Shreya’s Mom Ch. 01

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Disclaimer: This story is a work of fiction.


I am Rahul, age 27 working as a software engineer with a reputed MNC. My wife. Shreya 25 works for an advertising firm. We have been married for almost 2 years now and were dating for almost 5 years prior to that. We share a lot of things in common and that’s the reason why our relationship is as strong as it was 7 years back!

Now one of the things that both of us are extremely keen on is to make sure that our sex life don’t frizzle out.

We first made love roughly six months after we hooked up, and since then in the last 7 years we might have done it hundreds of times (or has it crossed thousand?)

Under such circumstances it’s quite natural that the initial novelty wears off and you slowly get bored with each other’s bodies. But as I previously mentioned both of us are very particular that this does not happen to us (and definitely not when we are still so young!)

So over the years, we have tried pretty much everything we could try to ensure that the flame continues to burn. Maybe some of the things we have tried could be a story in its own right. But to briefly summarize it has included pretty much everything from trying out different positions,3somes (couple of times when we were vacationing), cuckolding (I just loved seeing her get fucked by a total stranger and we had awesome sex after that) and a few other fairly innovative things (more on that some other time perhaps!)

However this particular incident relates to how I ended up having one of the most unforgettable sex with her mom and family stroke porno how my own sweet wife arranged it for me!

Before I start narrating the incidents which lead up to that glorious night, a brief detour to describe the sweet, voluptuous lady who is the main character of this narration – my MIL. Her name is Indu and she is only 46 now (she got married very young). My wife has shown me some of her pictures from her younger days – In those pics I see a very slim girl (when she was in her early 30s) with a very pretty, cute face and a nice body (though without any “prominent” assets). Over the years, age has added a few layers of flab on her glorious body, so while she is no longer slim like before she is by no measure fat. In fact I believe the word “Voluptuous” was added in the dictionary to describe bodies like hers! And my, what voluptuousness!

Her slim body with non-prominent assets have given way to the most glorious breasts which demands attention every time you look at her. (In fact she has caught me quite a few number of times, when my eyes, as if by its own volition drops and rests on these glorious mounds of flesh.)

But I am not doing justice to her sweet & cute face when I describe how I struggle not to let my eyes drop and rest on her breasts. Because her face is indeed a sight to behold. When she was young she had a very cute, kiddish face (something which my wife has now). Over the years, time has etched a few lines on her otherwise flawless face. But rather than mar the beauty, it adds to it by lending it an elegant, female taxi porno graceful air. The days when I am not very horny (and my eyes don’t hover) I am more than happy to just look into her charming face & her beautiful expressive eyes.

I have saved the best for the last! Her ASS – a part of it is just me and my fascination with assess but you really have to see hers to understand my, an almost addiction like, fascination for it. Every time she wears a traditional outfit like Sari her ass just projects out in the most marvelous way imaginable. I have spent countless hours (and countless tissues!) trying to imagine how it would feel to push my face deep inside her ass crevice – my version of heaven on earth!

–How it started—–

So back to the story now where I narrate the genesis of the idea which lead to such a series of fortunate events culminating in my mega orgasm.

As you can imagine by my detailed anatomical description of Indu in the last passage, I fancied her. And how! But it was one of those fancies which seemed outside the realm of possible. But that was about change.

It was December last year. Indu had come to stay with us during the vacation and left in the first week of Jan. Couple of days after she left I was taking a bath in our bathroom and while getting out I was about to drop my used clothes in the laundry basket, when my eyes caught something. I could see a pink lace panties, something which I had not seen before (I have a fascination with panties as well; so i know the ones which my wife uses; female agent porno at least the fancier/sexier ones) I picked it up and checked on the size which confirmed that it was definitely Indu’s. I did what any perv would do! Rub it all over my face and take deep sniffs, hoping to catch a whiff of her pussy. With that experience, I totally made up my mind – I have to do something to turn my fancy into reality. At least I should try…and try hard…

My first idea was to have sex with my wife Shreya in the bathroom (something we do quite often). I made her lie close to the laundry basket and mounted her. In some time, she was in the throes of passion. Like she tends to do in such situations, she had half closed her eyes and was moaning increasingly loudly.

I used this opportunity to fish out Indu’s panties out of the basket and proceeded to rub my face with it(again this is something which we had tried before, But of course the other occasions it had been Shreya’s panties)

Shreya was looking at me but given her state at that time it took her some time to realize that it was not her panties i was sniffing. Once she realized, this is the conversation that transpired between us:

Shreya – Hey u idiot! tats my mom’s panties u r sniffing! (she was not angry or anything… in fact she was even smiling which emboldened me)

Me (acting surprised) – Oh shit! I didn’t know… how did this come here.. (but i continued sniffing and rubbing it)

Shreya – You perv! (she still didn’t say anything)…Oh my god! I can see that the panties are having some effect… You have not been this hard in the last few weeks Rahul!

Me: (acting embarrassed and dropping the panties)

Shreya: Oh no! continue sniffing it as much as u want as long as you maintain this hardness! God I have been missing this! Fuck me hard Rahul.

And fuck I did!

-To be Continued-

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