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Double Penetration

My phone rang. I looked down and saw that it was Sarah calling me and my chest went pleasantly tight. Sarah was undeniably special. She had always been my favorite niece. Her mother and father sent her to live with me at least a week out of every summer, demanding that she be exposed to more than they could provide for her. Living in San Francisco I was able to take her to plays, concerts, and museums that her family did not have access to in their small town. Sarah always enjoyed our visits, and her artistic side flourished from her time spent in the city. I must admit that I adored my time with her. Since I had never married or had children, she filled a special role in my life that I had not even known existed. It was amazing to watch her develop from an awkward child into a confident young woman, and I probably doted on her a bit too much. Soon she was spending most of her summers with me, and occasionally other holidays as well.

It was soon after she turned 18 that we started having sex. It was summer and she was upset that she would only be at my house for a week. Her parents wanted her to spend most of her summer vacation in preparation for her first semester at college. Even though she was only attending a community college, she was still moving an hour away from her parents and into her first apartment. I understood her parent’s anxiety, and even though I was sad to only have a week with her, I tried to get her to see the logic behind our short visit. I also attempted to provide her with as much casual fun as could be crammed into seven days. We went to see Les Claypool, and ate a three-hour meal at her favorite restaurant. I took her to the Museum of Modern Art and the latest movie that she wanted to see. Every morning there was breakfast and coffee at one of the many shops that she loved, and the day before she left I threw a little bar-b-que so that she could spend time with my friends that she had grown close to over the past few years. We all sat around the back yard of my apartment complex in lawn chairs and papasans, sipping beer from our favorite breweries, as meat and veggies smoked on the grill. Even though I usually did not condone under-age drinking, I even let Sarah have a beer in celebration.

Even though Sarah was nearly twenty years younger than any of the other people at the bar-b-que she still managed to hold well-thought out conversations regarding books, philosophies, and current political events. I was feeling quite proud and attached to her that particular evening. At one point she went inside to refill some snacks and one of my friends remarked that she had developed into an amazing young woman recently. I could tell by his tone that, although he was impressed with her intellect, it was not all that he had noticed. I must admit that I had noticed her blossoming looks as well.

Sarah was still in that innocent, young age where girls try to define their sexuality. Throughout her high school career, she had dressed slutty, and classy, and sloppy, rebelling against any category she might be put into. At age 18, she had now settled on a slightly revealing but comfortable style. She wore make-up occasionally, but not with any real purpose. Her hair, which was long and dirty blonde, was usually pulled back into a ponytail, and she loved sweatshirts or tank tops, nothing in between. Her curves had filled in completely. Her thighs were well-toned from track and cheerleading, and she loved to wear those high-cut shorts that were popular among girls her age.

In fact, all week I had been noticing how adorable Sarah looked. She had a sweet and bubbly personality that endeared her to anyone she crossed, but she also had a sensual, playful side that I knew would drive men crazy. I was enjoying taking altyazılı porno her out and watching the young men stare at her as she danced, or pondered paintings with her arm looped through mine. Although I am 38, I have not aged poorly. I have the tone and style of a confirmed bachelor. I am sleek and fit, and it was not difficult to imagine them wondering if I was her lover. Stranger sights have been seen in San Francisco.

When Sarah came back out, she was carrying two bowls of chips and had discarded her sweatshirt to reveal a bikini top. Her chest was tanned and her breasts were perfectly rounded in that way that only lasts a couple of years, no matter how women try to maintain it. Her stomach was flat and torturously cute. My friend who had made the earlier comment gave a happy groan and a knowing wink towards me that made Sarah blush. After all, she wasn’t oblivious to men. She set the chips down and curled up on my lap in the papasan that I was occupying. It was a big chair, and not an unfamiliar position for us, but I suddenly felt overly aware of her warm body curled up, lazily, against my chest. Her back pinned my right arm around her shoulders, and I could not decide where to put my left hand. I finally decided to rest it lightly on her thigh, and my fingers absently stroked her skin. She grinned at me, and I knew that she was enjoying my touch. Not in a sexual way, but not in a completely innocent way either, she wanted me to continue that sensual caress. I slid my hand just a bit further up than usual, letting my well-manicured fingertips slide beneath the hem of her shorts, and felt her head nestle down against my neck.

