She Lived Next Door

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I live in a small apartment block, it’s just outside of the town centre and neatly placed beside a nice big park, it’s nothing special and neither are the people who live in the building with me, so much so that I’ve never even spoken to them. There is the guy who stays in number 3 who thinks he is a superstar dj nearly every night but really just has poor taste in music, the old lady at number 1 who keeps the communal hall clean and regularly complains about the music, the couple in number 2 who are heading for a divorce by the sounds of the arguments, the quiet girl who stays at number 5 and the property developer who is renovating number 6. I simply glide in and out of this mini community as I please without so much as a second look towards my neighbours at times but today was different.

I was in a rush for work due to oversleeping which meant i was running late and as I locked my door and turned to head down the stairs i walked straight into the quiet girl from next door, we merely bumped shoulders but with the small shock she dropped her shopping bag out of her hands and the items began to spill out of it. I apologised and bent down to gather her things for her.

“I’m so sorry” I said “are you ok?”

She looked up at me and smiled, this was the first time I had seen her face properly, she was beautiful. I immediately got lost in her big brown eyes, they were the colour of a crisp golden autumn but offered an inviting warmth with an amber tint round the edges. Her face was long and slender with high accentuated cheekbones and a cute button nose, her lips were full and voluptuous, the perfume she wore immediately drew me in and encapsulated me in a surging desire to lean in and kiss her. I was clearly staring too much and she gave a nervous giggle before brushing some loose strands of her fine golden locks behind her ear.

“I’m fine” she said, “I wasn’t really watching where I was going.”

I smiled at her as I helped her up and then remembered why I was rushing away in the first place, I apologised once more and then ran down the stairs to my car so I could attempt to make it in to work on time. I realised about half way through my day that I would have been better not coming in at all because all I could think about was the girl next door and I was not being in any way productive with my work load, a number of times I’m sure the boss caught me gazing into the distance as I dreamt up more satisfying ends to our brief meeting, all of which led to the two of us in bed together. I spent the next couple of weeks thinking about that girl, I kept trying to see of I could accidentally run into her again just so I could get lost in her amazing eyes again but I never managed to see her at all. I began to wonder if my staring creeped her out or if my smile was weird or something and maybe she was avoiding me.

A few weeks went by and I had all but given up hope of running into her again, that was until fate seemed to intervene on Friday night. I had gone for a few after work drinks with some fellow colleagues and naturally this evolved into a full blown bar crawl followed by hitting a nightclub. I was on the lookout for a hook up as it had been a while since I’d seen any sort of action but so far I was completely striking out, it seemed like my dry spell was going to carry on for a little while longer. I decided to call it a night around 1 so I made my excuses, said my goodbyes and headed off to find the nearest taxi rank to take me home.

There was a small queue already waiting for taxis when I got there so I dutifully joined the back of it and patiently waited for my turn, a few cars arrived and collected their passengers before setting off but then I heard someone calling to me from the front of the queue, I turned to see her standing at the door of the car beckoning me to join her, I didn’t even notice she was there when I scanned the queue earlier, batıkent escort she looked stunning in a pair of black high waisted jeans, black stiletto heels and a crisp white vest which she wore tucked in, her hair was hanging down tonight, it ran just past her shoulders and it completely transformed her look. I couldn’t hide the gigantic grin that spread across my face when I saw her, at last I would get a chance to speak to her properly, maybe even find out her name!

We made the usual small talk as we set off, finding out where each other had been, if we had a good night, how the weather was ridiculously hot as we were currently in the midst of a heatwave. As we were chatting the driver alerted us that there was an accident on the road up ahead and that diversions were in place which would mean adding another twenty minutes to the journey, seeing as we were both just saying how nice it was we asked him to pull over and we would just walk the rest of the way back to the apartment block. It was only a short walk but just as we set off the heavens opened and we were immediately caught in a sudden torrential downpour. She turned to look at me an laughed before taking hold of my hand and leading me towards our block.

