Mr. Mom Ch. 2

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(This is a follow up story to Mr. Mom. You should read the first one in the series before reading this installment. Thanks to all those who voted on that story.)

It had been two days since my escapade with Lynda. I was incredibly turned on by two things about our sex. It was the first time I had tasted milk from a woman’s tit and I loved its sweet taste. The second thing was Lynda’s shaved pussy. Licking a clean cunt and not getting hair in my mouth was awesome. I was so turned on by it that I decided to try something myself.

After I got the baby in bed for the night, I took a pair of scissors and a razor, put them next to the tub and took a long bath. When I finished, I sat in the tub and trimmed the long hairs in my pubic region. I lathered the area with shaving cream and began to shave it clean. I shaved the space above my cock and below my belly button. Then I gently cleaned off the fine hairs on my shaft and scrotum. It actually made it easier that I started to get an erection. It made the normally soft, pliable skin stretch out for the razor. Finally, I reached down and got the area between my balls and asshole. When I finished, I got out of the tub and inspected myself in the mirror. It sounds kind of weird, but there I was with a raging hard on and absolutely no hair on my body between my belly button and my asshole.

I put on my robe and entered the bedroom where my wife Donna was reading some material she had to review for work. She was sitting up in bed with the night table lamp on. She had on a sheer nightgown that showed her large (38D) tits and long nipples. She had on a pair of white panties underneath.

I walked over to the bed and sat next to her until she looked up at me.

“What?” she asked.

“You look really good tonight and I’ve got something to show you.”

“Come on, Ken. You know I have to get this work done before I leave in the morning.”

“I just thought you might like to take a break.” As I said this I undid the sash holding my robe and leaned over to kiss her. Our lips met and I forced my tongue inside her mouth. I could feel her resistance fading as she returned my tongue-lashing and dropped her work on the floor next to the bed. She then started to rub my body under the robe. She started with my chest and worked her way down. Our lips parted and she let out a soft moan. “Good idea. I could use something to relax me,” she said.

Suddenly she sat upright and ripped open my robe. “What did you do to yourself? I can’t believe you did that.”

“I have to be honest with you. It’s really for a selfish reason.”

“What do you mean?’

“Well, I know that sucking me off isn’t your favorite pastime and I know a lot of it has to do with all that hair I used to have down there. I figured this was one way to make it good for you…… and me.”

She gazed at my crotch and started to grin. “You look just like a little boy.”

When she said this I began to get aroused and my cock started to stiffen.

“Oh my. You aren’t looking so little now. Sit down here next to mommy and let me take a look at it.” She shifted over in the bed and I got in and laid next to her.

With that she leaned down and, holding my shaft in her hand, started to lick it. I was very turned on by looking at her mouth work my hairless cock. She licked up and down and started to put pressure on the underside with her tongue. “I can’t believe how smooth it ataşehir escort is,” she said. “Mmmmmmm. Yummy.”

“Take it in your mouth, mommy.”

She looked at it and, after a short hesitation, slipped the engorged head into her mouth. I could feel her tongue swirl around the head inside her mouth. I was getting impatient and started to push my hips up toward her mouth. She got the idea and started to push her mouth farther onto my cock. This was really getting good.

When she got about half of it in her mouth she started to back off.

“You can do it, lover. Just keep pushing,” I begged.

Hearing me moan she continued her quest to the bottom of my shaft. She got to the point where she started to gag and pulled back some. “That’s my girl, keep on trying. Just relax your throat and breathe through your nose.” This was the first time in our marriage that there was any conversation like this during our normally routine sex. I guess this was anything but routine

She started to do as I said and she pushed my cock down her throat. She finally got to the point where her lips were at the base of my cock and I could feel myself all the way in her throat. She slowly pulled back and let me slip from her mouth. At that point, a thick, gooey string of saliva stretched from the tip of my cock to her lips. When she pulled further back, some of it dripped down the front of her nightgown and the rest landed on my balls and dripped down to my asshole.

“I love you like this,” she said and plunged back onto my cock and went all the way down again. I could see the swollen head making a lump in her throat. She started to move up and down. She stopped at the top with only the head in her mouth and then plunged back down all the way. As she did this she started to play with my balls that were covered with her thick saliva. She massaged and squeezed them. As she was rolling them around in the palm of her hand I felt her middle finger start to play with the area between my balls and asshole. I had never had anyone play with me down there and when she did I jumped a little forcing my cock further into her throat – something I didn’t think was possible at this point.

“Umpphhhhh,” she grunted but kept my cock in her mouth.

She got onto her knees in a position where she could continue to slide up and down my shaft and look me in the eye. I noticed a twinkle in her eye as she started to massage my asshole with her middle finger. I moaned because it felt so good and she started to press her finger inside. She pushed a little harder and I felt her finger pop past the sphincter ring. She shoved her finger all the way in and started to rotate it. I had never been in such ecstasy. My wife’s finger was in my ass and my cock was deep in her throat.

I grabbed the sides of her head and started to pump my cock in and out. I could hear her struggling to keep up with the pounding I was giving her mouth but she kept rotating that finger in my anus.

“Oomph!………. Oomph………..Oomph………Oomph.”

“Oh my god! I’m cummmming!!!”

With that I released a huge blast of cum right down her throat. She began to gag and decided that she had had enough and pulled her mouth off my cock but hovered above the head with her mouth open and her fist pumping me up and down. Blast after blast left the slit in the head and shot up into her mouth only to drip down all over my cock, her hand and my kadıköy escort bayan hairless pubic area. It seemed to last for minutes.

I pulled her head up to face me and saw that she had several large gobs of cum dripping out the sides of her mouth and down onto her nightgown. I pressed my lips to hers and tasted my own cum for the second time. As our tongues played with each other we shared the sweetness of my seed.

