Reverie on a Beach

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I woke up this morning FREEZING! At least the sun was shining brightly. After pulling up the blankets I faced the window and let the light wash over me. My mind wandered to a warm beach with that same warm light.

I am laying on a beach towel, and as I sit up I keep my face turned toward the sun. I lean back on my hands, arching my back in a stretch that highlights my large breasts. My bathing suit is a modest two piece swim dress. The bottom is just a normal black swimsuit so I wear cover up pants when I am not in the water. The top is an A-line with wide black straps and a high straight black band just under my collar bones. The dress is a beautiful teal, black, and aqua impressionist’s dream of lilies. It falls to about three inches above my knees.

When I open my eyes, looking out over the beautiful clear blue bathtub like water, I see you in the distance. The water should be much deeper out that far. There must be a sandbar. You look like a bronze statue, tight abs, smooth skin, dark eyes, black curly hair, perfect musculature forged naturally by hard work and swimming. The former gymnast in you is evident. The only break from a classical statue is the thick, dark moustache. You appear to be talking to and playing with a few others out there with you.

As the ocean lapping at the sand beckons me. After I take off my cover up, I rise and start walking toward it. My feet are burning and ataşehir escort bayan I start doing the “hot-sand-run-dance”. When I reach the water’s edge I walk slowly, reveling in the sensation of the warm water licking at my toes, my ankles, softly massaging my calves…

The slope into the water is very gradual and soon I am far from shore and the water is at my shoulders. I am close to you, but not yet within arm’s reach. An unexpected wave hits me as you look up and smile at me. I am knocked off my feet and the shock of it makes me feel like I am drowning. A hand immediately grabs me and pulls me to the sandbar. Thank heaven! I forgot that you had an arm’s length as well. You walk us off the sandbar into the deeper water. I am shaken up so I wrap my legs around your waist and my arms around your neck to steady myself. My lips meet yours and my tongue darts out to taste you. I love the flavor of the sea and salt. I suck your bottom lip into my mouth, running my tongue across the entire length of it. You reach down to support my bottom and realize that I didn’t just remove the cover up pants before heading toward you. As you gasp, my tongue enters your mouth and I feel a “shelf” beneath me hehhehehehe. I cross my arms behind your head, deepening the kiss which becomes more intense as one of your hands mauls my ass and the other grabs the back of my head.

The hand holding my head escort kadıköy grabs a breast along its way to my pussy. It is getting hard to breath and I realize that if I lose my hold on you, I might really drown. My legs tighten around you and we are so close that I can feel the vibrations of your moan throughout my body.

I risk letting go of your neck so I can drop a hand between us, free my “shelf”, and place it inside me. Again, there is that mind-bending moan! I cum immediately and you have to work hard to keep from reacting to the spasms. You aren’t ready for this exotic intimacy to end!

I return a bit, but I am still on the cusp of another orgasm. Your hands leave my ass and I groan. No need for that as they immediately reappear. This time they are on my breasts trapping my nipples between your thumb and index finger. One hard squeeze and I cum again. You are determined that you are going to make me cum more often than I ever have in one session and you know they will build on each other becoming more intense with each orgasm. I try to rock back and forth on you, but an especially cruel squeeze of my breasts puts an end to that! You are bound and determined to follow your own agenda, and I relax to settle into enjoying the ride. You pull your lips from mine to whisper what you are about to do just as I feel the finger enter my tight asshole. With virtually no warning, my body bostancı escort reacts forcefully, I can’t help bucking against you and I am now on that spiral of non-stop ecstasy. I bite your lip and feel you fill me with your juices. The intensity drives me to a new place! You realize what is happening and grab me to make sure I stay attached to you lest I release you and find myself submerged after reaching such a height.

I slowly return from that special place and try to calm my breathing but your cock is still hard and still inside me. You are starting to tire and suggest we head back to the beach. You rearrange yourself and try to pull down the floating, flowing swim dress. It doesn’t really cooperate. We both know my legs aren’t yet stable enough to carry me so you suggest I just float and let you pull me until I feel stronger. It feels like riding a cloud. About halfway back, when the water is hip high, I feel ready to walk the rest of the way and my suit falls to cover me as each inch leaves the water. I hear your sigh of relief and giggle.

I sit on the towel facing the ocean and realize that the few people still in the water may get a bit of a show as I pull on my suit and pants. I am a little concerned, but my slightly kinky, exhibitionist streak wins the day. Your member is a bit more unruly and refuses to deflate. We decide to take our desire indoors. You make me walk in front to hide your “situation”. On the way in, I slow a few times, unexpectedly, causing you to bump into my cheeks. I know that will keep you hard and I am glad you can’t see the impish grin on my face.

As my reverie fades I need to get to the real work of being a mom.

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