Protecting Lauren

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I fly in from L.A. to take you shopping for your birthday. I rented a limo because I want your day perfect. I’m very intimidated by you because it’s the first time we meet. You’re my dream girl, I’m there to protect you. I was hired by your husband to watch over you, but he doesn’t know. I am your biggest fan. I have flowers all over the limo and a well stocked bar. We are going to meet your husband for dinner later. I hold the limo door open as you walk from the house. I think to myself, you’re even more beautiful in person as I watch you. You have on a beautiful sun dress and some 3 inch high heels. I hold the door open and watch you. You can’t see my eyes through my sunglasses. As I watch you slide into the limo your dress rides high. No panties, oh man, I start to think what it would be like to be with you. But I was hired to protect you not to fuck you. I sit next to you and close the door. You sit and look at all the flowers, after you see the bar you ask for a drink and I have you move to the seat that faces the rear. I pour you a drink and you sit and smile at me. You know that I’m watching you.

I tell you that I’m your bodyguard for the day and nobody will hurt you. Then you smile at me and say, well Mr. Bodyguard, who is going to protect you from me. I watch as you uncross and re cross your beautiful legs. You tease me and let me look up your dress at your perfect shaved pussy. But you can’t see my eyes. I just sit and watch you. Ms. Lauren, I’m her because its my job to keep you safe, to protect you with my life, if I have to, it’s my job. I watch you get pissed, but you feel challenged to break my will. You stop and think about how fun this is going to be, teasing me, seeing if I will break.

You hand me your glass and tell me to pour you another drink. I hand you back your drink, and you lick the rim of the glass and uncross you legs so I can look. I look at your painted toes to the clip that holds your hair off your face. I think, what a beautiful women if she only knew I was her fan. I feel my dick start to harden, so I turn and look out the window. We pull up to the doors of the mall and I open the door looking around to make sure your safe. Then you step from the limo and I extend my hand to help you, as you take my hand, I shake with excitement. It’s the first time I touched you. You feel me shake and you know that I’m yours.

We walk through the mall and see some shoes you like so we stop and you try them on. The salesmen is looking up your dress and starts to rub your calve, mmmmmm you think about how good it feels. I reach out and grab him by the hair at the back of the neck and whisper in his ear. He thinks to himself and lets your leg go. I reach for your hand and we walk out of the store. You ask me what that was about, and I tell you. I have to keep you safe.

You can tell I’m starting to break. We walk into Victoria Secret and you tell me that you want to find something special for tonight. I walk with you and you’re looking at stockings and dresses, you pick out a few things and tell the sales lady you want to try them on. Before you go into the dressing room I go in and check to make sure nobody is in there. I turn to walk out and bump into you. I just stand and look into your blue eyes, and you can feel the front of my pants rub up against you. I can see down your top. I just gasp for air. You still can’t see my eyes because of my glasses. Excuse me Ms. Lauren as I slide by you and close the door. You start to change and think about what just happened, laughing to yourself on the inside. You really want to have some fun with me, so you call me. “Mr. Bodyguard will you tie my dress?” You step out of the dressing room and I tie your halter dress. Then you walk over to the mirrors and stand in front of them.

I’m çankaya escort watching you out of the corner of my eye, (your so beautiful it takes my breath away) I can see all your angles with the mirrors. You look at me and ask me, “Do you think my heels are high enough? I don’t want guys to see my stocking tops and I can’t wear panties with this. You turn in a circle and I get to see everything under your dress. Then you say I think I’ll buy this, you seem to like it as you walk by and pat my hard dick in my pants. I close the door behind you and you sit down and rub you pretty little pussy. You just know your making me crazy. I ask you if your ok and you say yes. Then you put your sundress on and go to the cashier. I hand her a credit card and we walk to the limo.

I open the door to the Limo and a guy tries to grab you. I push you into the limo and hit him in the face then throw him to the ground. Another car drives by and shoots at me. I pull my gun and shoot through the door of the car. The car crashes into a wall and the guys get out and run. I get in the limo and we speed off. You ask me who did that. I tell you it’s the guys that are trying to take over your contract. You look at my shirt and see a little hole, you tell me that I tore my shirt and I say no that’s where one of the bullets hit.

