Project Meeting Pt. 02

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The first thing I did when I woke up in the hotel on the morning of our meeting was to check my phone and confirm that what had happened with Jenna and Celeste the previous night had not been a dream. The photos on my phone verified that we had actually been naked together exactly as I recalled. Before the photos got me too aroused, though, I exited my photo gallery and got up to go shower alone. The blood was flowing to my cock from looking at them, though, so I took a few selfies in the big mirror and sent them to Jenna and Celeste before jumping in the shower. With the shower being so large, I was able to keep my phone nearby without worrying about it getting wet and ended up taking some photos of my soaped up and still semi-rigid cock as I showered. By the time I was done, I had replies from both of them with their own naked selfies taken using the similar mirror in their hotel room.

I sent off a photo of my soapy cock then proceeded to get dressed. They’d obviously decided against showering together which worked out for me because Celeste sent me a photo of Jenna in the shower and Jenna sent me a photo of Celeste. I was dangerously close to needing a quick wank but instead took just one more mirror selfie with my stiff cock hanging out while otherwise fully dressed. Response to that was a few more photos of each of them in various stages of getting dressed, though they were still ready to meet up and head to the meeting at the time we’d agreed on. Things remained professional from the time we left our hotel rooms until we took a break about halfway through the morning. I hit the bathroom and topped off my coffee, chatting with a few other people in the meeting before taking my seat again. Seeing that I had a text from Celeste, I was careful when I opened it which turned out to be a wise decision. During her trip to the bathroom, while she’d been in a stall, she’d snapped a photo of her pussy and had sent it to me.

Jenna was sitting nearby and saw my reaction so was curious about what had inspired it. Given what it was and who it was from, I surreptitiously showed it to her. She seemed surprised that she hadn’t thought to do the same herself and was quickly up and out the door. Celeste resumed her seat beside me and I thanked her for the photo though I had no intention of going to the men’s room and taking a photo of my cock for them. A moment later, a text came in from Jenna and Celeste was looking over my shoulder as I opened it and found a photo similar to the one she’d sent. When Jenna returned, I thought the two of them were going to burst out laughing about their naughty shenanigans.

There were no further photos during the meeting, which wrapped up just a bit earlier than anticipated. Knowing that we had the rest of the night ahead of us and that we still wanted to hit the hot springs, we decided against going right back to the hotel and immediately getting naked. Instead, we went to a nearby happy hour, enjoyed a couple of cocktails and some food, and discussed our plan for the rest of our trip. Afterward, we returned to the hotel to change into swimsuits then met up again and went over to the hot spring, purchasing our admission inside then heading back outside. This particular location, instead of having one giant hot spring fed pool, had multiple smaller pools of varying temperatures. This worked to our benefit because we were able to easily find an unoccupied pool for our personal use.

I was ready to slip in pretty quickly but the two of them removed their cover-ups slowly as I stared at them. I didn’t know until the cover-ups were coming off but they had both worn bikinis and they both looked outstanding. We slipped into the hot water and, initially, just soaked and felt our muscles relaxing. It wasn’t long, though, before there was a hand in my lap, caressing my tool and helping it grow. I reached over to each side and was caressing each of their pussies through their bikini bottoms. None of the other pools were close enough for anyone to be paying any attention to us so when Celeste pulled aside her bikini bottom and sat on my lap, the only one who noticed was Jenna. I had my cock out of my swimsuit and slipped it into her pussy, which felt absolutely incredible even while submerged in the hot water.

She was moving slowly up and down so as not to attract any attention but I was able to push up into her below the surface of the water and get maximum penetration. Glancing over at Jenna, she was watching intently and it appeared that she had a hand down inside her own bikini bottom. Since Celeste’s big boobs were right at the water’s surface, I couldn’t just cup and fondle them as I would have liked. Instead, taking a cue from Jenna, I reached around and gently massaged Celeste’s clit while she was riding my stiff cock. She was moaning softly and I suspected that, with a day full of teasing, she was building toward an orgasm already. I know that I’d been looking forward all day to getting my cock inside each of them again but, fortunately, I wasn’t building too quickly toward my own orgasm though I could feel it stirring already escort as well.

