Sexual Feelings Ch. 04-05

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Her words hit me like a bomb. Not in a way I start panicking but in a way that arouses me even more. I feel my cock that was starting to go flaccid spring to life again. Despite her words outing concern about not being on birth control, her body tells me the complete opposite. Her pussy is still milking me and she crossed her legs behind my back.

I push myself up to make sure my cock stays buried deep inside of her. I’m sitting upright and Olivia opens her legs, giving me room to pull out.

I place my hands on her hips and start to pull back slowly. Just the tip of my cock is still inside of her. I push down on her hips, pinning them to the bed. I slam my hips forward, her eyes widen. I repeat the motion as I hear Oliva inhale sharply.

My cum acting as a lubricant, I keep the movement going.

“Jack. What. Are. You. Doing?” Olivia’s voice stammer every time I slam into her. A small moan between each word.

I look into her eyes, trying to keep her gaze. Her eyes turn back as she lets out a long moan. This is the perfect moment to answer. “I’m fucking you.”

She lifts her legs, probably to get more comfortable. This gives me a chance to grab her legs, I place my hand at the inside of her knees and push up.

Suddenly I can penetrate her even deeper. As I sink into her, I feel the tip of my cock bump into her cervix. This is the first time I ever feel this and it feels like I’m bumping into a smaller ring deep inside of her.

Each time I hit it I see Olivia’s frown as she gasps for breath.

I speed up, and so does Olivia’s breading. I feel her pussy contracting around my member, she slaps her hand over her mouth to suppress a scream. I feel her pussy contracting and 2 trusts later I’m over the top. Emptying my balls into her for the second time.

Completely spend I pull out of her, my cock is stained with a mixture of blood and cum. I look at Oliva, she’s still holding up her legs and I see my sperm leak out of her. Her legs fall to the side and she wraps her arms around her knees. A tear running down her cheek.

I crawl up behind her and hug her tightly, I caress her shoulder. Placing kisses in her neck. “Are you okay Olivia?” I make sure my voice is loving and caring.

She lets out a sniff and a laugh. “Yeah, sorry, it’s the emotions.” She turns toward me and I see her face twist in pain.

Worried about her reaction I ask. “Did I hurt you?”

“No, Well, yes a little, but it’s ok. It’s just sore, I’ll survive.” A smile on her face and I’m tempted to kiss her. I lean in but she stops me. “Why didn’t you pull out the second time?” Her face is serious.

I look into her eyes; she’s clearly trying not to lower her gaze. “A bit more or less won’t make a difference.” She looks shocked by my answer. I smile at her and continue with a whisper in her ear. “And I really got tuned on by the idea I could knock you up.” I nib at her ear.

She pushes me away. “It’s not funny Jack.” If her eyes where bullets at that point I’d be dead. “What if you really impregnated me?”

I see she really wants to know the answer so I reply. “Then I’ll make sure you nor the baby would ever need to ask for anything. I’d take care of you, rub body oil on your belly to avoid stretch marks. I’d talk to it every day making sure.”

She stops my serenade by kissing me. It’s a deep and passionate kiss and I gladly return it.

She breaks the kiss and another tear runs down her cheek. There’s a broad smile on her face with twinkling stars in her eyes. “You’re so sweet Jack: I love you.” Not knowing what to answer to this I just kiss her again.


I wake up, the radio clock tells me it’s 7am. Jack’s arm is wrapped around me, his hand on my belly. I need to go to the toilet. I break our spooning position and try to get up. As I move my leg an aching feeling spreads in my vagina. Damn I’m sore. I get out of the bed and start walking towards the adjacent bathroom. On my way to the bathroom I feel some of Jack’s cum leaking out of me. I get a warm tingling sensation in my belly. He came inside me! I should be mad at him but all I feel is love and excitement. Using my hand to cup my pussy I walk on

After going to the toilet, I take a quick shower. While towelling myself dry I take time to look around. The whole bathroom looks luxurious. The black granite reflected the light in the perfect way and the white marble sinks gives the environment just the right amount of contrast.

Walking over to Kate’s closet I decide what to wear today. Jack said I could use her clothes since I hadn’t packed more than one outfit. The Lockdown came suddenly so we didn’t go over to where I live to get more clothes. Kate’s style is completely different from mine. I prefer hoodies and jeans but Kate clearly love skirts and dresses. Although I have to admit I feel sexy in her clothes, I just love how Jack is eyeing me when I wear them.

