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This is a sequel to Saving Mom. I never meant to do a second part, but the possibilities regarding dealing with the aftermath intrigued me. I definitely recommend reading Saving Mom first if you want this to make sense.


Jeremy lay in bed wondering what happened to his world. He’d always found his mom hot. She’d managed to keep a figure that girls his age would kill for. ‘I wonder what she looked like in high school? I need to find her high school yearbook.’ he thought as he stroked his cock. He thought about earlier today…just five hours ago. The men preparing to rape his mother, why didn’t he stand up to them? He felt his dick soften remembering the raw evil in their faces. Their leers seeing him shave his mother’s pussy, their victorious laughs as he slid his dick into his mom. He found his hand gripping a more solid member now. He suddenly thought about dad. What will he say about her new look? I hope he likes it. His stomach gave an unfamiliar ache thinking his dad was inside his mother.

Stephanie lay back, both hands pulling her husband’s face against her aroused pussy. “God damn, baby, I would have shaved this a long time ago had I known you’d react like this.” She felt her third orgasm coming on as Dave rapidly flicked his tongue against her sensitive clit, two fingers stabbing her vagina. “Oh fuck, aaaahhh, aaah, God!” She cried out humping against his face. As she rode the waves of pleasure she thought of ways to return the favor. She finally went limp and collapsed back. Not feeling her husband’s mouth not leave her twat, she pulled him up. “Sweetie, don’t you want to get some relief?”

He shook his head, “I love your silky smooth pussy.” He crawled up and kissed his wife. “Thanks for doing this, I know I always told you I loved your nice bush, but this is so much better.”

“Sure, honey. I’m happy you like it, but now I have to keep up with it, you know, stubble will be even worse.” She reached down and guided her husband’s suddenly normal feeling cock into her sopping pussy.

“Have Jeremy help. The boy needs more chores around the house.” Dave opened his eyes having savored the great feeling of that tight cunt welcoming his fat cock and saw the look of shock of his wife’s face. “What? It was a joke. I thought you’d think it was funny.”

Stephanie slapped his ass, “Shut up and fuck me and don’t even try to make me cum. I’m out of orgasms with that great mouth of yours.” She held the older man as he vigorously attacked her somewhat sore vagina, “That’s it, fuck me. Fuck that smooth cunt.” She moaned thinking how great Jeremy filled her, stretched her. She stroked her husband’s back, felt his flexing ass, focused on how great he felt inside her. What happened never should have happened, but it happened and it will never again happen. Finally, she felt her husband’s release and held him as he grunted his sperm into her. She let him go as he rolled off her and staggered into the bathroom.

Dave handed his beautiful wife tissue and flopped down on the bed, “That was great. I missed you.”

“I missed you too. How was your trip?” She asked, stroking his back. “I assume Chicago was cold.”

“It was, but I thought about you, naked, horny from your trip to Shanghai.” He stroked the firm breast close to him, letting the erect nipple snap back upright as he played with it. “How was it for Jeremy?”

“What? How was what for Jeremy?” Steph asked nervously.

“How was it for our boy being left alone for the first time? What did you think I meant?” Dave asked looking at his wife, “Why, did he do something?”

“No, no, the entire time we were away, he was perfect. I came home and the kitchen was spotless, everything was picked up.” She patted his back, “Sorry, but I guess you didn’t notice. He got in a fight and has a black eye.”

“Really, what happened? At school?”

“I don’t think so, anyhow, I guess he stood up to the bullies.” Steph said, wondering how to change the subject.

“Did he get his satisfaction?” Dave asked.

“What? What do you mean by that? Someone punched him.”

“Dad always told us, ‘Boy, if we get in a fight, don’t stop until you ‘get your satisfaction.’ In other words, don’t stop until you’re satisfied. He never believed in eye for and eye. If Jeremy got a black eye, he needed to give the bully two black eyes.”

“Your dad was a mean drunk. I’d rather you didn’t tell Jeremy any of that shit. Just be happy he resolved it to everyone’s satisfaction.” She patted his back.

“Oh good. I’ll say it, I told you so. He’s a great kid and has always done what he has to to make us happy.” He slid a hand down and felt the smooth twat, “Ok, I have to know. What inspired you to do this?”