Later in the evening, my friends had left and Sarah was helping me clean up the last of the food littered around the lawn. I took the two paper plates that she had in either hand, kissing her square between the eyes, as I always had. Only this time my lips lingered just a moment longer and I felt the wetness of them against her skin. I pulled away from her, smiled, and asked her to crack me open another beer. As she turned to enter the kitchen I swatted at her behind with my foot and she playfully dodged, just as she always did.

I picked up the rest of the paper plates, threw them in the trash can, and entered the kitchen behind her. She was at the counter, fumbling with the bottle opener. Her legs curved cutely up into her shorts. Her back arched just the slightest, revealing tight muscles leading down to her behind. It was less of a conscious decision and more of an action that I took to test the waters. I stood directly behind her, pressing my chest lightly against her back, the front of my slacks brushing her shorts so slightly that I could not feel the weight of her body, but instead the static attraction between out two garments. I reached my arms swiftly around her, took the bottle and opener from her and opened the beer. Then, instead of moving away, I placed the beer between her hands, causing my forearms to rest across hers. She had frozen.

“Are you comfortable like this?” I whispered in her ear. She took a moment, then relaxed ever so slightly against me, so that I felt her behind against my crotch. Her head fell back against my chest and I dipped my face down to smell her hair. She smelled exactly like summer should. I traced my fingers up her forearms and around her biceps. “Are you sure that you are comfortable?”

She turned to face me, looking directly up at me with those always-trusting blue eyes, and without wavering, said, “Yes.”

I do not know if I leaned down to kiss her or if she reached up to kiss me, but by the time our lips met the kiss was a mutual effort. Her lips were soft and tender, her mouth wet and warm. I could amatör porno tell that I was not her first kiss. In fact, I think that had been with the boy down the street a couple of summers earlier, but she still kissed with a lack of experience. To someone who has never gone much beyond kissing, kissing is an end in itself, not a means to rush by. She explored softly, taking her time and stumbling over my tongue. I groaned with pleasure into her mouth and I could feel her smile even though she never broke the kiss. She was wonderful.

My hand found the sweet spot of her waist and pulled her hard into me, squeezing her skin. She pressed every inch of her body against mine, and I knew that she could feel my growing cock already searching for a way inside of her. But that could wait. I wanted to savor her, and I wanted to make this experience perfect for her.

I finally pulled away from her kiss and she was still looking up at me with those saucer-eyes. I groaned again and almost pulled her back into the kiss, and she just giggled. Somehow I found the strength of will to stop kissing her long enough to take her by the hand and lead her down the hall into my bedroom. She had been in my bedroom plenty of times before. When she was younger she had even slept in the same bed as me when she missed her parents. In recent years that had stopped, except for the occasional short nap after long conversations, but she still had breakfast in bed with me and made me watch cartoons with her on Saturdays. I guided her to that familiar bed and sat down next to her. She was nothing but excitement.

I began kissing her again, feeling like a teenager and a teacher all at once. I had my share of women every season, and I had never felt as comfortable and excited about any of them as I did with Sarah in that moment. I pulled at her hairband and released her ponytail, cradling her neck in my palm and pulling gently at the roots of her hair with my fingers. I pulled her head back and gently kissed her throat, and the first sigh escaped her mouth. It was the most beautiful sound that I have ever heard, breathy and honest, and it made her chest rise enough to meet my chest for the briefest of instances. I wondered how I had any self control in that moment.

I dipped her back further, until she was laying comfortably against my pillows, and propped up on my elbow I took in her entire body. I let my fingers lazily trace from her shorts up to her bikini, barely brushing a nipple, over her throat to her lips. I looked deep into her eyes, and I told her with all of the honesty that I could, “You are so beautiful.”

