Plumbing the Depths of Sex

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Shy and a little sly, Peggy-Sue Graham had taught similar age but a slightly late developer Pete Pitt everything he knew about the subject dominant at the centre of his mind – sex.

The closest Pete had come to sex pre-Peggy-Sue had been the towel flicking fights he’d with the guys after coming out of the showers after football practice when the coaches were never there supervising. Now with his nineteenth birthday coming up Pete thought he should find out more about plumbing the depths of sex from someone far more experienced than Peggy-Sue.

Deciding that was easy for the good-looking sluggish thinker with cute curly blond hair: the problem that loomed uncomfortably was how to source and convince that prospective tutor Pete would be a worthy student and deliver something they wanted – money or whatever. Peter knew he’d conjured up a mind bender with that word ‘whatever’. Huh? Lazily he decided he’d find out when she hinted or perhaps told him emphatically. The more immediate of his worries was what if his erection was of insufficient length for a prostitute or how to behave if she sucked his balls.


Ah, that was a thought but surely an enthusiastic, knowledgeable amateur would mean less of a hit on his back pocket, er his billfold? Well, well – so an older woman, a sexy older woman who’d feel flattered to be aiming Pete’s dick into more effective rutting as he entered adulthood.

Yeah! Pete almost dribbled in excitement.

Either of his parents whom he likened to flaky shadows unless the issue appealed to them would be hopeless as consultants. Anyway what did they know about artistry and brinkmanship in sexual behavior? He suspected their fixed position on sex was Missionary; no use asking them.

Compulsive knitter Grandma who adored spoiling him was a possibility but she’d shoot her mouth off to his mom who’d act wounded because he’d not consulted her before approaching far worldlier grandma. Oh, why was sex so complicated?

Complicated? He brushed a tickling and rarely combed curl away from his left eye and his mouth almost dribbled again as he recalled sweet Peggy-Sue’s first lesson: “Aim it to slide in slowly here then push in deeply, pull almost right out…good, good…bang me hard…now pick up speed…now….AAAARRRRRRGH!”

Pete was doing the odd jobs for rich and very cool Mrs Marble who was married to “That Lazy Bum” as she called him; this was his fifth year of working under the watchful eye of Mrs Marble; her blue eyes that seemed to have become more watchful over the past year.

She’d sprawl on a deck chair on warm days, legs apart, slowly sucking a bottle of beer. But it was easy to see from body shape and her delicate arm movements – and the heaped on lipstick of course – that Mrs Marble was no weary male worker drinking straight from the bottle.

“What’s the problem sweetie?”

He twitched and ignored her – she’d only just begun calling him ‘sweetie’ and ‘big boy’ in recent months. It was embarrassing.

Sweating slightly Pete placed another paving slab on the sandy foundation he’d leveled earlier; one slab to go.

“Pete baby, are you ignoring me?”

He sighed and muttered, “One slab to go Mrs Marble and I’m all yours.”


Pete half-turned to find if she’s spilt beer over those whoppers. He returned facing forward quickly, eyes almost gyrating, face flaming. He couldn’t be quite sure as it had been only a glimpse but Mrs Marble appeared to have a hand stuck up under the hem of her dress.

He needed to get out of here but felt trapped: there were two exits and she was seated between Pete and both of them. He could climb the fence but that seemed a little excessive and undignified for someone in their late teens.

“Come here baby and tell mommy what’s wrong.”

Pete skulked toward her, not making blue on blue eye contact. He felt uneasy; she was talking to him as if he were twelve years’ old.

“Sit on mommy’s knee baby.”

See, that confirms it; actually more like a five-year-old. “No.”

She smiled and hit below the belt: “I could tell your real mommy what you and been Peggy-Sue have been doing?”

How the hell did she know? Pete felt like a trapped rat. Now he was standing beside her he could easily make a run for it now; he’d be through the gate before she could move to hold him. Hell, she was old – he’d attended her thirty-third birthday last April. But his brain killed that idea: his mom would kill him – or more likely disown him – if escort numaraları eryaman she learned about him and Peggy-Sue as both their moms were to the same church, Peggy-Sue’s mom being a big shot within church admin. How the hell had Mrs Big Tits found out?