Stephanie groaned, “I was hoping you wouldn’t ask. When I was meeting with the Chinese, Bob wanted to go out on the town and, one of the guys, Chan Li, suggested a nightclub. Had I known it was a strip club, I would have stayed in my room. Apparently it was an illegal, underground amatör porno club Chan was a member of.” She moaned feeling her husband’s finger slide into her, “Um, anyhow all the guys encouraged the strippers to rub themselves all over me. Bob even paid a really beautiful woman to give me a lap dance.” He felt Dave’s cock grow against her, “I guess you’re bored with this story. I probably should tell you about the great bathroom tile I found. Want me to get the samples?”

“Ugh. Now I know what to think about when I get close. On the other hand, that might be a great cure for the erection lasting over four hours.” He bit gently on the nipple. “Keep going, inquiring minds want to know.”

“Ow! Ok, anyhow this girl had a perfectly shaved pussy and was very generous showing it off.” She reached down as her husband climbed between her legs and guided his cock inside her, “Her legs were spread wide on top of my lap and knowing she wanted me to touch her, she pulled my hand there.” She put her head back and moaned feeling her husband’s cock begin pounding into her, “Oh God, you are so hard.”

“I want to hear more. What did she feel like?” Dave hissed.

“Silky smooth. Wet. I could feel her open up and I actually slipped a finger into her which apparently made her really happy. Her pussy ground against my hand as her hands opened up my blouse.” She stroked her husband’s back, “I guess I should tell you, the guys at work now have seen my breasts. Oooohhhhh, I guess you like that.” She wrapped her arms around her husband’s back as he slammed into her, groaning in pleasure.

Dave felt the last spasms as he came for the second time in 20 minutes, “Fuck me. I haven’t cum like that in a long time, “Did you really take your top off for all those guys?”

“Well, it was just Mike, Bob, Alan and Chan who went to the strip club, but yes. They seemed to like it.” She felt his cock slide out of her, “I was worried that the rest of the trip, someone would bring it up or make a pass at me, but not a word.”

“That’s too bad.” Dave said as he handed her some more tissue. “I mean, I’d like to hear about them trying to get between your legs.”

“Seriously? It excites you to think about other men fucking your wife. You’ve always been so jealous.”

“No. I didn’t mean that. It excites me thinking they want you. You are incredibly desirable you know, so sexy.”

“Ok, I’ll make sure I let you know whenever a guy makes a move on me.” She had a sudden thought, “And maybe you’re right, I’ll see if Jeremy can add this to his list of chores.” Giggling, she stroked her smooth twat, spun around and headed into the bathroom.

Dave lay there, feeling his softened cock pulse thinking about his son not just seeing, but touching that perfect pussy. He felt his cock stir and rolled off the bed to join his wife in the shower.


The week or so was strange in that it was totally normal, with some exceptions. Jeremy never brought up what happened and neither did Stephanie. He found he was jerking off more, replaying his mom’s ass in his hands as he pounded that nice pussy. The taste of her breasts, nipples, twat. He fantasized she needed him, begged him for his cock. Other times he acceded to her request to keep her smooth-shaven…followed, of course, by a good fucking. But a couple of nights, he worried she’d come bursting in and tell him to clear out. Leave and never come back since she couldn’t stand to look at him anymore. Those nights he didn’t jerk off.

Dave couldn’t keep his mouth of his wife’s cunt. He doubted she had cheated on him, but his cock couldn’t get any harder thinking she’d come close…almost wishing she would. He thought about men being where he was, hearing her breathing, panting, cumming. He loved making her cum over and over before eagerly pulling him inside her where he could cum without worrying about her cumming. Where before they’d been down to sex a couple of times a week, it was now every morning and every night.

Stephanie began feeling anxiety about how she was going to shave herself down there. She wasn’t sure she could do it without nicking herself, perhaps causing damage. On top of that, Jeremy did a perfect job. If she wasn’t thorough, perhaps Dave would ask who did it for her the first time if she confessed she couldn’t do it herself. The worst thing was, she no longer could cum from her husband’s cock. In fact, she wasn’t even close due to how fast he always came and also, she couldn’t stop comparing…comparing her son’s fat member to her husband’s. Sure, Dave wasn’t in her long, but she knew it didn’t matter. No longer could she feel him, actually feel him. He used to make her squeal as he pounded her, but lately he felt just nice. She felt like crying. Dave was perfectly adequate. His 6″ cock had always pleased her. But now…now, just upstairs, there was a-lot-more-than-adequate cock, ready and willing to please her, to take pleasure from her.