You start to laugh and think I’m joking. Then you say well lets see the bullet Superman. I open my shirt and take out the steel plate and hand it to you. You hold it in your hand and look at the bullet stuck in it.

I look at you and laugh. You stare back at me and say, what’s so fucking funny you just got shot. I take my sunglasses off, look you in the eyes and say. “I think you need some panties made out of the same stuff”. You look at the front of my pants and then between your legs. Your dress is around your waist, and I can see you’re wet. You look at me and say, “Well Mr. Bodyguard I see you know how to laugh.” We get to a hotel and you are already checked in. I take you to the room, unlock the door and let you in.

So Mr. Bodyguard, how did you get this assignment? I tell you that I asked to take this one. Then you ask me why. I tell you that I’m your biggest fan and that I always thought you were a dream. Well how do you know me? Well Ms. Lauren or may I call you L, for short. You look at me and say. “Oh it’s you. I’m so surprised, you have sent me so many things to wear, and you have been so sweet to me.” You walk over and give me a hug and take my sunglasses off. Then you stare me in the eyes.

Then I ask you, did you see all the flowers in the limo well I put them there just for you. I think you’re the most beautiful lady on earth. Then you kiss me. I tell you to stop, I’m here to protect you and that’s all! I want you so bad. You will never, ever, now how much I want you. I’m such a fool. Then I turn and walk away. I step out your bed room door and let you shower and change.

Then an hour later, you ask me to come into your room and help you with something. I walk in the room and your sitting on the edge of the bed with your legs crossed. You have the dress on that you bought today. Well what do you think? L, I don’t think there is another woman as beautiful as you. I want you L, and I don’t think you will ever know how badly. I take off my sunglasses and look at you.

Well you can have what you dream about sometimes. I’m glad you stopped hiding behind your glasses. Don’t make me call someone up here to fuck me in front of you, when I want you. I know you want to fuck me. I can tell by the look in your eyes. I think that’s why you were hiding behind those glasses all day. I want you to fuck me. I’ll make you want to even more than you already do.

I bend down and kiss you, and you can feel me shaking. I want escort etlik you so fucking bad L. But I need to keep you safe. I want to give you this though. I reach into my pocket and give you your chain (the one that you wear) I tell you happy birthday. I want you to know that I took this job and I’m working for free. I got the limo, the flowers in it. I want you to keep the steel plate with the bullet in it. I laugh and tell you that I didn’t think that would ever happen. But it is worth it, just being able to stand here and look at you. I have never seen a woman as sexy and beautiful as you and I always wanted to know how that perfume smelled on you. I never thought I would ever meet you.

You look up at me and smile as you untie the halter of your dress and tell me. Then you’re going to fuck me, if I have to make you. I can see how hard your dick is. I watch your top drop around your waist and look at your perfect tits. You put both hands in your hair and pull it up off your pretty neck. Then you tell me to kiss your neck. You feel my lips touching you and you drop your hair behind your shoulders as you lean back on your hands. I smell your perfume and shake all over. I kneel down in front of you and trace from tour neck to your tits with my tongue. I kiss your nipples and suck on each one. Then I slide my hands around your waist and feel your back, I just can’t touch you enough. You look in my eyes and you see me starting to think. I begin to stand and back away. But you reach forward and catch me and holding me in front of you.

I’m safe, you don’t have to worry, take what you want or, I’ll do the taking. I think I’ll make you take it. You open my pants and start to suck on my dick. I’m leaking so much that’s all you can taste. You want me to fuck you but teasing me sounds more fun right now. You look up at me and stroke my dick hard and fast. “Is this what you want? Do I make your dick hard? Do I make you want my pussy? Do you want to fuck me with your hard dick?” Then you stop stroking me and lay in the middle of the bed against the head board. You’re sitting up looking at me and you slide your dress around your waist. I watch you as you bend your knees and spread your legs resting your high heels wide apart on the bed. I stand in front of you stroking my hard dick looking at your beautifully shaved perfect pussy. You smile at me and know that you just broke my will. You know that I’m your little fucking toy.

I watch you as you put your hands between your smooth stocking covered legs and rub your pussy. Then you hold it open and ask me “is this what you dreamed about? My shaved, soft, wet, pussy? You want to fuck it don’t you, well you have to eat me first, would you like to eat it? I bet you jacked off so many times thinking about me? What it would be like to taste me and fuck me? Is that what you’re thinking about right now? “You push your finger inside and I can hear your wetness, it’s making me crazy.