I pick a lace cocktail dress. I really like the look of it, it’s beige and the shoulders are escort kartal transparent, the lace covers the complete dress. I put on the dress and look into the mirror. It fits me as if its custom made for me, just a little short for my taste but I know Jack will like it. I turn around to inspect my backside while standing on my tiptoes. Everything is covered, perfect.

I go through the underwear drawer I take out a light-coloured silken thong. Again, something I would never buy myself but the soft fabric must feel amazing on my skin. I pull them up my legs and under the dress, they feel really comfortable. Smoothing out the dress, I take another look in the mirror. Pleased I smile, for a change I actually feel sexy!

I’m about to leave the bathroom when Jack enters, he’s butts naked, I admire his sporty build. As he sees me, he’s inspecting me head to toe. He licks his lips. I certainly look sexy.

I walk up to him and give him a kiss. “Are you staring at me Sir?” My voice is playful and Jack’s eyes lock on mine.

Intimidated by the look I avoid his gaze. He starts laughing. “Of course, I just can’t keep my eyes of you.” he puts his arms around me and squeezes my ass “And I was thinking about several ways to get you into my bed.”

I bite my lip; his words make my hart skip a beat.

“Jack, I’d love to but I’m still sore. I don’t think I can handle it right now.”

He nibs my ear. “You’d be surprised at what your body can handle.” His hand travels from my butt to the hem of my dress. He slides his hand up my leg and under my dress, with his thumb he caresses my groin.

Although I like his gentle touches and they are having the effect he wants, I push him away gently.

I run my hand along his hard cock and playfully say. “I guess you’ll have to show me.”

Before he can react, I pass by him leaving the bathroom and wiggle my butt. His eyes follow me and I hear he’s grunting.

I walk toward the kitchen and start making breakfast. By the time Jack comes down with Lily, his 5-year-old daughter, the table is dressed and breakfasts is served.

The day passes by mostly as usual; I play with Lily while Jack is programming in his office, we eat meals together and by 8pm Lily’s back to bed and we go out onto the terrace.

Jack brings me a cocktail, Blue lagoon, I really liked that drink. I’m not used to drinking, at 18, I could order Beers at the pub but not liquor and I don’t like the taste of beer. After our second drink I start to feel fuzzy. Again, a feeling I enjoy. I like how it makes me bolder and less shy.

I redo my ponytail and get a bit more comfortable into the sofa by lifting my knees up to my chest and placing my feet at my butt.

Jack eyes follow my movement and I see him trying to look up my dress. Something that seems to become a habit. At first, I was too shy to let him but now I was feeling courageous. I shifted my hips and lowered my legs, his gaze followed and a disappointed look appears on his face.

“Sorry, did I ruin your view?” Looking straight into his eyes. His eyes lock onto mine and I can see the lust in them.

“You actually did, why don’t you put those gorgeous legs back up?” The tone of his voice made it clear it was a command disguised as a question.

I feel compelled to follow the order and lift my legs up, knees and ankles together as I reposition myself. My heels are pressed against my butt and I’m seated directly in front of him now.

Slowly I part my feet keeping my knees together. I wrap my arms around my legs as I keep looking into his eyes. I’m surprised by my own boldness but last night made me hungry for more.

His eyes drift down and look at my knickers. I feel a warmth flush through me and I’m fairly certain I see something stir in his pants.

I bite my lip. I get the irresistible urge to kiss him so I get up and slowly walk over to him. His eyes following every movement I make.

I place a knee on one side of him and push him back while mounting his lap.

Once on top of him, I kiss him deeply. I feel his member throbbing trough his pants. I grind my hips into his and I hear a moan escape his lips. I’m soaked.


Olivia’s grinding is driving me to insanity. I place my hands on her legs and slide them up. I take her hips and pull her closer to me. A moan escapes her lips. My hands travel to her back pushing up her dress.

The phone starts ringing, I curse.


“Oh, come on you bastard. Pick up the God damn phone!”

The dialling tone clicks and a female voice takes over “the number you;” I slam down the phone and dial the number again.

2 tones in I hear the line connect. “Bakers residence?” Jack’s sounds out of breath.

“Finally, I thought you’d never pick up. what were you doing” Surprised by the gentleness of my own voice given my frustration. Hearing his voice makes me relax a little.

“Nothing important, I was out on the terrace and I didn’t hear the phone ring until I was too maltepe escort late.”

