Sibling Revenge

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Personally, Richard Forrester had nothing against futanari.

However, having one for an older sister sure made his life weird.

By the year 2020, futanari were quite common; having one in your town was akin to having a McDonalds. Depending on where exactly in the world you are, people had different attitudes towards them. In his little town in Indiana, the response to futanari was pretty normal. There were those who genuinely accepting of them, others who were indifferent, and the small few who really didn’t like them much. As for Richard, he didn’t care what someone had between their legs, just as long as they didn’t try to force themselves on him or anyone else.

His older sister Laurie was born a futanari. The way his parents told it, they were initially shocked, but, of course, they loved her all the same. She’d had a pretty normal childhood, aside from a few accommodations that she had to follow, such as wearing swimming trunks when she went to a pool party. She still did normal girl things like sleepovers, going trick or treating, and going to summer camp. Of course she got teased, but, all kids always get picked on, even the normal ones.

She and Richard got along fine as children, as much as any normal brother and sister did. That never changed. Still, the family had to take certain measures when she hit puberty.

It seemed like overnight that her breasts came in. While her friends were sporting training bras, she was already boasting a C cup at age 12. Soon, many of Richard’s friends were coming over to surreptitiously hang out and catch a glimpse of his stacked sister. Mrs. Forrester took her daughter shopping for bras, while Mr. Forrester made sure that Laurie always had her bedroom door open when there when she had friends over. They wanted to make sure that she wasn’t receiving any unwanted advances.

And then, there was the masturbating. It’s tough for a girl to deal with acne and menstruation, especially when you had a throbbing cock that’s desperate for daily attention. The contents of her hard drive mirrored that of a teenage boy, full of hundreds of videos and images of women getting fucked. Mrs. Forrester was such an understanding mother that she didn’t embarrass her daughter over the tons of cum-stained sheets, socks, and towels that turned up in the laundry. Mr. Forrester reluctantly had to tutor his daughter on how to have her “special fun time” at the appropriate times.

The Forrester family also had to rely on medication. Laurie had to take special pills to manage her sexual desires, while the other members of the Forrester family had to take medication to prevent them to falling prey to the powerful futanari pheromones that she exuded. Laurie’s doctors warned Mr. and Mrs. Forrester of the many accounts of futanari engaging in relations with family members due to prolonged exposure to their pheromones.

By the time she had gotten to high school, she was a swan borne of an ugly duckling, with her long brown hair, green eyes, and seductive body. She’d had very few boyfriends, since most of the guys were insecure about having a girlfriend with a dick, so she mostly went out with girls, which her parents were fine with. Many of her childhood friends had become her fuck-buddies.

Scores of girls had limped down the stairs of Forrester home, many of them tired, sore, but eventually hungry for more. Richard was appreciative of this, because Laurie sometimes threw some of her girlfriends his way. Laurie’s doctor stressed the importance of condoms, citing the research that proved that futanari sperm was 10 times more potent than that of a regular male’s, and, therefore, much more likely to get a female pregnant.

By the time Richard was a senior in high school, his life seemed great. He was enjoying being at the top of the school food chain, was slated to go to his first choice college, and was dating the girl of his dreams: Shawna Harper. With her green eyes and whitish-blonde hair, he was convinced that I had landed a ten. He’d never had a serious girlfriend before her, and was convinced that they were going to last forever. He could seriously see himself marrying this girl.

Or so he thought.

It was a few months after Richard and Shawna had graduated. The two of them were planning on going to Richard’s uncle’s house off Morse Lake. He was going to let them use it while he was out of the country, so the teens would have the place all to themselves for an entire week. It would be a week of swimming, lounging, and, hopefully, some skinny-dipping. Meanwhile, Richard’s parents were out of town, and Laurie was home from college for the summer.

The day they were supposed to leave, Richard’s grandmother had called to complain that her car battery had died, so, since it was still early in the morning, he figured that he’d have enough time to go to Walmart, pick up the battery, grab some last minute provisions, install his grandmother’s battery for her, and still make it home in time to pack up and leave by noon. By liseli porno the time he had returned home, it was a quarter to eleven in the morning, and he saw Shawna’s car in the driveway. He and walked into the house with the groceries, totally unaware of what he was about to discover inside.