The rain was a welcome refreshment from the stifling heat of the past few days and neither of us cared about getting soaked, perhaps the alcohol helped with the mood as well because we were soon dancing and laughing together in the rain. She looked incredible as I spun her round, she took her shoes off to better steady herself and I did the obligatory gent move of offering to carry them for her, she continued to dance in the rain joyfully and as I collected her shoes and watched her I noticed how very see through her vest had become. Her breasts looked amazing, I could see their perfect outline and her nipples began to show through as well.

I was struggling to contain my arousal at this point and was back to just staring at this heavenly creature in front of me, just then she raced towards me and threw her arms over my neck.

“Take me home” she said laughing.

We ran the last few yards toward the doorway and when we got there I fumbled about trying to retrieve my keys from my heavily soaked jeans, she was leaning against the wall playing with her hair staring at me with a wry smile and still panting slightly from the running. It was this look that made me lose all sense of where I was and what I was doing, I stepped towards her and swept her up in my arms, kissing her passionately on those luscious lips of hers, she threw her arms around me again as she succumbed to the moment. The kiss was long and sensual, our tongues snaked together and our breathing was almost synchronised, I ran my hands from her waist, up her back and then caressed her cheeks as she pulled at my t-shirt. She began to push me away gently and then looked at me, licking her lips.

“You’re place or mine?” She asked.

“Let’s go to your place” I said.

In truth I was embarrassed about the state of my place as I wasn’t expecting company but she also had a balcony on her side and I wanted to try fucking her in the rain because so far everything upto now had felt amazing. As we entered her apartment there was a crack of lightning and then an almighty bark of thunder, it made her jump and she leapt right into my arms, I laughed teasingly, asking her if she was afraid and reassuring her that I would look after her tonight, she giggled and then dragged me into the living room by my shirt, kissing me as we walked. We opened the balcony door and stepped out so we could hear the storm better, she clutched me tightly as the thunder clapped, i spun round and pinned her up against the wall and began kissing her wildly again, my hands were all over her body. She didnt even bother with the buttons of my shirt, she just ripped it open and ran her nails beşevler escort down the length of my torso, it felt good to have her scratching her nails down my soaking body and i groaned in pleasure at the sensation.

She guided her hands down to my jeans and then slid to her knees as she released my hard throbbing member from the restraints of my soaked denim. Her hands felt soft as she wrapped them around my shaft and began stroking me gently before she ran her tongue round the head of my cock. I placed my hands on the wall to steady myself as she began to suck me off with a steady rhythm, her mouth was so experienced at this as she seemed to know exactly where to flick and grab to heighten this for me, soon I was thrusting my full length into her as she tickled and squeezed my balls. She began to use her nails expertly by gliding them over every inch of my cock, she ran them along the underside of my shaft and as she reached my frenulum I was hit with a surging euphoric sensation that pleated through my body, it made me arch my back and stand up on the tips of my toes as well as let out an audible groan of pleasure, I had never felt this before but I was fucking loving it! I knew she sensed that too as she carried on doing it, occasionally using her tongue to enhance things, I looked down to find her staring at me intently, clearly enjoying my reactions and playing with herself as I continued to groan and breathe heavily.

She stood up after a while, but her hands were still working their magic on my cock, I grabbed her cheeks and pulled her toward me and kissed her heavily, I was thrusting my cock between her legs as I was swept up in this intense pleasure that she was providing, I leant close to her,

“Let me fuck you?”

I spoke in barely a whisper but it was enough for her to lead the way back into her apartment, as soon as she turned to face me I was upon her and kissing her again. I couldn’t wait to try and remove her vest as it was soaked right through and clinging tight to her body so I gripped it firmly in my hands and just tore it in two, it came apart so easily and as it did her breasts sprung out of it, I immediately cupped them in my hands and began to suck on her already erect nipples. Her fingernails were clawing at my back as I kissed her chest before I grabbed a hold of her ass cheeks and lifted her off the ground, this took her by surprise as she giggled when I did this. I carried her towards her sofa and lay her down so I could peel off her jeans and underwear, the storm continued to rage and just heightened the intensity of our tryst.

