Sandy , I Ch. 1

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Chapter 1: We Met

We met at a New Year’s party at my best friends house. In fact, I was living with he and his girl friend at the time. I had just broken up with my girlfriend of two years, Sue Lin.

Eric and I had been friends since our first day at the University of Hawaii. We were both standing in line waiting to register for history class. We started talking and found out that he had just gotten out of the Army and was attending the university on the GI. Bill. I had just gotten out of the Navy and was doing the same thing. The military had brought both of us to Hawaii several years before and we had both decided to make it our home. Sometime you meet another person and hit it off right away. That was the case with us. As the semester wore on we found out that we had very similar interest. We both enjoyed scuba diving, mountain climbing, shooting firearms of all types, and racing sailboats. We both ran everyday and swam a mile at least five times a week. We had both been participating in tae kwon doe since we were sent overseas with the military and had both achieved our black belt. In fact I changed dojos so we could work out together.

We had quite a few similarities. We were both six feet tall with a thirty-two inch waist. We could wear each other’s trousers. The same was true for our size nine shoes. That’s where the similarities stopped. Eric was slim built, agile, and very quick. He weighed about one hundred seventy-five pounds and had the appearance of being lighter. I on the other hand weigh one ninety-five and had the appearance of being very muscular on the top. I wore a large to extra large shirt while Eric wore a medium to large shirt, depending on who made them and the type. Eric was a very fine looking man with fine features, clear blue eyes and sandy brown hair. I had dark brown, almost black hair and hazel eyes. I think they were called hazel because they showed many different colors, which seemed to change, depending on the circumstances. The girls thought he was the best thing on campus and continuously tried to get me to introduce them to him. Eric had a steady girl friend that he loved dearly. He didn’t have eyes for any of the sexy, horny bunnies who would have loved to have babies with him. I on the other hand I am not what anyone would call handsome. True, I do get along with women very well and never seemed to have to look very hard to find a companion. I have to admit women were secondary in my life to the adventures, which seemed to come my way. I, like Eric, had a steady girl and we lived together in two-bedroom apartment in Kaimuki, at least until a couple of weeks ago.

Eric and Sue were together before I met Eric. I had never heard either mention how they came to be together, and it didn’t seem to be important. They lived for today and history just wasn’t part of today. They were very close and obviously very much in love.

Sue Good was something else. It was easier to think of her as a work of sensual art that as a person. She was definitely a woman. Five feet ten inches of legs, butt and boobs as Eric would say. The truth of the matter was that she was one of those women who were very long legged in relation to the entire body length. She loved to mountain climb and run long distances, therefore, her legs were slim and muscular. She swam and ran every day. The only excess weight on her body was on the chest. She had a beautiful set of breast. She didn’t mind telling you she was a 36DD. Sue said God did that to keep her humble. I never did understand that statement. When I first met her it was hard to look her in the eye, but as time went by she became a real person and not just a sex goddess. Sue liked to keep her hair long and wore it in a ponytail most of the time. I think, had she not lived in the tropics, her hair would have been black, but the effect of the sun was to turn it into a very healthy auburn color, which glowed and shimmered as it swished from side to side with her walk. All things considered Sue would be considered a beautiful and healthy example of womanhood, but her best attribute was her skin. She tanned the color of a fine teak wood, which had been rubbed smooth for a thousand years. I was told that she had a tiny blemish in a spot that was hard to find. I never did find it and would never attempt to do so. I had seen Sue nude on many occasions, and there were no flaws in that fine hide that could be seen with normal observation. Sue and Eric were the best friends I had ever had, and it was important to me to keep it that way. I always thought of Sue and Eric as one person and even though they definitely kept their individual personalities, they totally fit together. They were both higher on the friendship list than Sue Lin, my former girlfriend. It would seem that a man’s woman should rank number one if the relationship was really working. That just wasn’t the case.

