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I was so anxious…

Couldn’t remember a moment I felt more excited than this.

I was wondering whether my heartbeat can be heard by others who are standing nearby me. It was that much louder than I ever felt in my life.

I looked at the Digital clock above me which runs at snail’s pace. Then I was looking at my wrist watch which also running at the lowest pace I have ever seen. I would have thought my watch had stopped working unless the other clocks around the Airport Lobby area did not show the same time as 7.20 PM. Her Flight landed about 20 minutes ago. She must be waiting for her baggage to get cleared.

There were lots of seats vacant in the sitting area. But I couldn’t sit. My legs want me to stand. To walk. Sitting in one place is felt so difficult thing to do at that time. So I was standing, walking two or three steps here and there. Any one who stare at me could notice how anxious I’m. And this is not my normal status as I very rarely get excited like this.

For the 100th time in past one hour, I was looking at the mirrored wall beside me and making sure I looked fine. I was afraid. I was afraid she will be unhappy about my Looks. Am I good looking enough for her? Will she get disappointed after she saw me..? Will she be upset after looking at my rather dark skin? Is my face looking presentable enough? I never had a problem with my looks before. In my country’s standards I was a good looking and handsome guy and I knew it…but will that be enough for her? She is white. Her skin colour was one of the most perfect colours which every man would dream of.

Hundreds of travelers were walking past me. But still I did not see the one for whom my heart beat for. My eyes waiting for…

Although her Flight was landed about twenty minutes ago, she still not appeared by the door which was opening and closing automatically when people passing by. The each time the door opens up my heart skipping a beat. But when I see a guy or a Old bloke appearing thru it I was cursing him. And each time a Good looking Girl appears my legs goes weak like Marshmallow. But sooner I get disappointed, because it was not her. I know it’s not her. She told me she would wear Black Colour. Also I know “Princess Emma’s marvelous figure.

I have never seen “Princess Emma” before. So I do not know how her face looks like. Not even in pictures, its kind of funny I was in the driving seat. She turned her body ankara eryaman escortlar towards me and kissing me furiously. Months of Passion and lust which builded up in our minds seems to burst. I was kissing her hard and sucked her lips hard. She had pinned my lips on her lips so tightly, I could feel it hurting. Both of our tongues dwelled in each others mouths and searched for unexplored areas. As soon as she broke the kiss for a moment to catch her breath I was kissing her neck. I let my tongue play on her neck and sucked the skin harder. She was squirming and held my head tightly to her.

I continued to kiss her neck and gradually sent my hand towards her jacket and began to unbutton it. She took her hand from behind my head and was helping me to remove her top.

And I saw it…

The most beautiful Boobs I have ever seen. It is so perfect that anyone who does not know will claim those were fake boobs. But it was not..

I quickly grabbed one of her breast and was sucking the other. This was my dream….for last few months…to touch and to suck those magnificent boobs at least one time in my life…here I’m, holding one of those and sucking the other…

Emma was moaning with pleasure filled with lust. Holding my head tightly to her breaks and asking for more and more…at times, she pulled my hair so hard.

She couldn’t handle it more…

She pulled my head out of her breast and was unzipping my trouser and removing the belt. I just gave more space to give her access. She was in such a hurry. She fumbled with the zipper only because of too much tension and when her hand dipped underneath my trousers, and I felt a cool hand wrapping around my shaft, my eyes bugged out with the realization that this was no dream.

“My, my. You never told me you have a such a pretty penis!”. Emma’s eyes are were oozing with lust and passion. She pulled down my trousers totally down by one hand, her other hand still down and firmly pumping my rod. And she was again kissing me. Her tongue trailed out along my lips before darting back in to dance with my own. I had nothing to compare it to, but Emma was a great kisser.

My arms automatically encircled her, rubbing and caressing her back by one arm and caressing her breast with the other.

Suddenly, she pushed me to my seat and I adjusted my seat for more flat position, then she jumped up to my driving seat and straddled me, her escort etimesgut hand still down and firmly pumping my rod. She leaned down and kissed me.