He sidled in closer and asked what she wanted to know.

Pete’s casual employer wore too much make-up for his likening – he liked girls with skin like peaches, and her hair really wasn’t blonde; Mrs Marble had scruffy brown hair when he’d first come to work for her but since then ‘Lazy Bum’ he won a couple of promotions so she had more money to spend on making herself look good. Although she wasn’t really fat her stomach had a bulge in it and by the look of the under-dress space her boobs took up, one was as big if not bigger than both of Peggy-Sue’s.

“Sit!” she commanded, so he sat on her thighs, attempting to balance without holding on to her.

She seemed to be breathing fast. “Okay, let’s see what you’ve got.”

Proudly flexed his arm, clenching fingers hard into his palm, Pete wondering if she’d feel as rather look at what he’d describe as ‘the bulge of steel’ of his upper arm muscle.

“You fool,” she giggled and grabbed at his balls and half erect cock through his cargo shorts. “Oh my, no wonder Peggy-Sue hovers around you like a wasp around a honey pot.”

Although alarmed Pete realized he should not object to her handling him; his ears began burning as he became aware ‘King Dick’ was growing in her hand.

“May mommy fetch it out?”

“Yes,” he croaked, having no other answer.

Whereas Peggy-Sue took a full minute of fumbling to haul out her prize even when kneeling in front of him, this babe – er, Mrs Marble – had it out within ten seconds and she’d pushed him sideways and was licking it before he had time to regain his balance.

“Play with my tits,” she mumbled, sucking him into her mouth.


She’d called them tits. Both his mom and Peggy-Sue had separately on more than one occasion bawled him out for using that word; both claimed women would die of shame at hearing their breasts called that unwholesome word. Pink-faced Mrs Marble looked very much alive to him.

Pete reached under her armpit and touched the wad of fat. The word he though of was ‘unwholesome.”

She spat out his cock momentarily and coaxed: “Darling, undress the top of me and ease one out and them and suck and bite the nipple.”

“Suck and bite? Hell, Peggy-Sue scarcely allowed him to touch hers, saying they were too sensitive. With shaking hands Pete undid the buttons down the back of Mrs Marble’s dress. She waved both arms and miraculously the dress top fell to her waist. Pete licked his lips at the sight of the sexy black bra – holes all over it showing glimpses of white flesh. He felt his cock thicken and Mrs Marble groaned in approval.

Pete grappled to undo the three hooks and watched a swollen white tit dropped from under her armpit. Blue veins ran in a network through it and the bloated nipple was almost as big as his thumb – it looked revolting. But what now? How could he shift his body to mouth that nipple without throwing Mrs Marble out of work? Pete grabbed at the tit and hooked it; it came straight at his mouth as if on a weapon guidance system. He licked the nipple once and stared; it honestly looked to be asking for more. He began licking the nipple and working his fingers into her flesh. Surprisingly he felt his indifference turning into hunger for sex…at least he wanted her to appreciate what he was doing to this big beauty of hers. He reached under and began sliding his palm over the other one and suddenly he was jizzing into her mouth hard enough to fire his face and make him grunt repeatedly. Holy cow! What had he done to Mrs Marble?

“Wackadoo – what does your mom feed you on, super enriched straight protein?

“Just ordinary meals I reckon. Er, what now?”

“You run into the bathroom and fetch a towel and then we talk.”


Mrs Marble smiled sweetly. “I’m sorry Pete. My specialty is sucking cum out of young men. The other is reserved for Mr Marble.”

Pete’s disappointment showed and Mrs Marble sighed. “Bring my phone from the kitchen.”

She wiped her mouth and thrust the towel under her panties. “You’re very good Pete, you made me ejaculate without touching me down there. It’s never happened to me before.”

“How – what did I do?”

“You attacked my breasts with enthusiasm, raising my sensitivity ankara bayan escort until my body had to release its sexual tension somehow so dealt with it by way of orgasm. It was simply beautiful. Thank you darling.”

