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“Oh, I don’t know, I think Geoff’s an artist with his tongue.”

Hearing my name across the crowded room, I spun around, and the room followed with a slight lag. Too much booze.

Just as I’d thought, it was Samantha. More drunk than me, and a loudmouth even when sober. The thing between us had only lasted a couple months, but it’d been pretty hot. She was tall and well-built, with long blond hair that she liked to have me grip as I thrust into her. When the break-up came I think we’d been pretty resigned to it, and we still occasionally bumped into each other via friends at parties like this. There was that little leftover spark, but in the two years since we’d been smart enough not to try again. My dick stiffened as I thought about some of that sex, those long sessions where I’d used my tongue until she screamed. It had been a few months since I’d had any. As long as I stuck to fantasies, it couldn’t do much harm.

Samantha was talking to Rachel, and I felt an embarrassed flush. Rachel was an old friend of mine. Slim, brown hair in a short pixie cut, dark hazelnut eyes, lips always waiting for an excuse to smile. And she was utterly uninterested in men.

I’d thought there was some magnetism between us the first time we met back in freshman year. Luckily I figured out pretty fast that it was just her natural interest in everyone, her easy laugh, her wit that she never used to hurt. Since then we’d been in classes together, played intramural soccer together, sat out by the river complaining about the world together. But for all that ease we pretty much avoided talking about sex, and here was Samantha obviously oversharing about me. At least it was flattery.

Samantha caught my look and waved me over. Rachel was giving my ex her best indulgent smile. She really was a great friend.

“GEOFF, GET OVER HERE!” Samantha yelled. I might as well try to avoid a bigger commotion.

I tried not to jostle too many people in my tipsiness. My heart sank when I saw Christy, the party host, joining the pair.

“What are you yelling about now, Sam?”, Christy asked. I didn’t know her that well, but she was old friends with Samantha, and the only one who got away with that nickname.

“WELL,” Samantha said, too loudly. “I asked Rachel what made girls such great lovers anyway, and she started in with that whole thing about understanding a woman’s body, and I called bullshit, since some men do just fine. I mean, I’d be amazed if a woman ate pussy better than Geoff did.”

“Samantha!!” I was totally embarrassed now. Rachel was trying not to laugh, and gave me a sympathetic look.

“What?” Samantha gave me a crooked smile. “It was a compliment. You’re probably the best I ever had, which I can say without feeling bad now that Fart-head Robert and I are done. There’s nothing magic about being a woman, I mean, we’re all different anyway. Just experience, right?”

I wanted to yell at her, but I couldn’t keep a straight face. Rachel and Christy joined my laughter.

“Fart-head?” Rachel asked. “Tell us how you really feel.”

“Don’t distract me!” Samantha said, swaying slightly. “There is a moral point here, I know it.”

“Should we test it out?” Christy said, arresting the conversation. “You know, for science. Geoff versus an experienced woman like, say, Rachel. And some lucky, willing volunteer.”

There was a short silence. Christy’s parties sometimes featured naughty games, and given my current dry spell I’d been secretly hoping for a few rounds of “I never” or something like that. This was, well, something different.

It appeared Samantha had gotten more than she bargained for. She looked at me, flushed, then bit her lip and glanced at Rachel. Samantha was so transparent, even when she wasn’t drunk: she was imagining being the volunteer. I started feeling dizzy.

I looked at Rachel, expecting her to brush it off in her easy way. But she was watching me, an odd smile on her face. Possibly open to following my lead, I realized with a rush.

“Oh, I don’t know,” I said. “I mean, who’d volunteer for that? You shouldn’t believe what Samantha says, anyway.”

“Well, I for one would be perfectly willing to put some tongues to the test,” said Christy. She looked directly at me.

I glanced at Rachel, but she had the same smile. And then she gave the barest hint of a nod, the kind of thing an old friend would see. I didn’t think anyone else noticed.

My heart was pounding, but I was buzzed, and horny. The truth was I loved eating pussy, and I did have a little vanity about it. Of course Rachel would probably be better. It wasn’t the kind of thing I let myself think about normally.

“Oh, all right, I guess I could be convinced.” I said with a casual sigh. “I mean, if Rachel is on board.”

Rachel smiled. “Yeah, I could accept that challenge. With some privacy of course.”

I stared at her, shocked at how easily she’d accepted. She just smiled beatifically at me. What parallel universe had I fallen into here?