Before he could call out Shawna’s name, he could hear strange noises from upstairs. Leaving the bags by the door, he crept upstairs, and as he walked down the hall, the sounds became more distinct. The creak of a bed, his sister’s grunting, and Shawna’s moans entered his ears and filled his body with a mixture of dread, fury, and lust. He slowly opened the door and peeked inside. There, in the bedroom, his girlfriend was getting fucked doggy-style by his older sister.

The two of them didn’t notice him, as they were positioned on the bed so that he only saw their left profiles, nonetheless, he could see them quite clearly. Shawna’s eyes were grasped shut while Laurie was crouched behind her, a fistful of Shawna’s hair in her right hand, and her left hand planted on the small of Shawna’s back. His eyes widened at the enormous condom-sheathed sausage that was pistoning in and out of his girlfriend. The air inside the room was thick with pheromones. Richard felt his cock stir within his pants; horrified, he knew that he had to put a stop to it.

He burst into the room and the two of them looked at him in shock; the rest was a blur. There was shouting, crying, apologies and pleas, but it all ended with Richard storming out of the house and driving away, tears in his eyes. He ended up spending the rest of that summer at the lake house alone, only coming back home a few weeks before college to pack.

After the incident, both Shawna and Laurie tried to contact Richard, offering apologies and explanations. Needless to say, he and Shawna broke up. As for Laurie, she never really heard from her brother about that incident. She tried dozens of times to make it right, but he didn’t want to hear her. All Richard could think about was revenge.

But, it poisoned him. Richard’s first year of college had been tainted. He had trust issues; he met tons of girls that were interested in him, but he kept them at a distance, scared to take them to meet his family, scared that they might be seduced by his futanari sister, her wild pheromones, and her huge cock.

The incident even haunted his dreams. Since that fateful day, he had gone a long time without seeing his sister naked, the last time being when he was about 5 years old. To think that the innocent little girl that he had known had grown into a well-developed woman with an above-average sized penis was really hard to reconcile.

Many times he thought about seeing a counselor, not wanting this issue to haunt him for the rest of his life. It was then that he decided that he would do so, but not before seeking vengeance on his sister. He wanted to make her feel the way he had felt since that day.

The summer after his freshman year at college, Richard decided to come home. His parents had told him beforehand that Laurie would be by a few weeks later, which would give him plenty of time for him to come up with a plan. He had decided that he was going to have sex with whomever Laurie desired the most, and then make her watch. He wasn’t planning on taping it; tapes can be turned off; he was going to make her watch. After that, then he would call it even.

But, that was the problem: who the hell did she like?

Even though he and Laurie hadn’t really spoken since last summer, he had watched her Facebook page like a hawk, but there was no sign of a significant other. Her pictures were filled with tons of good-looking chicks, especially black girls. Laurie had a thing for the sisters.

Richard even asked through his cousins, asking if Laurie had brought anyone home for the winter holidays. He hadn’t come home that Christmas, instead staying with his dad’s parents down in Florida so that he wouldn’t have to see Laurie and potentially ruin his parents’ Christmas. Nothing, no boyfriend or girlfriend.

His last alternative was to rummage through Laurie’s old bedroom, hoping that she at least had some unrequited crush from high school that she had fixated on. Maybe some guy that she had yearned for that never would have wanted to be in bed with a futanari. If possible, then Richard would probably have to work hard to get said guy to go with his plan.

Thankfully, his persistence paid off. After booting up her old desktop computer, he found a hidden folder that was extremely helpful. A quick call to one of his more computer-literate friends helped to bypass the password requirement in order to access the file. Inside contained a list of Laurie’s old high school sex conquests. The folder was split into two sections: “Banged” and “Want To Bang”.

Looking through the “Banged” file, he was shocked, amazed, and impressed at all the girls Laurie had been with in her four years of high school. To his further meet suck and fuck porno amazement, he found some guys in there, too. Each individual document contained a rating system, then a review, and some photo and video files. Apparently, when Laurie brought them to her room, she surreptitiously left her webcam on. He spent hours watching a lot of those videos.

Surprisingly, he didn’t see Shawna’s name come up in the files.

Richard then went to the “Want To Bang” file, seeing a few people on the list, most of them being celebrities like Cara Delevingne and Jon Hamm. After reviewing the lengthy list, he found one that stuck out, one that might actually help with his revenge. This person actually lived in his neighborhood.

