mound pushing up high. He had a sudden desire to cup her mound in his strong thin hand and gently probe for her love button, while nibbling on her protruding nipples. His manhood quickly began to grow, pushing forward trying to have a peek for it’s self.

Scott handed Amanda a new drinks order form and hoarsely said. “I’ve put my mobile on there in case you need to change your order before the next delivery.

“Thank you Scott.” Amanda cooed. Hmmm, she said, with raised eyebrows and staring directly at the bulge in his shorts.

Turning he said. “You have a great holiday Susan and I hope you have an enjoyable stay Amanda”, he added before descending the steps.

“Thanks Scott.” She called after him.

“See you next delivery.” Amanda called.

Scott quickly headed toward his truck, the girl’s light laughter echoed behind him.

The extended stop had delayed him so he pushed himself hard and managed to finish his deliveries by four o’clock. He was horny and hot and felt a swim in the surf would be refreshing. He always carried extra swim wear for occasions when he felt like a swim. He stopped at the beach where he had seen the girls earlier that morning. If they happened to be here then he considered that a bonus.

Scott parked his truck and hastily pulled a tarpaulin over his load then headed to the water. He did a quick scan of the beach but didn’t notice Rebecca and her friends. There was plenty of eye candy around and the dull ache in his groin got worse. He hit the water in an attempt to calm his body.

The afternoon sun was beginning to drop over the horizon when Scott emerged from his swim. He lazily headed toward his truck and wondered if he should drop into the Beachcomber and see Rebecca. He towelled himself off and climbed into the truck to change his shorts. He was interrupted by Rebecca tapping on the door.

“I hope I’m not disturbing you Scott,” she said with a big smile.

“No, err no,” he stammered. “I was just about to change out of my swim shorts.” he added, with a slight laugh.

“Oh, don’t let me stop you.” Rebecca laughed and then added, “I’ve got that money for the lemonade.”

“Gosh you didn’t have to do that.” Scott chuckled. I’d written them bottles off, but you could let me buy you something to eat for being honest.” he said.

“Well that would be great but I’m on my way for a swim.” she replied. “You could join me before you change your shorts,” she laughed.

“It’s nearly dark,” Scott said. “You know you shouldn’t swim after dark, so the experts say.”

“Well I’m game if you are,” Rebecca replied, turning and walking toward the beach.

“Hang on.” Scott called, grabbing his towel and frantically locking his truck before following her.

Rebecca reached the sand and kicked off her sandals. She reached down and lifted her beach shirt over her head and dropped it beside her sandals. Her naked breasts bounced lightly as she slowly jogged to the water. Scott paused for a moment and admired Rebecca’s semi naked figure, his body reacted and his shorts instantly bulged. Hurriedly he followed Rebecca into the water.

Rebecca had difficulty standing in the rolling surf and had to hang on to Scott. She held him close and her naked breasts pushed hard into him. Scott’s cock grew rock hard and began to peek over the top of his swimmers. Rebecca felt bostancı escort the head push against her lower abdomen and reached up and kissed him passionately.

Rebecca felt his hardness and ground her pelvis into him. He pulled her tighter to him and hungrily kissed her. With one arm around her waist, he reached behind with the other, gently cupping her backside. Guttural sounds of pleasure echoed deep within as he pulled her closer.

Rebecca wrapped one leg around his lower body and he slipped his fingers beneath her swimsuit, anxiously seeking her moist slot. His firm fingers discovered her love button and Rebecca squealed with delight when he softly rolled it back and forth across her ultra sensitive clitoris. He pulled back slightly and slipped two fingers into her moist cavern. Rebecca pushed eagerly onto his fingers and soon her orgasm exploded, covering Scott’s hand with hot fluid.

Rebecca was amazed that her moistness was not washed away by the surf and she reached down to release Scott’s rock hard cock from his swimmers. The receding water quickly dropped and Rebecca gasped as she glimpsed the large one eyed purple head atop the rigid shaft. She was not surprised by the length but the thickness of his organ. She was excited and also apprehensive at the thought of having such a large organ inside. Rebecca quickly removed her swimsuit and helped Scott guide his enormous organ toward her wet entrance.

Scott lifted her and as the waves encompassed their entwined bodies, he pushed gently into her. Rebecca began kissing him eagerly, and then moaned loudly as she accepted the head. “Oh you’re so big,” she whispered in his ear. Scott paused slightly and a rolling wave unexpectedly lifted her upward. Frightened she would be lifted off his cock, Rebecca pushed downward. The wave abruptly fell away and her body dropped sharply down, impaling her completely on the steely shaft. She let out a loud squeal of delight and pain and she bit down hard into Scott’s shoulder while her orgasm exploded.

Scott braced himself in the water and the rolling waves continued to gently pick Rebecca up then lower her onto his hard cock, her first orgasm had made it easier for her to accept him deep inside. The swishing movement of the surf also made it easier for Rebecca to ride the huge organ and added to the excitement.

Scott’s breathing sharpened and he clasped her close and began to push hard, in and out. She felt his enormous cock push deep within her before he let out a harsh cry of ecstasy. His body shook violently and his cock pulsed wildly, filling her with hot fluid. At the same moment Rebecca moaned equally as loud and pushed down to meet his every thrust as her own orgasm exploded. With her legs wrapped tightly around Scott’s body, Rebecca and Scott stood in passionate embrace while the surf gently massaged their bodies.

It seemed an age before the two emerged from the surf. Scott gathered his towel and Rebecca slipped on her beach shirt. While they slowly walked to the truck Scott asked. “What would you like for dinner, steak, Chinese or seafood?”

“Oh Scott I’m too tired to go eat. That swim took a lot out of me, I’m exhausted.” she said, taking his arm. “Besides I think I just had seafood.” She laughed.

Scott laughed with her and said, “Yeah your right there, maybe tomorrow, hey.”

They reached the truck and Scott opened the door and tossed his towel inside. Rebecca climbed onto the step and looked inside. “Wow!” she exclaimed. “How do you manage to manoeuvre such a big thing around?”

“I’m used to manoeuvring big things…. he began then stopped, realising what he had said.

Turning and laughing lightly, Rebecca replied. “You certainly are.”

They both laughed loudly and Rebecca bent and kissed him.

Scott slowly slid his hands beneath Rebecca’s beach shirt and lifting it slightly, gently caressed her back while nuzzling into her stomach. He began to softly run his tongue around her navel. “Hmmm,” Rebecca moaned, and then taking his head in her hands, gently kissed him. “Not tonight,” she added, climbing down from the truck.

“Your right,” Scott agreed, and bent and kissed her.

“Till next time,” Rebecca answered and turning, disappeared into the night.

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