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The alarm clock clicks on and a slightly manic voice comes out of the speakers, “Good morning, I am the saviour of Radio 1, the one and only Chris Moyes”, “Bugger, that means it’s Monday morning and I’ve got to get my ass out of bed for work” I tell myself! I role over in bed and hit the snooze button, “Ten more minutes and I’ll get up” I say to myself.

Just as I role back over I realise I am afflicted with the sign of a man 1st thing in the morning, the timeless duvet tent! “Hmmmm, I tell myself, I don’t remember having a dream about shagging anyone, though this probably has something to do with the hot night of sex I had last night with her!” the next thing I realise is I am actually stroking myself while daydreaming about last night.

Well it would be a waste of a perfectly good erection if I didn’t, wouldn’t it?? So I lay back, close my eyes and start to slowly stroke my ridged cock while playing back the scenes of last nights adventures, before long I feel that familiar feeling deep in my loins until “And that was the latest song from the Kooks, now it’s 7:10am and it’s time for the news and sport with Dominic and Carrie” Bugger, the alarm goes off again, no offence to Chris Moyles but I have to say he knows how to make a man go limp!

Bugger it I thought, I’ll have to wait, and if I don’t get my ass out of bed I’m gonna be late!

I throw on a pair of shorts and walk to the bathroom, stare at the stranger in the mirror, “God I look like crap this morning, mental note, don’t let her talk you into staying out late to have sex under the stars!”

After a quick wash, shave and brush of my teeth I’m feeling a bit more human and ready to start the day!

I check my watch, 7:55am, SHIT!! I’m gonna be late now, I grab a pair of jeans, some socks and a shirt, throw them on and run down stairs into the kitchen with the distant calls of “Morning Matthew, over slept did we??” from mum as a race past, luckily dad has just done some toast for him, I nick a bit and grab my lunch and I’m out of the front door before he could say anything!

The journey to work was as normal as it could be, 3 miles, time taken: 35 minutes! I park the car and walk into reception and jump in the lift just as the doors close. I’m greeted with a huge smile from Charlotte, she’s 5’4″ jet black hair and deep blue eyes and if the rumours are true, she has a massive crush on me too, well it’s nice to know people fine you attractive I guess!! We exchange glances as we take the short trip up to the 2nd floor, walking out I could swear she grazed my ass with her hand but I couldn’t be 100% sure, oh well.

As I sit at my desk my mobile buzzes, “Morning Lover, did you sleep well? I did, well you did knacker me out last night!! Have a good day baby, Love you, xxxxx” I reply “Morning Baby, yeah I slept great ta, though I did have a rock hard erection 1st thing this morning, think I dreamt about last night!! You where unbelievable! Have a good day sexy, txt you later”

My morning drags on, and I spend a good part of it daydreaming “did Charlotte grab my ass? What if she did, does it bother me? No, but it would bother Vez! Mmmmm she was fantastic last night, and the noises she was making when I was going down on her! God what a turn on! Oh bugger!!” I roll back on my chair from my desk and look down at my crotch and there standing proud is the bulge of a erect penis! Right I say to myself, I can’t sit here with this, it’s 12:11pm, Hmm I wonder if I could get the afternoon off?? I shoot my boss an email making up some excuse that I need to do some thing and could do with the afternoon off, to my surprise he agrees and come 1:00pm I’m outer here!

I leave, gloating slightly that I have the afternoon off as I go, on the walk down the stairs I try to decide what to do with myself that afternoon, I take my phone out of my pocket and shoot a text off to you “What time’s your lunch?” “1:30pm” the reply says, “Meet me outside your place at 1:30pm then”

I nip into Sainsburys and grab some nice sandwiches, some fresh strawberries and a bottle of champagne.

1:30pm on the dot I am outside your work sitting on the bonnet of my car with a huge smile on face as you walk out, even in your work clothes you still look fantastic, and your wearing my favourite trousers, the ones that show your ass off and have a convenient zip on the back of them. “So what’s for lunch big boy” you ask as you plant a kiss firmly on my lips “Some sandwiches, oh and me!” I say with a cheeky ataşehir escort bayan wink and a smile.

You hop into the passenger seat and I pull out of the car park at speed, “Wow what’s the rush?” you ask as I race though the back streets and out onto the main road, “Well you’ve only got an hour for lunch and I don’t want to spend the whole time driving!”

10 minutes later we pull into the car park for the local nature reserve, I grab the bag with the blanket in it out of my boot and the carrier bag with the food and drink in, we walk into the woods into a little clearing, as you wonder about looking at the birds in the trees I open the bag with the blanket in and notice at the bottom of it that 2 of my old neck ties are in there, god when was the last time I used this blanket I think for a second then dismiss it as me being lazy again.

We lie on the blanket that I have placed an the base of a willow tree, the branches coming down about 4 feet from the ground, giving us some shade from the warm summer sun. You demand the salmon sandwiches that I had my eye on so leaving me with the tuna salad, oh well!