“Fuck, Ken. I need you inside me now,” she moaned.

Even though I had just had the largest cum explosion of my life I was still rock hard. I laid her on the bed and removed her nightgown so she was naked except for her white cotton panties. I held both breasts in my hands and pushed them together so I could suck both nipples into my mouth at the same time. They were rock hard a sticking out at least an inch. As I squeezed her tits milked started to leak out her nipples. I devoured them and sucked hard. Both nipples were squirting milk down my throat at the same time.

“Oh, Ken. This is so hot. Please don’t stop”

While I was busy sucking, she slid her panties down her legs and started to finger herself. I could tell she was dripping already. I got myself between her legs and started to press my cock into her pussy. She grabbed it with her hand and rubbed the head against her exposed clit. Her breath was now coming in short gasps.

I knew she was close to cumming so I shoved all the way in and pressed my hairless crotch against her pussy. When I did this she wrapped her legs around my back so that when I pulled back out I lifted her off the bed. When I shoved my cock back in her hot pussy, I slammed her back onto the bed.

“Oh………baby………do it………hard……….fuck…………….harder!!!!!”

I continued to slam in and out of her and she was starting to lose control. Her head rolled back and spittle dripped out of her mouth onto the pillow. I was like a man possessed as I saw my wife enter a state of passion we didn’t know existed.

“Please don’t stop,” she pleaded. “Agghhhhhh…. I’m cummmmmmming!!!”

With that I felt another load of jism travel up my tube and explode into her coating the inside of her cunt. “Oh, fuck!!” I grunted as I pumped more and more into her. There was so much it started to leak out coating my balls and her asshole. I was so turned on I couldn’t stop cumming.

Eventually, my streaming cock started to dribble and my orgasm came to an end. I collapsed onto Donna and couldn’t move. My softening dick was still buried to the hilt in her swollen pussy and I think she had passed out. Finally, I rolled off her and lay there breathing heavily. When my dick popped out of her cunt, a gush of our combined cum emptied onto the bed. I felt her begin to stir and I leaned over to kiss her.

Our lips parted and she opened her eyes and looked at me.

“Where the fuck did that come from? You’ve never been that wild before.”

“You weren’t so bad yourself.”

“Jesus Christ! I think I passed out,” she said.

“I think I died and went to heaven. I can’t believe you deep throated me like that. You were awesome.”

“Seeing you hairless really did something to me. I just couldn’t get enough of you into my mouth. It was so smooth.”

“Maybe you could try shaving,” I suggested stroking her hairy pussy. “It sure would be nice not to have to pick pubes out of my mouth every time I eat your sweet meat.”

She escort maltepe looked over at me with that twinkle in her eyes that she had when she first stuck her finger in my ass. “If you’re good, I just might try it.”

With that she reached over and started to fondle my limp cock. I couldn’t believe she wanted to go again but who was I to complain. I wanted to see her shave that pussy. I pulled her close and pressed our bodies together as I started to feel my manhood respond.

I kissed my way down her body stopping along the way to suck and drink from her full mammaries. I continued my way down her belly, kissing her the whole way. When I reached the tip of her pussy I rubbed her nubbin with my tongue. I felt Donna twitch a little and continued my assault of her clit.

“Easy boy, I’m still sensitive there. Slow down and make it last,” she said.

I then started to pay more attention to her labia and sucked the left one into my mouth and pulled back. When I had it extended all the way I felt more of my cum leak out. I licked that up and continued to clean up the rest of her. As I was licking all around her pussy I paused at the space between her cunt and her asshole. I flicked this area with my tongue and continued to lick and suck. As I passed over her brown hole, my wife shuddered.

“Oh my god, that feels so good. Don’t stop.”

I reached down and spread her ass cheeks wide to allow me maximum room to play. When I did this I saw her rosebud open a little and I could see the pink inside lining of her anus. I plunged my tongue inside and began to move it around. Donna moaned and I could tell she was really enjoying this. I moved my left hand to her clit and started to rub and pinch it. This together with my tongue in her ass drove her over the edge.

“Ffffuuuuuuuuuuuucckkkkkk!!! Eat my pussy and suck my asshole you cunt licker. I’m cumming again. Oh, fuck. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh….. shit!!!!!!!”

I had never heard my wife talk like this but it was fucking exciting. She started to thrash around and it was hard to keep my mouth on her ass and my finger on her clit. I stopped rubbing her clit and shoved two fingers in her pussy. Now she was getting it in both holes at once. All of a sudden she went stiff and grunted. She had the biggest orgasm ever and came like she was urinating. My entire face was flooded with cum juice. I tried to drink it but it was too much to swallow and it started dripping off my chin and down onto the sheets. It continued to pulse out of her pussy and shoot all over the bed and me. I had to pull my face away from her pussy so I could breathe.

Donna finally stopped gushing pussy juice and started to calm down. Her breathing slowly returned to normal and she pulled me up on top of her and hugged me tight. Then she licked my face clean. I think she liked the taste because she didn’t stop until I was almost clean. Then she pulled back and looked me in the eyes.

“I guess that means that I’m going to shave for you because you were more than just a good boy,” she said. “That was fucking incredible. I didn’t even know that a woman could ejaculate like a man. I’ve never felt anything like that before.”

“I didn’t know you had it in you to be so wild,” I replied. “I got excited just watching you cum. You were in another dimension.”

“Calm down, lover boy. I need to catch my breath and maybe we can check out the razor down there.” With that she looked down between her legs and got that twinkle in her eyes again. I knew that this was just the beginning.

Thanks to all those who gave me feedback after part one. Please continue to vote for my stories and comment if you like. I have ideas for several more installments.

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