Sibling Affection Ch. 01

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Part 1 – More to come.

All characters are 18 years of age or older.



Tragedy struck my family shortly after my 18th birthday. My parents had been on their way to a business trip and the jet they had chartered crashed.

It wasn’t an easy thing to cope with, but my parents were forward thinking. They had made sure my older sister and I were well taken care of in the event of their death. The house was paid off, their debts taken care of, and the remainder was left to us. My sister, Wren, and I knew our parents weren’t wealthy, but they made sure that in the event of their deaths we were taken care of. The money was substantial enough that the two of us could go to school full time and still pay the bills.

It wasn’t always easy, waking up every day and realizing our parents were gone, but it slowly became easier. There were still moments where I’d see their faces in a dream and wake up crying.

Wren and I continued life for the next couple of years, going to school, taking care of the bills, and making sure that we did everything we could to make what our parents left for us matter.

One late afternoon I got home from my evening class, the house was almost completely dark save for the TV which was sitting on the dashboard to my Xbox. I walked over, thinking Wren had fallen asleep again watching something.

I came around the corner to see her sitting on the couch; her knees up by her chin, sobbing.

“Wren,” I said softly. “What’s wrong?”

She shuddered and looked up at me with her tear laden eyes. “I couldn’t help it,” she said. “Mom’s favorite show is now available on the Xbox, and she’s never going to get to watch it.” He face fell back into her knees and she started crying harder.

I sat down next to her and pulled her close. She curled up against me and continued to cry against me. I grabbed the blanket from the back of the couch and wrapped it around her.

“How do you do it?” she asked. “How have you kept yourself so…calm?”

“I wake up crying,” I admitted. “I’m no more ready to move on without mom and dad than you are. I just try and…get through it. It’s been two years and I still don’t find it any easier than if it was a week ago.”

Wren wiped the tears from her eyes. “I must look like a wreck,” she said with a slight chuckle.

“It’s alright,” I said. I lifted her chin and wiped a tear away. “Come on, put something nice on and we’ll go out to eat, how does that sound?”

Wren smiled happily and sniffled. She laughed as she lunged forward and hugged me. “Thanks little brother,” she said. “I don’t know what I’d do without you.”

She got up and bounded away into her room.

Less than an hour later I was ready to go dressed in my nice cloths and waiting for her by the door.

“Come on, Wren!” I shouted. “It’s Friday night and if we don’t get going soon they won’t have any seats left.”

“Coming, coming!” she shouted back. “I forgot where I put my good shoes.” I heard her coming as her heels clacked against the fake hardwood floors. She came around the corner in the best looking dress I had seen her in, in a long time. It was a long green number that reached just above her knees. Below that she wore nylons and attractive low heeled shoes. She left her brown/red hair flow around her shoulders, no special attention to that, and her makeup was simple and elegant. She looked very natural…and stunning to behold.

I was speechless for a moment, my mouth gaping wide in astonishment. “Keep staring,” she said. “You’re eyes will stay that way.”

I laughed and shook my daze. She and I left the house quickly and were on our way.

At the restaurant we waited in a line for a few moments before we got to the podium.

“Welcome to Harris and Malone,” said the man at the podium. “How many will be dining this evening?”

“Two,” said my sister giddy and excited.

The man bowed, made note on a computer screen, and guided us away. He seated us at a two chair table and left us the menus.

“Natalie will be your waitress for this evening,” he said. “Enjoy.”

My sister and I opened our menus quickly talking back and forth about what we’d like to have the most. I always went with my favorite. A medium seasoned steak, house made mashed potatoes, and their artery clogging gravy smothered over the plate.

“Gee,” said my sister. “Why don’t they just call it a heart attack on a plate?”

We laughed together until we noticed someone had stepped up to the table.

I looked up and locked eyes with perhaps the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. She was at least my age, perhaps older. Five foot five at least, long black hair, green eyes, a bright face, great smile, and a fantastic figure.

“Hello!” she said cheerfully. She looked between Wren and I and the moment her eyes met mine I saw her feel the same jolt of unexpected attraction. “My name is Natalie; I’ll be your server today.”

I saw a wry smile come from my sister and I knew she had seen me see Natalie.

“Hello,” fuck in traffic porno said Wren, breaking the moment of silence.

“Can I get either of you drinks?” asked Natalie.

