New Apartment and a New Deal Pt. 02

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This is part 2 of the story, so if you’ve not read part I strongly recommend reading that first. Thanks for so much for the feedback to the first part, hope you enjoy part 2 which will be told from a slightly different perspective.

All characters in this story are 18 years of age or older.

I sat there not daring to breath. In front of stood of me was this amazingly sexy red head with a collar round her neck that read ‘Slut’. Her long legs in thigh high stockings and the black and red matching underwear all helped to make her seem like a sluttiest goddess you could wish for.

Joe and Shawn seemed to be as in awe as I was as we all sat on the sofa, dicks hard as rocks waiting to see who Claire would give all the power to for the night. I could still taste her pussy on my lips which only made me want her more.

She looked over the three of us, a devilish smirk on her face. She then stepped towards us and bending at her waist leant down enough to run her hand along all three of our chests.

“Hmm, I think I’ve decided who will win this prize” Claire announced, raising the card into the air. Time seemed to move so slowly as she extended her hand with the card out to chosen master.

“Time to see what you’ve got.” Claire said as she handed the card to me!

I nearly exploded in my pants there and then. I must have frozen in disbelief as Shawn gave me an elbow to the ribs to bring me back.

“Come on dude, what are you waiting for?” Joe asked.

Looking up at the amazing creature in front of me I could barely decide which of the fantasies I’d had about her since we’d first met a few days ago I wanted to do first. I decided to play for time to in order to make the most of this opportunity.

“You can start by returning the favour we’ve all just given you.” I ordered as I began to lower my pants. The two guys either side of me followed and soon Claire was stood facing three rock hard and up right cocks.

She smiled, dropped to her knees and crawled over to me. She slowly spread my legs and positioned herself between them. Never breaking eye contact with me, she proceeded to extend her tongue and give my cock one long lick from the base to the tip which she then kissed. It felt amazing.

Claire then took my entire cock in her mouth and began giving me the blowjob I’d been in desperate need of ever since I saw her walk into the living room dressed as a school girl.

Her head bobbed up and down on my cock, her tongue doing wonders. canlı bahis Her hands had managed to find the other dicks on the sofa and she was slowly wanking them both off.

I grabbed her hair by her pony tail and began moving her head up and down myself, increasing the pace. I head Claire moan into my cock as I began to take charge. Time to begin seeing how dirty this girl really was I though.

“Don’t forget my two friends slut, their cocks deserve your cock hungry mouth as well.”

Raising her head up off me, there was a pop as I fell from her mouth. Claire gave me a smile and simply said,

“Yes Sir.” Before sliding over to Joe and taking him straight into her mouth.

I motioned for Shawn to take my place next to Joe as I stood up. He slid over and soon Claire was switching between the two of them, always wanking off one while taking the other in her mouth.

I couldn’t help myself, I grabbed my phone and began recording. I made sure to run the camera up her body, fully taking in her amazing thong clad ass which I gave a couple of light spanks to. These caused Claire to moan again.

“Oh god, I’m close. I, I can’t hold much longer.” Joe gasped.

“Slut, suck him off and swallow it all.” I ordered, giving her another spank with my free hand.

Claire quickened her pace and soon you saw Joe tense and then sink into the sofa. She looked over her shoulder at me and the camera. She then opened her mouth to show she had swallowed all of her reward.

“My turn.” Shawn chimed in. Claire wasted no time at all, returning to sucking him off while Joe lay in recovery.

As Claire sucked him off I got on my knees and began to slowly play with her soaking pussy through her thong. This seemed to only encourage her as she began really going at Shawn’s cock, leaving him in a state of bliss.

“I’m close.” He announced.

I easily slid two fingers into Claire’s pussy as she sucked Shawn off to climax. Again she turned to look at me and the camera. This time when she opened her mouth all I could see all of Shawn’s cum filling it. Claire then closed her mouth, swallowed, opening it again to show it was all gone.

Deciding I’d been fair to both the guys by letting them get off first I turned my attention to my own desires.

Putting my phone down I ordered my new slut to come over and lick my dick all over. Staying on her hands and knees, she rotated round to me and slowly licked every inch of cock. As she did this I undid her bra, bahis siteleri letting it fall to the floor.