I was pleasantly surprised by just how quickly Celeste did end up cumming. Her soft moaning ceased as though she briefly held her breath then she gasped and her body started shaking. She continued riding my cock as she was cumming and I could feel her pussy becoming even hotter and wetter. Before it caused my orgasm to begin building up even faster, though, she ended up climbing off of my cock so that Jenna could take her place. Jenna wasted no time in taking Celeste’s place, pulling her bikini bottom aside and guiding my cock into her snug, slippery pussy. While Celeste sat nearby recovering, Jenna began to surreptitiously ride my cock so, as I had with Celeste, I reached around to gently caress her clit.

I wondered if maybe Jenna had been getting close to cumming from having her hand inside her bikini bottom because, when she started moving up and down on my cock, it felt even more incredible than Celeste’s pussy had while she’d been cumming. My orgasm was immediately building up again and I could feel my cock becoming even thicker. Jenna clearly felt it, too, because she was moving faster even though that made it more obvious what we were doing. There was still no one paying any attention to us, though, so it was fine and I was pushing deeply into her each time she lowered herself onto my cock. Still looking a little dazed, Celeste was mostly watching us though she’d look around occasionally to make sure we were still unobserved.

While not blatantly riding me hard and fast, Jenna was moving up and down on my cock faster as she was apparently getting closer to cumming. Her enthusiasm was not enough to likely attract anyone’s attention but, if someone did happen to focus their attention on us, it was a pretty safe bet that they’d know exactly what was going on. I wasn’t worried about it, though, and it didn’t appear that she was, either. As she continued getting closer to cumming, so did I and I was relishing the building pleasure provided by her snug, slippery pussy. It didn’t surprise me that I was getting closer to cumming more quickly than I had while fucking the previous night since I had not received a blowjob beforehand and I had started the day looking at their naked selfies. Since we had essentially designated the following day as a “travel day,” there was going to be no issue with us staying up late then checking out at the last minute possible in the morning, so I knew there was going to be plenty more sex that evening and the next morning.

I was still expecting Jenna to cum before I did despite how close I was but I thought there was a good chance that I’d be filling her with cum before she’d finished cumming. The main reason I thought it might happen this way was exactly why it did; when she started cumming, I continued to pump my cock in and out of her and, with her pussy being flooded with even more lubrication, it only took about another minute of thrusting before I grunted and started spewing into her. My thrusting was reduced to pushing into her each time I spurted until I was spent, though my cock remained inside her as she sat on it while recovering from her own orgasm.

We ended up covering up all of our naughty bits and relaxing in that hot spring pool for a bit longer but eventually tried out a few others of varying temperatures. There was no more sex there but we were plenty relaxed by the time we decided to call it a night. Since we had two big showers to choose from back at the hotel, of course we skipped showering in the locker room but had definite plans for soaping up together. We’d decided to all sleep in my king-size bed that night so it also made sense to shower in my bathroom again. Once we were back at the hotel, they went to their room first to hang their swimsuits and put on other clothes even though they anticipated immediately removing them again.

I was already in the shower with my room door propped open with the lock when they got there so they locked the door behind themselves and wasted no time getting naked. I moved out from under the stream of water and got some body wash ready then we all began to do some lathering up. I was already at half-staff when they joined me so it wasn’t long before I was fully rigid. Before I slipped my cock into either of them, though, I started to lick Jenna’s pussy while I was hunkered down washing her legs. I was soaping up her ass while eating her pussy and, even though she was building pretty quickly to another orgasm, I couldn’t resist when I realized how the soapy lather was lubricating my fingers and her ass crack. Slipping a finger easily into her ass, she cried out and immediately began shaking. I continued to devour her pussy through an obviously intensely pleasurable orgasm but slipped my finger out and was already turning toward Celeste as soon as I was sure she’d finished cumming.

“What did I just miss?” Celeste asked while pouring a bit more body wash into my hands so that I could wash her legs. I was already eating her pussy and soaping up her ass by the time Jenna recovered eskort enough to answer.

“He’ll show you,” she said, still catching her breath, “Trying to explain won’t do it justice.”