Sandwiches finished I sit with my back against the tree and you leaning against me, I lean down and kiss the top of your head, inhaling the scent of your shampoo deeply, “Mmmmm you smell nice” I complement you, you turn, look at me, then lean in and kiss me passionately “Thank you Matt” and you kiss me again.

You kiss has the desired effect and I can feel the blood coursing though my body as if someone had just taken hold of my heart and squeezed it forcing the blood out into my arteries and to every inch of my body!

This energy gets the lustful primitive part of my brain into gear and an idea springs to mind! The strawberries and champagne! The ties!

“Ooo baby, would you like desert?”

“Ok, what have you got??”

“Your gonna have to guess”

And with that I reach into my bag and grab one of the ties, before you say anything I have it tied tight around your eyes blindfolding you.

“Matt, what are you planning???” I don’t answer but instead I open the strawberries and pop open the champagne “What was that pop?” you ask, still I say nothing but instead I pick up one of the strawberries and stroke it against your lips but as you open your lips and go to bite it I pull it away and kiss you

“No biting until I tell you” I whisper in your ear and I put the strawberry back to your mouth, forcing your lips apart as you take it into your mouth “Now you can bite it” and with that you sink your teeth into its juicy flesh

I pour a glass of champagne and dip the next one into the fizzing liquid before stroking it again against your lips, your head jumps back with the new sensation of the cold liquid still fizzing against your sensitive soft mouth. You lean back in and take the strawberry into your mouth whole before chewing softly on it.

The third one I place part way into my mouth then lean in to feed it to you, you sense I’m leaning in and grab hold of my arms and pull me in and pull the strawberry from my mouth before kissing me passionately.

“Hey what did I say, no biting till I tell you” as I break away from your moist mouth, but before I can finish telling you off you throw yourself forward knocking be back and planting your mouth onto mine and pushing your tongue deep into my mouth, you hands stroking my face as you do. I roll you over onto your back with me on top before breaking away, I start to lift your top up over your head exposing your bra enclosed breasts, once off your hands reach for my shirt to try undoing the buttons, which, considering your still blindfolded you manage to get the top two undone with no problem before I grab hold of your hands and pull you away, “No you don’t, you haven’t finished your dessert yet but it’s obvious that you are not going to play are you? Well there is only one thing for it!”

I get off you and lift you to your feet, lean over and grab the other tie and lead you to the tree pushing you up against the rough trunk as I kiss you, then I grab hold of your left arm, walk behind the tree, pull your right arm back and then tie your hands together behind the tree!

“Hey no fair” you protest but it’s too late, you are bound to the tree and you cannot escape

I grab another strawberry and place it partly into your mouth “Hold it there, do not eat it!” I instruct you. I grab the champagne bottle and take a mouthful but escort kadıöy I don’t swallow it. Instead I press my body up against yours and place my mouth around the strawberry and onto your lips, champagne passes from my mouth into yours as I bite into the strawberry, the sweet juices of which mix with the slightly acidic bubbly making a cool tangy tasty liquid that leaks from our mouths and drips down your chin and neck and onto the top of your chest, breaking away I bend down and lick from where the sticky juice finishes on your chest and follow it up lightly lapping it all the way up your slender neck, around your chin and back onto your lips, passionately kissing you again pressing hard into your lips as my tongue explores your mouth.

As I pull away you moan softly in that way you do that makes me melt inside. I reach up and stroke the side of your face and let my hands run down your neck, past your breasts, pausing to cup them softly before continuing along your sides past that ticklish point that makes you squirm and around onto your ass, squeezing it tight just as I start to kiss you again. As our lips meet for the millionth time since we have been going out I slowly unzip your trousers and push them off your hips and let then drop to the floor leaving you standing in the light pink bra and boy shorts that you bought me as an anniversary present, I stand back for a second admiring the view, my goddess standing blindfolded and tied to a tree in just her sexy lingerie in the middle of a wood, my cock is screaming inside my jeans to be released, but instead I pull out my phone and take a series of pictures of you to remind me of this day.

I pick up a strawberry but instead of putting it into your mouth I drop to my knees, take a bite of it and using the moist tip I write in strawberry juice across your chest “Goddess” before licking it all up, you let out a little moan as I lick the second ‘S’ up as the bottom tip of it is just on the exposed upper part of your gorgeous left breast. I eat the rest of the strawberry before pulling the cup of your bra down and place my mouth onto your breast sucking hard at your nipple, teasing it with my tongue, I pull away and take another mouthful of champagne and replace my mouth back onto you, the bubbles bursting on your sensitive nipple as I suck hard on your soft breast, you let out another moan, longer and deeper this time as I feel your body twitch hard against me. I swallow the liquid and lick your breast clean, flicking and teasing your nipple before releasing your bra.