She smiled again, lighting up the room a little more, and I bent down to kiss her with a tenderness that goes beyond family or lovers. The whole world stopped with my lips against hers, and by the time the kiss ended my fingers had found their way beneath her bikini to her swollen nipple. I tugged at the strings of her top and lifted the small fabric away from her skin, revealing brown nipples that were ripe for my tongue. By now I had no restraint and let out a low, primal groan as I reached my mouth down to her nipples. Her sounds met mine, and she rewarded me with a sharp intake of air as I sucked one nipple into my mouth and swirled my tongue around it. I kneaded one nipple between my fingers and sucked on her other breast and Sarah began to moan in rhythm to my mouth. She was such a sensual creature, but did not have enough experience to know how to let the tension build into a strong orgasm, and so she kept releasing little fits of adorable pleasure onto my sheets in the form of an arching back, whining throat, and groping hands. I kept my waist cleverly away from her, but let her hands roam freely across arap porno my shoulders and back, loving her enthusiastic attention.

My hand left her nipple and slid down her firm belly, beneath the band of her shorts. Her pussy was so wet that there was no need to dip into her and release more juices. Her clit was slick and my fingers moved with an easy sensuality around her labia. She was alternating between moans and whimpers now and trying to squirm her pelvis to force my fingers inside of her, but I kept a slow, steady pace. Finally I stopped my hand completely and the only movement on the bed was her deeply panting chest. I kissed her lips very softly.

“Sarah, I want to fuck you, so badly, more than I have ever wanted to fuck a woman before,” I whispered. She squirmed against me, pushing, begging me with her body to fuck her, “But I need to know that you are okay with this.”

She groaned. “I am, Uncle Derick.”

“I need to hear you say it. I need to hear that you want it.”

Again she moaned, and I could tell that her young lips were shy to say the words. She delayed a bit longer by kissing me again, but I pulled back, my hand pressing firmly against her cunt, but refusing to move any longer.

“I want you, Uncle Derick. I want you to fuck me. Please.”

I didn’t need any more confirmation, and would not have been able to resist any longer if I did. In a single swift movement I had her shorts and panties on the floor next to my pants and boxers. She turned unto her side, facing me, and spread her legs so that the head of my cock rested against her pussy. She ground her hips against me and I felt her slick, hot juices coat my cock. She was an unbelievable woman, her body purely erogenous, and she shivered every time I touched her. Still I did not burry myself inside of her.

“You are absolutely sure?” I asked, one final time.

“Yes, fuck me!” She cried out, a single frustrated hot tear slipping down her cheek.

I complied. I did not burry myself deep within her as I wanted to, but knowing this was her first time I eased just the head of my cock into her, allowing her to rock back and forth against it at her own pace. Eventually she had taken about half of me into her and seemed comfortable so I flipped her onto her back and started a gentle rhythm. With each thrust I went deeper into her young, dripping pussy, and fucked her just a little harder, and a little faster, building the tension in her young body.

Finally I was able to fully fuck her, the base of my cock hitting her pussy, and my balls swinging against her ass. As soon as I picked up the rhythm she began to come. She cried out and shuttered and her mouth went wide in the most beautiful, “O,” shape I had ever seen. I was quick to kiss her as she finished climaxing, and I kept my lips pressed tightly against hers until I felt that I was about to orgasm as well. I bit hard into her bottom lip and allowed her to open her mouth again. The new rush of oxygen caused her to orgasm again, and I felt her pussy tighten around my cock just enough to push me over the edge. I had intended to pull out but there was no chance to and I thrust deeper into her, burying my cum inside of her.

I collapsed on top of her, burying my head into her shoulder, smelling her sweat.

“Wow,” she breathed. I nodded.

“Yeah, Sarah, wow.”

That was two years ago. Since then we have had many similar occasions. She comes to visit me as often as possible, and has become an amazing lover. She can do things to me that a woman twice her age lacks the creativity and confidence to try. I always look forward to our visits. Even though I know that she dates men her age while she is at school, and she knows that I date women my age, there is an undeniable chemistry between us. Of course, when we are apart we live our separate lives, and calling is not an often occurrence. I wonder why she could be calling and hope that it is not to cancel our planned visit this weekend.

To be continued.

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