“By anal porno the way, did you hear about the Barbers? Apparently getting the lowest quote for movers wasn’t the best idea. Their stuff never arrived and they’ve filed a police report.” Dave shook his head, “I cannot even imagine losing everything we own. Poor Ted and Jodie.” He looked at his wife and son, “I told the police when they called I was in Chicago and you were in China when the movers were there. You didn’t notice anything strange did you Jeremy?”

The boy and his mom exchanged brief looks before responding, “Um, well, actually they did seem rough to me, but I can’t say I would have noticed anything else. I mean, they were loading the truck.” He got up and put his plate in the dishwasher, “Ok. I have to head to school. Later.”

Putting down his coffee, Dave rubbed his lips and cheeks. He looked over as Jeremy headed out the door. After the door closed he turned to his wife. “I’m thinking you might want to, you know, shave a bit down there. You’re not quite as smooth.”

“I thought this would be a one-time thing. You know, a treat. It was damn hard to shave down there. It’s not like you shaving your face, you know.” Stephanie said hopefully.

Dave grinned, “I wouldn’t think so. I love it.” He took a bite of toast and stood up. “I’ve got to get going. I’ll see you tonight. I hope you manage to smooth things over…” He kissed her and headed out of the kitchen.

After the men left, Stephanie climbed into the bathtub and after soaping up, grabbed her razor. Following her leg shaving routine, she sat on the edge of the tub and rubbed the soap on her crotch and ran the razor up on the mons. Satisfied with the results, she opened up her legs and tried to maneuver the blade around her labia. Finally, she gave up since she had to head into the office. She realized what she had to do.


“Hey mom. What are you doing home so early? Can I have a Coke?” Jeremy said as he came in the back door, seeing his mom sitting at the table.

“Sure, but I need to talk to you when you’re done settling in.”

Jeremy felt his stomach turn, ‘Oh shit. She’s finally going to kick me out for what I did to her.’ He forgot about the Coke and tried to act nonchalant as he sat down, “Sure, what’s up? You have bad news or something?”

“Um, look. We haven’t said anything about what happened a couple of weeks ago.” She looked at her son’s face, “I’m not mad, I mean it happened. But, now I…we have a problem.” She felt herself blushing, “Your dad really likes the new look.” She looked down at her crotch, “The clean-shaven look. You must realize that it’s been a while and, well, I need your help, you know…um, shaving me.” She felt herself blushing furiously.

Jeremy’s cock throbbed realizing this wasn’t a fantasy, but really happening. He tried to relax and not sound too eager, but his voice cracked anyhow, “Sure, mom. Sure, I’d be happy to. When do you want to do it?”

“Can we do it now? I left work early since your dad gets home before I do normally, and well, you know…” She stood up and walked to the door, “Come on. Let’s try to make like this is not really weird.” She groaned seeing the snake growing in her son’s pants as he stood up.

Stephanie laid a towel down on the bed before pulling off her skirt, pantyhose and panties and lying down on it. She put her arm over her face as she opened her legs. She flinched feeling the cool cream get rubbed into her crotch. She was amazed how gentle her son was. He went around her slit, avoiding her clit and covering everywhere else. She kept telling herself not to open her legs wider, not to get exciting feeling those nice fat fingers. ‘Please don’t enjoy this!’ she thought desperately.

Jeremy was being careful not to look like he was trying to arouse his mother, so rubbed the shaving cream just where he needed to. As he did, perhaps it was his imagination, but he thought he felt his mother’s pussy respond by pushing up at his fingers. “You actually did a great job, mom. There’s just a little touch up to do.” He felt how long the stubble had gotten. “I’m surprised you waited so long, though.” He carefully and gently shaved his mother’s twat and when he was done, grabbed a wet wash cloth and cleaned her off, aware that a lot of the moisture was not from the water and shaving cream. His cock throbbed painfully as if reminding him that relief was nearby.

Stephanie uncovered her eyes and looked down at her crotch. As she reached down to feel, she saw the huge tent in her son’s pants with a silver-dollar size wet spot. “Damn, Jeremy, that looks painful.” She sat up and reached down and unzipped and freed the angry shaft of flesh. Pulling it out, she tried to get her hand around it, but failed again. She’d thought her memories how big it was were distorted by time, but it was actually bigger than she remembered. She reluctantly let go. “There. anal breakers porno I didn’t want my baby boy hurting himself.” She ran her fingers around her wet slit and grinned up at her son, “That is great. I think we’ll have to add this to your weekly chores.” She heard Jeremy giggle. “What? Oh yeah.” She laughed, “I’ll bet your dad might notice this right under ‘Take out trash and recycling.'”

