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Ted and I tied the knot in June 1996 when we exchanged our vows in a small church in the Napa Valley. I was 24 years old and Ted was 25 when he slipped a gold wedding band on my left hand. Blessed with two children, we own a home in an upscale development, one of those tracts where all the houses are built at the same time and almost the same design.

One night in the middle of the week about six months ago, long after the kids were sound asleep, we made love. Sometimes we fucked but this particular night Ted made passionate love to me. It was as though we had blended into one contiguous being with no separation between us, no distinction as individuals. We had one heart, one soul, one identity. Such splendid commingling made me wonder if this was some kind of end, a period. The cessation of what was. Did this mean he had found another woman and this was his way of breaking the news.

While holding me in his arms, he stroked my breasts, tweaked my nipples, and touched my hair. I loved our intimacy. I adored his knowledge of my body, his grasp of my needs, the pride he showed in bringing me pleasure. I loved our closeness, the way our faces nearly touched while we lay on this queen-sized mattress nestled in our four-poster bed.

“Amy, would you ever fuck another man for me,” Ted said.

Had he told me at that moment that he was an alien from the planet Vulpodo and then proved it by pulling back his fake human flesh to show me his real lizard scales, I could not have been more shocked.

“I know it sounds sick, but I get so turned on by the idea of you fucking another man.”

“You are nuts,” I said. Right at that moment the romantic aura enveloping me popped and disappeared much like a soap bubble bursts.

He didn’t bring the subject up for a long time. Just when I considered it a dead issue, he asked again. This time he argued that fulfilling his fantasy would make our love life that much more intense.

Without sounding narcissistic, I consider myself attractive. I stand five feet two inches tall, I was a cheer leader in high school and I can still fit into my burgundy cheer leading togs, the ones with the short skirt and the big G on the front of it. Sometimes Ted has me wear it as a prelude to sex. My auburn hair flows nearly to my waist, I have blue eyes. Several people have told me that I resemble Shania Twain. Numerous times during my marriage I have had opportunities to be unfaithful to Ted. Not once have I done so.

Finally I relented. Our sex life was beginning to suffer. Ted was relentless in campaign to get me to fuck another man. He convinced me that the safest way to fulfill his fantasy was via an adult web site. Ted built us a profile on an adult personals site. Our stringent requirements made me wonder if any man out there could meet all our requirements and still perform in front of my husband.

Ninety-eight percent of the men who inquired were rejected out of hand. Several had merit but did not pan out beyond initial emails. One or two got to the telephone phase. Finally, David contacted us. He lives a one hundred miles north of our home. We emailed, chatted on line and finally talked on the telephone. His voice sounded sexy on the telephone.

We agreed to meet. Not in our home town or in his but equidistance from both places. We agreed to meet in an Executive Inn near the water.

We drove to the hotel the next day, checked into a room on the third floor. Our anticipation, the forecast of sexual bliss turned us on and we fucked in the shower before we dressed and went downstairs to the bar.

I dressed in a pale pink bra designed to accentuate my cleavage and it was doing a fine job of that. Next I slipped into a hot pink thong that stretched along the crack in my ass. Watching me dress, Ted sat naked in a forest green wing back chair and stroked his cock. Barefoot, wearing the bra and thong, I walked over to my husband, dropped to my knees and sucked his cock until he came in my mouth.

I finished dressing and nearly broke into a sweat while wrestling into a pair of tight blue jeans. I then slipped into a white tee shirt two sizes too small. The fabric adhered to my 34D breasts and the denim clutched my firm ass. After stepping into three inch black pumps, brushing my hair and applying pale pink lipstick and just a tad of makeup, I stood with my back to the full length mirror nailed on the front side of the bathroom door. Looking back over my left shoulder I admired my fine, firm ass, the way my long reddish brown hair flowed over my shoulders and then fell like a waterfall to my buttocks. I felt like such a slut and it frightened me somewhat to be enjoying the feeling so much. Until recently I kartal escort thought Ted would be the only man to enjoy this body. Now, standing in this hotel room, I felt randy and longed to have a new cock in me. Our marriage was transforming before my very eyes. I loved Ted and lusted after David.