“Great!” said Christy, bostancı escort bayan as though we’d just volunteered to mix up another batch of punch. “I’ll go around and see if any other women are interested. Discreetly, of course. I mean, it occurred to me that more samples means more science! As long as you’re OK.”

“Uh, sure, whatever,” I said, trying to suppress a rush of excitement. Rachel nodded and grinned.

Samantha stared at the two of us while Christy left. “You guys are all nuts,” she said, and shook her head to disappear into the crowd.

Rachel and I were left briefly alone in the crowd. She broke the silence.

“I know it’s crazy, but you’ve been looking like you needed some fun,” she said. “And truth be told I could use some too. I think our friendship can stand this, right?”

“Duh, of course, Rachel. It just surprised me. And, I guess, thanks for looking out for me. You’re not wrong.”

We looked at each other awkwardly for a minute, and then Rachel squeezed my hand. “You’re a mensch, you know. Let’s just each enjoy ourselves and not worry. We don’t have to talk about it again. I’d say we’re both going to win, whatever the judges say.” We shared a smile.

Christy trundled back in our direction. Black hair, compact, rounded, big hips, not conventionally pretty, but compelling in her directness. She did throw great parties. And I was probably going to be eating her out. I barely knew her, and couldn’t say I’d fantasized about her before, but this whole situation was turning me on ridiculously. I looked at Rachel again, and she smiled warmly. There was real anticipation in her eyes.

“OK, we got a couple enthusiastic volunteers,” said Christy. “Not everyone thinks they can withstand both of your talents, but whatever, we can get a group consensus. And it’s going to be a blind test. Well, blind for you guys. Kind of a moot point the other way given that stubble you’ve got, Geoff.”

Christy led us out of the room to a hallway.

“We kept it kind of on the sly, so you aren’t going to have an audience barge in. Let me go get something to blindfold you.”

She returned shortly with a two pairs of heavy black tights. A couple of expert twists later, I was pretty well blindfolded, though I could sense some light. I heard her rustling, presumably working on Rachel.

“OK, guys, so ground rules: no talking to the subjects. They aren’t allowed to do anything sexual to you or otherwise take advantage beyond what you’ve agreed. And this is a test for your mouths, not your hands. I was going to just tie you up, but I think I’ll leave one hand free so you can scratch your nose or give some support. Don’t abuse your privileges.”

Christy was starting to seem well experienced with restraints.

She led me into what I assumed was a closet.

“Wait here,” she said. “I’ll get Rachel settled.”

A couple minutes later I saw the light as the door opened, and I stumbled after Christy down the hall.

She opened a door, and it got darker. I bumped into a bed and sat down, letting her guide me into place. As promised she tied up one hand back behind my head. And then she tied both ankles to the bed corners, leaving me nearly immobile. Even with an arm free I doubted I could get myself out, so I hoped she wasn’t planning to prank me.

Christy walked off and I heard the door close. The room was dark enough that I was truly blind.


I started at the whisper. Rachel, it had to be. Christy had put us in the same room? That had definitely not been in my mental picture.

“Hi Rachel,” I whispered back.

“Sorry, Geoff, I didn’t know we’d be in here together.” She giggled nervously. “Uh, are you still OK with this?”

I was more than OK. A powerful wave of arousal washed through me as I imagined Rachel making love to a woman in the same room as me. Play it cool, I thought.

“Yeah, it’s OK,” I whispered back, reaching to adjust my growing erection. Thank god I had a hand free. “We can’t see anything anyway.”

We were quiet for a while.

“My foot itches,” said Rachel, and I tried not to laugh too loud. The sheer normalcy of our friendship was clashing powerfully with thoughts about what was coming.

“Did you get a bed too?” I whispered.

“That rat! I’m on a futon or something,” she said, and we both giggled softly. Then we heard a noise from the door, and we shut up.

There was a short giggle after the door opened, and then it closed again. We heard some voices whispering loudly outside.

“Girls,” muttered Rachel, and I smiled at the look I could envision on her face.

The door opened again, and someone came in this time. Two someones. I heard a quiet whisper and then the unmistakeable sound of pants being unsnapped. Fuck, it was actually happening.

My erection was threatening to burst out of my pants. I felt a hand on my chest and then someone clumsily got onto the bed.

