Quiet or Not Quiet – That’s The?

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Celestial and refreshing calm made itself comfortable to settle in the innards of the house. My friend Beth is making this building available to me for a few days. I’m in my early forties and I want to relax in comfort.

Out in the flora and fauna, away from the noisy, dirty, soul and mind poisoning city, I can come down here. It is always enchanting to watch how Mother Nature stretches her limbs out of the grip of sleep and rubs the sand out of her eyes. I like to plant myself on the couch, immerse myself in the outside world with the kick of coffee in a squeaky colored cup.

“So! Here I finally find you!” I hear a good-humored male voice. It’s Stephen, Beth’s nephew. He is in his early twenties and has to study for his graduation. I know about his stay. Beth said he wasn’t going to be an annoying factor in any way. Because the guy always sinks his nose between printed pages.

I’m anything but serious when I look at the athletic, brown-haired man. O sweet bird youth! I paced in my thoughts. He’s wearing a skin-tight T-shirt and would ask you for a can opener to open his jeans. These accentuated his masculine attributes. How should Beth suspect or even know that Stephen urgently needed a change from studying?

He’s lounging next to me.

“And? What’s up?” An attractive smile adorns his not unattractive expression.

“Studies of Nature?” He’s gotten really close to me, but strangely enough, that doesn’t bother me in the least. Shoulder to shoulder, leg to leg, we touch each other closely.

Apparently by chance he walked into the bathroom, only today at dawn. I was stark naked and just wanted to dry my body with a towel.

“I’m extremely sorry!” His tone of voice was flippant and his crooked grin immediately made his apology absurd. But he did not go — au contraire — unchecked he continued to look at my body and I could not avoid locking the door.

What exactly was he up to? Would he dare to do more? Would I dare more? Ah yes, confession: he’s charming and adorable, gorgeous in superabundance. But what’ll be generated from it? I am now upset and no longer a bit deeply relaxed.

“Well, I try to avoid stress where it seems opportune to me,” I reply playfully piqued.

“I could gently knead your shoulders and neck,” he offers, ostensibly harmless. The absolute angel with a halo. My gaze lingers on him. I decide to explore what this should all amount to.

“With pleasure. I don’t see what would speak against it,” I answer, leaning forward slightly. Behind me, he kneels down on the couch and focuses on my shoulders and neck. In fact, I am more tense than I thought. He has comfortably hot and strong escort çankaya hands. I start purring, marveling at myself to be gentle.

“If you have no objection to getting rid of your T-shirt, I could immediately intensify this obvious benefit,” he speaks in a suddenly slightly hoarse voice. Aha! I grin in my mind.

I leave my T-Shirt separated from my body on the floor without hesitation. A bra is the only element that still covers my heaving breast.

His bare hands on my dermis, oh! His tenderness and gentleness let hot shivers rise in me, which immediately race up and down my back. Now Stephen evidently doesn’t hold back anything anymore.

“May I strip you of your bra?” he jokes with his erotic timbre. I say yes in silence by bowing my head.

He unhooks the bra and tossed it away. My back is defenseless. And he enjoys it without any scruples. His hands are all over and next to my spine. Shortly afterwards he reaches around me with his arms and caresses my breasts like a warm summer breeze. My buds erect and respond enthusiastically to his devoted fingertips. I pant with relish.

His silky lips are steadfast to kissing and licking, nibbling and pinching my neck and throat. I turn my head, look at him. Burn brightly. The sensuality vibrates between us. His face reflects my desire.

He is trembling with nervousness and excitement. He is emphatic but not aggressively pushing. He’s just adorable. I nourish myself from his affection, devouring longing. Our mouths engulf one another. His sweet, agile tongue irritates all my nerves that I want to shout and scream out loud.

I was immensely flattered that he found me so attractive that his manhood began to salute me briskly. I feel this expression clearly as he rubs himself lustfully against me.

I get very wet between my legs. I am ready for him beyond measure. He sucks and licks my nipples. I gasp in delight.

In the hurry when he gets up and tries to take off his jeans, he stumbles and almost falls. We both laugh heartily at each other. He’s taking hold of my racing heart. An electrical, dynamic thunderstorm rages between us.

In sheer frenzy, he robs me of the textile parts that cover my abdomen. He’s getting tired of his boxer shorts. They sail away in flight. He proudly presents his tight, big, stiff cock, circumcised and just absolutely beautiful.

I follow my overwhelming impulse to get on my knees in front of him. As if I was worshiping my dark god of libido. I hold him by the root, velvet and silk, irresistible hot skin. He hisses sharply and moans.