After tidying herself Mrs Marble said although Pete hadn’t said what he was mooning about, she sensed it was his desire to experience other females.

“Is that right?”

Peter nodded – he wanted sex plus tuition.

“Well, as I indicated, that’s not for me. Let me call my younger sister.”

“Shannon – it’s Belle. Remember that young man working in my garden when you called the other day, dressed just in shorts and footwear and you said you’d like a piece of him?”

Pete couldn’t hear the sister’s voice.

“Yes, nicely developing torso and unruly blonde hair – that’s him. His name is Pete and he soon turns nineteen. He’s had a heart-to-heart with me and I’ve learned he wants to experience older pussy.”

“No Shannon, you know I’m not promiscuous like you. Would you like to take him in hand?”

“Excellent what about this Saturday – Ted’s going fishing all day isn’t he?”

“I thought so. Well this way you won’t have a boring day. Go to our beach house but take food – there’s plenty of liquor there. Is 9:00 too early for you? Good, make a big day of it; he looks eager.”

“That’s fine Shannon. His name is Pete Pitt and he’ll arrive in my car. He’s a very nice young man. Plunder him darling – it’s what he’s seeking.”

The pleased looking Mrs Marble, catching Pete’s eye by straightening her bra, asked Pete had he followed the conversation. He nodded but said he was playing a club championship tennis match at 11:00 on Saturday.

“Well, you’ll have to decide which is more important in your social development: less than ninety minutes of tennis or all-day sex.”

“Where is your beach housing Mrs Marble?”

“Good boy.”

* * *

Nervous Pete had an idea what to expect: he’s been told Shannon was twenty-four, had been divorced for two years, was a lively high school music teacher, an artificial blonde but there was nothing artificial about her body although she wasn’t quite so large as Mrs Marble ‘up top.’ Oh, she absolutely adored sex but wasn’t rapacious about it. Peter rather liked the sound of that. When he’d picked up Mrs Marble’s car she handed him a 10-pack of assorted condoms with a naughty smile and kissed him goodbye.

Shannon proved disappointing. She greeted him with a kiss and was very friendly, but lacked the smooth style of Mrs Marble and her face was rather hard. As soon as the first round of sex was over she showered and went shopping, not inviting Pete to accompany her. She was straight into sex again on her return but then went to sleep and it was 3:00 before they had lunch. Later she ordered him around tidying up the place. On her return from a walk along the beach – she insisted walking solo – they had sex on the kitchen table and then as soon as she cleaned herself up she waved goodbye and left, telling him to lock all doors and windows and to leave by the back door which would lock itself.

Mr Marble was home so Mrs Marble took Pete into the garden to talk. She sighed when he told her how disinterested Shannon was in him and said that’s probably partly why the marriage had ended in divorce – Shannon really was only interested in herself. “But how was the sex?”

“Full on actually,” Pete grinned. “She almost had me turned inside out; she’s a real powerhouse.”

“Well, let me find you a really sensitive and thoughtful instructress.”

However, Pete intuitively turned down that offer. “I think following my experiences with you and Shannon I have completed sufficient advance instruction to satisfy myself and perhaps others. As I told you a couple of weeks ago, I join my father in his automotive business next week. My younger brother Mark is interested in working for you – if you want him. He’d come to you at the age I did, fifteen, and you’ll be able to assist in his development as you did me.”

“I know Mark by sight – a very polite boy, as were you. Please tell him I’d like to take him on as my protégé.

“Yes Mrs Marble.”

“Mark, you’re a man now. Call me Belle – always Belle, never Mrs Marble.”

* * *

The next evening Pete and Peggy-Sue parked overlooking the river in his father’s car which Pete had been given only just a couple of hours earlier in celebration of his imminent entry into the workforce. She slipped into his elvankent escort arms with familiarity.

“I haven’t seen you for several days,” Peggy-Sue complained. “I’ve been missing our sex. Where were you?”

“I spent time with dad studying systems at work so I possess understanding of the operation when I sign on. I worked my last time for Mrs Marble at her home and then went out to her beach house yesterday to tidy up there.”