Hand in hand we left our comfortable room with its queen-sized bed covered with a lime-green bedspread, a maple dresser with brass handles, a maple table with simple, unadorned lines, the wing back chair with matching ottoman and the all important data port for the businessman needing to stay connected to home and office. Walking at a leisurely pace we moved down a carpeted hallway to the bank of elevators. The hall was free of maid’s carts and not one used room service tray could be seen in front of any of the rooms. We stepped into the elevator for a short ride to the first floor. Brightly colored inserts were mounted in silver frames inside the car. A picture of a juicy steak and a succulent lobster advertised surf and turf on Wednesday nights; another advert showed a young man with closely cropped blond hair and manicured nails dressed in white tails playing a grand piano. The verbiage invited one and all to stop by the lobby on Friday and Saturday evenings to hear Jeremy Hope play such piano favorites asMoon River, the theme fromThe Apartment, Exodus and Mozart’sPiano Concerto

1. Another advertisement showing a white van speeding down a highway and advised hotel guests that an airport shuttle service was available and just an easy phone call away.

Arriving on the first floor we followed the signs to the bar. The bar was decorated with hanging nets, scattered shells, an engine telegraph and brass fitting plundered from boats and ships. A long-legged waitress attired in a short blue skirt, a matching blouse, and a Sailor’s neckerchief and Dixie cup headdress served customers at four tables. A bartender dressed like Pop Eye and resembling Walter Matthau, an unhappy Walter Matthau, dispensed drinks from behind the bar. A large window looked out on white plastic tables and chairs arranged on a deck. Beyond the deck we could see boats tied to docks and other boats, mostly sail boats, anchored away from the shore.

Both of us were as nervous as two shy kids on their first day in a new school. My throat, dry and scratchy, reminded me of my nervousness before my high school salutatorian speech.

Ted ordered a white wine for me and a Scotch rocks for himself.

My wine glass was half full–or half empty–if Ted was describing it when David entered the bar. We recognized him from the photographs attached to his emails. Quite handsome, mouth wateringly handsome matter of fact with short black hair specked with a few gray flecks at the temples. A firm jaw made of sharp right angles and vivid blue eyes. He was dressed in a gray silk sports jacket over a pale blue dress shirt open at the collar and showing some dark chest hair, sharply creased gray trousers and black soft glove-like leather loafers, he ambled over to our table. I knew he was 34 years old but he looked to be no more then 30.

No surprise there. I knew about his looks, his voice, his laugh, his serious side from chatting with him on the computer and talking with him on the phone. If you consider cyber sex and phone sex as intimacy we had already been intimate. I had discovered the joys of cyber and phone fucking with David. Before David and before agreeing to fuck another man in front of my husband, my telephone conversations with Ted were more romantic then sexual or lascivious.

The surprise in meeting David was the good looking man accompanying him. Handsome enough to be a male model, gorgeous enough for someone to say, “Kid you ought to be in pictures.” He appeared to be about the same age as David with the same slender, hard-bodied look about him.

“Amy, Ted, this is my friend Jose.” David said as he shook hands with us.

Jose also shook our hands and smiled through a set of milk white choppers. We asked them to sit down. Sitting in Captain’s chairs at the small round decorated with a conch shell, we made small talk. David sipped a Samuel Adams beer. Jose worked on a Corona after jamming a wedge of lemon in the bottle’s neck, I nursed another white wine and Ted now drank Perrier water poured into a tall glass.

We learned that Jose was originally from Columbia, that he and David were old Army buddies, and that they both worked for high tech companies in the Silicon Valley.

Ted and I both wondered where tonight was heading.

Jose excused himself and went to the bathroom or “latrine” as he called it.

“Guys I am so sorry but while I was checking maltepe escort bayan in at the front desk, Jose walked up and it was like old home week. We haven’t seen each other in years. I am sure he will have to be leaving soon though,” David said.