While licking and sucking Celeste’s clit, I made sure her ass crack was well lathered then eased my finger into her asshole. Like Jenna, she immediately cried out and started cumming hard. I continued what I was doing until she appeared to have finished cumming then slipped my finger free and stood up, my rigid cock sticking straight out.

“If you’re finger in my ass made me cum that hard,” Celeste said, stroking my cock, “I can’t wait to see what this can do.”

She got my cock thoroughly lathered up then turned so that I could get more suds between her ass cheeks. Once we were both ready, she braced herself against the shower wall and I eased my cock into her ass. She let out a long, guttural moan as I pushed in until my hips touched her ass cheeks then I started to slowly fuck her ass. It only took a couple of long, slow strokes before she cried out and started shaking. I continued fucking her slowly and, once she’d finished cumming, she started to push back, setting a slightly faster pace. I moved my hands up from her hips to fondle her swinging boobs while savoring the pleasurable feel of her tight asshole. Jenna was once again nearby watching while caressing her pussy but didn’t seem to be the least bit put out by not being involved at that moment.

It probably didn’t even take another minute before Celeste cried out again and experienced what appeared to be another intensely pleasurable orgasm. I continued fucking her as she was cumming but she soon pulled away so that my cock slipped out of her ass.

“I’m afraid my head might explode if I cum like that again,” she said then turned to Jenna, “but you need to give it a try.”

We got a bit more body wash then I lathered between Jenna’s ass cheeks while Celeste made sure my cock was thoroughly soapy again. Jenna assumed the same position that Celeste had then I slowly eased my cock into her ass. The noise she made started out sounding like she was feeling discomfort but quickly turned to something more indicative of pleasure. I entered her slowly but, by the time my cock was fully embedded, Jenna suddenly cried out and started shaking. I wasn’t sure whether to stop and wait or continue but decided to continue, reversing course and starting to slide my cock out of her ass.

I didn’t have a great deal of experience with anal sex but I figured I’d keep things going slow while enjoying the tight grip of her asshole unless she wanted to pick up the pace. As with Celeste, once Jenna had apparently recovered from that first orgasm, she did push back a little harder and faster, but just a little. I could feel my own orgasm slowly building and it occurred to me that I’d already blasted a load into Jenna’s hot pussy and was now expecting to shoot off into her tight ass. While I was enjoying the slowly building pleasure that I expected to culminate in my own orgasm, Jenna was building much more quickly toward her second. I had slipped my hands up to slather some suds on her tits while caressing her hard nipples but I really didn’t think it was this that sent her over the edge. I had barely started fondling her boobs when she cried out again and her body started shaking. I continued to fondle her boobs while sliding my cock in and out of her ass as she was cumming but, like Celeste, she pulled away from me once she’d finished cumming.

“Holy shit, you weren’t kidding,” she gasped as she turned around, “I’m sorry, I just can’t keep going.”

“I’ll take care of him,” Celeste said, apparently fully recovered by then. I turned toward her as she was drizzling more body wash between her luscious boobs. She hunkered down in front of my and squeezed my still stiff cock between those big, soapy beauties. I moaned as she moved them up and down, the feeling much different from fucking their asses but still incredibly pleasurable. Jenna was just watching so I pulled her closer and we started making out while I resumed fondling her boobs. Since my orgasm had been building when I’d been fucking Jenna’s ass, it didn’t take long before it was building again thanks to the soft, smooth, soapy flesh of Celeste’s big boobs.

I wouldn’t have even remotely considered the possibility that I might have hooked up with either one of them during this trip so this situation was completely surreal. I was enjoying every aspect of it, though, and it seemed a pretty safe bet that the two of them were, too. My cock was swelling even more as I was getting closer to cumming and, though it was mostly due to fucking Celeste’s tits, making out with Jenna while fondling her tits was getting me even more worked up. I pulled my mouth from Jenna’s just before I came so that I could let out a moan that expressed the pleasure of blasting my load toward Celeste’s face. I think the lather of suds prevented my cumshot from reaching her open mouth but it still felt damn good.