Across the room I heard more rustling. So, two friends. I had no idea who this ümraniye escort could be. I’d recognized under half of the people at the party.

Whoever it was stood on the bed, stepping over me to stand behind my head. She hadn’t even taken her jeans totally off. With a lurch, she sat down hard, landing on my breastbone. We both grunted at that, and she giggled something that sounded like a drunken apology.

I could smell her already. Sweat, the slight hint of sex. She scooted forward, her legs pressing against my head, and then my nose bumped against smooth skin. I put my hand behind the small of her back, and then pulled her to me.

She gave a nervous sigh when my tongue touched her slit. Totally shaved. Barely a hint of her own lubrication. I planted a few kisses, extending the last to a slow lick along the full length of her. She froze, then pressed slightly harder against me.

I worked more saliva along her slit, listening to her body as I made my first pass over her clit. No beating around the bush for her: she grunted happily as soon as I touched it, and then put a hand on my head, leaning forward to give me a better angle.

I gently swirled my tongue around her clit, feeling when she started to move slightly with me. There. Slow circles, one after another. I had a sudden scent of her arousal, and quickly dipped my tongue to spread some of her own juices around. God, I’d missed this. When I put my lips around her clit and sucked, she made a little noise, almost a hiccup, and grabbed my head harder. She was shaking slightly, urging me on.

And then she pulled away from me suddenly, awkwardly, sliding off of the bed. I heard her fussing with her clothes, zipping her pants.

A brief kiss on my lips, and the smallest whisper in my ear:

“Sorry, thank you, that was great.”

Then she was walking away. I heard another quiet whisper as she left, apparently with her friend.

Rachel and I lay in silence.

“It sounded like your partner really liked that,” Rachel whispered. “I think mine was just in it for a quick little thrill. A story she can tell.”

“Girls.” I said, and Rachel laughed softly. I smiled. Even if this whole thing turned out to be kind of a joke, I loved this new rapport I was finding with my friend.

The door opened again and we kept quiet. Surer footsteps now, over to the side of my bed.

Shoes, pants, dumped on the floor. It looked like it would be all me this time.

A whisper in my ear: “Quick and light,” she said. “I’ll help.”

Sounded great to me. If only all my lovers were so direct. I was starting to get a suspicion about her.

I felt her kneel on the bed, and I put a hand on her hip. Her generously rounded hip. I groped her ass lightly as I helped her position, and then she pulled away my hand.

She eased against me, tilting her hips back to give me better access. My tongue met her fingers, and I licked some of her juices off of them. She was dripping with readiness. It had to be Christy, sneaking away from her own party as fast as she could. Well, I’d give her what she wanted.

She was lightly flicking her fingers across her clit, and so I began working lower, making complementary strokes across her inner lips, brushing the light border of hair. I dipped my tongue briefly into her vagina, and she squeezed her legs approvingly.

Up, down, left, right. Just like crossing myself. The sacrilegious thought flitted by as always. A quick jab inside her with every downward motion.

She grunted, tilting slightly, and then her two fingers pushed my tongue aside as she started to finger-fuck herself. I took the hint and moved up to her clit.

It was standing out prominently, and she sighed at my first flick. Quick and light. The tip of my tongue danced, our rhythms syncing up.

She was getting close. Her breathing got louder, deeper. Then a single quiet moan, and she shuddered against me, squeezing my head with her thighs, her fingers unmoving inside herself as she squeezed and relaxed, squeezed and relaxed.

Finally she gave a big sigh and pulled herself off to dress.

“Damn, thank you, Geoff,” Christy said softly. I heard some noises, and then she slipped a small pillow under my head and put a little towel in my hand. Good. My neck was already feeling it. I wiped my face lightly, enjoying the smell of Christy on me.

“I’ll be back if I can,” she said to both of us. “Comparison, you know.”

The door closed.

“Wow,” Rachel said softly.

“I think she had a head start,” I said, and Rachel giggled.

The door opened again. More tentative steps, and someone stopped in between us. We waited, and I assumed Rachel was aching equally with anticipation.

Decision made, the woman walked over to Rachel. More rustling, some noise from the futon, and then quiet.

I strained to hear. A tiny slurp, maybe. Very soft noises. It was maddening. I strained my ears, and my dick strained in my pants. I stroked its length a few times and then tried to relax. escort kartal I should have worn looser pants.