The night Sue Lin and I broke up we were having dinner at the yacht club, we joked and kidded around. Eric escort ataşehir and Sue invited me to spend the rest of the year and the New Year with them. They had plenty of room in their three-bedroom house so I accepted. They lived in a very old, pre world war two, two level house on Wilder Avenue. They paid little rent and exchanged upkeep and maintenance for the major part of the rent. Sue kept the house spotless in spite of its age. The floors were raw wood and very well worn. There were no shoes worn in the house and those wood floors felt better on my feet than any carpet ever could. Where the house was located the trade winds blew directly through the living room windows. With the windows in the bedrooms open the inside of the house was constantly ten degrees cooler than the outside air. To regulate the temperature you simply had to close the windows in the living room. We had a great three days of just being lazy and having a good time. I had to admit I felt out of place being there with them without a woman of my own. Sue really liked to tease and frequently filled the conversations with sexual innuendo.

Chapter 2

Sue was planning for several couples to have dinner with us on New Years day. I tried to get her to let me contribute to the food supply, but she refused. She told me to get wine and liquor instead. On New Years Eve, I bought two bottles of scotch and three one-gallon bottles of rotgut wine. Most of the people coming to the dinner would be drinking beer so we got four cases Miller, my brand, and put them on ice in the bathtub. The three of us were in great spirits while we got ready for the beginning of a new decade. We talked about our hopes and dreams for the future and how we intended to go about obtaining those. Sue was an archeologist at the University and was just finishing her doctoral thesis. She wanted to be involved in a major dig in Central America in the next decade. Eric wanted to finish college and never go to school again. I wanted to get a major grant from the government and study fish populations and ways to provide a food source from the sea that would feed the world.

Surprisingly, I didn’t miss Sue Lin at all. In fact she seldom entered my mind. I didn’t have bad thoughts or good wishes for her for the coming year, I just didn’t consider her at all. There were some stray comments about our relationship, but it simply moved off into what we commonly called the “oh-well” rule of life. I had no doubts that my time with her had passed

At about three in the afternoon the first couple arrives. I went to the door with Sue, and she opened the door, announcing, “Zig and Sally, this is Ed, he has been staying with us the last couple of days”. Zig was a tall thin Chinese man with long straight black hair down his back. He had an open, friendly smile which showed the straightest, whitest set of teeth I could remember seeing. Sally was a short chunky brown skinned local woman. She had beautiful eyes which danced with amusement and mischief when she looked at you. Sue told me they had been together for about six years. They got married one time and started fighting and having problems over who was the boss. They got divorced and went back to living together and their relationship worked great. As friends, without legal attachment they had the relationship a good marriage should be. Zig and Sally brought several pots of food, all covered up. I tried to peak and Sally slapped my hand very quickly for that. She then pulled a large wooden spoon out of her pocket, waived it at me and with her best stern look told me “don’t touch or I will have to hurt you”. Here face was stern, but her eyes were dancing like a band of fairies at a moon light feast.

We all sat on the floor and chatted about the University and the course load. Zig was in his senior year and would graduate with a BS in chemistry after one more final exam. Sally worked as a court reporter and stenographer; she said it was because she liked being nosy. Sue didn’t drink anything; Eric, Zig and I were on our second beers.

During the course of the afternoon several other couples arrived. I knew all of them as acquaintances. We were all drinking and just having a good social time. I felt somewhat like the fifth wheel without a girl, but with the recent breakup I wasn’t in much of a mood for female companionship right then.

About seven the girls decided we should have some food to help absorb the alcohol or there wouldn’t be anyone awake to see the New Years come in. There was a lot more food than there were places to put it. Sue had been smart and bought paper plates and plastic utensils. That at least helped. We decided to put the food on the kitchen table, chairs and any other higher object we could find, and sit on the floor to eat. This was fine with everyone so we started dishing it out. There was everything from hotdogs and hamburgers to laulau and lomilomi salmon. Sue called me to the refrigerator and said, “I have something kadıköy escort bayan special just for you.” She opened the frig and there sat a container of poi.