“A bottle of red wine, sweet preferably, an inexpensive bottle of any brand will do,” said Wren. She handed her ID over to Natalie who handed it back after checking it. “Nothing for him, he’s still underage.”

My look moved immediately from Natalie to Wren to give her a dirty look.

“Oh,” said Natalie, seeming rather surprised. She smirked. “Dating a younger man are we?”

Wren gave Natalie a squint. “Not your business is it?” she asked. She glanced to me and then back to Natalie. “But he’s my brother.”

Natalie nodded, trying to cover herself. “I assumed incorrectly then,” she said. She looked to me. “And you, what will you have to drink?”

“Coke, or Pepsi, whichever you have.”

“Pepsi then,” she said writing it down. “I’ll give you two a moment to choose what you’ll be having.”

She walked away and as soon as she was out of earshot my sister grabbed my hand.

“Oh…my…god,” she said slowly. “She’s so hot that I would do her!”

I did a double take at my sister in complete shock. “Not something you hear every day,” I admitted.

“She’s totally into you,” said Wren leaning back into her chair. “Course she was also into me as well.”

I nodded slowly at her. “Sure…” I responded slowly. “Keep telling yourself that.”

The evening progressed uneventfully and each time Natalie came back to the table I couldn’t help but flirt. Neither could Wren. In all my life I had never seen Wren so taken by a woman. Not only was it a turn on, but it was thrilling to see.

“Well thank you,” said Natalie to Wren. “I wish I could have the waves and curls like you have. Is it natural?”

“It is,” she said. “I get it from the Irish side of my family.”

Natalie laughed genuinely and looked back at me with the same look she’d been giving to Wren. She was either a good actor, or she was seriously as into us as we were into her.

“I’ll leave you two the check. You can go ahead and pay the cashier up front when you’re done. Thank you for stopping and you two have a wonderful weekend.”

We said goodbyes, mine more longing than Wren’s, and made our way from the restaurant.

Wren took in a big sigh as she sat down in the car. “I don’t know if it’s the wine talking but damn! The things I would love to do to her.”

I started the car. “I didn’t even know you were bisexual.”

“Neither did I,” she said. “But that girl has it going on! Her hips were perfect, her ass! Oh my god!”

I chuckled and shook my head, even though I agreed with everything Wren had said. I pulled out of the parking lot and headed home.

“I’m heading to bed,” said Wren as we got home. She kicked off her shoes and walked through the kitchen toward the bedrooms.

“Did you have any plans for the long weekend?” I asked. “We don’t have any school Monday or Tuesday.”

Wren stopped at the corner of the hallway and looked back at me. “We can think of something,” she said with a devious smile.

I chuckled, not even realizing Wren’s subtle hint, and watched her walk away.

I went to my room, took off all my cloths and relaxed into my chair. I had been feeling especially horny after having met our waitress, but sleep was actually stronger than my own horniness. I got up after checking a few things and collapsed into bed.

The next morning I got up, put on just a pair of sweat pants, and headed to the bathroom to do the morning routine. I hadn’t got more than three steps from my bedroom when the bathroom door opened and Wren came walking out.

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing in that very moment. Wren, wearing less than I was expecting! She still had on her nylons from the previous night, which ran up to her waist, I could see sheer blue lace panties underneath the nylons, and a small top which barely kept her breasts in check and exposed her midriff.

“What?” she asked standing there looking back at my shocked look. “Oh!” she giggled. “I was tired.” She glanced down and bit her bottom lip. “Might want to take care of that.”

I noticed immediately the massive raging boner that was tenting my sweats. My sister slipped passed me and back into her room.

‘What did I just see?’ I asked myself as I went into the bathroom and shut the door.

A little later in the day I was lying on the couch, playing games when my sister came into the living room, wearing the same thing as before. I felt a rush of excitement I hadn’t felt since…

“Wren,” I said. “Is there a reason to your current state of clothing?”

“Nope,” she said reaching the top of the entertainment center and grabbing one of her favorite movies.

She bounded away and suddenly the last thing I cared about was playing my video game. I got up, went and sat down at the table and opened up one of my textbooks, figuring full porno my studies might distract me from my sexual thought that was running through my head.

It was working for a while until Wren walked by me and into the kitchen. I couldn’t help but see everything… In fact I noticed that the blue panties were gone and now it was just the nylons. She was doing this on purpose!

She grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge and walked back to her room. The tent in my sweats had returned and the only thing I could think of was sex.

Finally I gave up trying to focus on my books and decided to take a shower instead. I figured that could relax me and give me a chance for a release. I went to the closet, grabbed a fresh towel and went into the shower.

Enjoying the warm water I reached down and began to stroke myself, picturing every moment I could and just letting my mind wander. I found myself thinking of my sister pounding away at her tight little pussy–.

I popped my eyes open and shook the thoughts from my mind.

‘No,’ I thought. ‘I can’t have thoughts like that of my older sister, it’s wrong.’

I finished my shower, my cock hard and still without relief. I opened the curtain and stepped out, then looked around trying to find my towel and realized there was nothing.

“I know I had…” I said. Then I looked at the floor and my shirt and sweats were missing as well. There were no towels in the bathroom. I opened the door and peeked around the crack looking down the hall. “Wren?” I called. “I need a towel.” There was no response. “Wren?” After waiting a moment, still nothing.

I decided to brave the hallway and stepped out slowly. I looked around and didn’t see anything of Wren. I opened the closet and was met with the sight of no towels.

“Now this is just impossible,” I said. I thought for only a second before I remembered that there was a towel in my room from just a few days ago. I walked to my room carefully, for some strange reason afraid my sister was going to see me, even though I had an idea there was some plot going on…

I stepped into the door of my room and saw the towel still sitting on the floor next to the door. I bent over and picked it up and as I sat up I saw Wren. She was sitting at the edge of my bed, wearing only her thigh high nylons. Only her nylons.

“So,” she said. “Being subtle wasn’t enough; I guess I have to be more obvious.” She leaned forward, placing her elbows on her knees.

“I…” I stammered. I realized that I was naked and covered up.

“Oh, don’t bother,” she said. “I’ve already seen it.” She cooed. “I think it needs attention. Attention you were giving it in the shower…but didn’t finish.”

“What are you playing at?” I asked glaring at her in a less than serious way.

“You know exactly what I’m playing at,” she said. “You just don’t want to admit it.” She patted the bed. “Come over here.”

I dropped the towel and sat down on the bed. “What?” I asked.

“Max,” she said. “For a while now I felt as though I couldn’t love another person. I’ve sabotaged all of my relationships because they couldn’t understand me or what I was dealing with. You can, however, understand me. She looked down at my leg, tracing her finger up my thigh. “I think you know exactly what I need; I think you can give me what I need.”

“Wren,” said with a nervous laugh. “Were brother and sister, it’s not something we do.”

“Says prudish people who don’t understand what sibling love is like.” My sisters fingers found my raging hard on and she slowly reached out and grabbed it. She got close to my ear. “You’re going to fuck me,” she said. My dick twitched. “I know you’ve wanted to. For quite some time I’ve watched you, watch me. You’ve thought about it more then a few times.” She stroked me slowly, her fingers dancing around the tip of my cock. “What do you say?”

Suddenly, anything within me that was rational disappeared. I turned and grabbed her face and kissed her deeply. We lowered ourselves onto the bed, our lips locked, and tongues dancing together. My sister’s hold on my cock loosened as we slid onto the bed. I slid up father as she went lower. I knew what was coming but was still shocked when it happened. Her warm mouth wrapped around and enveloped my cock. For several moments she worked on my firm dick sweeping her lips up and down, her tongue dancing around the underside and around the head.

My breathing quickened as I couldn’t believe the feeling, it was so different. I had gotten a couple of blowjobs from past girlfriends but this was completely different. I felt harder then I had ever been and after moments that seemingly disappeared, my sister stopped. She crawled back up the bed and straddled me.

“So,” she said with a sultry voice. “You’ve got a choice. You can stop now, or you can fuck me.”

A devious thought crossed my mind and before my sister could say anything I flipped her over and was on top. I began kissing her starting with her neck and working my way gizli çekim porno down. Wren was in heaven, her body shuddering at the feeling of my lips on her skin. I finally reached the nylons and kissed down to her hips until I reached the heat of her womanhood.