The next day, he walked three blocks over to a lovely, cream-orange house. He strode up the walkway, which was surrounded by a well-manicured lawn with neatly-trimmed hedges, and knocked on the front door. A few minutes later, the door opened up and he was greeted by a woman.

The woman wore a big red house dress with white polka dots that did nothing to hide her heavyset frame. The dress also allowed him to survey much of her tanned skin and thick forearms, and the deep V neckline of the garment showed off her bountiful bosom. Even from the front, Richard was able to admire her ample hips and large backside. Her hair was arranged in a bouffant, and reeked of hairspray. Even though her face was fraught with age lines, she still was very attractive, especially with her full lips.

“Well, isn’t this a surprise!” The woman exclaimed, smiling and putting her hands on her hips. “Little Richie Forrester, though not so little anymore, I see!”

“Hello, Mrs. Roselli” Richard said pleasantly. “I hope this isn’t a bad time.”

“Not at all, come in!”

Richard followed Mrs. Roselli into the house, slyly smiling to himself as he glanced at her rear end, which swayed as she walked. In his right hand was a printout of the file that Laurie had written about her in her “Want To Bang” folder. He still couldn’t believe what she had written about her. As he walked through the house, he saw numerous photos of Mrs. Roselli in her younger days, and she looked hot. Little by little, he was gaining the courage he needed.

At 53 years old, Monica Roselli had been a longtime resident of the neighborhood. She and her husband had lived in the neighborhood since before Richard was born. Mr. Roselli had passed away 6 years ago due to diabetes, so she mostly kept to herself.

She sat Richard down in the dining room, and, in typical Italian woman fashion, lamented on how skinny she was. Before he knew it, Richard found himself with a plate of lasagna, which he ate with great enthusiasm. The flavor of the food brought him back to all the delicious food that she had cooked at the past parties that the neighborhood had hosted. Even his own mother had confessed her jealousy and inferiority to Mrs. Roselli’s culinary prowess. Richard glanced at a picture at the portly, dearly-departed Mr. Roselli, not surprised at how he turned out that way.

“It’s so nice to have a nice gentleman caller,” Mrs. Roselli said, sitting down and watching Richard scarf down a second helping of lasagna. “Especially one who likes my lasagna.”

“Your cooking is the best, Mrs. Roselli,” Richard said after washing down a bite with some grape juice.

“Aw, you’re such a sweetheart. You were always such a nice boy, Richie. How’s that sister of yours, Laurie? She get married, yet?”

“Actually,” Richard said, setting down his fork and looking her in the eye. “She’s sort of the reason I’m here…”

One week later

Laurie Forrester awoke, her eyelids still heavy and her body cold. She tried to raise a hand to her mouth to stifle a yawn, only to find her hands fastened behind her back, which drew everything quickly into focus as she started to panic. The last thing she remembered was falling asleep on the couch in front of the television while eating her chicken soup lunch. Now, instead of waking up on a comfortable couch, she was lying on the floor of what looked to be someone’s basement. She also wondered why she was naked.

She got up and attempted to walk around and examine her surroundings, only to find that the handcuffs that bound her were connected to a chain that was locked to a metal loop anchored to the concrete wall. The basement was full of random junk packed into boxes. To her horror, there was a mattress a few feet from where she was, which gave her some idea as to what her captors were planning.

“Hello?” Laurie yelled, looking around frantically. “Is anyone there? Please, somebody help me!”

When she received no reply, her heart began to beat faster. She began to look around the basement, hoping to find anything that might possibly break the cuffs or the chain. She was not about to let some weirdo have their way with her in the basement. She knocked a few boxes over, desperate to find mobil porno something that she could possibly use to free herself, only to have old clothes and books fall out. Then, she heard the basement door open, the click of a light switch, and the sound of someone walking down the stairs.

Her eyes welled with tears as she watched the person descending the stairs come into view. At first she could only see a pair of legs, but, gradually, they came into full view. Standing at the bottom of the stairway was her younger brother with a malicious smile on his face.

“Richard?!?” Laurie exclaimed. “What the hell is going on here? Did you do this to me?”

“Yeah, I did,” he replied, eying her naked body.