Now, I’m one of those haoles that love Hawaiian food. In fact if there is a choice to eat Hawaiian or any other style of food it will be Hawaiian every time. I hear people from the mainland talk about how bad poi taste. I even hear them refer to it as tasting like library paste. That’s utter nonsense. When I was a kid, I ate as much library paste as anyone, and there is no comparison at all. Poi is very smooth and moist where library paste is lumpy and dry. Now what does poi taste like? Poi! It doesn’t taste like anything else other than poi. It is made from the root of the taro plant, which is very much like a turnip or rutabaga. The first day it is made it is rather thin and has a very mild taste. As the days pass, it gets more of a sour tang and thickens. When it gets fairly thick it is normally eaten with one finger as it is thick enough to pick up easily with one finger and place it in the mouth without slobbering it all down the front of you. Another thing that really is great is the “wana” or long spined sea urchin. It’s eaten by cracking open the hard center and dipping out the contents. One of the very best Hawaiian delicacies is opihi. This is a limpet which attaches itself to the slick rocks along the shore. They only seem to be where the waves really pound on the rocks. It is very difficult to get to them, much less get them off the rock. Because of the risk factor, they are very expensive and seldom found in the local markets. The best way to get the full flavor of the opihi is to eat it while it is very fresh and still alive. The Hawaiians say “ono” which means delicious.

Well, anyway, Sue had gotten me poi to eat with the laulau. I tried to pass the poi around, but no one else seemed to want any. I grabbed up two laulau, which is kalua pig wrapped in taro leaves, which are then wrapped in banana leaves and cooked in an imu. I didn’t try very hard to sell the poi, took it to a corner and isolated myself to my personal feast.

Just as I sat down to eat the doorbell rang. Being the closest to the door I answered it. There was a couple and a smaller child at the door. They didn’t look like they belonged at our type party, especially with a child in tow. I said, “Hi, I’m Ed, can I help you?” The man said, “Hi, I’m Richard and this is my wife Mary. Sorry we are late, but we went to get the poke (pronounced pôkç) and got caught in traffic in Kailua.” No one said anything about the child behind them. I figured the kid was maybe fifteen or so because she was nearly five feet tall. I said, “Can you wait for just a second and let me get Eric?”

I went in and found Eric and told him Richard and Mary were at the door with their daughter. He didn’t say a word; he got up and went to the door. I heard some talking and then he came around the corner with Richard and Mary and the little girl following behind. I wondered if the kid might have a problem. She was wearing a dress, but under the dress she was obviously wearing pants and some top like a t-shirt. Then Eric started laughing. Not just a chuckle, mind you, but a belly laugh that started on the floor and filled the room. He laughed so hard I thought he was going to choke. I had seen him laugh before, but never like this. He looked at the group and said, “Ed thinks Sandy is Richard and Mary’s daughter.” Now everyone is laughing. I couldn’t follow what is going on. I know I’m not drunk.

I took another, closer, look at the kid. She couldn’t be any taller than five feet. She was standing there in a dress that looked like it should appear in “Mary had a Little Lamb”, or “Little Boe Peep”. She had a smirk on her face, her feet were wide apart and her hands were on her hips. She had a lot of blonde hair piled up on top of her head and held there with something that looked amazingly like clothes pins. Her features were great. I even thought she would have a beautiful face if she wasn’t suffering from some form of mental illness. It’s amazing how our prejudices distort our perceptions. Then I noticed she had the brightest green eyes I had ever seen. I took a closer look and decided she was laughing at me with her eyes telling the secret. Suddenly I felt that she was the most “alive” person I had met in a very long time. Her eyes were beautiful, full of life and amusement. I knew deep down inside that those eyes would be terrifying if they were filled with anger. She looked at Eric and said, “May I use your bathroom to change?” Of course she could, but the amazing thing was that her voice was smooth, mellow and very pleasant, very melodious.

Eric was still laughing. Don was trying not to roll over, and Zig had his head thrown back laughing at the ceiling. I looked at Sue and asked, “What’s this all about? What’s going on here?” She said, “Just wait, you’ll see for yourself.” Nuts, I went back to my food and started escort bostancı eating. I was getting aggravated at being the butt of the joke and not even knowing what the joke was.