“Don’t worry about it Dave,” Ted said. “If nothing else it gives us a chance to get to know one another.”

I was irritated, hell I was pissed. I was pumped for tonight. Horny in other words and prepared to fuck David.

Jose returned to the table and we continued to drink. While sipping my third wine I started to openly flirt with David and Jose.

Ted leaned over and whispered in my ear.

“Do you want to fuck them both?”

“Do you have a problem with that?” I asked.

“Hell no,” Ted said.

I kissed him and winked. I didn’t mention to Ted that my pussy was sopping wet and that my thong was drenched.

“Why don’t we go up to the room and order a bottle of something from room service,” Ted suggested.

“Me too?” Jose asked.

“Of course you too,” I said as I patted him on his knee.

“Let’s do it then,” Ted said.

Ted signed our room number on the check and the four of us returned to our room on the third floor.

Ted called room service. Twenty minutes later a waiter in linty black trousers, a short red jacket and black bow tie arrived with a thick, heavy bottle of champagne and four glasses sitting on a red circular tray.

After the waiter departed, I closed the window’s curtains and turned on a floor lamp behind the maple desk and in the corner of the room. My God my pussy was so wet I was afraid that if I looked down I would see a huge damp spot in the crotch of my pants.

Ted sat in the wing back chair; Jose reclined on the bed by resting his body on his elbows. I kissed David. My nervousness was gone. Maybe it was the booze. Maybe it was a case of pre-game jitters evaporating once the ball was in play.

David reached down, unbuttoned my jeans, I bent forward and he pulled the tee shirt over my head. I stepped out of my heels and started kissing him once more. David stripped out of his clothes and unceremoniously dropped them in a heap near the chair occupied by my husband.

While he undressed, Ted and Jose did the same thing.

Jose went back to the bed and lay down on its left side. David and I continued to kiss as we fell on the bed next to Jose. I moved down between David’s legs and took his large cock into my mouth. I managed to get his entire cock down my throat. I stopped for a second to free my breasts from the bra. While squatting over David with my ass angled toward the ceiling, Jose reached over and started playing with my tits and sticking his fingers in my pussy.

I glanced over at Ted sitting in his chair stroking his cock. Ted pushed down on my head while I sucked him and he moaned and relaxed his legs.

“Suck my cock baby,” he said.

As I sucked him, I rotated my ass around Jose’s probing fingers. His fingers plying my moist center made a squishy sound and occasionally my intense suctioning caused David’s mouth to pop out of my mouth with a popping sound. It was a noise reminiscent of the sound made earlier when Ted opened the champagne bottle. While continuing to suck David’s cock, I moved my head enough to see Ted furiously stroking his cock. His eyes were laden with lust as he watched his wife suck a stranger’s cock with such passion.

David forced my head down and I felt his cum squirt into my mouth. No it wasn’t actually squirting it made a geyser inside my mouth.

He flipped me over and pushed his cock around the detour made by my thong and straight into my pussy.

I moaned.

Jose squatted over my head and I took most of his cock into my mouth. His cock was a good twelve inches long and five inches in diameter. I had never seen such a huge penis, but I had to admit that prior to marrying Ted only five cocks had visited my pussy.

My pussy’s squishy sound intensified as David fucked me.

I released Jose from my mouth.

“Fuck me honey,” I said before allowing Jose to return his cock to my mouth. Already I could feel myself cuming.

Just as my orgasm started rolling through my body, Jose came in my mouth. I swallowed most of his cum but some of the pearly white semen seeped from the corner of my mouth and ran down my chin.

I felt like a whore and I loved the feeling. Making love to my husband was wonderful. Now I had discovered the bliss of fucking.

Jose removed his cock from my mouth, stepped over David and me, jumped down off the bed, and walked over to the champagne bottle, took a sip, then dropped to his knees forced Ted’s hands out escort pendik of the way and started sucking my husband’s cock. Ted looked at Jose with shock and nearly jumped out of the chair to get away from Jose’s cock. Never in his life had a male sucked his cock. Jose’s intense sucking made him re-evaluate his self-imposed prohibition on being sucked off by a male.

