Mysticbond’s Journal: 2011 01/07

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After getting the kids off to school and shoveling some light snow, she suggested we go upstairs and “get naked,” to which, I agreed. After a brief delay on her part, (I had gone down to the bedroom twice from my office and she was still downstairs doing whatever she was doing,) I went downstairs a third time and found her waiting in bed.

I got undressed and slipped into bed beside her. She lay on her back, while I spooned next to her and she bent her knees leaving her legs dangling behind my knees. After kissing for a short while, she grabbed me and began stroking. I responded by slipping my hands between her legs and gently rubbing her outer labia. I moved the focus of my touch to her clitoris and she quickly climaxed. I pressed my advantage and risked a negative response by penetrating her with my fingers to which she usually responds to adversely. I massaged her g-spot, (which she believes she doesn’t have,) and she began to climax again. Knowing that it had been since December 26th since the last time we made love and that she was now desiring penetration I slipping two fingers inside her more deeply. I still had some distance to go before I reached her uterus and she said, “I don’t think you can go any further.” I took this to mean she wanted me to stop since she rarely says what she means in a direct fashion.

Things quickly proceeded to her rolling on her side and me slipping into her from behind, which is my usual way of having her, ataşehir escort bayan but given the length of time that had passed since our last union, I wanted it to last a bit longer and give her a chance to be responsible for generating sex instead of the locomotion coming entirely from me which is usually the case. I suggested she get on top, to which she responded favorably. This position occurs no more frequently than once every two to three months, which is why it bears mention.

She sucked what little I have in the way of a nipple, which appears to be a favorite activity for her when in this position. She has mentioned wanting to experiment with another woman and so I suspect there is some fantasy involved when she does it with me. She slid up and down my shaft without taking me inside of her for a while, which gives us both a great deal of pleasure when she does it, then soon after, slid the tip of my significantly rigid shaft, opened her legs a bit farther, and guided me inside of her. Why she doesn’t assume this sexual position more frequently is somewhat of a mystery because she her orgasms originate from clitoral stimulation rather than penetration, and when she is on top of me, she usually climaxes without much effort by rubbing her clit on my pubic bone. On this particular occasion, once fully inside of her, she began to ride me with complete abandon, which was assisted by me sucking passionately on one nipple while escort kadıköy kneading the other breast with a firm grip. Her pace quickened to such a degree that she grabbed the headboard, driving her hips more deeply against mine. She lifted her head, consumed with the length of me penetrating her completely, her expression one of sheer delight.

The sight of her face in complete ecstasy, along with her beautiful fair skin contrasted again my darker skin; her breasts hanging, swaying in unison rhythmically to her movements, took me to the brink…but I wasn’t about to release my seed just yet.

She sensed my desire to change positions, and knowing my favorite position she quickly rolled onto her hands and knees, offering a position between her long legs, slender waist and a ass that any woman half her age would be envious to possess. I rose to my knees and grasped her hips, intentionally positioning my length well lower than her well-lubricated opening. She widened the stance of her knees and in cat-like grace instinctively slid herself back, meeting my glistening tip without so much as a glance over her shoulder, and pressing back, took the first part of me inside of her.

In the seven years that we have been together it has never ceased to amaze me how tight her pussy remains, even after two children. Most women, once fully aroused and having been penetrated, begin to relax their vaginal muscles. My wife’s grip upon my shaft remains bostancı escort almost virginal, which is significant because she is tall and gives the appearance that she could handle much larger than me.

My pace once inside of her is usually slow. I enjoy savoring of each minute passage of external hardness within her hot, wet internal grip. However, it doesn’t take long for me to begin to quicken the pace. She is a lioness; the grace of the lines that create her form from shoulder to waist is living art. The slight rise in landscape that creates her hips and buttocks propels me to increased momentum as my length disappears between her folds and then partially reappears, glistening with her excitement.

I begin to use the underside of my shaft as a means to create friction on the inverted pelvic bone she now enthusiastically offers. The friction is sufficient to cause the clitoral hood to be pulled down, and the hardened jewel within pulled taught as my swinging sack slaps against her with each rigorous thrust. She pushes back against me, driving me deeper as my pace continues to quicken as I feel the rise in urgency within my loins. I am like an old fashioned thermometer whose mercury is rising by degrees with the completion of each cycle

Finally, nature commands the inevitable outcome, the heat demanding the release that has been held back for far too long and I blanket her womb with my seed as I continue my thrusts but slowing the pace.

I go for one last deep sensation of joining her, grasping her hips as I feel the need to lie down. We move together in perfect unison into a spoon position, she holding me inside as we both linger in bliss for a short while before falling asleep.

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