“Out on the terrace? Alone? That doesn’t sound like you.” I’m surprised Jack would be outside since he usually prefer to go to his office and ‘work’ on the computer.

“No; with Olivia, you know the girl you’ve arranged to babysit?” I hear frustration in his voice.

“She’s still there? In lockdown with you? Why?” I envied the girl; I’d give everything to get home.

“Of course, who do you think is babysitting Lily while I’m working? I told you last time you called.” His voice raises at the end of the sentence and I can’t blame him. He did tell me last time we called.

“I’m sorry Jack, I just get frustrated out here, being alone whole day long, stuck in a hotel room isn’t that much fun, there is literally nothing to do.” I sight “I’m just so bored.”

“Why don’t you read a little? I thought you liked to read on that one site; the one with all those erotic stories?” His voice sounds playful. Typical Jack.

I laugh. “You think it’s fun reading erotic literature and being turned on all day?” I hear him laugh. He clearly does. We chitchat some more and after about 10 minutes I feel a lot happier. His suggestion to read something wasn’t that bad. Maybe I’ll do that.

“Jack, I’m going to follow your suggestion and read a little. Thanks for making me feel better.”

He laughs again. “Your welcome; have fun. Oh, and send me a video when you decide you need some release.” His voice compelling as always, I’m tempted to actually follow this suggestion as well. I can’t put my finger on it why, but every time he suggests someone to do something its almost hypnotic. A real gift if you ask me.


That went really well. knowing Kate, she’ll actually send me the video. Something to look forward to.

I hear Olivia enter the office, turning around I see her standing at the door. She’s standing barefooted on the tips of her toes, legs crossed and holding the frame with one hand for balance. The pose itself is elegant and her slim figure only amplifies the attractiveness of it.

“Here you are; I’ve been missing you outside.” Her voice seductive and her eyes full of lust. She’s been giving me blue balls all day and her teasing makes me want to bent her over my desk and fuck her right here and now.

The look in her eyes tells me that’s actually what she wants.

It’s about time I’d take revenge for teasing me all day long.

Sighting I get up and walk over to her. She bites her lip as I near her but doesn’t move anything else. “What am I supposed to do with you? You’re driving me mad.”

“You can do whatever you like to me.” I’m startled by her answer. Except her blond ponytail and the nerdy glasses there seems to be nothing left of the shy, timid, nerdy girl I picked up a week ago. After last night it seems like she discovered her sexuality and wants to explorer every inch of it.

I brush her cheek with my thumb. “I don’t think you’re ready for that.” My hand travels down her neck towards her chest and over her small perky breast. Her nipple is rock hard. I circle it and a moan escapes her lips.

“Just do it, please? I’m completely yours.” She must be really desperate to make an offer like that and who am I to refuse it. I keep circling her nipple and use my other hand to cup her pussy. While sliding my fingers up under her dress to the waistband of her knickers she gasps. I push my hand into her knickers, her pussy is smooth and soft. While cupping it I feel she’s very wet.

I look into her eyes and command. “Take your panties off.” I use my finger to brush along her entrance, tracing the contours of it. “Give them to me and go to the bedroom. I’m going to eat that pussy out” she moans and pulls her hips back.

She lifts up her dress and pushes her knickers down. Giving me a quick view of her pussy. The pubic mound formed perfectly, the tips of her inner labia barely peeking through. Stepping out of her knickers on the floor she bends to pick them up. I put my hand over her now bare pussy from behind slightly increasing pressure at her entrance but not enough to push my finger inside. Another moan, she straightens herself. She hands her panties over, turns and almost runs out of the office.


I ran into the master bedroom and dived into the bed.

I never knew I could be so turned on. I had this irresistible urge to get something inside me and at this point I didn’t even care what I had to do to get it. The way Jack just commanded me made it even worse. The authoritarian tone his voice just made me hornier.

Jack enters the bedroom. I’m on my back, legs open wide in anticipation and he’s looking right between them. Licking his lips, I feel a wave of heat flow over me.

I look at what he’s holding and I see a long black piece of cloth, its shiny and looks soft.

“Do you trust me?” He asks gently as he holds up the piece of cloth. I see it’s a blindfold and my hart skips a beat.

I pendik escort bayan nod and he walks over to me alongside the bed. He gently takes of my glasses and ties the blindfold around my head. I hear him step away, a minute later I feel him Stepping into the bed.