The first tiny sigh from the visitor.

The door opened again, and didn’t immediately close.

“In or out!” I heard from the hallway, and a few giggles. Was there a line now?

Someone decided on in, and I heard a few more indistinct voices before the door closed.

My new partner climbed on me almost immediately. She faced backwards, and I felt her small skirt drape around my head. Either she was going commando, or she’d gotten that way at high speed. A small, trimmed pussy settled against my face, and I gave a first lick. I reached to center her slightly. She was absolutely tiny, whoever she was. She leaned forward to rest her arms on my stomach.

Clean, womanly smell. I tried a few sample strokes, settling on a rhythm that she seemed to find comfortable. Her pussy really was tiny. I opened my mouth wide, closing it over most of her vulva at once, letting my tongue continue its tracing. I suddenly wondered what it would be like trying to fit myself into her.

Damn, I knew who it was. I didn’t know her name, but I didn’t remember many women wearing short skirts like that, and only a single one who was really small. Chinese, well under five feet tall, laughing with some friends. Really cute. She was sitting on my face now.

I concentrated. I wasn’t quite doing it for her, I could tell. I was a stranger. This really was a challenge. I lightly traced my tongue further back, and she shivered happily. Hmm.

I brought my hand up under her skirt, massaging her ass gently, my hand feeling giant on her. I was bending the rules, but just for a minute. I traced one finger down sideways until it landed between her pussy and her ass. She tipped further forward, giving me easier access, and I moistened a finger before dragging it back, until it glanced across her asshole.

That was what her body was looking for, and she pushed against me. I repositioned her. Time to surprise her, maybe. Gently I ran my tongue back, until it joined my finger near her ass. One little circle of my tongue around the rim, and she let out a tiny yelp, her pussy and ass clenching hard. She took a breath, and then put her hand encouragingly against my head.

I’d had only had one partner who liked this, but I was glad of the experience. She responded even more powerfully than Anne had. Maybe no one had done this for her before. I reached around to gently work her clit with my fingers, and she settled further forward, putting one hand below my waistband, right on the end of my dick.

“Whoa,” she said. But after running her hand across my dick a few times, she just stretched flat and gripped my legs.

Something across the room was pulling at my attention.

“Oh, that’s good,” the other woman said, and moaned.

I lost my concentration. That was Samantha. I guess she would be a fine judge of Rachel’s skill.

My own partner was urging me along, and I tried to ignore what was going on over there. But Samantha was almost done, and in a matter of seconds she started moaning noisily. Her climax came as always with a sudden intake of breath, and then a disturbingly long silence, followed by a ragged series of deep breaths.

My own partner seemed to get a last kick from the noises she heard, and her asshole began to spasm. She ground herself back into me and began to grunt with each contraction, burying her face near my dick and gripping me tighter with her arms. She was remarkably strong, mashing her small chest against my torso, squeezing as if to hold the orgasm to her for as long as she could. And it lasted a long, long time. Finally she lay still and there was near silence in the room. A slight cough from the other bed.

My partner suddenly seemed nervous, lightly rolling off of me, just a quick squeeze of my arm before she was gone. Just enough time to put her underwear back on, and she was out the door.

Samantha was rather slower about it. Eventually I heard her shuffle for her things, and whisper something to Rachel. She moved to my bed on her way out.

“She’s really good,” she whispered. “But she doesn’t know me like you.” With a quick feel to squeeze my dick, Samantha quietly made her way out the door.”

Rachel and I lay there, quiet again. The room was heavy with the smell of sex. I wiped myself off a bit and stretched my neck.

“Samantha loved whatever you did to her,” I said matter-of-factly. There was a pause.

“That was *Samantha*?” Rachel let out a little laugh. “Hah, I should have known. And I don’t know what the hell you did to that girl who ran out, but I think you overloaded her brain or something.”

“This is fun,” I said.

“Yeah,” Rachel replied, and then the door opened again.

Whoever it was walked slowly but surely over to my bed. High heels, tapping on the floor. She sat on the bed to take them off, and then pulled off some clothes, letting them drop in a pile.

Light, cool fingers. She found my free hand, and brought it up to her. A naked breast, warm, soft. I caressed her, found the hard nipple, and she made a quiet, encouraging noise. I thought I heard something from Rachel as well, and I sympathized. Nothing for her to focus on except what she heard from us.

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