Ten minutes later I had finished one laulau and was drinking my beer when the little girl came around the corner, placed her hands on the wall, archer her back to show off her butt and said, “So you think I’m a little girl do you?” She stood in that posture with her breast thrust forward and her round bottom well displayed for about thirty seconds. I don’t know where I was. My mind refused to function. All of my sense had gotten up and fled. I was sitting there with my mouth open and drool running from my mouth. Now everyone in the room was laughing so hard I thought they would all get sick and barf all over the room. It didn’t make any difference to me; I was six inches from the most awesome female I had ever encountered in my life. She reached down, put her hand under my jaw and pushed my mouth closed. She said,” Do you still think I’m a little girl?” Then she walked over to where Sue was sitting and ignored me. It didn’t make any difference. I was brain dead. All of the activity I was participating in was not going on in my head.

It occurred to me that everyone in the room knew what was happening but me. I was being set-up as the butt of an elaborate joke. Here I had answered the door and seen a tall blonde guy and a tall exotic woman standing there. I had never seen them before, so it was perfectly all right to me. Behind them had been a very short woman. Of course she looked like a child considering the way they had her dressed. Richard was about six feet six inches and Mary was six feet even. This made the five-foot woman in the right size range to have been their young child. All things considered I really felt good that my mind had worked well enough to figure any of this out. They had me good. I got a bad case of the giggles and couldn’t seem to get them under control. That must have been impressive behavior for a grown man. At least I wasn’t still drooling down the front of my shirt. I felt like a total idiot. Well, maybe total is a strong word. I looked at babe and felt an immediate since of loss. Boy would I have liked to be friends with her. No woman who looked as good as she did could possibly be available.

I looked over at Richard and Mary. He was a big man with a great build, but it was her that made the couple extraordinarily attractive. She was exceptionally tall in the first place and had jet-black hair and green eyes in the second. Those eyes were almond shaped and obviously someone in her family had originated in the Mediterranean. I had seen those eyes in the past, but never in the emerald green shade she had. She also had an olive complexion which was very well tanned to a golden brown. Richard had blue eyes, and she had green which fit with having a daughter with green eyes and blond hair.

I confessed to the whole group that I was really impressed with the way they had set me up. I had been set up by Eric and Sue before, but nothing this elaborate. Every one was in a great mood after the confession and the evening became light hearted with everyone participating in the conversation.

“My name’s Sandy,” was all she said.

I looked at Sandy standing at the food table and she opened the laulau pot and took out two. She then helped herself to the lomilomi salmon and poke. Now, I was already excited just looking at her, but to know that there was someone else in this group that liked Hawaiian food really set me off. I just knew I had to find a way to meet this woman. I continued to watch her for the obvious reason; she was beautiful and very sexy. She radiated sensuality. It was almost like she had a sign on that said breed me. Her legs were straight and strong. The calf muscles were well defined without being blocky of oversized. Her calf was slightly wider than her knee which added to the appearance of strength. She had well defined thighs with long smooth muscles. Her thighs didn’t quiet touch when she stood with her feet together. Now, that is in my opinion the sexiest shape a woman can have from behind if the woman has a really round butt. She did. Her body proportions were such that she appeared to be long legged compared to most women, even Sue. She had a v-shaped back with good strong shoulders. I wanted her to turn around so I could study her face, but she leaned over to speak with Sue instead.

Oh boy! Sue pointed to me and said something which caused her to look my way. I almost dropped my food. My heart skipped two beats and I felt fear and excitement at the same time. What in the hell was wrong with me? I never acted this way around women. Sue Lin never had this type of effect on me. I wanted her to turn around, and she did. She headed straight to where I was sitting. I didn’t know what to do or think. I was almost afraid to speak to her for fear that she would decide that I was a total moron not worthy of her conversation. She was still headed my way and I felt like running away to prevent making a fool of myself. I looked past her to where Eric and Sue were sitting. They both had a concerned look on their faces, then Sue smiled at me and made the lip words ok.

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