The low growl of thunder began as i knelt between her legs to explore and entice her throbbing pussy, she moaned louder and louder as my tongue expertly flicked across her clit, sending tingling sensations of ecstasy throughout her body. I sat up and moved to kiss her just as lightning flashed through the night sky, it lit up the entire room and it made her eyes seem as if they were on fire in that light, we continued to kiss and claw at each other passionately as the thunder echoed through the room, it seemed as if this storm was just replicating the wild lust that was growing between us. The temperature in the room due to the combining factors of weather, alcohol and lust was heating up to near boiling point so I decided to try and cool things down a bit with a little surprise for her.

I stood up and walked into her kitchen with every confidence I would find what I was looking for and thankfully I did, in her freezer was a full tray of ice cubes. I grabbed it and returned to her, she was writhing on the sofa toying with her hungry pussy, I took one ice cube and gently ran it over her neck, this made her jump suddenly but as soon as I trailed the ice across her I used my tongue to lick up the residue, this provided her with the perfect temperature change to intensify her ankara escort orgasms. I continued to trail the ice all over her body, across her collar bone, the inside of her wrists, her breasts, round the areola and across the nipples, she was gasping emphatically and then I moved down to her pussy, first I merely ran the ice over her lips making her arch her back then as I opened her pussy i stimulated her clit with the freezing block, she shrieked loudly as I did this and every so often I would replace the ice with my tongue, it wasn’t long before she came and was begging me to fuck her.

This woman was incredible, I was getting off on her reactions to everything and she was so loud whenever she came that I thought it’s only a matter of time before the neighbours complain. I pulled myself up and positioned my cock at the entrance of her pussy, she sighed erotically as I ran my cock over her clit and gently inserted the tip inside her, each time she tried to force me in I withdrew, I really was enjoying this tease. After a few minutes and when she was gasping for me to fuck her, I slammed my full length inside her, this caught her by delightful surprise, the sharp intake of breathe from her told me so. I wanted to carry the tease on longer so I slowly withdrew and began circling her clit again with my cock before thrusting inside her again. She was clawing at my chest with her nails as her next climax was building, the sting of her scratching my flesh added to the intense arousal that I was feeling. As much as I wanted to continue teasing this goddess due to the enjoyment I was getting out of her reactions I knew I wouldn’t be able to for much longer.

I leant over her and gently kissed her lips before straightening myself up and letting my hands run over her breasts, down her torso and then i grabbed hold of her hips firmly and began to slowly penetrate her with gentle thrusts, she was groaning heavily and running her hands through her hair as she immersed herself completely in this moment. Her pussy felt so good as it enveloped my cock tightly with each stroke, she began to bite her hand as she neared yet another climax so I made sure to push harder and faster to increase the intensity of it, soon she was screaming loudly as she came.

We continued to fuck through the thunder storm, the sound of the rain battering against the windows, the clap of thunder and the flashes of lightening were making this a night to remember. We writhed around, completely encapsulated in our animal lust, changing positions often and kissing wildly in between. She ordered me to lie on the floor as she wanted to take my cock in her mouth and taste her own juices from it, I was happy to oblige so I lay back and watched as she began to lick the entire length of my cock from base to tip before devouring it greedily, she repeated the trick with her tongue on my frenulum and I moaned loudly as she did so, it felt amazing. She must have sensed that I was getting close as she stood up and then lowered herself onto me, I slid inside her with ease and as she began to ride me she threw her head back and just then there was a huge flash of lightening that lit up the room, she looked utterly majestic as the light accentuated every aspect of her perfect body, i was completely mesmerised by her and soon i felt my balls tighten and I didn’t want to hold back so I grabbed her hips and yelled as I hit my orgasm and filled her pussy with load after load of hot cum.

She collapsed into my arms, both of us panting heavily, we were dripping with sweat but clearly neither of us cared as we simply lay there on her floor holding eachother in silence, she reached over and grabbed a blanket from the back of the sofa to cover us as we cuddled listening to the rain. As we slowly drifted off i began to think about our evening and realise that I couldn’t believe that I lived next door to this incredible woman for 4 years and barely looked at her let alone spoke to her but as fate would have it we were thrown together on a dark and stormy night and i had the most amazing sexual experience of my life, one which I will certainly be repeating with my goddess next door.

The end

L.B Cummings

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