Performing For The Boss

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I was recently encouraged to share this story with the readers after sharing it with “the ladies” over Friday night drinks. I just turned 30 and this happened to me nearly six years ago. I had recently graduated from hotel and restaurant management at a University in the Northeast and landed a job at a very hi-profile hotel in New York City. I had been working at the hotel slightly over a year when this happened.

My name is Katie and at the time (actually, not much has changed in the way that I look), I’m 5’5” 112lbs with long brown hair and brown eyes and perky 34B breasts (I guess they were perkier then) and what many guys have told me was my best feature, a well shaped, firm, sexy ass. I was living with my boyfriend from college but I was having an affair with a guy I worked with. Vince was 6’0” tall and 170lbs pounds of lean, sexy male. He was older then me (he had just turned 30) was unhappily married and he was the most amazing lover I had ever had even though it was a short list.

He also was the first person to make me understand why so many women (whether they admit it or not) prefer a well-hung guy. I’m sure there is such a thing as being too big but Vince was perfect. He was 7 ½”, thick and cut with an amazing head and he shaved his balls which I also discovered I loved. He also had the sweetest cum I ever tasted. I had tried swallowing with my boyfriend and one other lover in college but it grossed me out. With Vince I would hunger for his cum. He could fuck for a solid 45 minutes before cumming and in that time I would sometimes cum 3 or 4 times. I didn’t like myself sometimes because he was married but we had genuine feelings for each other that went beyond the amazing sex.

Debbie was our boss. She and Vince often clashed heads over office politics and Vince went out of his way to protect the people in our department from her. She was 28 and obviously overcome with the power of a high-ranking position at the celebrity filled hotel. It was a shame too for her because she was very attractive and had a great body but she was alone. She spent nearly 12 to 14 hours a day at the hotel. Many of the people at work would joke she needed to get laid to lighten up a little. She always dressed well in her power suits and made sure to let whoever saw know that under those pinstripes was a full, firm set of breasts, long, shapely legs and an ass that almost rivaled mine.

What happened was a shock at first but to this day it was one of the best sexual events of my life. It was a Friday night and Vince was scheduled to work until 10 and I was scheduled to close the department at 11PM. Debbie asked Vince to stay, which was surprising because we weren’t sold out. In fact, it was the day before Labor Day weekend and the place was less then 75% full. Vince didn’t mind because he hoped if we walked out together we would find a place to be together for a little while before I had to get home. We had been horny for each other all week but hadn’t had a chance to be together.

At 11PM after all the reports were done, Debbie had us close and lock-up our outer office and join her in her office. Hers was the only one still open on our floor at that hour. Vince and I looked at each other as we made the short walk eryaman escort down the hall and knocked on her door. She called us in. She was sitting behind her desk in her leather chair, her jacket off and I could see the lacey bra she wore through her silk blouse. She took off her glasses and told us to sit down. She motioned for Vince to close the door behind him. At this point I became a bit nervous because the hotel didn’t allow dating, especially when you were in the same department. Besides, Vince was married and although we were very discreet people could see the chemistry between us. It took less then two minutes to realize this was why she had called us in that night.

After a long discussion about hotel policies and the fact that Vince was married and that it was obvious to many people we were having an affair, she said she had decided on something. Okay, here it goes. I figured one of us was getting fired or transferred or something like that. Instead her next statement nearly knocked me off my chair. The expression “floored” comes to mind even to this day when I think about it (and I do still think about it).

“I’d really like to see you two fuck.” She said it so matter of fact that Vince and I both had that shocked look. “Excuse me?” Vince asked her, I’m sure that like me he thought he must’ve heard her wrong.
“C’mon, we’re all adults here. I find the both of you sexy as hell and Katie here has bragged about you to a few of the girls who like to tell me everything.” My mind was racing to figure out who had a loud mouth amongst the girls that I confided in but couldn’t think too clearly at that moment. Vince and I had discussed how hot we thought it would be to go to a swingers club not to swing but just because we both wanted to fuck in front of strangers and watch others having sex. I wondered though if Debbie expected to join in. I was uncertain on two counts regarding that. Number one, although I had fantasized and masturbated thinking about making love to another woman I wasn’t ready to make it a reality yet. Number two, I was jealous. I was in love with Vince and the thought of him fucking his wife made me crazy let alone if I had to watch him fuck our boss.
“You’re just planning on watching then?” I asked her because to me that would be okay.
“Just watch,” she said then she smiled and reached into her pocketbook and took out a silver vibrator and ran it over her lips and down between her tits. “Watch and keep myself entertained.” She leaned back in her chair. I looked at Vince who was looking at her and obviously trying to gauge the situation. I was curious what he was thinking but when I looked down and saw the growing bulge in his suit pants I knew he was thinking what I was. We stood up and went around to her side of the desk.
“What do you want us to do?” Vince asked.
“Katie, I bet you’re quite the little cock sucker, aren’t you?” I didn’t answer but it turned me on to hear those words coming from our boss. “Modest, are we?” she laughed.
“Vince, does she suck your cock well?”
“The best.” He said and his bedroom eyes were boring into hers.
“Well then, lets start there.” And she leaned back again.