I let my Lingua Erotica get to know his glans. He knocks heartbreakingly otele gelen escort at my oral gate of bliss and I am more than happy to let him in.

The veins that protrude strongly congested on his love stick are reminiscent of the topography of a delta and a multi-river landscape.

My tongue ensnares and beguiles his lance tip. Our bilateral seduction is welcome – a far cry from Mrs. Robinson. I lick off the appetizing precum. Creme brûle at its best. I am a gourmet in all respects. It tastes so salty and fresh that I would like to finish him or at least drink a good amount of the content of his precious jewels eagerly.

I gallantly hold his baton so that he doesn’t ram it hard into my throat in an involuntary reflex. I’m not out to litter a house that doesn’t belong to me with vomiting.

This is how the cheerful, dizzying ride of my very agile mouth and my passionate, covetous tongue begins. Stephen arches his back, groans and croaks in dazed lust.

To my not exactly mild surprise, however, he pulls his cock out of my mouth, covered with my saliva, before he can infuse his load. Everyone knows what valuable and extremely nutritious ingredients nuts contain.

He frantically digs a condom out of his jeans pocket and at supersonic speed his confidante is wrapped in a raincoat. I can’t wait for him to crack my clam impressively with his dick. My pearl is starved for more attention.

I stretch out on the carpet, which is hugging the floor. I’m smiling, expectating the very best. I open my legs invitingly wide, lower the drawbridge to the innermost core. My traffic light is permanently switched to the brightest green. Free, wild ride ahead!

As if he was being chased by aggressive African giant bees, he did not hesitate for a moment and quickly fled into my body. I gasped and groaned because it felt so outrageously phantastic. His hammer connected to my anvil.

We both seem to glow eerily, maybe even visible in the dark. Who knows? We give off a tremendous amount of heat. This could actually also be used as green energy such as wind, water and solar power. All the people who have sex all around the world every day could massively and permanently charge a powerful battery. Then we would no longer need nuclear power plants and sex addiction would make sense in at least one respect.

Full of delight, he glides up and down, back and forth in my salty-sweet waves like a charged dagger or dolphin. My vagina is tailor-made for his Excalibur.

I love to feel his weight on me and how he clasps me as if I were the last possible ladder to a lost world.

He is very considerate etlik bayan escort in his restrained ferocity, a consummate gentleman who ignites all of my erogenous zones – almost at once. It doesn’t cause me a single second of discomfort or anxiety – just endless lust to be climbed by him ad infinitum.

He is so deep within me that I believe I am all the deep-sea trenches in the world at the same time. Our strange symphony of the scale of lasciviousness could not be captured in such an original way by a composer or encoded in notes.

Sweat drips from his forehead onto my face. Stephen’s face contorts ecstatically as if he were in pain, but it is of course only his sex hormones that bother him relentlessly. His eyes are closed. I watch the play of his facial muscles with fascination. My clandestine muscles cramp around him and pump his cock.

I gradually feel how the orgasm is creeping up on me and then rolling through me so that I even scream out from this controlled but induced force.

Then Stephen grunts briefly, deep out of the stomach with a ‘growling’ diaphragm, and wets the inside of the contraceptive with his delicious seed, which I would have loved to have tasted. A still young testicle wine, only twenty-two years old. Excellent mouthfeel and drinkable, with a bewitching body. The certain maturity had not yet been reached. But forbidden sweet.

He moves away from me to dispose of the condom. However, this is only the promising prologue of a long looming day before the evening masquerades itself with mascara to turn into a sultry night in lingerie.

We clashed insatiable. Thank youth in its vital bloom of manhood. To my great joy, I got a cocktail from his cock at body temperature and a second from his tail. A delightful sensation. My taste buds were running wonderfully amok.

Stephen stayed while his aunt and my friend Beth were absent. At that time he really didn’t get to study at all, because he would rather experience the tangible, or should I say cock-solid practice, than dust-dry scientific theories.

Manpower, I learned and (re)discovered muscles that I didn’t even know I still have or that they even existed from the start. This sore muscles was a fantastic bonus, surplus and grace. No wonder how hard we took each other on.

Every now and then we meet irregularly for our intimate workout. But you can also have in-depth conversations with him. What a seductive overall construct of a fascinating person and man. After all, aren’t we all primarily human beings and feel universally connected to one another through this simple fact?

More time has been subtracted from the total lifespan of space. Stephen informed me that he had been accepted and would be a Navy SEAL.

With the stamina, the bite, the resistance and resilience as well as immense strength, no wonder! Scratch Fever, yeah! Liurh!! (That’s my own invented fantasy word for lust!)

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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