She continued to slide her tits up and down my shaft until eskort bayan it started to soften then stood and we worked on rinsing away all of the suds. Once we were all cleaned up, we turned off the shower and dried off then left the bathroom and all climbed onto my bed naked. As we were recovering and resting up for the next round, we discussed whether this was actually going to stay in Glenwood but we were all of the same mind that it had been too good for that. We talked about having “meetings” at their office or mine, even if it wasn’t always all three of us. They also confirmed that they still wanted to spend the night in my king size bed with me rather than going back to their room, though they would use it to get done the next morning.

Despite how long a day it had been, we still managed a few more orgasms before we were exhausted and had to sleep. We also had plenty of opportunity before the 11am check-out time the following morning to fuck and suck and lick and cum as well as showering and getting packed up to leave. We had come up with a plan for the drive back that would also allow for a few more orgasms before they dropped me off back at my office. Jenna started the drive with Celeste and me in the backseat of the SUV, making out while I fondled her big boobs and she massaged the growing bulge in my jeans.

Even though we had more than an hour before Celeste would need to trade off with Jenna and we’d been naked together not that long prior, I still was eager to get beyond just making out and fondling her boobs. I started to unbutton her jeans and, once I had them open and slipped my hand inside, it was a snug fit seated like that so, after briefly caressing her pussy through her panties, I just started to slide her jeans down instead. She lay back as I slipped her jeans down her legs then completely off. I kissed her soft, smooth inner thighs while caressing her pussy through her panties again, then slid those down as well, exposing her trim, black bush. I didn’t waste any time getting my face down there and running my tongue along her slit, causing her to moan.

She was flooded with juices as she had been every time I’d had my tongue or a finger down there so maybe she was just always super wet. I spent some time lapping up those juices, which kept her moaning, before slipping a finger into her while licking and sucking her clit. This immediately had her moaning louder and longer while gripping my head and already starting to tense up a little. I slid my finger in and out as I focused my tongue on her clit, not necessarily trying to make her cum quickly but definitely wanting to make sure she felt the greatest amount of pleasure possible. After this, I wasn’t sure how long it would before I’d have another opportunity to be with her so I was also savoring this opportunity even though we’d already spent hours naked and pleasuring each other since we’d arrived in town.

This was actually the first opportunity I’d had to just focus on Celeste rather than trying to make sure both she and Jenna were being taken care of and, knowing that we had the time, I did what I could to draw out the pleasure without getting to a point where she might feel like I was denying her an orgasm. I felt like I was doing a good job based on the sounds she was making and how she was writhing around. It certainly didn’t hurt that I really enjoyed eating pussy and would have continued to do so until we arrived back at my office if that was how things went. Eventually, though, she began to tense up more as she was obviously getting closer to cumming. My cock was rigid so, rather than continue eating her, I wanted to slip it into her even hotter and wetter pussy.

She briefly went silent, like she was holding her breath, then cried out as all the tension left her body and she started shaking. I continued to devour her through her orgasm, which was at least as long and as pleasurable as any she’d had over the past couple of days, then I raised my head when she let out a sigh and appeared to be finished cumming. Sitting up, I was still gazing at her pussy while she caught her breath. She opened her eyes and smiled at me then sat up herself and immediately reached for my cock, massaging it through my jeans before starting to open them. Rather than just extract my stiff cock, she worked my jeans and underwear down so that it was standing straight up from my lap. After briefly stroking it, she straddled me and guided it toward her pussy.

We both moaned as her hot, wet pussy engulfed my throbbing tool then she sat on it for a moment, feeling it filling her, before she began to slowly ride it. My hands went from her waist to her bare ass, caressing the soft, smooth flesh as she got a steady rhythm going. She ended up bringing her lips to mine and we resumed making out while she moved up and down on my cock. I soon moved my hands from her bare ass, up under her shirt to fondle her big boobs, initially through her bra. Feeling her hard nipples through the thin material, it wasn’t long before I had her bra undone and my hands were on the bare flesh of her tits. I don’t know for sure if fondling her bare tits made my cock even harder but it felt to me like it did and, based on how Celeste moaned louder and rode me harder, I’m pretty sure it actually did.

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