I can’t take it anymore!!!! I just lie on the bed and push my lips against your pussy and start to kiss, lick, and suck on it. “My husband fucked me before I left the house, your tasting his cum too. Oh you like that don’t you, eating another man’s cum out of my pussy? I bet it makes you want to fuck me doesn’t it? You’re so naughty, your supposed to protect me but your going to fuck me aren’t you? You like the taste of my well fucked little pussy?”

I back away and take all my clothes off. My dick is so hard that you want it as badly as I want to give it to you. I look at you with a mean look in my eyes and stack two pillows on the bed. I reach up and pull your bottom over them. “Don’t you want to undress me first?” I look down at you and tell you no, I want you in your dress, stockings, and heels. I kneel ankara demetevler escort between your legs and lay the underside of my dick between you perfect pussy lips and just slide it back and forth making the underside all wet before I put it in you. Then I reach up and bunch your dress up around your waist. “Watch L, I want you to see this” You look down at the tip of my hard dick as it rests between your pussy lips. You can see me contract my stomach muscles and one quick stream of my hot cum shoot across your tummy and land on your beautiful tits, leaving a trail from your belly button to your nipple. You look up at me and say. “Your cum is so hot! You’re so fucking naughty, doing this to a married woman. I shouldn’t even let you fuck me like this.”

L, it’s too late to think about that now. I’m going to fuck you like I have wanted to for so long. I’m going to fuck that married pussy of yours and fill it with my hot cum! Then I slide my dick into you slow and easy and out the same way. “Oh L, it’s so hot inside you. You feel so good, I’m never want stop fucking you, I put those pillows under you so my cum will run deep inside you and never come out. That’s where I want it.

You just start cumming for me. You start to think of me shooting that stream on you before I even pushed inside you, and everything you did to me today to get me to fuck you. You had to break me down to do this and now you’re getting it! Then I feel you cumming so I slide my dick all the way in as slow as I can and hold it there for you to cum on me. I whisper to you. “I’m fucking another mans wife, I must be so naughty, but you like it and you made me do it. You like strange dick don’t you?” Then you feel me contract my stomach and shoot another stream in your tummy. You start cumming harder now. I just stay buried inside you till you stop cumming. Then I pull out and start to kiss, and lick you again. I pull my head back as I see your pussy drip some cum out of it. I lick it off of you. It tastes so good. I start to eat you some more. I look down at you and lean forward to kiss you. As our lips touch I just sink my dick in you as far as it will go, your eyes open wide with surprise.

I tell you that I want your pussy. I just start to fuck you hard. I know that’s what you want, a strange guy fucking you hard and shooting you full of his hot cum. I just keep fucking you and I can feel that spot deep inside you open up and want my cum. I slide all the way out then back inside to that spot and stop. Is that where you want me to cum L? I feel you contract around my hard dick. “Yes, I want it there.” I slide all the way out again and push it in till I feel you contract again. I just keep doing it. The faster you contract and release, the faster I fuck you. “I’m waiting for you to cum L. When you cum I’m going to fill your tummy with my hot cum. I want it to run deep inside you and never come out. I bet you think I’m so bad for doing this.

I feel you cumming I just wait for the right time to let my cum shoot inside you. I slide all the way in and feel you contract hard around me. That spot opens wider, so I start to cum too. I just can’t hold back anymore, I shoot so hard, every time you contract around me. I shoot in that spot. I have never felt anything so good in my life. I just keep shooting inside you even after you stop contracting around me. I’m trying to fill you as much as I can. Then I put your high heels on my shoulders and hold my dick in as deep as it will go, you feel the last stream shoot inside you. My dick is still hard as I look down at you I feel that deep spot that holds the tip of my dick, I can feel all the hot cum touching the tip of my still hard dick its so hot in that spot L. I pull my dick out and ask you to taste us and you just lick and suck on it.

You tell me how good it tastes. So I kneel between you legs and kiss your pussy as soft as I can. I wish this night would never end. You’re the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. I can still smell your perfume. Mmmmmmmmmmm! (WHAT DO I DO NOW)

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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