“Lay down, put your hands above your head and keep them there” the whisper in my ear came unexpected as I didn’t feel him coming closer to me. I obey his order and suddenly I feel a hand on my lower leg. It traces up to my knee and move up along my thighs and up to my groin. My dress is being pushed up, I make sure to move in such way the dress is removed without any obstruction.

There is no touch that follows and I’m wondering if he’s just watching me or waiting for me to move.

Suddenly I feel a warm wet sensation at the top of my pussy. First, it’s a pressure, gentle but firm, followed by a suction. Feeling the roughness of his stubble on my inner thighs. I slam my legs together trapping his head between them. The suction stops.

Jack pulls back his head and places his hands on my knees pushing my legs open. “Keep them open.”

Again, that tone;

A pinching feeling at my nipple. I gasp in surprise. His tong brushing past my labia. A deep moan escapes my lips.

His tong plays with my clit, followed by the occasional suction. I struggle to keep my legs open, resisting the urge to close them. My breading quickens, I’m getting close. I feel the pressure build. I arch my back: he stops! Fuuuck! I whimper.

There’s his tong again, a little rougher, within seconds I’m back at the edge. I take a deep shaky breath, yes, oh; fuck! “Please don’t stop.” But he does. I’m wiggling my hips. “Please.”

My inner thighs are caressed, it isn’t enough to actually pleasure me but somehow it keeps me at the edge. Frustrated I want to bring myself over the edge but as I’m lowering my arms his strong hands take hold of my wrist and pin them above my head. “Hold your hands here or I’ll bind them.” My heart is pounding, the position we’re in makes his warm slippery cockhead brush my labia, I feel the tip at my orifice. I start grinding my hips trying to make his member enter me but Jack pulls away.

Frustrated and way to horny, I’m so desperate for release I start begging. “Please.” Jack complies and uses the tip of his member to slide along my labia and clit. Gently putting pressure on my entrance but not entering. I’m trying to get his member into me and every time I almost succeed, he pulls back a little.

His thumb circles my clit. I gasp. I didn’t expect this. Just the right amount of pressure and speed. My back arches and; it stops. I cry out. “Please! Just fuck me. Please! Please, please, let me come!”

I try to lower my hands again, he on his turn pins them down again.

I’m beyond reason and I’m about to cry in frustration as I feel the pressure at my entrance build. My labia part, the tip is inside me. I feel it sink in. His member brushes the most sensitive parts of my vagina. All the build-up frustration, arousal and anticipation explode at once inside my abdomen. It slams over me; I’m panting and moans escape my lips. my pelvic floor muscles are pulsing and pulling jack’s cock deeper.

His hips hit mine and I feel the tip of his cock brush my cervix. He starts moving, the piston movement keeps my orgasm going. I feel my vagina pulse around Jack’s cock milking it.

He’s building up speed, actually pounding into me. I grab hold of the head board of the bed, keeping my hands up as instructed.

Jack’s breading is becoming shallower. He must be close. I lift my legs making his member go even deeper. I wrap my legs around him, locking them behind his back. “Olivia, what;” I pull him in using my legs, squeezing with everything I got left in me. He grunts. I feel his member swell and start pulsing. Yes, that’s it!

I’m Feeling his load shooting deep inside me, the tip of his pulsing member against my cervix, massaging it. A happy sensation wash over me. I’ve made him come inside me; it gave me a sense of power. Suddenly from deep inside of me a warmth is spreading through my body. I’m getting goose bumps all over. My back arches, I’m losing control over my movements. A tingling in my fingertips and toes. A primal scream comes out of my body and starts quivering.

Jack holds me down by putting his weight on me.

As my body calms down a bit. He takes of my blindfold. There is deep Satisfaction on his face. Another spasm, my pelvic floor muscles contract and I see Jack’s face twist. He places a hand on my belly and pulls out.


As I pull my member out, I’m looking at Olivia, she looks spend but happy, a silly smile is on her face and her eyes look unfocused. My sperm is leaking out of her, she closes her legs and turns to her side.

I just need to know, yesterday she told me she wasn’t on birth control and now she holds me inside her as I’m about to pull out.

“Olivia? Why did you make me come inside of you?”

“I don’t know. I just felt like I needed it.” Her eyes focus on mine. “It just feels right to let you. I want you to. It makes me feel happy.”

“If you like that we need to get you on the pill.” I told her. “It’s too risky this way.” She nods in agreement.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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