In one movement I ripped a sizeable hole in the crotch of her nylons exposing her bare wet cunt. She gasped in surprise and cooed at me as I continued to kiss her soft flesh. I felt her hand dig into my hair as I got ever closer until I finally dove in. My tongue worked in-between and right up the slit of her moist pussy. I spread the lips of her womanhood and continued to please her in ways she wasn’t expecting.

Her hands were all over my head, grasping my hair, letting go, grasping again, and letting go. She shook, quivered, and convulsed in pleasure until her hand grasped my hair tighter than before. Her breathing quickened, so fast in fact she lost her breath as an orgasm exploded within her. She was without voice, breath, or movement for several seconds as her body orgasmed violently.

When it had calmed for only a moment Wren took in a massive gasp and collapsed on the bed, but I wasn’t done with her. I began to stimulate her the same way, my tongue licking and my lips suckling at her soaked pussy. Within seconds of coming down from her first orgasm a second one came, this one taking her off guard. She lifted herself off the bed and arched her back as this one sent her soaring for just a few seconds of pure bliss.

Finally the orgasm subsided and I crawled onto my bed and got on top of her. I kneeled between her legs, my cock pointing straight at her wet throbbing opening.

“I…I can’t…” she said gasping between breaths. She looked at me with a bright happy smile and kissed me. “I love you, Max,” she said with pure loving honesty. She kissed me deeply a second time and her eyes turned to lust. “Now fuck me good.”

She reached down and rubbed the tip of my cock on her wet cunt. She guided it to the hole and for the briefest of moments enjoyed the first feeling of my cock sliding into her.

I was completely still as she got used to the size of me inside of her. The bliss was equally as good as every part of me just wanted to fuck her with reckless abandon. I started slowly, sliding my cock inside of her. The feeling of my cock enveloped by her wet womanhood was amazing as I hadn’t felt the feelings of being inside of a woman without a condom on.

It was warm, if was wet, and I couldn’t believe how much better it felt. My pace quickened and I realized in that moment that I was fucking my older sister. She looked into my eyes and bit her lower lip. Her moans were lustful; her eyes devoured me, nothing about the moment felt wrong.

I kissed her deeply while I thrust inside of her. I became brave and sat up, getting into a favorite position of mine. I grabbed her hips and lifted her off the bed slightly. I positioned myself better and continued to thrust into her with her off the bed. I looked down and enjoyed the sight of my hard cock pounding inside of her hole.

“Oh…my…” she said breathlessly. “I think I…might…yes!” I felt Wren tighten, her legs stiffening and the feeling of her pussy clamping tighter around my cock.

“I’m really close,” I said to her feeling the dizzying euphoria of my own approaching orgasm. “Where do you want me to cum?”

Wren, so caught up in the thrusts and the feelings of sex, didn’t hear me. She had a firm hold on the headboard of my bed, biting her bottom lip, imagining something within her own head.

“Wren,” I said between thrusts. But she wasn’t paying attention. I finally felt it, the feelings of orgasm welling up quickly within me. I was past the point of no return. “Wren, I’m cumming!”

“I know,” she said as her hands tightened on the headboard.

I gripped her hips tightly and felt the final rush. I thrust deeply into her one last time and felt the first shot of cum leave my cock. I pulled back slightly and thrust again and my orgasm hit its highest peak. Two, three, four, five deep powerful shots of cum left my cock and filled my sister’s pussy. I grunted, gripping her tighter as the orgasm continued for a moment more, the muscles within my legs and crotch feeling one last twinge of orgasm before it finally subsided.

I was pleased, my sister was very pleased. I looked down at my sister’s sexy body and could see the glistening sweat running down her sides. She was unbelievably attractive in that very moment.

My sister and I collapsed completely from the exhaustion, my cock sliding from her covered in one another’s cum. I rolled off next to her and relaxed a moment, trying to catch my breath.

“That was amazing!” said Wren excitedly between breaths.

“That was the best fuck I’ve ever had,” I admitted.

“And you came a lot!” laughed Wren reaching down and running her hand down her pussy. “Fuck that felt good to feel you cum inside me.” She turned her head and looked at me, her hand still buried in her crotch. “That’s the first time a guy has ever cum in me.”

“That’s the first time I’ve ever had sex without a condom,” I said with a smile.

“It’s so much better feeling!” said Wren. I nodded in response. Wren turned onto her side and pushed against me. “Spoon me,” she said. “I exhausted.”

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