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Priya stepped up on her tiptoes to try to see above the crowds. The airport was crowded with people arriving in New York City, trying to find the proper baggage carousel. The chilly March air periodically burst through the automatic doors as people left the building. She kept scanning the rows of people filing through the narrow passageway beside security, looking for a familiar face. She could feel her clit aching in anticipation. Slowly, her thong was getting more and more uncomfortable.

Andrew brushed his hair out of his eyes as he looked for his wife. He hadn’t the opportunity to get a haircut in Africa, and now it continually fell and blocked his view. His waist was a little smaller, his skin a little darker, but his eyes still scanned desperately for Priya. He could feel his heart start to beat faster at the thought of holding her in his arms again.

Their eyes locked at the same time.

Andrew felt the bag slip from his hand before he realized he had decided to drop it. Priya started to run towards him, disregarding multiple signs. As they embraced each other tightly, Andrew could smell her sweet perfume filling his nostrils. Her face was buried against his shoulder, hair in his face. She started to tear up as she felt his strong arms clamped around her like a vice. It had been so long since their last embrace. As she pressed her whole body against him, she felt his cock grow hard through his jeans. They broke apart to kiss passionately, his hand gripping the back of her head and pressing her close. She wrapped etimesgut escort her arms around the back of his neck and pressed her clit against his leg. Her thong was now soaked – she had a brief instant of concern that her light grey tights would betray the wetness between her legs, but quickly ignored it as she lost herself in the kiss again. Their tongues explored each other’s mouths, quickly and aggressively, as they made up for lost time.

“I need you, right now,” he whispered fiercely into her ear.

“I know,” she replied in a gasp. Priya turned away and led Andrew quickly by the hand. “I have an idea.”

As she walked, Andrew’s eyes fell to her tight, round ass. Her quick stride accentuated her hips and he felt his cock straining against the zipper of his jeans. He followed her as she walked past the check in counters, to a small hallway around a corner. There were few people here. He looked at the ceiling, scanning for some clue as to where she was leading him. At the end of the hall, there was a sign indicating that restrooms were just ahead.

Priya looked both ways before pushing Andrew through a door clearly marked as a family restroom. He turned around to throw the deadbolt. Even as he turned back to look at his wife, her shoes were already off and she was hooking her thumbs through the waistband of her tights. She slipped the grey fabric over her hips to reveal a navy blue thong as Andrew unbuckled his belt. Priya dropped to her knees in front of him, ignoring the discomfort of the cold tile as she sincan escort licked her lips in anticipation.

Andrew’s jeans fell to the floor, and Priya reached up to pull down his underwear. His cock erupted from the waistband, and she hungrily seized it with both hands and opened her mouth wide.

“Oh, fuck,” he cried breathlessly as she took the cock deep inside her throat. She felt his cock pulsing as it filled her mouth, and she let out an involuntary moan. Her right hand fell between her legs, searching for clit amongst the soaking wet fabric. She had barely enough time to gag on his cock before he pushed her away.

“No,” he said. “I need you now.” He pulled her to her feet, only to turn her away from him. She leaned forward against the sterile sinks. Andrew grabbed her hip with his left hand, and used his right to pull the thong to one side. Her pussy was dripping with eagerness. His hard cock slipped easily inside of her. Andrew did not go slowly – he immediately started pounding the entire length of his throbbing dick deep inside of her. Priya gasped as she felt a fullness she hadn’t felt in months. Her hand returned to her clit, but she barely needed any stimulation before she felt a torrent of pleasure as every muscle in her body contracted and she fell forward onto the counter in ecstasy. Her legs shuddered involuntarily and she would have fallen over if Andrew had not kept driving his hips against hers.

“No no no, stop, please,” she gasped. “Please.”

Andrew didn’t stop. He continued to drive his escort etimesgut cock into her dripping pussy even more aggressively.

“No!” she cried. “Please, put it in my ass.”

Andrew paused. He used both hand to spread her glorious ass cheeks, and Priya felt his saliva fall just above her asshole. His cock, now slippery with her juices, left her dripping cunt. She closed her eyes as she felt the head of his dick rest against her entrance.

“Are you sure?” he asked. “I can’t go slow this time.”

“Yes,” she begged. “Please, be inside of me.”

Andrew slipped the head of his throbbing cock inside of her. Priya cried out in please as she felt herself being stretched. She heard him take ragged, gasping breaths, as he tried to control himself.

“Don’t hold back, baby. Use me like a dirty little whore.”

Andrew drove the whole length of his shaft into her tight ass. His hands slipped under her shirt to grab her breasts roughly. He used the new leverage to drive himself even deeper inside of her. Priya used two fingers to rub small circles on her clit again. Sweat dripped off her face onto the counter. She could feel him becoming more aggressive, driving himself into her faster and deeper. Her eyes squeezed shut tightly as her heartrate skyrocketed. She had missed him so much.

Suddenly, Andrew plunged himself deeply inside of her and held her hips against him as his whole body shuddered. Priya felt his hot cum explode deep inside of her. He slowly removed his cock, which was followed by a load of cum leaking out of her.

She turned to face him, not caring about the mess leaking out of her and dripping down her legs.

“I love you,” she said as they joined together in a sweaty embrace.

“I love you, too,” Andrew replied.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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