He relaxed, leaned back in his chair, smiled, moaned and gave himself over to Jose’s sucking.

Looking at me being fucked by David, Ted smiled.

“What the hell, if I close my eyes I can pretend it’s you or some blonde bimbo sucking me off,” Ted said.

Once more Ted became entrenched in me. His cock never seemed to whither. This time he positioned his legs outside my legs. He sucked my nipples, licked my flat tummy and bit my ear lobes.

“Amy, I love your pussy,” David said.

“I have certain affection for that cock of yours also. After five more downward strokes David once more shot his seed into my womb.

Ted came in Jose’s mouth.

David and I were perspiring heavily and I was thirsty. We stopped fucking. I lifted myself off the bed, walked naked into the bathroom, removed the white paper disk from the top of a glass, ran water from the tap into the glass until it was full and then gulped it all down.

Returning to the bed I flopped down next to David. I felt my pussy. Cum was dripping down my thighs.

“Would all of you boys like to fuck me at the same time,” I said.

Three minutes later I was facing the foot of the bed with Jose under me. His cock was splitting my pussy wide open and I wondered if it would ever be able to shrink back to its normal size pre-Jose size. David stood at the end of the bed fucking my mouth. Ted formed my other book end by ramming his cock into my ass.

For the next three hours Ted, David and Jose alternated in fucking my various orifices. When Jose inserted his schlong–its width and length made it entirely appropriate to call it by that name–into my ass I cried out with such pain I thought I might pass out and then a wave of indescribable pleasure washed through me. I knew I would never be satisfied with just one session of fucking this man.

Sometimes one or two of my fuck mates took a breather but I never saw a surcease of at least one cock in one of my holes. I lost count of my total number of orgasms. My holes were full of sperm, my stomach was digesting semen, and my flesh was caked with dried spooge and I wanted more. More fucking, more semen, more orgasms.

Finally at 3 a.m. we all fell asleep in the bed.

At about 3:20 Jose woke me and whispered in my ear.

“Let’s go to my room and fuck.”

Remembering how wonderful his cock felt in my pussy, my ass, my mouth I felt the need to experience it at least once more. I slipped a wrapper around my naked body, he pulled his pants on and I followed him to his room. Fortunately it was only three doors away from our room and there was no guest up and around at this time of morning. I knew I looked a fright with my hair tangled and dried white semen splattered all over me.

He unlocked the door with the white credit card sized and shaped key issued to us at check-in. By the time we reached his bed we were naked and his mammoth cock was half way into my pussy. I loved this cock and I adored his deft skills in using it. In no time I was once more coming and he was shooting into me.

Then I went down on him. I was determined to get all of him in my mouth and to give him a blow job he would never forget. He came in my mouth and for a second I had the feeling of drowning as his sperm overflowed my mouth. Where was all this cum coming from, I thought.

Laying flat on our backs, I reached over and masturbated him. He was so big I thought it might be more efficient to use both of my hands at the same time. While jacking his cock, someone pounded on the door to the room. “What the fuck are you doing in there,” said Ted.

That was about the dumbest question I had ever heard.

Jose got off the bed and answered the door. Ted stepped into the room with a white towel wrapped around his loins.

Here came the outburst of jealousy, the rage of the cuckolded male, the chest beating macho tirade. I could hear him saying, “How could you do this to me, the father of your children” I could hear myself saying, “This was entirely your idea. I might even say something like “What did you expect when you opened this Pandora’s Box.” Yes I would say that.

“If you guys still need to fuck, at least let me watch,’ Ted said.

He walked over to the very same kind of chair we had in our room except it was beige colored. He whipped off the towel, sprawled in the chair with his hairy naked legs widely spread and commenced to masturbate.

“Okay, I am ready. You can start fucking.”

Jose looked at me and I looked at him. We shook our heads; he crawled over me, and pushed his cock into my pussy once more.

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