“Do you find Mrs Marble sexy?”

“I would be lying if I said no – she’s old but has great tits.”

“Pete, for goodness sake; I’ve told you to call them breasts, or even boobs if you must, but not by that word.”

Pete grinned. “What word?”

“I’m not going to say it.”

Peter began tickling Peggy-Sue; she writhed and demanded he stop doing that.

“Say tits and I’ll stop.”

He tickled her with increased intensity until she was shouting “Tits, tits, tits!”

“Yes let’s have a look at these tits,” he shouted, ripping open her dress and jerking her bra up above them.

“Ohmigod, what are you doing Pete?”

“About to feast on your tits.”

“But you can’t – they’re too sensitive.”

“That’s because you haven’t been sucking on this while I work your tits!” He unzipped and exposing his erection.

“You know I don’t like the cheesy taste.”

“That’s because with you it’s one suck and all over Rover. Lick, suck and swallow as much of it as you can – if you find yourself gagging pull back just a little and let your mind think about me doing disgusting things to you.”

With rising excitement Peggy-Sue demanded: “Pete Pitt, what’s gotten in to you and how do you know these things?”

“Anyone can read about these things, even you. The library has oodles of books about sexing up on sex.”

“It tastes cheesy.”

“Give it a few seconds for your taste-buds to be overrun by erotic signals from your brain. Now let me dribble on to my palm and massage your left boob – gosh, what a beauty, I think it’s still growing.”

Peggy-Sue paused her licking for a moment and said proudly, “I’ve just gone up a size.”

“Congratulations honey – suck my cock as the first part of your reward while I attend to this firming nipple.”

“Hmmm-hmmm-hmmm,” Peggy-Sue hummed.

“Sluuuurp-Sluuuuuuuurp-aaaaah,” sounded Pete.

“Plop!” was the sound as at least four inches of Pete’s erection left Peggy-Sue’s mouth. “I felt it growing thicker and beginning to pulsate in my mouth. You won’t jizz down my throat will you?

“Yes unless you really plead that I don’t do it. I want you to try it.”

“Okay, the girls reckon those who don’t swallow don’t really trust their seducer.”

“So you don’t trust me.”

“Give me your best shot Pete,” Peggy-Sue said bravely. A couple of minutes later Pete obliged and she managed a couple of swallows before breaking free and taking the rest over her face while partly choking.

“Ohmigod, I’ve turned myself into a whore.”

“Is that so bad?”


“Er, you’ve just made the ultimate in sacrifice for your man. I loved pumping down your throat and then seeing your hose your face. It was a magnificent spectacle and may there be many encores in our future together.”

“Our future together?”

“Oh yes Peggy-Sue. Babes prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice don’t grow on trees. I’ve found out about several positions with great names like Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl – Missionary and Doggy we know about. But there are a number of others that one doesn’t have to be as contortionist to perform – Hoovering the Floor one is called.”

“Oh my goodness, we’re babes in the woods really.” She added slyly, “Some of the girls say you can rent or purchase instructional DVDs. Now listen to this: Marlene has been telling us she’d become addicted to anal, saying she’s gotten her best shots away with Kevin doing anal while she strums and then smacks her clit.”

“Um we ought to learn to walk before we run Peggy-Sue?”

“That’s another thing sweetie. Since we’re advancing into adult-style sex I want you and everyone else to call me just Peg from now on. Peggy-Sue sounds great if you are a child or a C&W singer.”

“Okay, we seem to be moving along very fast tonight.”

“Yes Pete, we do.” Wound up Peg made no effort to hide her sly look. “Can we do Side Doggy and then try Anal?

“Anal?” Pete croaked. “But I don’t have a lube tube with me.”

The expression was outright wicked: “Ah, but I do. Over the last couple of days the girls have given me some tuition.”

“Oh,” Pete sighed, not bothering to explore that disclosure. “As usual you seem to be a couple of steps ahead of me.”

“That’s the beauty about sex,” Peg said flicking her hair behind her ears. “A person can be so versatile.”


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