Getting back to my feet I let my hand stroke up between your legs and let it rest over your mound, I can feel the heat radiating from you and that your panties are damp to the touch, “Mmmmm someone’s enjoying there desert!” I wispier into your ear as I start to move my had around slowly on top of your hot pussy mound, you flinch as my fingers press against your sensitive spot, sensing how turned on you are I remove my hand and push it down the front of your panties letting my fingers come to rest onto of your pussy lips, parting them and feeling your juices slowly flowing from deep within you. My middle finger curls up and teases your entrance, pushing just an inch in before coming back out and flicking up to your clit in one movement, I feel your body buckle slightly and you let out a sigh, I repeat this a few times more, each time your body movement become more exaggerated and louder. Sensing your excitement I decide to push further in with my finger exploring deeper into your hot sticky pussy, curling my finger more so the tip presses against your g-spot which I know sends an electric shock up along your spine.

I can feel your juices literally flowing from you and down my hand soaking it. An almost constant moan escapes from your lips as I pepper your neck with soft little kisses before nibbling at your shoulder.

Your knees start to buckle as you lean against the tree to keep yourself upright as you feel your impending building up deep with in you, trying to force its self out of you, my finger is joined by another as I start moving them faster and harder into your tight wet cunt, with each thrust I push you closer and closer to the point of no return then you utter those 3 little words that drive me wild “Please Fuck Me”

“Sorry baby, what did you say?” I ask

“Please fuck me”

“Nope I didn’t hear you” knowing full well you knew what I heard you said


That was all I needed, I pulled my soaking wet hand out of your panties, licking some of the juices off as I did before pulling my jeans down without undoing them releasing my cock, I reach around the tree and release your hands which intently reach up to your blindfold pushing it up off your eyes. You blink as your eyes adjust to the bright summer sun before grabbing my shirt and ripping it open, sending 2 buttons flying off into the bushes.

I grab hold of your bottom and lift you up, instinctively you rap your legs around my back locking your feet together to hold you in place and throwing your arms around my shoulder so you are clinging onto me as if your life depended on it, this allows me to pull your panties to one side and direct the head of my thick engorged cock to your moist pussy entrance. As the tip parts your lips and slowly fills you up I push you up against the tree giving me enough leverage to be able to thrust harder into you. As my cock fills you completely you let out a long moan, as if all of a sudden something has scratched an itch you haven’t been able to reach, you look into my eyes and I can read the lust on your face, you have been longing for this all day. My cock slowly pulls out then back in again, again causing you to moan, again and again I with draw and re-enter you and with each one you moan again and again, in fact I can feel you tighten around me, your legs gripping me tighter, your nails digging into my back then, bang!

Out of nowhere your 1st orgasm hits you hard, you loose your breath, your face turns red and the veins in your neck are visible as wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure washes over you, my thrust prolong the orgasm still further as you struggle to breath then all of a sudden and as quickly as it arrives your orgasm passes and you start gasping for breath.

I place you onto the blanket but you get on to all fours and turn to look me in the eye, “Now big boy, fuck me hard from behind”

Not needing a second invitation I grab hold of your ass, pull down your panties and spread your cheeks as I feed my cock back into your pussy, still warm and now even tighter post orgasm.

I’m so turned on I don’t bother to take it slowly to start with but instantly go in and out of you at full pace, my balls slapping against your clit, causing you to gasp hard with each thrust. I lean down, unclip your bra one handed and release your breasts to the warm summer breeze before cupping and squeezing them in my hands as me ridged pole continues to push into the warmth of your inviting pussy.

My hands release your breasts and I push your shoulders down so your face is pushed against the blanket, this allows me to go deeper still into you and it has an instant effect as your moans turn into screams of pleasure, you scream my name as you feel me stretching your sensitive insides as my swollen penis continues it’s assault in the search of the release I have longed for since I woke up.

You reach under your body with one hand and start to caress my full swinging balls, this hits the spot and all of a sudden I can feel my cum boiling up in my bollocks wanting to escape causing me to dig my nails into your ass and slam hard and fast into your cunt that starts to tip you over the edge for the second time today.

Just as your orgasm starts your pussy grips my cock tight that causes an eruption deep with in me that unleashes my hot sticky salty cum. It fires out of my cock with such vigour that you squeal with every shot of cum that hits your inner pussy walls. Shot after shot after shot until I felt that I was completely drained and my cum is dripping from you. As my orgasm started to subside, you regain your composure and let out a long sigh, the sigh of a completely content woman.

I pull out with a little plop and sit back against the tree, my cock softening slowly and covered in a combination of my cum and your juices, you tune around take my cock into your mouth and suck the sweet and salty mix off me before releasing it and kissing me, feeding me some of the product of our fucking.

We slowly get dressed and walk back to the car hand in hand without saying a word. I drive back to your work and you lean over to kiss me goodbye, “Thank you for lunch baby, I can’t wait for dinner!” with that you walk back into work, though I do notice you seem to be having some trouble walking as the crotch of your trousers seems to be rubbing against you.

I look at my watch, 2:58pm, “Hmmm, I wonder if she will get in trouble for taking a long lunch? Actually I doubt she would care right now!” I giggle to myself as I set off home to prepare dinner for us…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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