My hands reached under her and for the first time, I felt Claire’s tits. They were not huge but my god they felt great. I decided to test how sensitive her nipples were by giving them a pinch. She let out a little yelp, then a moan as I did it again.

Once I was happy that my cock was nice and wet I told her to turn round. Once she did I pulled her thong to one side and lined up my cock. Pressing it against her pussy’s entrance I ordered,


“Please Sir, please put your big fat cock in my little wet pussy. Please, please fuck me.” She responded.

I slid one inch in making her moan.

“Are you our slut now?”

“Mhmm, yes Sir, I’m you slut. Please, please I need your cock inside me.”

Another inch went in.

“Will you do what I ask?”

“Yes Sir, whatever you want just please fuck me. Fuck me however you want, but please fuck your slut now!” Claire begged.

With that I slid all the way into her pussy. She was not wrong; it was a hot little pussy. She felt so tight around my cock as began to steadily pump away. She moaned and continued to call out God’s name as I got into a good rhythm.

Joe, now half recovered, offered his semi to Claire. I watched as she took it into her mouth and began to bring him back to life, continuing to moan into it as I fucked her from behind.

Shawn had now also recovered and I told him to catch the moment our new slut experienced her first spit roast. He grabbed his phone and began taking photos from all kinds of angles.

I could feel myself beginning to build. After so much teasing I knew I wouldn’t last much longer. I quickly pulled out of Claire, resulting in her letting out a moan of disappointment into Joe’s cock. I nodded to Shawn and he soon took my place though.

I motioned for Joe to move over.

“Shawn, grab this sluts tits and lift her up so she is on her knees will you.” I commanded.

Not needing any encouragement Shawn reached round and with a handful of tit in each hand, lifted Claire up onto her knees, arching her back in the process.

“Might want to move your hands for this next bit mate.” I advised.

Hands now holding her by her sides, Claire watched as I began to wank myself right in front of her face.

“Remember to smile for the camera” I winked at her. She simply stared into my eyes, a hungry look on her face for what was about to bahis şirketleri happen.

It did not take long for me to cum and for it to land all over Claire’s face and tits. There was so much of it that it began to run down her face and drip off her chin to add even more to the pool forming on her breasts.

I grabbed my phone and held up the camera. Claire smiled for it at first, before trailing a finger along her cum covered chest and popping it into her mouth to suck it dry with a big grin on her face.

“Boys, this Slut is not allowed to clean up her face until you’ve both cum on it and have taken a picture of her.” I announced.

“No problem, because I’m about to cum again!” Shawn warned.

Claire pulled herself off him quick as a flash and turned round to face him. I watched as she began to pump his cock up and down, offering up her chest to him. Having already cum once Shawn’s load was not as big as mine, but was still enough to land several more spurts to Claire’s face and chest.

Shawn grabbed his phone and took a couple of photos.

“Guess that leaves me.” Joe said, stepping forward.

“It sure does sexy,” Claire answered, turning on her knees to face him, “how can I be of service?” She asked him.

“Well, I think it’s only fair I get some of that pussy action as well.” Joe replied. Sitting on the sofa behind him.

Claire stood up and stepped out of her thong. Now naked apart from her heels, thigh highs and collar, she climbed onto Joe to straddle him.

He put both his hands on her ass and pulled her right down onto him. Shawn and I watched, beer in hand as the two moaned into each other.

Claire bounced up and down on Joe for a few minutes before he was ready. Dutifully getting off him and onto her knees he soon exploded all over her face.

She now had so much cum on her face she could barely open her eyes.

Joe took his photo with her and collapsed.

“Hey,” Claire complained, “Don’t I get a photo with all of you? Seems only fair as you’ve all got one with me.”

“Sure,” I chuckled, “What do you want.”

Grabbing her phone Claire set it up on the coffee table and ordered the three of us to sit on the sofa. She then draped her naked body across her three laps, her chest and face still caked in our cum.

“Everyone say slut for the camera.” She said.


There was a flash from her phone and she got up to look at the photo.

“That came out great, now, is there any beer left before round 2?”

I’m going to enjoy our new flatmate.

I hope you all enjoyed, as always feedback and messages welcome. I’ve some ideas for a third part, but let me know if there is anyone you’d like to see.

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