Jeremy started to get up, but felt his mother pull back on his thigh.

Stephanie looked at the clock and back at her son, “You think we could take care of that in 20 minutes?” Seeing her son eagerly nod, she pulled him on top of her, opening her legs wide, “Oh Christ! Easy, let me get used to it. That’s it…so fat. Ooooohh…ooohhhhh, fuuuuck!” She cried as she came as soon as her son buried his cock all the way inside her. She suddenly felt joy being able to cum while being fucked.

Jeremy felt his mother thrust up hard, pumping her cunt hard into him and felt so proud he could make her cum that fast. As she came down, he began pulling all the way out and driving hard into her over and over. He wanted those tits, so he started to unbutton her blouse, but was thrilled when his mom ripped open her top and pulled up her bra. He dove down and sucked a nipple into his mouth, flicking the rock-hard tip with his tongue. He felt his balls start that familiar ache and knew he was going to cum soon.

“Oh God, baby, I love your cock. I love your mouth on my tits. Come on baby, fuck me. Fuck me hard.” She panted feeling another orgasm coming on. She gripped his ass and writhed up against her strong son as she came a second time in ten minutes. She wanted to cry out, ‘Don’t cum inside me.’ But Jeremy responded to her thrusting and exploded his potent sperm into her tight hole before she could get the words out.

“Oh God, mom…I’m cumming…uhhh…uhh…uhhh…” The boy felt spurt after spurt shoot into his mother’s womb until he collapsed on top of her.

Stephanie looked over at the clock and slapped her son’s ass. “Baby, your dad’s going to be home soon. I need to get cleaned up.”

Jeremy groaned and reluctantly snaked his cock out of his mother’s hole. “Damn. I could stay inside you all day.” He finally crawled off her and stood up.

Stephanie looked at the now flaccid 7″ cock, dangling between her son’s legs…her juices glistening, a drip of sperm hanging off the end. She tossed him the towel, “You’d better get up to your room and clean up. I need to get cleaned up myself before your father gets home.”


Dave looked up at his wife, “Christ you taste good. I’ll bet shaving made you hornier than hell and couldn’t wait.” He returned to licking the incredibly soaked cunt wondering how much fluid she could produce. He’d made her cum twice already and looking how she was playing with her nipples and how her pelvis was responding to his mouth, he knew she was going to cum again, soon.

Stephanie was mortified at first when her husband immediately dragged her into the bedroom as soon as he got home and went down on her. Earlier, she tried as best she could to get Jeremy’s cum out of her, but the boy drove it way up inside her. But, she soon realized, it added to the arousal seeing how excited the taste made Dave. Immediately she was lost as the first orgasm crashed through her. Her husband never let up after she came down and soon she came again. When she came down from having cum a third time, she had a thought, Jeremy hadn’t ruined all her holes. “Honey, get the KY. I need you to fuck my ass.”

Dave gleefully lined up his cock against that tight, puckered hole feeling so proud he could fuck such a beautiful woman in all her holes…how she was his and his alone. As his cock opened her up and she moaned, he imagined Chen or one of her co-workers doing this and felt like he might cum immediately.

Stephanie relaxed and reached back to play with her pussy as her husband drove into her ass. ‘So nice. Feels so good to be stretched.’ She thought as her husband picked up the pace. She knew he was close to cumming as he always drove into her faster when he was close. She waited for him to grip her ass and push all the way in, but surprisingly he slowed down.

“God, Steph. You feel great, but I just don’t want to cum yet. Tell me more about Chen and your co-workers. They really saw your bare chest?”

“Really? I thought you’d be jealous…Right. Yes, they saw me. As a matter of fact, about 50 men saw me. At least I assume they did. I was right in front of the stage when the girl was on top of me.” She felt her husband increase the pace. “One man, a guy to my right, reached over and grabbed my breast. I didn’t do anything to stop him, but the girl did. She batted his hand away and said something in Chinese, something like ‘This is mine. Keep your hands off.'” She had to stop talking as her husband threw himself hard against her ass and grunted over and over as he filled her rectum with his cum.

After cleaning up, Dave stroked his wife’s face. “You’re heading back to Shanghai next week?” Seeing her nod, “With the same guys? You know, I think they might be planning on taking you back to the same place. Maybe get a better look, maybe a feel.”

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