Mysterious Stranger

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What an inconceivably long day it had been. It had begun at 6:00 that morning with an emergency meeting at work. Justin had been called in to pick up the pieces after three people on his team had completely and utterly dropped the ball on the project. At 28, he was the youngest man on the team, but he always seemed to be the steadying force that made everything all right. The meeting had lasted for ten grueling hours, finally ending with a resolution which would require everybody in the company to work twice as hard as they would have had everything worked out during the first go round.

“Bastards!” muttered Justin to his Long Island Ice Tea. He had been staring at the drink for some time now, trying desperately to make it comfort him. Finally, with a long sigh, he lifted the glass to his lips and took a long, smooth, delicious sip. Everything would be all right, he told himself.

“Are you okay?” Justin slowly put down his glass and turned his head to see where the question had come from. He didn’t regret it. At some point during his reverie, the most gorgeous redhead he’d ever seen had pulled up a stool next to him at the bar. Her full hair rested just below her shoulders, framing a face which could only have been sculpted by a master artist. Her green eyes probably radiated passion even as she slept, and her full, sexy lips seemed to be calling Justin’s name. Her breasts, although not the largest in the world, jutted proudly from her chest as if begging for attention. Her legs, which were covered by a pair of black nylons, were well toned and athletic, and her hands were graceful and well manicured.

“Jesus. Why don’t you take a picture?” said the redhead, turning away with a slight hint of trabzon escort a blush and a chuckle.

“I… I’m sorry,” stammered Justin. “It’s just that, well, you’re beautiful, and, to answer your question, I’m not sure I’m okay.”

“Well,” said the woman, turning back to Justin with a wide smile spreading across her luscious lips, “You certainly look okay to me.” With that, she placed a silken hand on Justin’s thigh and began to stroke up and down lightly.

Justin almost spit out his drink. He couldn’t believe that this angel was actually talking to him, let alone rubbing her hand on his leg. It wasn’t that he was a bad looking guy. In fact, most people who saw him considered him to be quite attractive. He was six feet two inches tall, and his long body was well muscled from his former days as a three-sport collegiate athlete. It’s just that he was so damned shy.

“Are you okay now?” whispered the stranger, leaning in almost close enough to allow her soft lips to graze Justin’s ear.

“I’m getting better,” admitted Justin, reaching down to grasp the woman’s hand. The gesture was electric, sending bolts of energy straight from Justin’s mind to his now-engorged penis. He couldn’t believe what was happening, but he’d be damned if he was going to end it now. The stresses of the day had served to diminish his shyness, and he decided right then and there that he would have this sexy stranger.

Slowly, but deliberately, Justin began to move the redhead’s hand closer toward his throbbing errection. He wasn’t sure what she had in mind, but he assumed that the fact that she was touching him in the first place was a good sign. Immediately, and without a word, the redhead took her trabzon escort bayan cue and began to fondle Justin’s cock through the fabric of his dress slacks. In response, Justin pressed his hand against the girl’s skirt, searching for and finding the primary object of his desire.

“Come with me,” said the woman, standing up and pulling Justin by the hand behind her. He followed her blindly, not knowing or caring what this mystery woman had in mind. All he knew is that he had to have her, and have her soon.

The redhead and Justin walked outside, and the blast of cool October air which hit them caused their nipples to stand out proudly in the night. They turned the corner of the bar and stopped after walking about fifty feet into the alley.

“Fuck me,” said the redhead simply.

Justin was only too happy to oblige. He felt the stress melt from his body as he reached forward and ripped the woman’s blouse from her body, revealing the most gorgeous tits he’d ever seen, shielded only by a skimpy lace braw, which he also forceably removed.

Meanwhile, the woman was unzipping Justin’s pants and yanking them down hard, exposing Justin’s impressive dick. Her hands squeezed it and massaged it, trying to milk him for all the come he could muster. He responded by licking and sucking her nipples. His tongue seemed to be everywhere at once, and she arched her back, trying to force more of her firm tits into his face.

Justin could take no more. With one deft motion, he removed the moaning girl’s skirt and pulled down her moist panties. By now, he could smell her, and all he wanted to do was to burry his face in that juicy snatch.

As he licked her, she moaned and writhed escort trabzon with pleasure. She felt his powerful fingers entering her as his mouth licked and sucked all around her clit. Her knees began to buckle as she felt an earthshaking orgasm wash over her.

Just as she was about to lose her balance in the throes of her orgasm, he caught her, pinning her against the wall of the bar. His dick was now harder than steel and begging for sweet release. He entered her with one powerful stroke, causing her to cry out from pain and pleasure simultaneously. He pounded her with long, hard, fast strokes, causing her to scream and moan.

“Ah! Fuck yes! Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh! Fuck me. Yesssss!” The words spilled out of her mouth like raindrops from the clouds as she came and came all over his pulsating cock.

Finally, all at once, Justin knew he was going to explode. As he felt his boiling balls contract with the first hints of his mind-bending orgasm, he released his aching member from her warm, soaked folds and shot a proliffic stream of come all over the front of his beautiful lover. Spurt after spurt landed on her face, and on those beautiful tits, and she moaned with extasy, scooping up what she could with her fingers and bringing it to her hungry mouth.

Justin was spent. He couldn’t remember having had sex like that before. As he picked his ruined pants up off the ground and put them on, he realized that he’d never even gotten the mysterious stranger’s name. As he turned to ask her, he was surprised to find that she was no longer there. Desperately, he scanned the immediate area, but with no results. Finally, he walked back inside the bar to locate the woman who had been fucking him moments earlier. He didn’t see her. Defeated, he took a seat at the bar and ordered another drink.

“Are you okay?” Justin whirled. It was a man who had spoken. It was a fair question, too, because he really looked an awful mess.

“Yeah,” said Justin slowly. “I’m fine.”

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