Laurie’s fear now turned to rancor. “Look, I know what this is about. You’re mad about me having sex with Shawna. You have every right to be mad at me, but that’s no reason to rape your sister. I can explain…”

“Rape?” Richard laughed. “Who said anything about raping you?”

“So, what’s the mattress for? I assumed that since you’ve got me naked and tied up in a basement that you were going to rape me or…” Laurie’s heart froze. “Oh, my god. You’re going to have someone rape me while you watch. You sick little fuck!”

“Jeez, calm your tits, Laurie. That’s not what’s going to happen. I can assure that no one is going to do anything to you. In fact, you’re the only one in this basement who WON’T be having sex.”

While Laurie continued to gawk at him with confusion and hate, Richard looked up at the direction of the stairs and said, “You can come down now.”

Laurie looked over at the stairs, hearing the sound of another person descending into the basement. When the person reached the bottom of the stairs, Laurie’s eyes goggled with shock. Sauntering over towards the siblings was Mrs. Roselli, clad in a silky black nightgown.

Richard had to admit that she was looking very sexy in her outfit. Both he and Laurie could see her hard nipples poking through the filmy fabric. She was wearing eyeshadow, dark red lipstick, and had even put on some sexy perfume.

“Well, hello, Little Laurie Forrester,” Mrs. Roselli said as she walked over and snaked her arm around Richard’s waist. “My, my, you’ve grown up into a well-developed young lady, haven’t you?”

It seemed Mrs. Roselli’s presence caused Laurie’s body to grow warm. Her body started to betray her: her nipples began to stiffen, and her dick, which was once flaccid with fear, began to harden with excitement. Laurie blushed in shame as the older woman and her brother smiled at her naked body.

“Mrs. Roselli,” Laurie said, her voice wavering. “I don’t know what Richard told you, but, please, you have to let me go.”

“But, why do you want to leave, dear? From what I’ve heard, you’ve been dying to see me like this. Why, Richard showed me all the nice things you wrote about me in your computer.”

Laurie looked at Richard in disbelief. “NO! You didn’t!”

“It’s all right here,” Mrs. Roselli said, as she walked over to the mattress and picked up some papers. “‘Today I was driving home and I saw Mrs. Roselli watering her lawn. I almost came in my pants as I saw her bend over to pull a weed. If I wasn’t scared of the police, I’d have jumped out of my car and fucked her right in her big, fat Italian ass.'”

“What a great story,” Richard sneered.

“But, there’s more,” the older woman continued. “I ran into Mrs. Roselli at the supermarket today, and she was wearing this blouse that really showed off her tits. I had to fight the urge to whip out my dick and stick it down her cleavage. Cleanup on Aisle One for her.’ Oh, Laurie, I didn’t know how much you admired me.”

Laurie said nothing, only looking at the floor in complete, silent embarrassment, tears streaming down her face. Richard couldn’t help but feel sorry for her, despite the success of his plan. Mrs. Roselli put down the papers and walked back over to Richard and Laurie.

“Oh, you poor thing,” Mrs. Roselli said, bending down and cupping Laurie’s chin in hand. She raised her face so that she was looking her in the eye. “It’s okay, I’m not mad. I’m extremely flattered that you find me attractive. Believe me, a woman as old as I am loves to hear it.”

“Okay,” Laurie said softly. “I get it, Richard. Are we done?”

“Oh, no, honey,” Mrs. Roselli chuckled. “We’re nowhere near done. Richard said that he’d turn you loose, but only after you watch us having sex. Right, Richie?”

“That’s right.”

“Good. Now get naked for me, darling. Let me see that handsome young body of yours.”

Richard’s heart leapt with anticipation as he began to disrobe. Once he was naked, Mrs. Roselli walked over and began roving her hands all over his body.

“Hot damn, Richie!” she exclaimed. “You grew up so nicely. Come here.”

The older woman embraced Richard and put her lips to his. Richard felt her slide her tongue into his mouth, prodding his tongue and licking his teeth. His dick grew more rigid, making tiny stains against the black silk of her gown. Her meaty hands were grasping his ass, reveling in its firmness. The two had forgotten how good it felt to kiss someone.

“Yes,” Mrs. Roselli moaned as Richard broke the kiss to suck on her neck. “Oh, that feels so good, honey!”

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