My arms automatically encircled her, rubbing and caressing her back. She moaned into my mouth before sitting upright, whipping off her top completely.

Those fabulous orbs I had only ever seen in photos and dreamed of spilled out to my hungry gaze, firm and skin tight,perfectly shaped melons ripe with mingled perfume and sweat. Her pink nipples were invitingly poking out at me, calling me to them. And she leaned down to feed her tits to me, gasping little sighs of pleasure as I instinctively began to suckle.

This was heaven.

She began to unbutton my shirt. She did it in very quickly and hurriedly so she was just ripping and stripping the shirt so several buttons of my shirt fell to the car bottom. And she leaned towards me and kissing and sucking powerfully my chest and nipples. She was not touching my chest. She was just trying to scrapping me by her nails. I was sure that i would have her nail marks and teeth marks there for few days.

My hand reached down her back and held her to my body very firmly. Her wonderful round ass was just felt perfect for my hand and i was caressing it with her skirt. She instinctively pulled her skirt up giving me to access her wonderful buttocks. The only barrier between my hand and her bare flesh was a tiny panty.

She raised her self bit and was trying to pull down her panty. But it was a difficult task since she was straddling me pread legged in the limited space of my car’s driving seat. I also couldn’t wait for any longer. I waited for this moment for so many months. I tucked my hand to her panty and ripped it off. It was the right thing for me to do at that time.

She was leaning to her back side towards the steering wheel so I could just take away the ripped panty from her body….and all I could say was “wow”.

She was completely shaven down there and it was so smooth like a new born baby’s skin. But from the position I was seated I could not see her vagina so I was adjusting my seat totally flat.

I wanted to kiss her pussy, lick it, .but this was not the time for it. She could not wait any more nor did I. There was a real hurry to do the ultimate sex act.

She began to grind herself against me, again leaning forward to let my outstretched batıkent escort lips give her nipples a tongue-bath.

Her skin was flawless and her elfin-beautiful face was now pulled back into an open-mouthed moan as she continued to grind herself against my reviving erection.

There was no need for any talk. Holding my rock solid Cock into an upright and locked position, she lowered herself down upon me. When head of my cock touched here slippery vaginal opening she stopped and looked right in to my eyes and said.

“Hey my Prince…at last you are going to Fuck me, I waited this long to get your cock in to my hole now its time. Do you want it baby?

“Oh yes my sweetheart… I want to fuck you more than anything in the world right now”. I said

She had that predatory grin on her face……”no baby… its me who is going to Fuck you now.”

And then she sank her self…………….

“Oh My God”……….that was all I could say at that time.

My eyes were open, but I felt a veil of light descending over my irises as the tight ring of her cunt descended around my shaft. And when she began to move further below all I could see were starbursts like fireworks going off in my head. I was really in Heaven. I was in Love.

She brought my hands up to clamp down on her heaving breasts, my fingers automatically caressing and rubbing them with vigor. I had to get closer and I sat up to bury my face in those bouncing orbs as our hips continued to drive against each other. She was tight. So tight, and the sensations coming from my crotch were phenomenal. Her cunt was so slippery with her juices and with combination of her velvety tightness, sensations i was feeling was fantastic.

Her hips took on an urgent thrusting as she bounced on top of me so fast that I had to relocate my hands to her hips. I lay back watching her throw her head back. She was moaning and wailing so sexily, only the sound of her is enough for me to ejaculate. Her breathing became quicker. There were all the sights of her fast approaching a Big Big Orgasm.

Her hips were slamming my hips louder and faster. Her moaning was turned to small screams. “Fuck me! Harder! Come on baby FUCK ME, HARDER!”

Luckily I had parked my car in a very deserted corner of the Car park and my car’s glasses were tinted in Black.

I was raising my hips to meet her every thrust. I wanted her to feel my cock deep inside her, to trust deep in to her sweet juicy canal. I could have trusted more in to her if I’m in a different position but restricted space inside the car did not gave me more freedom. All I could do was to pump my rod up in to her canal with every time she comes down and hold her by her hips.

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