Vince was leaning against her desk, maybe five feet in front of her. sincan escort His jacket and tie and shirt were gone quickly. I undid my blouse and slipped my skirt off and stood there in my thigh-hi stockings, black bra and matching panties. I knelt in front of my lover and undid his pants and then grasped his cock through his boxers so that Debbie could see what I was about to enjoy. I think I heard her purr, but I wasn’t sure. She was touching her breasts through her blouse and her nipples looked like a match to my own, thick and long and at that moment very hard. I made a show of kissing his cock for a while before I revealed it to her. When I did finally pull his shorts down he was rock hard and his beautiful, perfect cock throbbed for the whole world to see. His balls were so smooth and freshly shaven and my mouth gravitated towards them first.

I gave his balls a tongue bath and gently sucked them into my mouth one at a time (he loves that) before licking my way up his shaft and sucking the swollen head into my mouth. Vince has told me often that I don’t simply suck his cock but rather I make love to it. He was right I absolutely adored his cock. After ten minutes or so he pulled me into a standing position.

He leaned me against the desk and sat me on the edge. I was looking at Debbie now as he undid my bra. My nipples were so hard that they ached for his mouth. He had this way of not just sucking them, but taking the entire tip of my tit and applying a suction that never failed to make me drip. Truth was though; I was already so wet from everything that was happening. Seeing him work my titties must have inspired Debbie who was still just touching herself over her clothes. She started to unbutton her blouse. My eyes never left her as she pulled her silk blouse from her skirt and unhooked her front snap bra and exposed a very impressive set of tits. Her nipples were as long as mine but her areolas were larger and brown in contrast to my pink tips. They were wrinkled and very hard and I had to admit that if she were closer I may have leaned in and sucked on them.

Instead though she watched. She smiled at what she was seeing and the Bitch was anything but just then. She looked so good. I tapped Vince who lifted his mouth from my nipples and looked at our boss. I stroked his cock as we watched her pinch her nipples and rub her crotch over her skirt. He knelt in front of me and made sure Debbie could see as he peeled my wet panties down my thighs and off. He gasped when he saw me. I had shaved a few days earlier and again that morning. I had always kept myself neatly trimmed but now I was completely hairless. He forgot all about letting Debbie get a look at my pink pussy and his mouth attacked me. I came within a couple of minutes, my entire body shuddering and my moans filling the office. I was still shaking when he stood and kissed me and told me how “fucking amazing” my pussy looked. Now he turned and took a step away and let Debbie see for herself. I thought she was going to twist her nipples off. I think she liked what she was seeing too.

Vince’s cock was still like a steel pipe and despite how wet I was he had to ease it into me. We started fucking like two crazed animals. He was batıkent escort amazing because I knew he wanted to cum but he would slow up and let the urge pass and get back into it. I came again and looked over his shoulder at Debbie because I guess my eyes had been closed for a while. Her skirt was bunched up at her waste and her panties and pantyhose were gone. She had a thick bush of black pubes around a very wet and very pink pussy. The dildo was ¾ of the way into her and I watched as Vince went back to fucking me with fast, deep strokes. I could feel his cock swelling even more and thought he was about to cum. I told him I needed to taste his cum but he told me he wasn’t ready yet. We were both sweating despite the air conditioning in the office. I could smell sex in that room and it filled my nostrils and wet my pussy even more.

Vince pulled his cock out and dropped to his knees and started to lick my pussy some more. G-d, I loved the way he did that. He licked my clit long enough to bring me right to the edge before he stood and slid his cock back inside me, much easier then the first time. I was still looking at Debbie who was fucking herself frantically now and Vince looked over his shoulder and saw her naked pussy for the first time. I came again. Debbie shuddered and started cursing and moaning as her orgasm overtook her and her body shook and rocked for well over a minute.

Vince pulled his cock out and stepped back and turned towards Debbie. At first I thought he was going to shoot his cum all over her but he was just getting in position for her to watch me swallow his cum. I crumpled off the desk; my legs were so weak and slid in front of him. Usually I like to put about half his cock in my mouth when he explodes so I can play with his cum before swallowing it. Somehow I had enough sense to realize we were performing for Debbie. I held his cock a couple of inches from my wide open mouth and jerked his fat shaft and let her watch that beautiful cock explode into my hungry mouth. I swear I was swallowing the biggest load ever from my lover. I nearly came again as his cock just kept spurting until finally he slowed. I took the head in my mouth and made sure to suck out the last of it.

I sat back exhausted and Vince sat on the floor next to me breathing heavy and covered in sweat. Debbie slowly pulled the cum covered vibrator from her pussy and sucked it clean which was sexy as hell. We were all quiet and catching our breath. When her phone rang we all jumped.
“Yes. Of course. Yes… I’ll be up in 20 minutes? Okay, ten minutes.” She stood quickly and grabbed her panty and pantyhose from the floor and told us she had to get upstairs right away. Vince and I dressed quickly and within 15 minutes of the most intense fuck session of our lives; we were in the cool Manhattan night air. We both knew there was no way we could go home that night to our respective partners. We walked to the West Side and rented a room and fucked until 4 AM before we made our way home.

As for Debbie, we never discussed the events of that night but she was less of a bitch towards us after that night. Vince left the hotel less then six months later. He left his wife a year after that. We were married in Las Vegas two years ago and I have never in my life been happier. Sometimes stories do have happy endings. Ours is one.

Thank you Roni for translating my words into something legible and for urging me to tell my story because remembering was such a huge turn on.

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